St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and if you have a pool and patio in Austin, it is time to look at themed patios. In this article, we are going to talk about themed patios and how to have fun with your pool and patio this St. Patrick’s day.

Creating Beautiful Themed Patios

St. Patrick themed patios don’t have to go away after St. Patrick’s Day. There are many designs and setups that can set you up for an amazing look that will last all year around.

themed patios

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This definitely says St. Patrick’s day, but it could also be a beautiful table and chairs for all year around. Imagine sitting by your pool on this beautiful patio during your St. Patrick’s day party and showing off to your friends.

themed patios

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This accent piece of a door ads a gorgeous pop of color to any patio. You can paint it green for St. Patrick’s day and change the paint for every holiday if you like or you can keep this lovely color throughout the year.

themed patios

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Here is another great use of green for your patio. Thick, beautiful green curtains to usher you into your outdoor space. Your pool will feel as if you are a king or queen entering into your domain.

What to Think About with Themed Patios

Having well put together and themed patios make for an amazing outdoor experience. Having various colors randomly thrown around is not going to give you the same feel as an organized and orchestrated design that is intended to make you feel amazing when you walk out onto the patio. Designing themed patios is often an art form and it does well to blend it in with your swimming pool.

Setting your pool and patio up to flow together will allow you to experience a resort style feel as you are stepping into your space. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim or watch the kids play in the shallow end, you will fully enjoy yourself as you are out on your patio.

Creating Your Own Backyard Beauty

If you do not yet have a pool to go with your themed patios and outdoor gathering, this can be a great addition. Adding a pool allows you to have more fun outside. Many of us are lacking vitamin D, but when you have a pool to draw you outside, it is going to be much easier to be drawn into taking in the rays.

Your backyard should be your own personal oasis where you are able to go out, enjoy and spend time with friends and family. If you aren’t sure how to create the space that you want with the design and feel that you want, make sure to reach out to one of our professionals.

We here are Premier Pools and Spas would love to help you through the process so you can create the outdoor space that you’ve always dreamed about.

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