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How to Keep your Hollinridge Swimming Pool Algae Free

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, everyone is prepping for a very green celebration. However one thing you don’t want to have green is your Hollinridge swimming pool. One of the main things prepping for the warmer weather consists of is making sure your swimming pool is pretty and clear for the summer months. Continue reading to learn how to keep your Hollinridge swimming pool clean.

How Do I Keep my Hollinridge Swimming Pool Clean

Swimming pool maintenance is apart of being a pool owner. You have to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance for your swimming pool to continue to be clean. Everyone wants to have the sparkling clean pool, and most homeowners hire professional service companies to keep their up with their swimming pool maintenance.

Are your Pool Chemicals Balanced Properly?

If you start to notice your Hollinridge swimming pool becoming cloudy or turn a different color rather than that pretty bright blue, it may be time to check your pool chemicals. Checking your swimming pool chemicals should be a weekly occurrence. It is important to keep pool chemicals balanced because without them your swimming pool with start to collect bacteria.

Is Your Swimming Pool Water Always Moving?

Apart from checking on your pool’s chemicals, you will also want to keep an eye on out on your pool’s filters and pumps. This is another important aspect of your Hollinridge swimming pool, especially if you want to keep it clean. Algae likes to sit and grow in still water, but if you keep your swimming pool water constantly moving it will be harder for the algae to grow. Make sure your pumps and filters are circulating your swimming pool water.

Enjoy Your Swimming Pool to the Fullest!

Another way to keep your swimming pool water moving is if your enjoy your Hollinridge swimming pool. Let your kids swim and play pool games. Throw a swimming pool party and invite your friends and family over. This is yet another way to keep your swimming pool water constantly moving but also a way to remind you that your swimming pool is a stress free environment and you should be enjoying it to the fullest.

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5 Helpful Tips To Keep Your North Potomac Pool Clean

DIY pool hacks are taking over the internet. Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac is going to introduce 5 pool hacks that you can use on your own swimming pool! These DIY pool hacks are designed to help you keep up with your swimming pool maintenance and give you ways that you can enjoy your swimming pool even more this summer.

Reuse Something Old

Fun Fact: a pair of old tights that haven’t been used in a few years acts as a great catch for debris in your swimming pool.

Tights are great for filtering out small debris that land in your swimming pool. These types of debris can easily clog up your pump basket. You can easily wrap the tights around the top of your pools skimmer basket and then just place back in its originated spot. Over time it will catch all the debris you may have missed when skimming your swimming pool. Change tights monthly.

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The Tennis Ball Trick

This trick isn’t about introducing your dog to the swimming pool even though that would be creative for a DIY pool hacks: Dog edition. This pool hack is about placing tennis balls into your pool because the outside of the tennis ball can catch the oil that is floating around the surface of your North Potomac swimming pool. Any type of oil that is floating around like sunscreen or make up.

 Baking Soda Cleans Grout Lines

Originally used on in-home counters or tiles, a mixture of baking soda and water forms a paste that will clean the grout lining your swimming pool too. This paste can easily be applied to any grout line with a toothbrush, then all you have to do is wait a few minutes before scrubbing it away with a sponge and viola! You have a clean grout line.

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Snow Be Gone!

In the midst of winter when debris is covering your swimming pool cover and then it starts to snow. The weight of all the debris on your swimming pool cover is not convenient. Make sure to always have your pool cover clean and that there is nothing on it for a lengthy amount of time. One quick trick to clear all of the debris and snow off your pool cover is by using a leaf blower. This is going to help you remove all the debris off your pool cover rather quickly.

Rival Nests

This trick may be a way to deter wasps from coming around your swimming pool for a summer or two. The trick is that you are mimicking another wasps nest. By crumpling up a brown paper bag and hanging it into a tree near your swimming pool it appears (to the wasps) that a rival nest is close by and they have to find a different spot to build their nest. Wasps are very territorial, so be careful when dealing with these little critters.

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Convert Your Carderock Springs Pool Into A Saltwater Pool

Salt water pools are becoming a popular trend year after year. There are multiple benefits to having a saltwater pool that current homeowners may not know about. Pool owners are converting their chlorine swimming pools into salt water swimming pools and here is why.

Why Should You Convert Your Swimming Pool to A Saltwater Pool?

Swimming pools are popular to the middle class homeowner. A backyard oasis is a place where family and friends can gather and have a good time making memories. However there have been times when the kids complain about the chlorine in the pool and here is why you should convert to a saltwater pool.

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No More Chlorine

The truth is these harsh chemicals may not even be cleaning your swimming pool. Chlorine is a chemical based and when chlorine comes in contact with contaminates in your swimming pool it is called chloramines. Sometimes chloramines aren’t effective and the chlorine doesn’t kill the bacteria it is supposed to, which leaves your swimming pool unclean. No one wants to have an unclean swimming pool.

Chloramines also cause irritation to the eyes and skin, making your Carderock Springs backyard oasis not as enjoyable as it once was. Another factor that one may consider is the “green hair” incident. Blonde hair turning green is a mixture of chlorine and chlorine tablets which have high levels of metal (like copper), which ends up turning peoples hair green.

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Choose Saltwater

After all the chlorine talk you must be ready to dive into a saltwater pool. Here is why you should choose to convert your swimming pool to a saltwater pool. Salt water doesn’t require harsh chemicals to keep your swimming pool clean. Also saltwater pools aren’t as irritating to the skin or eyes like chlorine is.

With regular swimming pools you have to keep up with the pool maintenance consistently. Whether that’s skimming the surface for debris, cleaning the pool filter, or testing your pool water pH balance. With a saltwater pool you don’t have to keep up with weekly pool maintenance because the salt is already cleaning your swimming pool for you. You will no longer have to dump harsh chemicals into your swimming pool.

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Still Have Questions?

Some pool owners are worried about switching over to a saltwater pool because of the notion that it will be as salty as the sea; however, this is not the case. Your Potomac swimming pool will have no where near the amount of salt that the ocean does. Your salt swimming pool wouldn’t even taste like salt, but we don’t recommend drinking the swimming pool water!

If you are considering converting your existing swimming pool into a salt one do your research on if your existing pool equipment is compatible with a salt conversion. Some equipment doesn’t have the right system to be able to circulate salt water throughout your swimming pool.

How To Convert Your Potomac Pool Into a Saltwater Pool?

Converting your swimming pool into a salt pool is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The first step requires you to pour large amounts of salt into your swimming pool. Once that is done you’ll notice that your swimming pool is cloudy, don’t worry about that. One of our professionals can then come out and install a chlorinator into your swimming pool, which will regulate the amount of salt that is going into your swimming pool. After a few days, check the balances of your swimming pool water. Check for free chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, and salt content.

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Why You Should Install a Swimming Pool in Potomac

When considering installing a swimming pool in Potomac falls, there is a variety of factors to choose from. One can design a swimming pool in a million different ways, with different shapes, sizes, and features. The question is why should a homeowner install a swimming pool in their backyard? There are many different reasons as to why someone would want to add a swimming pool to their Potomac backyard, and here they are.

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Easy Installation

The time it takes to install a swimming always varies. It could take 2-6 months depending on the weather and how busy the pool company you choose is. While gunite pools are favored in the pool industry, they can have set backs if the weather is stormy. On the other hand, fiberglass pools are more manageable when it comes to building even if the weather is bad.

Fiberglass swimming pools are built off site. A manufacturer creates the shell of the swimming pool and then ships it to the house for our pool builders to install. If the backyard is already excavated they will be able to set the liner of the swimming pool in the empty hole in the ground.

Low Maintenance

Unlike a gunite swimming pool in Potomac, a fiberglass swimming pool is easier to maintain. For starters, it is harder for algae to grow on fiberglass pool liners. The material that a fiberglass pool liner is made out of makes the finished product a smooth shiny surface. This is why it is so difficult for algae to grow in fiberglass swimming pools; it can’t stick to the surface well.

Additionally, you won’t have to keep up with weekly pool maintenance like you have to with gunite swimming pools. A Fiberglass swimming pool only requires bi-weekly or even monthly pool cleaning. The surface of a fiberglass pool is also smooth so neither you or your family members will get concrete rashes/scratches.

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Additional Benefits When Building a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Some other swimming pool facts that could help with the decision on whether or not you should build a swimming pool in Potomac is how long your swimming pool is going to last. Fiberglass pools last the longest out of any other pool material. They can last up to 20 years before you need to replace the liner. Concrete pools are a close second with 10-15 years of longevity in a gunite swimming pool.

Lastly, fiberglass swimming pools are thermally efficient. Meaning they can hold a steady temperature for a longer period of time, instead of fluctuating frequently between hot and cold. This allows the swimming pool to be energy efficient, which in the long run can save you a bit of money. Since the swimming pool doesn’t require constant maintenance you aren’t buying as many chemicals, which results into saving more money.

Build your Potomac Backyard Oasis with Premier Pools & Spas!

Premier Pools & Spas of Potomac is a looking to build you and your family the backyard of your dreams. Our professional swimming pool builders are eager to see what you want the swimming pool of your dreams to look like. Contact us today!

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Should I Close my Pool for the Winter?

Premier Pool Service of West Austin has multiple suggestions on keeping up with your winter pool maintenance; in fact, we offer service packages that will keep your swimming pool looking better than ever. There are seasonal service options to choose from, as well as more information about other repair options we can provide to you. To learn more about whether or not you should close your swimming pool for the winter, continue reading this helpful article!

Winterizing your Swimming Pool

Winter pool maintenance is very important believe it or not. Before the weather changes drastically it is always good to evaluate your swimming pool and check that all of the chemicals are balanced properly. It is also good to check the water levels to ensure that your swimming pool hasn’t sprung a leak. Most pool companies would tell you to close your pool down for the winter and not open it back up until the weather starts warming up again. However this is not the case!

Premier Pool Service of West Austin suggests that you keep your swimming pool open during the colder season. The reason other companies recommend pool owners close their pools for the winter is because they don’t want to see the pipes freezing up and cracking. While this is a possibility, if you have your pool pump running it is less likely for your pool’s pipes to freeze due to the constant flow of water.

The end result being, as long as your swimming pool water is constantly flowing through the pumps and pipes, everything will be okay. If your pipes end up freezing and cracking that can be a pricey repair you have waiting for you come summer time. No one wants to start their swimming season with a bunch of pool repairs or maintenance issues.

Proper Winter Pool Maintenance

The best way to ensure that your swimming pool stays clean is to keep up with your winter pool maintenance. Whether you’re in the winter months or the summer months, you have to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. There are actions that can be taken to “close” your swimming pool that is essentially keeping it in a predominately clean state throughout the winter months. Make sure all of the chemicals in your swimming pool are balanced, and add a dose of algaeicide for safe measures. Algaeicide works really well to help keep algae out of your swimming pool especially in the winter because that is when your swimming pool is most vulnerable to that bacteria. Make sure your water levels remain at a that correct amount because once it rains your swimming pool can be effected.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

One certain way to maintain the ideal swimming environment and ensure crystal clear water is to schedule a weekly service plan. Our Weekly pool service includes removing debris from the pool, skimming the surface of the pool for floating debris, vacuuming debris from the bottom, emptying the skimmer and pump basket, and emptying the pool cleaner bag – when necessary we also check the filter pressure and backwash, and brush the tiles. Contact Premier Pool Service of West Austin today and keep your swimming pool looking crystal clear all throughout the winter.

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Here’s why you should ALWAYS keep up with your Pool Maintenance

We’ve always stressed telling you to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. Now we’re going to take it to the next level and tell you why it is so important. Here are a few tips from Premier Pool Service of West Austin on why it is so important to keep up with your pool maintenance.

How Algae grows in the Pool

There are certain contaminates that get into your swimming pool and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop them. It’s natures way of keeping us on our toes. This whole article is going to teach you to be aware of all the algae in the air. There are particles that float in the air and they generally get trapped in raindrops, which end up in swimming pools.

Another way algae can form in your swimming pool if you’re not keeping up with the swimming pool maintenance. The lack of properly balanced pool water allows the algae to grow and can even keep growing if your pool remains unclean. This is why it is so important to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. Brush the sides of your swimming pool and keeping the proper amount of chemicals in your swimming pool.

How to Get Rid of Algae

There are a few standard ways to get rid of algae in your swimming pool. The most common way is to continuously shock your swimming pool with chemicals and algecide, which will clear your swimming pool up in a few days. Our pool professional services will help you find the best weekly service package that best fits your swimming pool needs. It is very important to keep your swimming pool clean and to keep your family and friends healthy and safe.

Premier Pool Service of West Austin can help with your pool maintenance and service needs. Just contact us today, and keep your backyard oasis looking crystal clean. You won’t have to worry about when you go swimming if your swimming pool is always clean!

Join Premier Pool Service Team

Our Premier Pool Service professionals are always ready to help pool owners in need. Our goal is to keep your backyard oasis looking better than ever. We have multiple weekly and seasonal service packages to offer and all of them benefit you. Contact us today! New customers that sign a 12-month agreement get a month of pool service free!

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How Does a Pool Filter Work?

Pool Filters, Pumps, and Pipes, oh my!

Premier Pool Service is a sister company to Premier Pools & Spas the #1 pool builder in the world. We build and service swimming pools across the nation. A question asked by most homeowners and new pool owners is how their swimming pool works or how it properly functions. Premier Pool Service of West Austin is glad to walk you through what a pool filter is, how it works, and then what they do to it when they come by for their weekly service routine.

What is a Pool Filter?

A pool filter essentially is a piece of equipment that is built into your swimming pool. The pool filter acts the same as a regular water bottle filter would. Its main goal it to keep your swimming pool water clean and clear. There are many different types of pool filters that can be used in a swimming pool; however, Premier Pools and Spas uses and recommends the DE filter. It is the best selection out of them all because it is the most effective swimming pool filter. DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth, and this type of filter is the most effective because it actually traps the smallest particles possible.

How do Pool Filters Work?

Filters are just a small part of a big operation. They are still critical to the process of keeping your swimming pool clean, but they aren’t the ones actually moving or doing anything complex. The filters are just what catches the debris that are in the swimming pool. The pump is the main part of a pool’s circulation system. It does the heavy lifting that pulls the water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain, pushes the water towards the filter, and then pushes the newly filtered water back out towards the pool through the main returns. In the end you are left with cleaned filtered water and the filter is what caught all the debris particles.

Professional Pool Service Offered

Premier Pool Service of West Austin has multiple service packages to offer. Most of those options consist of weekly service opportunities and seasonal service packages. We can provide you the best pool service possible. All you have to do is contact us today!

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The Joys of Having Pool Service

Winter is here, and that means all the leaves have fallen of the trees in your backyard. There is colder weather brewing, in other words it is winding and raining occasionally. All of these changes that winter brings effects your swimming pool in one way, or another. Be sure to not neglect your swimming pool this season and give it the proper care that it needs. Premier Pool Service of West Austin can provide you professional winter services.

The Best Service for your Pool

Once all the summer fun is over, people tend to forget that their swimming pool still needs to be taken care of, even thought the weather outside is cold. Rain can cause your balanced pool water to fluctuate, meaning your pool’s water will no longer be properly balanced. Another thing that occurs in the fall and winter is all of the leaves falling off the trees. Additionally the weather is windy and all those leaves fall straight into your swimming pool. Without the proper maintenance those leaves can cause algae to grow in your swimming pool. Let Premier Pool Service save the day and take care of all your pool maintenance needs.

Let’s Get this Party Started

Most pool owners love to have their swimming pool looking nice and presentable for guests during the summer, but why stop there? Throw a holiday pool party in the back yard. The entertainment will be even more divine with a clean swimming pool and spa. Your guests will be able to gather around by the firepit or even have a nice relaxing soak in the spa. However you can’t have a party without a clean pool, so contact Premier Pool Service of West Austin today!

Focus on the Swimming Pool

Decorating your backyard is the most important part to building a new swimming pool. Pool owners want their backyards to be a paradise that everyone can enjoy. Even after the pool construction is complete, you’ll need a professional pool service to keep this looking clean and clear. Swimming pools are a great addition to backyard oasis’, and will the effort they can stay that way for the long run. Premier Pool Service of West Austin can provide a wide range of professional service options and weekly packages that way your swimming is looking better than ever.

Build a Pool with Premier Pools & Spas

When you build with Premier Pools & Spas, you also get to enjoy Premier Pool Services’ professional service. Let us help you not only create your backyard oasis, but keep it clean as well! When you choose Premier Pool Service here are some of the advantages you’ll be receiving;

  • The Best Pool Service for your pool
  • Premier Pool Service is our sister company (We build and service pools!)
  • Enjoying a clean backyard oasis upon weekly service cleanings

Interested in building a new pool? Contact Premier Pools & Spas today! Need a company to service your pool? Contact Premier Pool Service today!

Why Choose West Austin Pool Maintenance?

Premier Pools & Spas builds dream backyards all over the country. One benefit of owing your own swimming pool is being able to relax and enjoy swimming without any disturbances. The only thing your pool needs is to be kept clean. Keeping up with pool maintenance can be time consuming and costly. However, pool service professionals can help you keep up with your pool maintenance, which will save you time and money! 

3 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Pool Service Company

Saves You Time

Time is money, and not a lot of homeowners want to waste time keeping up with their swimming pool maintenance. This means they need to outsource the job and that is what Premier Pool Service is here for. We are here to help keep your swimming pool cleans that way your only worry is when you are going to be lounging poolside. Time taken by a professional to clean a pool in Texas is around 30 minutes to 1 hour every week.

Depending on the service package you choose with Premier Pool Service, the time spent cleaning your pool could be 4-5 hours a month. The higher the package the better the deal, but that also means more time spent cleaning that particular swimming pool. 

Poolowners are also homeowners and most likely have more (or better) things to do than worry about the cleanliness of their swimming pool. Save your time and money and chose Premier Pool Service of West Austin. We can help keep your swimming pool clean.

Saves You Money

Once you add everything up, it may not be worth all the time and money spent to clean your own swimming pool. Our maintenance experts are qualified for the job and ready to make your life easier. We provide high quality services, which includes cleaning out your filters and skimmer baskets, balancing the chemicals in your pool, and brushed the dirt and debris off the walls of your swimming pool.  

Your swimming pool was an investment that you want to keep looking pretty and ensure its safe. Your swimming pool requires professional care and concentration that way you know that all the chemicals used will be properly mixed and balance your pool perfectly. Proper maintenance of your swimming pool ensures that it will stay in good condition for many years to come.

Premier Pool Service will take care of your swimming pool, and use the correct amount of chemicals to ensure that your swimming pool is correctly balanced. You save time and money by hiring a professional pool service company like Premier Pool Service of West Austin because their schedule stays routine and based on which package you choose the same services are completed each week. 

No Chemical Storage

When you are signed up for a service company to come and service your swimming pool, there is no need for you to keep additional chemicals at your home. Some chemicals used for cleaning a swimming pool can be hazardous and flammable; therefore if it doesn’t have to be at your house then it shouldn’t be. 

Professional service companies, such as Premier Pool Service, are trained technicians and know how to handle said pool chemicals. Most of these chemicals need to be kept in separate storage and need to be kept out of pets and children’s reach. It is better to be safe than sorry. Hire Premier Pool Service and we will help keep your swimming pool clean while keeping you and your family safe.

Contact us today to hire Premier Pool Service to keep your swimming pool looking crystal clear. 

How to Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your Temecula backyard is like water heaven to bees. That shouldn’t be a reason that you can’t have fun in your own pool because you’re afraid to be stung by bees. You should feel safe in your own environment. Although the bees may get irritating, Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula has solutions to help keep bees away from the swimming pool without having to harm them directly; bees are good for the environment. Bees are typically easier to get rid of than wasps. Wasps are more territorial and stubborn.

Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool

Here are some solutions on how to keep bees away from the swimming pool,

  1. Decoy Nests- The first thing you may want to consider is getting decoy nests, putting them away from the pool and progressively watching them transfer over hives. The decoy nest gives them a separate place to nest and some decoys have a sticky solution that slowly kills the bees.Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool
  2. Raw Meat– Typically wasps are more attracted to this solution if you were to hang a small amount of raw meat over a bucket of water mix with detergent, when the wasps fall off the meat they land in the bucket and it kills them.
  3. Diesel Fuel- This is another thing that interests wasp, for its strong odor. Setting up bottles of fuel away from the pool, wasps get trapped in the bottles. This is also a good way to keep bees away from the swimming pool
  4. Changing the landscape- Bees don’t love all plants. Mint and lemongrass are the two plants that bees dread and will stay away from them at all cost. Humans find these two plants pleasant smelling and look wonderful in any swimming pool landscaping. They are simple to look after and also help to keep at bees away from the swimming pool.
  5. Contact a Beekeeper- If you see a hive in your backyard, it’s best if you call a beekeeper. They can safely remove the hive and the bees and relocate them elsewhere.
  6. Turn on the pool jets– One major issue bees have is drowning when they are looking for water. For this reason, they do whatever they can to stay away from any water source that appears turbulent or hazardous. If you have swimming pool jets, maximize on them. Adjust the jets to make your pool’s surface shaky and hard to land on.
  7. Hang mothballs- Bees hate the smell of mothballs. Place the mothballs in some pantyhose and suspend them around backyard oasis to repel bees.
  8. Removal- The last thing we suggest to keep bees away from the swimming pool is removing their nests all together, whether you choose to hire an exterminator or take things into your own hands and buy insecticide or just using a regular hose to knock down the nests.

Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool

Over the years, Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula has assisted many homeowners to keep bees away from the swimming pools. We know various techniques that make it easy for us to get it done safely, both for you and for the insects themselves. We will help you eliminate the issue in the most humane way possible and equip you with knowledge and tools to keep bees away from the swimming pool. Contact Premier Pools & Spas Today!