How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

One of the first questions that homeowners ask when they are building an inground swimming pool with us is ‘how long does it take to build a pool?’. Projecting the time span on pool building varies. The time it takes to build a swimming pool will stay consistent, but there are things that can delay the process.

The Stages of Pool Building

There is a process to pool building and it is mainly taken on by certain steps. The steps are also completed in a certain order, and you won’t be able to continue onto a new step until the previous one is completed. Typically, there is a few weeks spent on each step.

Depending on what type, size, and designs you choose to incorporate into your swimming pool will determine the amount of time that has to be spent on your swimming pool project. A standard swimming pool project will take 2-3 months.

Building Gunite PoolDesign Stage

Once you sign a pool contract you have to get multiple different permits, so that the professional pool builders can build on your property. From the time that you sign the contract to the time that the excavators are in your backyard can be anywhere from 3-5 weeks. Your point of contact will also have to meet with you on multiple occasions to go over your pool design, how big you want your pool to be, how deep you want it to be, and then they have to scale it out.

Construction Stage

The location of your swimming pool will be draw and that is when pool excavation will begin. Once there is an outline of your swimming pool in the ground, we lay piping and re-barb to reinforce everything. This stages take time, they can typically take up to a few weeks working on lining your pool with the pipes and then laying re-barb to the structure your swimming pool.

The next step to this construction process is to lay down the first layer of concrete or gunite. This is the first base of your swimming pool, and at this point it will actually begin to look like an actual swimming pool. This has to cured (which means completely dry out) before the pool builders are able to continue with their work. This step can take up to a week or two. However, landscaping is something that is normally taken care of during this curing process.

Gunite InstallationFinale Stage

Once the concrete in your swimming pool has cured, there is another layer put over the top of the gunite called plaster. This has to cured underwater for 2-3 days. Once that is complete then all the finishing touches are put together and your swimming pool will be tested and inspected for anythings that the pool builders might have missed. After that step is complete your backyard oasis is finished and ready for your immediate attention and fun-filled memories.

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