When you begin to consider backyard pool ideas, finding a theme is the first way to go. You need a themed backyard to create a serene oasis in your home. Nothing can match the pleasure of cool dips in the clear water of your pool. But, if you want a little more for an enticing getaway, invest in a theme that matches your taste and preferences. Here are some ideas to look through.

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Choose a Natural Theme

With a natural theme, you can stay closer to nature right in your backyard. It is an exotic theme for your pool area. You can choose a freeform pool shaped like a lagoon rather than the conventional shapes. Add natural features like waterfalls or rock grottos to emphasize that natural appeal. Also, you can add some hardscaping that will enhance the natural look of your pool. The boulders and lush plants around the pool will maintain the right ambiance. For pool deck and pathways, choose stained and stamped concrete that resembles natural stones. With these upgrades, your pool will transform into a natural retreat.

Go For a Classic Theme

You can take inspirations from the past to create a stunning oasis in your backyard. Choose a classic themed backyard design based on the classical era of amazing art and architecture. Choose a geometric shape for your pool. Line it with marble-colored tiles or terracotta. You can also install mosaic in and around the pool. For additional appeal, install classical sculptures as the fountains. If you want to recreate the magic of the classical era, you can build columns around the pool.

Experiment with the Tropical Theme

If you are fond of the tropical waters and exotic experiences, you can choose the tropical theme for your backyard pool. Without stepping out of your home, you can enjoy a wonderful staycation in your themed backyard. Make it an island paradise by a few interesting upgrades.

Choose a freeform pool with vanishing edges to create the right impact. You can also add a pool bar, a pool ledge, or beach pool entry to mimic the beauty of tropical islands. White sand around the pool and cabana-style roof on the patio or bar will complete the looks. Don’t forget to add an umbrella and some comfortable lounge chairs near the pool.

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Get Stylish with a Modern Theme

If you are a modernist who prefers sharp angles and edges in your swimming pool, there are plenty of choices available to you. Here, you can use a modern theme based on materials like chrome, polished bronze, marble, and stainless steel. Choose a shape that allows sharp angles in the pool. You can also enhance the modernistic charm of your pool by including LED pool lighting, fountains with a stainless steel finish, pool slides, or water jets in the design. For modern homes, pools with attached spa are also a great choice.

These are some interesting ways to create your themed backyard. This place will be your personal oasis in the comfort of your home. So, lay your trust in a reputable pool builder to create the right design.

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