Can a Spa Be Added Later On?

Picture this: you just finished installing your new dream swimming pool. Creating that backyard oasis you’ve always wanted has finally helped you achieve those fun days and nights, hanging out with your family and friends and you couldn’t ask for anything more. The weather starts to get cooler at night and swimming in the pool is not as easy to relax in as you recall when the temperature outside was warmer. You think to yourself, “I wonder if I can add a spa, even though my backyard is already completed?”

The answer to that question? YES! Provided you have enough space and there aren’t any other physical limitations, adding a spa in Palm Desert is highly recommended and can definitely be done. Although the weather is quite warm in this region, some nights can get a little bit cooler, making a spa the perfect way to relax with your family and friends during the night time. Even if you’re wanting some alone time after a long day of work, your personal spa can be the perfect getaway, without actually being away from home. Spas have been proven to have several benefits such as improved circulation, stress reduction, pain relief, an increase in property value, and most of all, having fun.

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Spa Options

There is always the choice of adding an above ground, free-standing spa in Palm Desert backyards. They can easily be added anywhere where there is enough room. Of course, the same goes for installing an in-ground spa. With the option of an in-ground spa, it can either be added separate from your pool, immediately adjacent to the pool, or part of your pool deck area if you have one. When adding a spa in Palm Desert, the way to get the most enjoyment out of it is to install an attached spa. An attached spa is exactly how it sounds, connected to your pool, sharing the same water.

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Benefits of an Attached Spa in Palm Desert

Having a spa that is truly connected to your pool, meaning that they share the same water and is sitting as a part of the pool, can provide several advantages. For people who like warming up and cooling down in cycles, being able to go from the pool to the spa and back in just a matter of two steps is great. Also, with the pool and spa sharing the same water, maintenance is simplified and helps to keep the water chemistry balanced. It will likely be easier to install taps into existing circulation systems and utilities, as well.

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The Beauty is Like No Other

Many people wonder if adding an attached spa to their built in pool will look good. That answer is a definite yes. Many pool owners can take what they have learned during the pool building process and apply it to their spa in Palm Desert to ensure that they have everything correct, such as the positioning, lighting, accessibility, and whatever else they require for it to be perfect for their needs. Our experienced designers and contractors will help you find the right fit to make your new spa enhance the beauty of your backyard, making you glad that you added that spa finally.

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