If you want to attach a spa to your existing inground swimming pool, you have lots of design options and choices to think about. Attaching a spa does a lot for you and your Tucson backyard pool. It not only improves your pool design, but also provides you with a relaxing area, where to chill out after swimming vigorously.

attach a spa

When you incorporate a spa to your inground pool, you will be able to feel happier and healthier at home, spend fun time with loved ones, relax with privacy and entertain your friends. You and your loved ones will enjoy revitalizing hydro-therapy, soothing massage, and hot water offered by the spa jets.

The benefits you get when you attach a spa to your inground pool:

A spa will extend the functionality of your backyard oasis and create an all-in-one socializing and swimming spot. You can also:

  • Increase your property’s value
  • Enjoy social gatherings
  • Confine your kids to the kiddie pool
  • Relieve muscle pains and aches
  • Relax after a long swim

Before you attach a spa to your pool, you should think about all facets of the project and ensure you get just what you desire.

attach a spa

Ways to attach a spa to your inground pool

One benefit of  a spa attached to your pool is the connection to the existing water circulation system of a pool. This is essential as it permits the addition to fit in seamlessly into your pool’s design layout and water. An attached spa offers many options, for example, air blowers (for bubbles), spa jet, lighting and more. You’ll find a range of ways you can add a spa to your backyard pool thanks to custom design such as:

Spillover Spa:

The simplest choice to integrate to your existing backyard pool is a spillover spa. When positioned directly to your pool, a spillover spa offers stylish and classic design options. It will let both pool and spa water to blend together. So your pool and spa will need one pump, plus it will reduce the maintenance.

Naturalistic Spa:

This spa can be attached or detached and incorporated in as part of the landscaping in your outdoor space. A naturalistic spa will usually have plantings, rocks and water features to greatly enhance the tropical-like feeling of calmness for relaxation. It is your job to know how you would like to design your dream pool.

Usually, the attached spa connects to the current pool equipment. This will allow your spa to use the same water as your pool. An important benefit of this spa is the reduced maintenance; no need for pH level balancing or separate testing. This will make reduce monthly costs, thus making your life easier.

attach a spa

Attach a spa to enhance your backyard pool!

Whether you go for an attached or detached spa, our professionals can create a perfect look to complement your lifestyle and property. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson today with your questions on good spa features, custom options, quality spa design and more!

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