One of the best parts of installing a backyard pool in Dallas is doing its landscaping. Your backyard pool landscaping ideas need to be all about incorporating your own touch. Keep in mind that in many instances your pool will be your yard’s focal point.

backyard pool landscaping ideas

When incorporating flower beds around your backyard oasis ensure they are curved. This means you can define the curves by making the borders using large native stone. Ensure that you make the beds big enough to accommodate the mature plants’ sizes.

If you want to landscape a pool the right way, you should select plants that create a sense of privacy for guests, add texture to your pool area, and add color to your poolside.

Here’s Some Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas to Consider:


Adding shrubs around your pool creates privacy and interest around the pool, but this depends on the shrub’s height. For example, Justicia is a shrub with blossoming tubular flowers, and most of the varieties like Justicia americana offer the poolside a little bit of tropical color. Most of the plants have orange, yellow, red or pink flowers.

The Golden Euonymus shrub is another shrub that you can use when creating your backyard pool landscaping ideas. This shrub is widely known for its gorgeous gold blossoms and green or gold greenery. In addition, if you want to give your pool area a different color, Dalea purpurea’s purple blossoms add both texture and color.

backyard pool landscaping ideas


There are many plants you can use when creating your backyard pool landscaping ideas. You can use the many different kinds of perennials, which you can add to the landscape around your pool. Your landscaping will look appealing to different sizes of perennials. For blooming perennials, calla lilies, midnight blue agapanthus, and blackfoot daisies provide a range of shapes and colors. Furthermore, ornamental grasses will add texture to the pool’s landscaping.

Backyard pool landscaping ideas that include climbing plants, tall bushes and flowers are great for decorating walls and fences. They create comfortable and appealing private backyard spaces and increase the beauty of outdoor living space designs.

Tips for Backyard Pool Landscaping

  • Choose plants that do not litter or drop leaves.
  • Junipers and evergreens will add height and year-round appeal as well.
  • One of the most common plants you can add around the pool landscaping is ornamental grass.
  • Most pools are big so you should think big, as in planting groups of plants. Plant using bold colors, oranges, yellows, and reds work well.

If you have enough space, large containers or pots work nicely for the landscaping around your Dallas pool. You can fill the pots with annual grasses like purple fountain grass as well as add annuals flowers that creep or trial. Pick design containers or pots of that will complement nearby existing structures or your home.

backyard pool landscaping ideas

Need Help With Your Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas?

When it comes to backyard pool landscaping ideas, there are lots of considerations. We would be happy to help you transform your area into a masterpiece that you will be happy to boast to your friends and family. We, not only design, construct, renovate and install new pools, but also complete stunning poolscapes with exceptional landscapes. To find out more, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas today!

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