Right finishing touches offer you additional ways to add little more style and flavor to your spa installation. In fact, it can transform your raised spa that’s merely good into something great. Here are some tips to add finishing touches to your raised spas with flagstone.


The trim around your spa can make a huge difference in its appearance. You can consider a custom-style coping for your raised spa that enhances its appearance and also helps meet its design objectives. There are wide ranges of options in coping material like stamped or patterned concrete which is a popular choice.Other options in coping materials are brick, paver, and natural stone/travertine. The use of paving stones can add a sense of elegance to any spa design. If you want the spa to have an “old feel”, consider rounded or tumbled paver.

Interior Finishes

Plaster is a general term used for final interior pool finish of the spa and pool surfaces. You have various options in materials for finishing touches. Some of them are pebble, quartz, and polished interior surfaces. Spa owners can either go for colored interior finishes or classic white based finish. The color of the plaster will affect water color in the raised spa.It will have a different effect at differing depths, surrounding features and lighting. Each type of material used for plaster has its own benefits and you have to decide which is best for your raised spa.

Spa Lighting

spa lighting

Most spa lighting is classic white. However, you can consider color changing LED lights for your raised spa.You can also consider “Niche-less” lights which are available in color changing and white light. The advantage of using LED lights is it lights up the spa at night which enhances its appeal. Since LED lights are smaller in size, they can be placed in virtually any place in your raised spa.


Handrails can aid entry and exit from the raised spa. There are various styles of handrails available that can fit perfectly into contemporary designs and add to the looks of raised spas with flagstone.

Flagstone Cap

A piece of flagstone on the spillway can add to the beauty of the raised spa. The spa’s face can be made of pool friendly stone stacked together with a flagstone cap over it. You need to be careful while selecting the stones. If they have iron contents, it might get into the water. You can also add a tile to the benches inside to accommodate shorter and taller people in the spa. Based on the elevation of the spa, you can make a great seating space. Raised spas with flagstone are a great way to been a modern touch from your home into your backyard.

Glass Tiles on Spa’s Walls

spa lighting

While the spillway can have a smooth flagstone, you can enhance the beauty of the raised spa by adding a finishing touch of 1-inch glass tile.This provides for a unique and elegant style.

As always, before making a final decision about finishing touches to the raised spas with flagstone or other materials, consult a spa design professional to know which ideas would work.