With a few custom features like a waterfall, you can transform your ordinary pool into a private oasis. Pool waterfalls are an exciting addition to enhance your swimming experiences. It adds a wow factor to your backyard along with many practical benefits. A waterfall can be the focal point of your swimming pool. But, it also serves several other purposes.

Why Add Waterfalls to Your Swimming Pool Design? 1

Ensures Filtration of Water

Maintaining a pool is as important as owning it. When you build a pool, it is important to keep it clean as well. Filtration is an important element of pool maintenance. Believe it or not, a waterfall feature serves to this purpose. It doubles up as a pleasant visual attraction and aid to purify the pool water.

When you install a waterfall, the water is circulated quickly and it’s constantly on move. In fact, the movement in water releases negative ions that purify the entire pool. Though, you must have a proper water filtration system in place to have a clean and healthy pool.

pool waterfalls

Add Creativity to Your Backyard

Pool waterfalls are timeless and enchanting. Whether you opt for a natural rock waterfall or choose a contemporary design, it adds its own character to your space. No matter what design you choose, it becomes a creative element and pride for your outdoor space. Most importantly, you can express your individual style with this pool feature. Within no time, it becomes a beautiful sight that everyone admires about your backyard.

Makes a Soothing White Noise

The sound of moving water is soothing to your senses. If you have ever noticed how calming the sound of rainfall or waves of the ocean is, you’ll know how it makes your mind peaceful. This holds true for a pool waterfall as well.

Adding this smart feature to your backyard will create an oasis. You can relax while listening to the waterfall gushing down to your pool. It takes your stress away in an instant.

Prevents Formation of Algae

It’s a fact that you can take many measures to prevent algae formation in your swimming pool. But, pool waterfalls make this task easier. When water is constantly in motion in the pool, algae will not often grow in it. So, you can take one more stress off your mind by installation of a waterfall feature.

pool waterfalls

A Wonderful Transformation

If you have a pool that needs a slight makeover, adding a waterfall can do the trick. It can spice up the things and turn your backyard into a private retreat. Along with some other pool renovations, a waterfall will transform your pool. Even if you are looking to buy a new pool, custom water feature like a waterfall is all that you need to make your project look good.

Once you decide to install a waterfall in your swimming pool, don’t forget to ponder over the structural elements as well. Consider the factors such as width, depth, and height of waterfall before installation. Choose a reliable pool builder in Charlotte to discuss your project and bring your imagination into life.

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