Why do pools cost different amounts?

It’s not as simple as “big pools cost more.” There are a lot of factors that determine the price of a pool. What custom features are involved? What quality materials are being used? What’s the condition of the soil? What about warranties. Let’s take a look at each one.

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Custom features

Take a look at the pool above. You see some waterfalls, some fire features. There’s a beautiful patio set up, some LED lighting, and a few other things of note. It may not be the biggest pool you’ve ever seen, but features like this can really add up.

Soil conditions and the presence of rock

This is one of those things we probably won’t know until we start excavating. If we find some bedrock, or a complex series of roots underground, it’s unfortunately going to add a lot of time to the digging process, and that will translate into a higher cost.


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Quality materials and warranties

The beauty of working with a company like Premier Pools & Spas is that quality materials is almost never an issue. We are the largest pool builder in the world. As you can see, actually, we are the largest pool builder in the world by far.

What that means for you is that we have access to the finest materials in the nation, and can use our tremendous buying power to purchase these materials at rates no competitor can match.

Same goes for our warranties. We are so confident in not only the work we do but the quality of the materials we use that we can offer the kinds of warranties you won’t find anywhere else.

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