Is a Pool a Good Investment?

Should You Buy a Swimming Pool?

How does one know whether or not building a swimming pool is a good investment? A lot of home owners are unaware of the many benefits a swimming pool can provide. Not only are there great memories created with friends and family in your new backyard, but there are property values that people are unaware of.

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Does a Pool Add Value to my Home?

The answer is yes. The value of your home and property will go up if you install a swimming pool. However it won’t increase by how much you’ve spend on the swimming pool itself. There are several factors that play into the increased value to your home. Depending on the swimming season in your area depends on how much of a value increase you’ll get on your property. It can range anywhere from 7%-%30. If you have a shorter swimming season the less it will raise the property value. In the end a swimming pool is a good investment.

If you’re planning on selling your home and everyone in your neighborhood has a swimming pool and you don’t your home will seem less appealing to outside buyers. However will the addition of an inground swimming pool, your homes value is more likely to be up.

Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is important too. If your pool is not well maintained, it will degrade the value of your swimming pool and home. Furthermore, if your swimming pool is looking crystal clear and clean there shouldn’t be a problem with the overall value of your home. An appealing backyard will sell and that itself will increase the value of a home.

Keep up with Pool Maintenance

If you’re looking to get the best return on your newly built swimming pool, the key is to keep up with maintenance. A healthy pool is a happy pool. If your swimming pool is well maintained then it’ll last longer and you’ll get the most life out of your swimming pool. Liners deteriorate quicker than gunite pools, but after a few decades you’ll still need to resurface a gunite pool. The filtration and circulation system are the most important parts to keeping the life of your swimming pool strong. These are the two main factors that you need to keep clean and working for your swimming pool to remain in good shape. If you want to add a good investment to your home, like a pool, you’ll have to keep up with the maintenance that comes with you.

You’ll also want to consider pool heaters. The two options for pool heaters is either a gas heater (which is lower upfront cost) or an electric heater (which is lower operating cost).  Whenever you’re thinking about pool equipment, we recommend thinking about long term. Invest a little more money and get the higher quality equipment, you’ll thank us in the end.  As a result, buying the electric heater will save you money. You’ll notice the difference in cost between swimming seasons. It tends to save you a couple hundred dollars year after year.

Another great thing to learn is how to balance pool chemicals. Knowing the proper pH balance of your swimming pool will help you not only cut costs but it’ll help you keep your swimming clean. The alternative is hiring a pool service company, which can help if you’re crunched for time; however, if you’re worried about money we recommend that you buy chemical service kits. You can always call Premier Pool Service if you have any maintenance questions.

Your Pool, Your Savings

Having your own swimming pool means that during the summer everyone will want to hangout in your backyard. You can throw pool parties, and create great memories with friends and family. The kids in the family won’t be worried about being bored during the summer on their break from school. They’ll be able to splash and play in the swimming pool. You won’t have to worry about going to a public swimming pool, where kids risk getting sick.

Additionally, a swimming pool is a great way to get outside and stay in shape! Swimming laps in a swimming pool is a great way to work out in the summer. There are other great exercises that you can complete in a swimming pool, and the benefit is that you can workout in the comfort of your own home, instead of worrying about driving to the gym.

How Much Should on a Swimming Pool?

Depending on the value of your home now, and the value your trying to achieve is a great indicator on how much you should spend on a backyard remodel. There is a lot of financial thought that can go into the process of building a swimming pool in your backyard, but honestly it depends on what you want for you and your family.

What do you expect to get out of a swimming pool? Are you going to have kids or teenagers visiting a lot? Do you want a lap pool to complete exercises frequently? Calming waterfalls or a grotto that has a jumping platform on top? Do you want to incorporate a slide into your swimming pool? Do you want to attach a spa? Do you want a calming atmosphere, a party tiki vibe, an island resort? There are various options and designs to choose from. The options are endless truthfully, but it all depends on what you want.

A Swimming Pool is a Good Investment!

Build a swimming pool with Premier Pools & Spas, contact us today! We’re a dedicated pool building company that can build you the backyard of your dreams. We’ve completed over 60,000 swimming pools in the last 30 years and have changed the lives of families across the nation. We want to build your swimming pool next!

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