Adding stunning water features to your Redding swimming pool not only makes it more beautiful but they also more inviting and relaxing. According to neuroscientists and psychologists, watching the water movement and hearing the bubbling and swirling sounds take your mind into a hypnotic state. This helps the brain to calm down and you can relax while reducing your stress.

So if you are thinking of adding mini jet features to your Redding pool, go ahead with inspiration from the following list of pool water features. But first, let us see how they reduce your stress.

Meditative Statebeautiful house with pool

Listening to the rhythmic sound of water is like music to the ears of pool lovers. It can take you into a meditative state by alerting the wave patterns of your brain. Even by simply watching the waves and ripples move along the pool surface can calm your mind.

Creativity Boost

When your brain shifts from the routine busy mode to the relaxed mode, it opens up to possibilities. Since you are relaxed around the pool, you do not focus much on your problems every day. Hence, this enhances creativity in you.

Connection with Natureelevated pool

You feel a sense of amazement when you swim or relax by the pool. You think positive thoughts and become one with nature. Particularly if you incorporate natural looking designs or features in your pool. You feel a connection with the vast nature and your mind goes beyond the mundane lives.

Serotonin Levels

Electrical devices like computers and hair dryers emit positive ions and strip us of our natural energy. In contrast, you get negative ions from nature, which you can add to your pool features like waterfalls. These negative ions can help you absorb more oxygen and balance serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is a chemical that positively affects your mood and reduces stress.

Water Features to Add to Your Pool

When you think of pool water features, the first thing that comes to your mind might be waterfalls. But that is not the only feature that can relax you. Many options like mini jet features with eco-friendly materials allow you to enjoy your pool irrespective of weather conditions.


Natural waterfalls are elegant, simple and reuse the same water. There are various options in waterfalls to choose from- like adding natural rock, moss, and a slide. Or, add a cave and a grotto feature where people of all ages can have their own area to enjoy the pool.

Add a weeping wall, which is a wall over which the water falls, that extends the area of this water feature. In addition, you can use this to separate the spa behind it.


Scuppers allows you to have a raised ledge or wall

pool landscaping ideas

around the pool.  Try these features if you want to create a visually beautiful pool. The background sound emitting from scuppers makes you feel like your Redding pool is in the embrace of pure nature.

Sheer Descents

To add a dramatic focal point to your pool, try adding sheer and rain descents. From sheer descents, water rushes away from the raised walls into the pool in an almost silent, glass-like sheet-like waterfall. Rain descents, too produce a solid sheet of water, but they emit sounds that give an illusion of rain.

Pencil Jets

Pencil jets are mini jet features that are streams of water shooting from geometric designs on the pool deck. The water shooting into the pool from these jets adds beauty and excitement to your Redding pool. Watching it and listening to the sounds for hours can be a huge way to de-stress.

If you feel ready to install one or more of the above features for your backyard pool, Premier pools and spas designers can help you.


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