If you are looking for a great design for your vanishing edge swimming pool, you are on the right page. Although you can choose from a variety of designs, an infinity pool aka a vanishing edge swimming pool can be a great choice for a number of reasons. First of all, this pool type is beautiful and practical. Typically, these pools can be seen at popular resorts. However, these designs are not limited to public places only. As a homeowners, you can build this type of pool for your own property. Let’s discuss some of the primary advantages of having a vanishing edge swimming pool installed in your backyard.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Advantages of a Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool 1

Although all types of pool will add to the curb appeal of your property, a vanishing edge swimming pool can do it much better. Actually, this  pool design can turn your backyard into a highly expensive luxury spa. What happens is that these pools create the illusion of a disappearing edge of the pool.

So, your pool gets a beautiful look that can boost the aesthetics of your backyard. This type of pool can be an ideal choice if your house is built on a hill or near a huge source of water like a stream or sea.


The Advantages of a Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool 2

Unlike the traditional pool pumps, you only need to turn on the pump when you need to use the pool. This way you can save plenty of water over the long haul. Since the water will keep on recycling, it can help the environment and keep the maintenance costs low. Moreover, this type of pool can filter itself so you don’t need to take special steps for cleaning it.

Safe for kids

If you worried about your kids falling over the pool edge, here is a simple solution: all you need to do is design your pool in a way that it has a separate section for kids. This section should be shallower than the other large section. Aside from this, you can install barriers and alarms to make sure pool more secure.

You can find these pools in many styles and options. These pools may feature different areas with different depths and different sections for younger kids based on the use of pool. With this step, you can make sure your pool can meet your needs.

Blend with your house

An infinity edge pool can be designed in a way that it will look great with your property. For instance , a vanishing edge pool can help elevate a swimming pool built on a hill or elevated area. This way it can enhance the view of your pool.

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