Does a Pool Increase the Value of your Home?

Most of the time when homeowners are considering purchasing an in-ground swimming pool, they are curious to know if it will increase the value of their home. This question is very common and also important as well as legitimate. In fact, depending on the type of swimming pool that you build in your backyard will dictate the return on investment for the pool itself.

Swimming pools are extremely popular, especially within the last few years. More and more people are considering gunite pools over their counterparts and this article will explain how these types of swimming pools will affect real-estate and home values going forward. The question we’re going to focus on is does a pool increase the value of your home?

What Homeowners look for in a Pool

Knowing whether or not a pool increase the value of your home you first have to know the impact a gunite pool has on home, we first should cover what the typical homeowner is looking for in a swimming pool:

  • Low maintenance (something that won’t require a ton of work)
  • Product Life SpanAttractiveness and visual improvement of the backyard
  • A pool to fit family’s needs

With that being said, one can see why vinyl liner pools tend not to increase the value of a home, as vinyl pool liners need to be replaced more often than anything other type of swimming pool does.

However, Gunite is medium to low-maintenance, and they last longer than vinyl pool liners. Gunite swimming pools are ideal family pools. They can easily be design to fit your families needs.

Home Values and Gunite Pools

After all things considered, does a pool increase the value of your home? The answer is yes. All numbers can vary, but the National Association of Realtors has said that a concrete or fiberglass pool may add roughly 5% to a home’s value.

Meaning, you will receive some returns (financially speaking) for your swimming pool, but the return won’t equal the same amount in which you paid for your swimming pool. It won’t match the price of the overall project.

Building a swimming pool is a big decision and also a big investment; however, in the end it will be well worth it. Especially if you incorporate eco-friendly and energy efficient pool equipment. With installing these types of pumps and filters, your swimming pool is likely to pay for itself in maintenance costs.

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