Planning to add style and value to your pool? A waterfall feature is an ideal addition because it lets you customize the design, install it easily, and appreciate its beauty each swim season. You should know about the range of waterfall design choices and unique features to choose from before installing one.

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Water curtain waterfalls

This waterfall feature provides your pool a sleek, modern look, streamlining the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The water enters the pool directly below its exit point, thus the name curtain. Make sure you position this waterfall at the end of your pool because it can give off quite a gush of water.

Arch pool waterfalls

For pool owners in search of a stylish and streamlined waterfall, the arch pool waterfall is the best option. You can try to position this water feature emerging from a stone spout so that a thin stream of water shoots into your pool. This waterfall feature is ideal for a pool located on a hill since it can sweep right into the pool. The water from this feature narrows as it approaches the surface of the pool.

waterfall feature

Rain forest waterfalls

These water features imitate the sounds of the tropical forests with calming and relaxing sounds. Pool owners often arrange this type of waterfall along stones or rocks so the water can cascade down. The rain forest waterfall is perfect for lagoon-shaped swimming pools because of its easy-to-customize design.


You should think about the environment when deciding how you want the waterfall feature to sound. How the water goes into the pool affects the waterfall’s sound. Water curtains hardly make any noise, while waterfalls constructed on stone or rocks might have a louder, gushing sound. Remember that your waterfall’s size and flow affect the sound the feature will have.


The two key factors you need to consider before installation are the waterfall’s size and water pressure. Based on your pool’s depth, you should look at your pool area and pool’s dimensions to make sure your water feature will get adequate space. In most cases, waterfalls are usually narrow and tall or wide and low.

When it comes to water pressure, you should get a water pump to help keep a constant flow. Before you install a waterfall feature, make sure you create a good plan and look for needed permits.

waterfall feature

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