You can bring a new dimension to your Vacaville pool by adding water features. From something such as a very simple laminar to a more elaborate feature such as a natural waterfall, people are attracted to these water features by the concept of moving water. By adding these stunning features into your poolscape, you will not only add a creative element but more character and depth, too.

adding water features

Why adding water features is important

To start with, they add the serene and relaxing sound of running water to the pool area.  You will agree that this sound of rushing water naturally relieves stress. This helps to simply calm someone down at the end of a tiring day at work.

Secondly, these additions look wonderful. Water features will add movement to your pool and simply call for a second look. You can integrate them into your pool’s natural feel and look for a very elegant final touch.

Finally, you can add hours of fun and playtime by adding water features. They will provide you, your friends and loved ones more choices when relaxing in your Vacaville backyard pool.

Here are some water features to consider adding to your pool:

Sheer Descent

This water feature is available in several different styles, and also offers any pool a truly stylish look. A cascade is a superb option for adding a quality sound and ambiance to your backyard oasis. You can work with the best Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville professionals to find a unique design that will complement your outdoor space.

Spray grounds & Splash Pads

Added to the space around the pool, these popular water park features integrate very shallow spaces of water, waterspouts, sprays, and fountains on separate water play spaces. They let even the youngest kids explore water fun without risk or continual watchful eyes.

adding water features


You can create an area for pirate’s treasure or a romantic retreat, right in your own Vacaville backyard pool! A grotto utilizes man-made or natural boulders and rocks to form a miniature cave where pool water runs-off. This provides your backyard pool a tropical, exotic element.


It’s important that you work with our professionals to add your own, small waterfalls. A waterfall can fit sleekly into your pool’s natural look, or built to be a unique addition. You will be amazed at the number of choices on the market!

Water Slides

Adding these water features to your backyard pool offers an additional element of enjoyment for the entire family. You can use fun water slides to transform your pool in Vacaville into a water park for year-round fun. You can incorporate water slides into an existing backyard oasis. Also, you can integrate into your pool design as you create the pool of your dreams. Whether you want a slide with several twists and turns or a straight slide, this feature will certainly make your backyard oasis stand out.


These are fun additions that spurt up from shallow surfaces of pools such as beach entries and steps. Integrating bubblers with the right aesthetic lighting effects offers stunning focal points. When added to a tanning ledge or beach entry, bubblers create a fun-filled splash pad for small kids and big children alike.

adding water features

Adding Water Features – Conclusion

With over 30 years of expertise, Premier Pools & Spas has the passion and expert know-how to create your ultimate Vacaville backyard pool, on schedule! Get in touch with us today for your free quote! Happy splashing!

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