How much does an inground concrete pool cost?

Building a swimming pool in your backyard is an exciting experience. Having a swimming pool is the perfect opportunity to create great memories with your family and friends. You're able to entertain people, host parties, and relax after a hard day of work. When it comes to price, recognize that the memories you make with your family and friends are worth more than any dollar amount. Lets breakdown how much an inground pool costs.

How much does an inground concrete pool cost? 1

Breakdown of Inground Pool Cost

Having a swimming built in your backyard is a big decision. It is a large investment, but we believe it is worth every penny. Depending on your region, a base-priced swimming pool will be anywhere from $30,000- $55,000. This is the cost for all of the construction and materials. Keep in mind that every pool builder has different prices, but if you are not ready to spend a large sum of money, we suggest letting the idea of a swimming pool sit in your mind for a while.

The factors that effect the price of a new swimming the most is the additional features that you decide to incorporate into your swimming pool design. Water features can be a few thousand dollars depending on the size and quantity that you're getting them. Another important factor to consider is the dimensions of the swimming pool itself, and the design of that swimming pool. The bigger the swimming pool the more money it will cost to have it built.

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Pros and Cons to Pool Building


  • You get more design opportunities.
  • Concrete pools are durable and structurally sound.
  • They last longer than other types of swimming pools.


  • They take longer to build.
  • They require high maintenance.
  • Concrete swimming pool cost is higher.

How much does an inground concrete pool cost? 2

Pool Maintenance Costs

Nothing can match the care provided by an experienced pool cleaner. Our expert pool technicians can check the surface for any abnormalities and the pipes for leaks. Make sure you schedule an annual service appointment for your pool. Maintaining the pool chemicals properly balanced is important to have clear, clean pool water. Our pool technicians recommend weekly testing of levels of pH balance, alkalinity, and chlorine. This will help prevent the growth of algae and other less than favorable problems.

If you are trying to tackle pool maintenance on your own, it will save you money; however, it is a lot of working keeping up with pool maintenance. From removing the debris from your pool, to checking the skimmer baskets, and testing the chemicals in your pool water. You have to complete all of this kind of stuff weekly. Then monthly you have to brush down the walls of your swimming pool as well as clean out the filter pump. If you ever need questions answered Premier Pool Service is only one call away!

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