Are you getting ready for the hot days of summer? If so, you may have plans to upgrade your pool. You can work on many upgrades to prepare your pool. For instance, you can install a waterfall or an automatic pool cover. As a matter of fact, an automatic pool cover is a fantastic upgrade that can add value, provide convenience and peace of mind. Given below are a few solid reasons why you may want to perform this upgrade before this summer.

How Adding an Automatic Pool Cover will Save you this summer! 1

Improve Your Pool Safety

If you have kids or pets, automatic pool covers can be a great choice forĀ  your pool safety. A properly installed cover will prevent your kids from drowning. As a matter of fact, safety is the main reason why the US Consumer Product Safety Commission endorsed these pool covers.

So, if your pool doesn’t have this feature yet, make sure you hire a service provider to do the installation for you. After all, the safety of your kids is the most important.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

How Adding an Automatic Pool Cover will Save you this summer! 2

We all want to reduce our energy bills. And that’s what automatic pool covers can do for you. Since your pool will be covered, there will be less evaporation. So, you won’t need to drain your pool over and over again, which will reduce your energy bills considerably.

Also, if you live in a drought-stricken state, it’s important to reduce the amount of evaporation in summer. This is one of the main advantages of installing a pool cover.

Features of an automatic pool cover

Given below are some prominent features of this type of pool cover:

  • Stronger safety
  • Reliable mechanism
  • Rope pulleys
  • Sealed motors
  • Adjustable torque limiter
  • High tech ropes
  • Safety switch
  • Heat-sealed webbing

As the name suggests, an automatic pool cover is automatic. With the press a button, the motors will do their job and cover the entire pool. There will be no effort required on your part.

Easy to Use

pool house plans

Conventional pool covers are not easy to put on and off. Therefore, most homeowners don’t use them. On the other hand, automatic covers are easy to use. You can easily cover and uncover your swimming pool whenever you want to. Without an automatic pool cover, it’s never been easier to cover a pool.

Automatic Pool Covers from Premier Pools & Spas

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