Exotic touches can bring a completely new dimension to your backyard swimming pool. From something such as a simple laminar to a more luxurious feature such as a natural waterfall, the idea of moving water draws attention and gets people talking. When you incorporate pool water features into your pool landscape, you will not only add a creative element, but more character and depth also. From sheer descents, tanning ledges, grottos and more, the swimming pool design professionals at Premier Pools & Spas can help you choose the right exotic pool feature, which complements your pool and yard retreat.


 Pool LED lighting

Using LED lighting in your backyard pool area adds a completely new dimension to the appearance you are seeking to get. Whether you are incorporating LED accent lighting all through the pool construction or into customized exotic features such as steps, bubbles, e.t.c., a bit of lighting will go the distance.


These make a classic addition to any style of pool and are often loved by kids. Of all the methods your backyard swimming pool can transport you to the tropics; a waterfall may be the best. Staring at the water cascade down into the swimming pool as you float close by can be thrilling. Not only are rock waterfalls stunning to watch, the splashing, bubbling, gurgling water can pleasantly stop noise from your surroundings.


Exotic landscaping

Make your swimming pool area a retreat you will be proud to brag to your guests. This is simple to attain with a little landscaping.

  • Minimalist

You can let the beauty of your swimming pool speak for itself with minimalist details. Some potted bonsai with patio chairs including a colorful umbrella or two will complement the shape and color of your swimming pool and emphasize what you adore.

  • Secret garden

This swimming pool landscape generates the illusion that your swimming pool magically emerged in the middle of a lush garden. Incorporating colorful grass borders with mossy rocks and lush floral bring the garden right up to the swimming pool walkway.

  • Exotic getaway

This may get seem unachievable in your own yard; however, with just a few changes in landscaping, you will feel like you are walking into a tropical resort each time you go out for a swim. Hibiscus, palms, hostas, and canna lilies flowers all collaborate to create an exotic landscape your guests will remember for a long time.


Walking path

A backyard with meandering gravel path can bring to mind memories of that tropical getaway you took or make you anticipate taking one sometime soon. Even if your backyard will only allow for a short walking path, it will still serve to enhance the resort feel.

Free form shape

This will depend on what the swimming pool owner can dream up and what the contractor and pool designer can deliver. Many swimming pool designers work diligently to make the vision of the pool owner become a reality when selecting a free form shaped pool. This shape is also great for both small and big backyards. With a smaller yard, the swimming pool can be designed as a pond style pool or a spa style pool. In a larger backyard, the swimming pool owner and designer can get artistic with the placement and shape.

Interested in an Exotic Pool of your own?

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