Less “AWWWWWW!” and more “AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Did you know? Animals often visit swimming pools. They drop in unexpectedly, without invitation. Many species enjoy swimming, and if you live in an area where wildlife is present, you’ll want to be sure you have the camera ready if visitors drop in.

animals in the pool

Maybe the spa was too warm, but it looks like the pool was jussssst right. No word on where Goldilocks was at the time. Apparently, this isn’t particularly unusual, as someone else had TWO bears in their pool.


So, you walk out into the backyard only to be greeted by this face. That is the face of a buffalo who now believes he is the owner of your swimming pool. Perhaps he’s right. After all, he’s a buffalo.

But it turned out that the owner (of the pool, not the buffalo) disagreed, and thoughtfully posted a follow-up video on YouTube entitled, “How to Remove a Buffalo From Your Swimming Pool.” Seriously, you can learn anything on YouTube.

snake in the pool
What’s 13 feet long and hanging out in your swimming pool? Answer: Hopefully not the 13-foot long Burmese python that a Florida couple found in their pool. Animal control managed to wrest the reptile from the pool, though needless to say, it wasn’t happy about it, as seen below.


cottonmouth in pool
On one hand, it’s not a 13-foot long Burmese python, so that’s nice. On the other hand, it’s a venomous cottonmouth. Which would you prefer? You can’t choose neither, that’s just cheating.

cow in pool
It may not surprise you that it took a crane to get this cow out of the pool. Apparently, hooves don’t work really well for climbing pool ladders.

crocodile in pool
And now we’re back to scaly critters. Who wants to try and pull the crocodile out? Apparently, someone was gutsy enough to try…

crocodile in pool 2
Yeah, I think he can keep the pool. You can always buy another pool.

I think we’ve traumatized you enough for one day, so how about Bambi going for a swim? Though it is pretty terrifying when you think about what his hooves are doing to that vinyl liner.

animals in pool
Actually, a moose might be harder on the pool than the deer. One nice thing though: apparently moose can handle stairs pretty well.

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