Fire Pits bring Relaxation to Redington Shores

Adding a fire pit to your Redington Shores backyard will bring you and your family nothing but relaxation and cozy outdoor memories. Having a fire pit incorporated into your outdoor living space or even in your swimming pool will provide your family with memories that they will never forget. Once you are ready to install a fire pit into your backyard contact Premier Pools & Spas of St. Petersburg for an offer today!

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Warm Memories made with Fire Pits

The first step in installing a fire pit is deciding on all the materials you want to use for it. The outer material that you choose for your fire pit will be the one that should match the theme of your backyard. A simple stone fire pit is the most common type used out in Redington Shores, FL. Premier Pools & Spas of St. Petersburg can help you pick out the best material to build you the fire pit that you want in your backyard. Next, while continuing the calm and relaxing environment you are creating in your backyard, you are going to pick the shape and size your fire pit.

Some things to consider while you are thinking about how big you want your fire pit to be, is where is it going to be located? Will you have an additional seating area to place the fire pit in the middle of? Perhaps you have a cabana over your outdoor living space, and you want to add a longer fire pit in that area to keep your guests warm. Lastly, if you throw parties in your backyard, think about all your family members and friends that will gather out by the fire. Nothing but laughter and great memories will be made.

Add Fire Features to your Redington Shores Backyard 1

Materials Inside the Fire Pit

We’re not done with selecting the right material for your new fire pit yet. You still have to decide what time of material you want on the inside of your fire pit. Premier Pools and Spas, specifically in Redington Shores, FL recommends that you choose a material that enhances the overall ambiance of your fire pit and echoes the vibe of your backyard oasis. There are three main types of material to chose from, and they all have something different to offer:

Stone Pebbles

Stone pebbles are a very natural material; therefore, it would provide a tranquil, natural feel to your fire pit. As you know if you’ve ever experienced a hot stone massage, stones hold heat well and may stay hot long after your fire is extinguished. However, stones may impede the flow of gas due to their size, but keep in mind you are able to mix different types of materials. If you were to still want stones incorporated into your fire pits appearance, that can be done.

Lava Rocks

No material creates an exotic fire pit feel quite like lava rocks. Instantly transporting you to a tropical volcano oasis, rocks formed by lava naturally provide a very practical material for fire pits. Lava rocks’ porous formation allows gas to seep through, providing an ideal filler for fire pits. However, you should refrain from using lava rocks when incorporating a combined water/fire feature.

Glass Rocks

A recent new favorite among pool builders, glass rock has become popular with those looking to add a dash of elegance to their fire pits and backyard. Naturally, sparkling glass is a dazzling centerpiece to your landscape, and you’ll likely find guests mesmerized by the flicker of flame against colorful glass. Small pieces of glass in a wide range of rich colors allow flames to flicker brilliantly, providing an excellent filler for a glamorous landscape. Many like to combine the stone pebbles with an accent of sparkly glass on the top.

Add Fire Features to your Redington Shores Backyard 2

Where’s the Swimming Pool?

If you don’t already have a swimming pool in your Redington Shores backyard, you most certainly should. A swimming pool livens up a backyard like the flick of a switch. You are able to throw pool and birthday parties in your backyard. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is going to be the highlight of the whole place. Your friends and family members will be able to create enjoyable memories while they’re splashing in the swimming pool. Having access to a swimming pool is a quick way to cool down during those hot summer days. Call Premier Pools & Spas of St. Petersburg today and receive a FREE design consultation.

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