Prism Matrix Indigo BlueIn many recent pool installations in Long Island, we’ve noticed the popular use of aggregate pool finishes. It is one of our most in-demand products. And, we’re not surprised, at all. There are a number of wonderful advantages when you use aggregate pool finish for your swimming pool.

First here is how it adds to your pool’s looks. An aggregate pool finish provides you with so much possibilities when it comes to the design of your pool. You can focus on the ambiance that your pool creates for your backyard. Unlike tiles, fiberglass, and other pool finishes, an aggregate pool finish can amp up the visual complexity of your yard. The colors, textures and lighting effect of your pool vary, depending on your finish’s aggregates and how light hits them. For instance, morning’s early light can make aggregates appear like they’re twinkling. The vision can be absolutely magical!

Before pool installations in Long Island, we encourage our clients to discuss thoroughly with our pool designer the look that they want to achieve. This way, they can get the best finish available.

Next, an aggregate pool can arguably increase the lifespan of your pool finish. Pool water and chemicals degrade the finish of your pool – there’s no escaping that. However, the presence of aggregates in your pool means that the water and chemicals are interacting with different materials, such as glass beads, pebbles and shells, which react differently to water and chemicals.