Building a pool in your backyard is a huge decision. The first thing to strike your mind, of course, is the cost of construction. But, there’s more to it. You need to trust the contractor you are willing to hire. Not all North Georgia pool builders are same.

There are companies making tall claims without any substance to them. To pick a contractor that’ll change your dream to reality, here are some pertinent questions to ask:

What to Ask North Georgia Pool Builders before Building a Pool? 11. Can You Provide A List of References?

This, in fact, is the most important thing to ask when interviewing pool contractors. Whatever answers are given by the company, there’s always a better way to approach it.

Instead of being contended with 3-4 references, ask the company to provide a list of 30-40 references to make the right choice. If a company has been in the business for a long time, they wouldn’t hesitate in giving this list.

2. What Is Your Experience in This Business?

There is no benchmark to assess the experience held by North Georgia pool builders. Yet, you must check the familiarity of a contractor with this business.

Ask about the previous projects and request photos similar to your dream pool. If a company lacks a strong track record, there may be some issues down the road for your project as well.

3. What are the Services and Warranties Offered?

It is advisable to choose a pool builder providing comprehensive service and warranties. It assures your peace of mind. The builder must offer warranties that will be truly upheld as long as possible.

For example, the best North Georgia pool builders will offer a lifetime structural warranty for the pool.

4. How to Get a Copy of Your Insurance Certificate

Atlanta Pool Builders

When hiring a pool contractor, asking about insurance is imperative. Firstly, hire an insured company, no matter what. Secondly, ask them about the copy of insurance certificate.

You must ask the contractor how to obtain this information firsthand from the insurance company. If they provide these details, that’s the way to go.

5. Do You Have the Membership of BBB and PHTA?Atlanta Pool Builders

Obviously, the pool builder must answer this question with a clear nod, saying yes. PHTA or Association Of Pool And Spa Professionals along with Better Business Bureau (BBB) are the organizations that hold pool builders accountable for ethical business practices.

You should never hire a company that isn’t a member of these organizations.

6. How Long Will It Take to Complete the Work?

Construction of a swimming pool requires extensive labor and heavy equipment. To set the right expectations, ask about the scheduled time of the entire project.

If you remain on the same page with builder, it reduces stress caused by mismatched expectations.

What to Ask North Georgia Pool Builders before Building a Pool? 27. What Work is Included in the North Georgia Pool Builders Contract?

Sometimes, miscommunications can cause unnecessary delays in the project. Therefore, take your own time to check that there are no surprises in the contract.

It is better to ask about inclusions in the contract. It must cover every detail that matters.

Ask all these questions and if you are confident, go ahead and hire the company to build your swimming pool.

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