How Many Years Does an Inground Pool Last?

How Long Does an Inground Pool Last?

Having an inground swimming pool installed in your backyard is a fun and exciting experience. Your backyard will forever be changed; you’ll be able to host pool parties, hang out with friends and family, and even get the chance to relax poolside after a long day of work. Will this inspiring step comes great responsibility. You want to make sure that you’ve picked out the best swimming pool for you and your family. One question you should ask yourself is: How long does an inground pool last?

Gunite pool lifespan

Different Types of Swimming Pools

Well to know which inground pool lasts the longest you have to know all of the different types of swimming pools. The most common types of swimming pools built are Fiberglass, Gunite and Vinyl.

Fiberglass:  A fiberglass swimming pool is made up of fiberglass material and is a shell of a swimming pool which is made offsite in a factory. These types of inground pools last up to 25 years or more. Depending on the pool builders you choose to construct the swimming pool of your dreams.

Gunite: A Gunite pool is made up of a concrete. There are steel bars that are laid down first to support the concrete, then it is all topped off with a plaster coating. These inground pools can last up to 10 years before they need to be resurfaced. In the long run they’re higher quality.

Vinyl Liner: A Vinyl pool is made up of yet another liner that is already manufactured offsite. They start the pool with a metal or plastic paneling, then to coping which ends with the vinyl liner sitting on top of it all. These swimming pools last only 6-12 years.

gunite pool resurfacing

Why Do Gunite Pools need to be Resurfaced?

With the structure of a gunite pool, plaster gets laid over the top of the gunite material. After many years of circulating water and people jumping in and out of the pool, it can begin to wear out the plaster. If you start to feel the gunite coming through the plaster, this is an indication that your swimming pool needs to be resurfaced. Keeping your family and friends safe is a big deal to the pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas, and if you need your swimming pool resurfaced, we’re one call away. Resurfacing your inground pools makes it last longer.

Another indication that your swimming pool needs to be resurfaced is if you find a leak in your swimming pool. Having a leak means that your plaster and gunite surfaces have a hole in them. You will know if your swimming pool has a leak because your pool water will slowly start to drain. This can be an easy fix if caught early enough.

The process of resurfacing your swimming pool shouldn’t take too much of your swimming season away. Typically it’ll take two to three weeks to resurface a swimming pool, which also depends on the pool builder.

Which Type of Pool is the Best Quality?

The best quality swimming pool is based on your budget. If you’re looking for your swimming pool to be installed quickly, you’d want the vinyl liner. For a more exquisite swimming pool design, the gunite swimming pool is the way to go. There are a lot more design options when you choose the gunite swimming pool. Lastly, the Fiberglass pool is good for if you and your family are looking to turn your backyard into an oasis. These types of swimming pools are the most sturdy, which means you won’t need a remodel for decades.

Gunite Material

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