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Pool Installation in the Heart of Texas

When you are thinking about pool installation for your Heart of Texas home, you may be overthinking the process and overwhelming yourself. While pool installations is a big process, if you work with the right people, you shouldn’t see any unexpected challenges.

Working with a professional on pool installation will help you avoid any bumps in the road you might encounter since they will foresee them and help you navigate. So, let’s talk about building a swimming pool and what you can expect moving forward.

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Getting started

When you are getting started with pool installation, don’t start breaking ground before you know fully what you want and have a plan in place. Map out your game-plan so you know what your pool is going to look like and what kind of pool you want to have. Do you want to work on the landscaping during the construction period or have it finished afterward? Questions like this should be answered before the first dig.

When you are looking at the kind of pool you want, you need to decide among plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass. How you plan on using your pool will help you decide which material is best for you. Are you going to be exercising, swimming laps, relaxing poolside, etc? Figure that out, speak with your construction expert, and we can make the recommendations for you on how to move forward.

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Designing your pool

When you start designing your pool, you need to think about the size, shape, and features that you want with the pool. Think about the add-on features of your pool. These are the things that give your pool that pop and spice that it needs.

Also, be prepared to be patient. There are permits you have to get and other delays that could cause you to get slower results than you wanted. Construction is going to be messy and could cause some inconvenience so make sure you prepare yourself mentally for that.

pool installation

Creating your dream pool

Even if there are some challenges along the way, once you see your amazing new pool completed, you will barely remember the annoyances you dealt with while it was being put together. Now you will be able to enjoy your pool and create new memories and enjoy good times. If you are ready to get started, reach out to one of our pool professionals today.

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Wonderful design ideas for your wading pool

Summer is fun when you have your own pool to enjoy. If you have a wading pool and wish to dress it up with design elements, consider these amazing pool design ideas. Each of these ideas can add character to your pool and make the entire experience more unique. Let’s get started.

Premier Above Ground Pools


Fish Tank

Installing an inground pool can be a costly affair. But an above-ground pool involves less renovation. One creative design idea is turning your entire pool into a showcase.

Feel like a goldfish by converting your pool into a human-proportioned fish tank. Add decorative rocks and plants in corners to get a more natural feel.

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Underwater Lighting

Lighting adds great flair to a pool. Fluorescent underwater lighting will give your pool a warm glow. It makes the experience more fascinating and is an amazing design idea to make backyard pool for small yards look deeper and bigger.

Consider using multi-color lights that change randomly to keep the party rolling.

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Love for Music

There is no end to creativity when it comes to defining shapes of your modern pool. No need to settle for regular kidney shape or rectangular pool designs. Design your pool in the shape of your favorite musical instrument.

Show your love for music by giving your wading pool the shape of your favorite musical instrument. If you are planning to get your pool renovated, don’t miss this opportunity and get the design of your preference.


Tropical Villa

Design an oasis reflecting tropical villa in your personal yard. This will enable you to enjoy the pool in private at your own house.

Incorporate Tiki torches and umbrellas to ensure insects and sun don’t bother you even during the hottest hours of a summer day.

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Fire Centerpiece

Adding fire features is a nice way to make your pool a perfect place for conversation. Moreover, it is a great element of enjoyment. Use any source of energy, gas or propane, and little quantity of elbow grease to design the decor.

You can add it a pool of any shape and size to give it an exciting and warm glow.


Water rushing over the surface and spilling into the pool is a striking way to captures everyone’s attention. Experience a jungle every time you swim in the pool. You don’t require a lot of space, making it an excellent choice for contemporary pool design ideas.

Jump Rock Pool

Rock Walls

There are varieties of walls available that integrate a natural looking rock wall into the pool design. Design a pile of big stones, an embankment, or a wall of natural rocks.

A white color backdrop can be created using limestone or mix of gray stones to give your pool a mysterious appearance. This gives an intriguing experience to the visitors and lets you feel at peace.

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Gunite Material

Choosing gunite for your backyard pool

When choosing a gunite material for your Gulf Coast pool, you need to consider appearance, durability, safety, and comfort. You’ll want to select materials for the water line, the coping, the pool deck and the pool’s interior. Remember that the materials will be in contact with pool water that has acid, chlorine and most likely salt. They will be in contact with swimsuits and bare feet as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing gunite for your pool.

Gunite Material

The most popular gunite materials within the swimming pool market includes vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete. Let’s look at them one by one.


Vinyl pools are often rectangular but can be custom-built. They are easy to customize, and when it comes to the costs of installation, these are easily the cheapest option.

However, it’s easy for them to puncture, and are costly to repair. Also, it will last for 5 to 10 years before it needs replacement. So while you save money on initial costs of installation, you’ll have to pay for a liner replacement once every 5 to 10 years.


Large, one-piece fiberglass shells are built and finished in a manufacturing facility. Then, the shell is delivered to your property and put into a dug hole in the ground. When it comes to installation cost, fiberglass pools are mid-range. They are less costly than concrete, but are more costly than a liner.

Gunite Material

Fiberglass pools are cheaper to maintain and need less work to maintain. Installation is a lot quicker than concrete. And the pools are very durable. Fiberglass isn’t a porous material, which means your pool cleaning chemicals will not be as harsh. Also, bacteria prefer porous areas since it is easy for them to flourish there. No pores means fewer bacteria, and fewer chemicals in the swimming pool. It means the pool water is easier on the skin and decreases maintenance needs and costs.

However, vinyl pools are not easy to customize. You are simply at the mercy of the maker.


Pools built with concrete use a concrete base finished with plaster or another finish agent such as a pebble aggregate. Here are some of the pros of concrete as a gunite material.


  • The material is durable. High-quality concrete finishes can stay longer.
  • This is the most customizable gunite material in the market. It’s easy to design concrete pools depending on your preference. If a unique, custom swimming pool is what you are after, go for concrete.


  • These pools need a lot of maintenance
  • They take more time to construct.
  • It is costly. Pools built with concrete are the most costly to construct and to maintain.

Gunite Material

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A Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool designer can help you choose the best gunite material for your inground pool. They will educate you on samples of materials that blend with each other and come up with the mood and look you want. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today!

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Grass Alternatives For Northern Georgia Backyards

Ugh! The noise of lawn mowers, the sneezing, the itchy red eyes, and a nose that runs like a tap. Lawns can be difficult for one reason or another, but the good news is that there are dozens of grass alternatives you can use to beautify your Georgia home. And just about all of them can accommodate foot traffic. None of them are half as thirsty as grass is, so you won’t have to deal with a drought stressed lawn. So, if you want your lawn to demand less time, water, and money, consider these options our Georgia team have compiled.



Lamium is a tough yet showy ground cover that takes the sweat out of caring for your lawn. Most types thrive during warmer seasons and bunches of light orange-pink flowers appear in the spring, then continue throughout fall. And, even when they aren’t blooming, the silver-marked leaves will leave your lawn looking lively. What an excellent alternative to turf grass for your Northern Georgia home.


Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is an excellent grass cover alternative because it smells as great as it looks. It’s perfect for shaded spots in your Northern Georgia home, close to the patio or under a big tree in your front or back lawn. Do keep an eye on it though; it spreads like wild fire!



Greenery isn’t the only ground cover you can use. Try using concrete pavers to create walkways in your front and backyard. Using stones and slabs to customize walkways is always a good idea. For a more modern appeal, combine varied size granite piece into a unique design. There are countless ways in which you can use concrete or stone a ground cover in Northern Georgia.


Clover seed

Forget about daily maintenance and weekly lawn mowing like grass. Clover seed is a great ground cover minus the frequent drought stress.  They’re relatively short not growing pass 4-8” and blooms stunning white and light pink flowers. Another bonus is that they do not need regular pesticide treatments.



Rocks can be a perfect accent for your landscape, whether you want to use them on a small or large portion of your lawn. It’s both time and cost effective require no maintenance. It doesn’t decompose and is more durable than most ground covers. What’s not to love.

Premier Pools & Spas

Having a breath-taking landscape in Northern Georgia coincide with having a stunning home. And a lawn that stays young without you having to spend hours grooming, watering and treating it is a winner. Select ground-cover that will brighten your lawn without wearing you out.  Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about your kids and pet playing on a chemical infested lawn.

For more exciting alternatives, check out these 7 Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives Houzz compiled that are just as stunning. Also, take a Moment to Go Through Our 2016 Pool Brochure for more inspirational ways in which you can beautify the exterior of your home.

Phoenix pool installation for your dream backyard

As the largest city in the South, it’s no surprise that Phoenix is undoubtedly a great place to live. Houston features first-rate services, friendly people, and some of the best real estate in the country. Although living in Phoenix does have its merits, the summer heat in the city can be a bother at times. While some residents will opt to simply stay inside their air conditioned homes, the more adventurous ones will often find better ways to beat the heat. Lounging on your very own swimming pool is not just an ideal way to stay cool, it is also a great way to have fun and also relive stress.


While many Phoenix residents are limited to what they can do about the design of their houses (no fairytale fortresses or towering towers), your backyard can exist to be a blank canvas of sorts. In your backyard you can create your own personal woodland forest; a beautiful glistening oasis; or your own private resort. With your very own swimming pool and the perfect combination of flora, water features, stonework, more, you can transform your dull backyard into the backyard of your dreams. All it takes is a little dedication, some imagination, and a professional swimming pool builder.

Trees, Flowers, And Shrubs

Unless your backyard in Phoenix is just a barren patch of dirt or it has been completely paved over, then you should have a few flowers or a tree or two. However, when it comes to building a swimming pools adding the right trees, flowers, and shrubs is an important part of the process. Landscaping cannot be overlooked, it is the garnish that should enhance the beauty of your swimming pool. Trees and tall shrubs can even helping you to create your private resort by acting as natural barriers that hide you and your swimming pool from view.


Water Features

A swimming pool can be stunning on its own; however, supplementing it with additional water features can enhance its beauty. Simple stone waterfalls and fountains can make your swimming pool feel more alive by acting as a constant source of flowing water. The sight and sounds created by flowing water from a fountain or waterfall can help to create a private backyard oasis, especially when paired with the perfect trees and flowers.


While this feature of your backyard pool area might seem unremarkable at first glance, it is actually extremely important to the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool and its surroundings. The tiles, pavers, and stones that you use in and around your backyard should always complement your swimming pool not work against it. A common mistake that many homeowners in Phoenix make is using stonework that “fights against” their pool. Ideally your stonework should draw the viewer’s eyes towards your swimming pool not away from it.


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At Premier Pools & Spas we know that your swimming pool is only as lovely as the backyard that is crafted around it. So why not let us build the backyard of your dreams today!

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Incredible Custom Pool Designs for your Phoenix Paradise

Every now and again, every Phoenix homeowner inexplicably feels the urge to change things up around the house. This can be something minor and trivial, like rearranging some furniture; to something that’s more serious, like giving the entire place a brand new paint job. Whatever the case may be, changing things up can breathe new life into your abode – while also giving you a chance to freely express your creativity.

New Orleans

While many homeowners usually end up giving the interior of their house the “royal treatment”, far too many backyards are often left ignored. Here are a tow of our favorite backyard swimming pool ideas that are perfect for aspiring new swimming pool owners in Phoenix and also longtime Phoenix swimming pool owners that are looking to change things up a bit.

Pool Themes For Your Phoenix Paradise – Tropical Pool

This is by far one of the simplest backyard pool themes that you could choose to implement – however; that doesn’t make it any less breathtaking when done right.

Tropical themed backyards work quite well with freeform swimming pools that have softer curves and a more relaxed shape. While angular swimming pools can be used in a tropically themed backyard, it is by far more advantageous to use a freeform swimming pool.

New Orleans

Nature is your friend when trying to make a tropical pool backyard. The swimming pool should obviously be the centerpiece your backyard but you don’t need to force attention onto it. You should instead aim for more unobtrusive swimming pool features – for example, a slow tricking rock waterfall instead of a large raging one.

Trees and flowers are also your friends when creating your tropical pool backyard. While it is harder to go overboard with vegetation, compared to other types of backyards, you should still be mindful that you aren’t overdoing it with too many flowering plants. Lastly, don’t be afraid to let your trees, shrubs, and flowers, obscure parts of your swimming pool a bit from the rest of the world – this is your private Phoenix grotto after all!

Pool Themes For Your Phoenix Paradise – Personal Resort

This is another popular backyard pool theme that you really can’t go wrong with. While every backyard swimming pool should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, why not take those standards to the next level.

New Orleans

If you’re seriously thinking about creating your very own Phoenix backyard resort, then you should focus on incorporating water features like slides, water jets, and fountains. The importance of a well-designed water slide cannot be overstated when it comes to creating your personal backyard resort. Your kids – and any adults who are kids at heart – will absolutely love it.

Having the right furniture is also a must to create the “personal resort” atmosphere; especially for adults. Swimming pool lounge chairs are absolutely necessary, they are perfect for sunbathing or simply curling up with a good book while keeping an eye on the kids.

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Phoenix Swimming Pool Builders

Phoenix Swimming Pool Builders

Premier Pools & Spas of Phoenix builds in multiple surrounding areas, Mesa being one of them. Our professional pool builders have great customer service, and they are the people to contact if you’re looking for advice on designing your perfect dream pool. As professional pool contractors our goal is to deliver and satisfy our customers with the swimming pool of their dreams. Homeowners and loyal customers shouldn’t be wiry of the size of their backyards in Mesa, Phoenix. Premier Pools & Spas of Phoenix pool builders can create something marvelous; even if it is in a compact spot. No matter what the size of your backyard is, we can build you the perfect swimming oasis.


Consultation with Premier Pools

Sit down and design the swimming pool of your dreams. Our Phoenix swimming pool builders will ask you a series of questions so we can get an idea of what exactly you want in your backyard. How big of a swimming pool do you want? What shape or design do you have in mind? Do you want a simple design or an extravagant swimming pool. Are there any special features you want added, such as water features like a water fall of fountains that flow into your swimming pool. Do you want to attach a spa or add lights to your pool. There’s also deck and patio designs you can choose from. We can build you a plunge pool for the summer and a spa for the winter with water features for all year round. There’s no job too big or too small, Premier’s licensed Mesa pool builders have the training and experience to handle these kinds of tasks. We have a new TV show called Pool Kings, and our motto is, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”.

With all of these steps incorporated into the first appointment, the next step is to arrange a date to get started. Arranging an installation date means that the next steps are in process and you are one step closer to having a swimming pool in your backyard. Our Phoenix swimming pool builders will give you a layout of where your swimming pool is going to be and will give you a break down of the measurements they need to start the installation process. The installation process is broken into three major parts, the first is excavation which is placing measurements and digging out the hole where your swimming pool will be put. The second step is framing, essentially our Phoenix swimming pool builders go in and they smooth out the mold of the swimming pool, put in support bars and concrete the walls and install all the pumps and wires, which sets them up for the final step. The finishing step is placing the outer shell of your swimming pool into the ground. If you were to get vinyl or fiberglass, there are the two different shells that with be placed. The third option is the gunite or shotcrete style pool, so the Phoenix swimming pool builders will pour the concrete, sand, pebble and glass mixture into the pool mold. They’ll also install any additional features you wanted in your swimming pool during this step.

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Are you looking for a pool renovation? Or just looking to build a swimming pool in your backyard? Contact Premier Pools and Spas of Phoenix today and figure out the next steps you need to take, so you get your dream swimming pool started today.

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Pool Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Pool Maintenance is important if you want to keep your swimming pool healthy and free of germs.

Swimming pools are a great place for recreation and enjoyment.  It ensures that we are never away from nature and also enables us to enjoy summers without having to step out of the house. It is a great asset!

Here are few pool maintenance tips to ensure your swimming pool remains tidy and beautiful all the time:

Keep Chlorine Handypool maintenance tips

For any spots which refuse to fade easily, keep chlorine and a discarded piece of cloth ready. Clean the spots with chlorine and the swimming pool shall be always free of any unwanted spots. Make sure that chlorine is not used in excess otherwise it can lead to discoloration as well.

Chlorine is a disinfectant. It has properties to absorb all the dirt in one swipe.  You can try this once a week for best results.

Filter Pipes Should be Neat & Free of Dirt

Filter pipes have most of the dirt. They absorb all the impurities to ensure the pool water is clean. Hence, the cleanliness of the pool is directly related to the cleanliness of filter pipes. Blocked filter pipes will never allow the swimming pool to remain clean.

You need to choose backwashing and hold on until the filter pipe throws clean water. This must be done once a month to avoid any complications. Filter pipe cleanliness is the most basic and most important ritual of swimming pool maintenance essentials.

pool maintenance tips

Filter Pipes Should Not Run All the Time

The pipes can run up to seven to eight hours in a day. This cleans the water present inside the pool.

Running it for 24 hours will not solve any purpose. It will, in fact, reduce the quality of filtration due to excessive usage.

You can also call experts to check the level of chemicals and the quality of filter pipes of your swimming pool. This will save on a lot of time, and the experts will give you the right estimation of the maintenance costs.

Regularly Check the Quality of Water

Pool water needs to be checked for the presence of few chemicals like Calcium, Chlorine, and Cyanuric Acid.

The pH level or acidic-alkaline balance needs to be checked so that there are no adverse effects on the skin. You can do so by testing the pool water once in a week.

Play Tennis & Have Fun

Tennis is all about speed and Tennis balls serve another purpose as well. Leave them inside the pool and the pool will not have any lotion leftovers.

The fiber of a Tennis ball absorbs all the oil and lotion pigments. Due to this, lubrications are not left in the pool water and it will give the much-needed hygiene effortlessly.

Don’t Leave the Basics

Regular mopping of the floor around the swimming pool area will not only keep it free of slippery floor, but will also ensure that the dirt does not accumulate and cause the pool sides to wither off early. It should be a regular activity.

The Net Solves All the Purpose

The net, which has a long handle and resembles a fishing net, is a must have if you have a swimming pool at home.

It takes care of all the dirt floating on the surface of the pool, helps in filtering unwanted algae and particles, and also ensures that there is no debris left inside.

pool maintenance tips

Water Level Should Be Balanced

The water evaporates quickly in the Sun, so you need to take care that water is never too less or never overflowing. Water depletion would lead to corrosion of pool interiors. An overflow of water will make your pool look unorganized and shabby. Apart from all these, take care of the quality of tiles regularly. The older the tile the higher is the risk to hygiene. Cleaning the swimming pool using the best swimming pool cleaning services will ensure that the pool stays swanky and hygienic.

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How to Properly Replace Pool Lights

Don’t know how to replace the pool lights in your swimming pool? Don’t fear Premier Pool Service is here! Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley can help you with your pool maintenance needs. Keeping reading if you want to learn how to successfully replace pool lights in your swimming pool.

pool landscaping design

It is a minor inconvenience when you are setting up your backyard for a pool party come to find that your swimming pool lights are not turning on. With this article, you will be able to successfully replace the pool lights in your swimming pool. However, if you want to speed up this process, contact Premier Pool Service today!

Replacing pool lights is not a difficult job, in fact this is an easy DIY project if you have a couple of hours to spare on the weekend. First you’ll need a list of materials to prepare for this switch-a-roo deal. You will need a replacement light bulb, replacement lens gasket, Philips and Flathead screwdrivers, multi-meter, and a few dry towels.

pool designs

Time to Change the Pool Lights!

  • Turning off the power

This is an important step to ensuring your safety while changing out a light in your swimming pool. Make sure that the power is off so that when you are messing with the wires in your swimming pool you can’t be harmed. Since you will be working with wires near a body of water, you should ensure that you are safe. Turning off the power to your backyard or specifically your swimming pool will do the trick.

  • Drain Pool Water

This is an optional step, but some homeowners like to have just a little bit more room to work with before they have to get wet. If you drain a few inches of water out of your swimming pool remember to add in the same amount of back into your swimming pool and balance it out with additional chemicals.

  • Remove the Pilot Screw

The screws that hold the light fixture in place are normally located at the top of the fixture. If not there, they are located around the border of the light fixture. You’ll want to take the screws out.

  • Take out the Fixture

Once you have taken the screws out, it is time to pry out the light fixture.

  • Test the Wires

This is where the multi-meter comes into action. Just to be absolutely certain that there is no electricity running through the wires, the multi-meter will detect any live wires.

swimming pool automation

  • Out with the Old and In with the New

Now it is time to carefully take out the light bulb with a dry towel. Once you have removed the light bulb, dry off the inside of the light fixture and replace the old light bulb with the new one you’ve purchased. You will have to screw in the light bulb to secure it into place.

  • Test the light

Finally the last step is check that the light bulb that you replaced actually works. Simply turn on the power and make sure that the light turns on. After you know the light works then screw it back into its place.

Contact Premier Pool Service Today!

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Why Should You Build a Gunite Pool with Our Boise Pool Builders

Summers in Boise bring unbearable heat, high temperatures, and lazy afternoons. Hence, when planning the perfect weekend, taking a dip in cool waters is a must. This is precisely why now is the perfect time to start planning building a swimming pool so you can get it ready by the time the weather gets warmer.

While planning to install a pool, one can explore many options on the design of pools. Yet, for a climate like Idaho, there are innumerable Gunite pool benefits. Take a look at a few reasons why this pool is particularly popular:

Gunite pool benefits

Exciting Sizes and Designs

If you have an uneven or quirky shape or sized backyard, then worry no more. The best part about these pools is that these can be made into any shape and size to best suit your backyard. You can introduce asymmetrical pools and can give a new look to your backyard! Size is no problem with these pools as you can have them in any size!

Customizable Finish

The best part about installing a Gunite pool is that you can customize the pool according to your preference. One can select colors and textures accordingly. Any accessories you desire to have in your pool can be installed. You can even create a pool which matches the aesthetic of your home or backyard. A small pool for children that is shallow for their safety can also be created.

hiring a pool contractorDurability at its Best

There are many positive facets as a part of Gunite pool benefits. One of the key perks is that the way these pools are built makes them long-lasting. Any family that already has this pool in their backyard can attest to how durable these can be. The secret to their durability lies in the material and construction as well as the prowess of the builder. A blend of sand and cement is sprayed at a high pressure to make sure it’s foundation is robust.

Innumerable Amenities

You can give your pool an amazing and unusual look when you turn your vision for the pool into a reality. Add a bar area with seating, stones or small waterfalls to enhance the look. Also add a heated spa as well. Many different features can add value to space. For instance, a pebble finish is one of the most popular and chic options today.

Uncomplicated Construction

Another one of Gunite pool benefits is that it is easier to build than most other designs. These pools can be constructed in a shorter time frame as well. With the base of wood, a concrete or marble finish, these pools can be dream come true for your abode! It is usually made with a mixture of sand, cement, and water. The construction time for this pool may vary between 4-6 weeks according to the size and design you prefer. However, once completed you may still make alterations to the color and finish should you wish it.

To conclude, Gunite pools are all you need in your backyard to make it a place where you can renew your soul and unwind with your family!