Most people, including yourself, like to spend more time in their dream pool which they have built so fondly. But it is unfortunate that they have to keep it closed for the winter, until the spring. If you also have the habit of promptly closing your pool when the weather starts to cool down, stop because there is a way to extend your swim season. You can maximize your pool time by using a swimming pool heater. Not only during the winter, but you can also use the pool heaters in the summer nights. So, invest in a pool heater and add value to your pool.

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Avoid Freezing of the Pool Water

During the winters, the temperatures go low and there is chilly wind blowing. This can cause the pool water to freeze. As a result, the efficiency of your pool equipment reduces. This ruins the functionality of your pool filter as the tile gets damaged.

However, when you add a pool heater, it ensures that the water is warm and avoids the formation of snow on the surface. Moreover, the pool environment will stay safe.

Increase the Value of Your Home

You already know that having your own pool increases the overall value of your home. In addition, if you have a pool heating system installed, it automatically adds value to your pool.

But make sure to get the right swimming pool heater based on the pool size and your needs. Ensure that you buy a heater that is durable and fetches you good returns on your investment. One of the best things to look for in a pool heater is the ease of operation. Additionally, it should be easy to clean and maintain and should not need excessive care.

Reduce Your Bills

Whether it is maintenance and cleaning of your St. Louis pool, or the heating costs, you can cut them down with certain heaters. For instance, gas and solar heaters conserve more energy and reduce your fuel bills, when compared to heat pumps. As they use natural and freely available resources, they also help save the environment. These are the most energy-efficient heating solutions out there.

Gas pool heaters are also the most economical. On the other hand, the efficiency of a solar pool heater depends not only on the size of your pool but also on how much amount of sunlight your home receives.

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Enjoy Increased Comfort

Without a swimming pool heater, your pool will have lower temperatures, even if it is not freezing. And, there is always someone in the family who does not even dip their toes in cool water.

And in the coldest weeks of the year, swimming in the pool without appropriate protective gear poses potential dangers. The water also could get colder overnight and you might unknowingly enter the pool. But by installing a pool heater, you can be sure that the water remains warm.

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