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How to Properly Replace Pool Lights

Don’t know how to replace the pool lights in your swimming pool? Don’t fear Premier Pool Service is here! Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley can help you with your pool maintenance needs. Keeping reading if you want to learn how to successfully replace pool lights in your swimming pool.

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It is a minor inconvenience when you are setting up your backyard for a pool party come to find that your swimming pool lights are not turning on. With this article, you will be able to successfully replace the pool lights in your swimming pool. However, if you want to speed up this process, contact Premier Pool Service today!

Replacing pool lights is not a difficult job, in fact this is an easy DIY project if you have a couple of hours to spare on the weekend. First you’ll need a list of materials to prepare for this switch-a-roo deal. You will need a replacement light bulb, replacement lens gasket, Philips and Flathead screwdrivers, multi-meter, and a few dry towels.

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Time to Change the Pool Lights!

  • Turning off the power

This is an important step to ensuring your safety while changing out a light in your swimming pool. Make sure that the power is off so that when you are messing with the wires in your swimming pool you can’t be harmed. Since you will be working with wires near a body of water, you should ensure that you are safe. Turning off the power to your backyard or specifically your swimming pool will do the trick.

  • Drain Pool Water

This is an optional step, but some homeowners like to have just a little bit more room to work with before they have to get wet. If you drain a few inches of water out of your swimming pool remember to add in the same amount of back into your swimming pool and balance it out with additional chemicals.

  • Remove the Pilot Screw

The screws that hold the light fixture in place are normally located at the top of the fixture. If not there, they are located around the border of the light fixture. You’ll want to take the screws out.

  • Take out the Fixture

Once you have taken the screws out, it is time to pry out the light fixture.

  • Test the Wires

This is where the multi-meter comes into action. Just to be absolutely certain that there is no electricity running through the wires, the multi-meter will detect any live wires.

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  • Out with the Old and In with the New

Now it is time to carefully take out the light bulb with a dry towel. Once you have removed the light bulb, dry off the inside of the light fixture and replace the old light bulb with the new one you’ve purchased. You will have to screw in the light bulb to secure it into place.

  • Test the light

Finally the last step is check that the light bulb that you replaced actually works. Simply turn on the power and make sure that the light turns on. After you know the light works then screw it back into its place.

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Pool Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Pool Maintenance is important if you want to keep your swimming pool healthy and free of germs.

Swimming pools are a great place for recreation and enjoyment.  It ensures that we are never away from nature and also enables us to enjoy summers without having to step out of the house. It is a great asset!

Here are few pool maintenance tips to ensure your swimming pool remains tidy and beautiful all the time:

Keep Chlorine Handypool maintenance tips

For any spots which refuse to fade easily, keep chlorine and a discarded piece of cloth ready. Clean the spots with chlorine and the swimming pool shall be always free of any unwanted spots. Make sure that chlorine is not used in excess otherwise it can lead to discoloration as well.

Chlorine is a disinfectant. It has properties to absorb all the dirt in one swipe.  You can try this once a week for best results.

Filter Pipes Should be Neat & Free of Dirt

Filter pipes have most of the dirt. They absorb all the impurities to ensure the pool water is clean. Hence, the cleanliness of the pool is directly related to the cleanliness of filter pipes. Blocked filter pipes will never allow the swimming pool to remain clean.

You need to choose backwashing and hold on until the filter pipe throws clean water. This must be done once a month to avoid any complications. Filter pipe cleanliness is the most basic and most important ritual of swimming pool maintenance essentials.

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Filter Pipes Should Not Run All the Time

The pipes can run up to seven to eight hours in a day. This cleans the water present inside the pool.

Running it for 24 hours will not solve any purpose. It will, in fact, reduce the quality of filtration due to excessive usage.

You can also call experts to check the level of chemicals and the quality of filter pipes of your swimming pool. This will save on a lot of time, and the experts will give you the right estimation of the maintenance costs.

Regularly Check the Quality of Water

Pool water needs to be checked for the presence of few chemicals like Calcium, Chlorine, and Cyanuric Acid.

The pH level or acidic-alkaline balance needs to be checked so that there are no adverse effects on the skin. You can do so by testing the pool water once in a week.

Play Tennis & Have Fun

Tennis is all about speed and Tennis balls serve another purpose as well. Leave them inside the pool and the pool will not have any lotion leftovers.

The fiber of a Tennis ball absorbs all the oil and lotion pigments. Due to this, lubrications are not left in the pool water and it will give the much-needed hygiene effortlessly.

Don’t Leave the Basics

Regular mopping of the floor around the swimming pool area will not only keep it free of slippery floor, but will also ensure that the dirt does not accumulate and cause the pool sides to wither off early. It should be a regular activity.

The Net Solves All the Purpose

The net, which has a long handle and resembles a fishing net, is a must have if you have a swimming pool at home.

It takes care of all the dirt floating on the surface of the pool, helps in filtering unwanted algae and particles, and also ensures that there is no debris left inside.

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Water Level Should Be Balanced

The water evaporates quickly in the Sun, so you need to take care that water is never too less or never overflowing. Water depletion would lead to corrosion of pool interiors. An overflow of water will make your pool look unorganized and shabby. Apart from all these, take care of the quality of tiles regularly. The older the tile the higher is the risk to hygiene. Cleaning the swimming pool using the best swimming pool cleaning services will ensure that the pool stays swanky and hygienic.

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Why Should You Build a Gunite Pool with Our Boise Pool Builders

Summers in Boise bring unbearable heat, high temperatures, and lazy afternoons. Hence, when planning the perfect weekend, taking a dip in cool waters is a must. This is precisely why now is the perfect time to start planning building a swimming pool so you can get it ready by the time the weather gets warmer.

While planning to install a pool, one can explore many options on the design of pools. Yet, for a climate like Idaho, there are innumerable Gunite pool benefits. Take a look at a few reasons why this pool is particularly popular:

Gunite pool benefits

Exciting Sizes and Designs

If you have an uneven or quirky shape or sized backyard, then worry no more. The best part about these pools is that these can be made into any shape and size to best suit your backyard. You can introduce asymmetrical pools and can give a new look to your backyard! Size is no problem with these pools as you can have them in any size!

Customizable Finish

The best part about installing a Gunite pool is that you can customize the pool according to your preference. One can select colors and textures accordingly. Any accessories you desire to have in your pool can be installed. You can even create a pool which matches the aesthetic of your home or backyard. A small pool for children that is shallow for their safety can also be created.

hiring a pool contractorDurability at its Best

There are many positive facets as a part of Gunite pool benefits. One of the key perks is that the way these pools are built makes them long-lasting. Any family that already has this pool in their backyard can attest to how durable these can be. The secret to their durability lies in the material and construction as well as the prowess of the builder. A blend of sand and cement is sprayed at a high pressure to make sure it’s foundation is robust.

Innumerable Amenities

You can give your pool an amazing and unusual look when you turn your vision for the pool into a reality. Add a bar area with seating, stones or small waterfalls to enhance the look. Also add a heated spa as well. Many different features can add value to space. For instance, a pebble finish is one of the most popular and chic options today.

Uncomplicated Construction

Another one of Gunite pool benefits is that it is easier to build than most other designs. These pools can be constructed in a shorter time frame as well. With the base of wood, a concrete or marble finish, these pools can be dream come true for your abode! It is usually made with a mixture of sand, cement, and water. The construction time for this pool may vary between 4-6 weeks according to the size and design you prefer. However, once completed you may still make alterations to the color and finish should you wish it.

To conclude, Gunite pools are all you need in your backyard to make it a place where you can renew your soul and unwind with your family!

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5 Features to Incorporate into your Idaho Pool

Everyone seeks a private space that is cool and inviting in summers. A pool serves the purpose and children, especially cannot wait to plunge in! That being said, incorporating certain swimming pool features could turn your conventional design into a unique, customized outdoor entertainment space. It could essentially be a one of a kind experience for your family.

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A Raised Pool Deck

Kids simply love to jump into a pool. Having raised walls or a raised deck gives your kids the opportunity to execute the perfect cannonball or simply make a bigger splash as they enjoy competing with one another. You may go for a conventional look or personalize your private deck by adding color shape and texture.

Exciting Fountains or Waterfalls

Everyone loves the sound of a bubbling brook or a gushing waterfall. It adds a soothing touch that can make your backyard stand apart. It also cuts out ambient noises from the street and relaxes you. A rock feature or cave where you may rest could add a touch of mystery or you might want to add an island where you can rest or sip a drink. There is a lot of scope to add these swimming pool features and customize your space and realize your vision for a relaxing summer’s day.

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Streams of Water

You can have little jets or bubbles of water gently rising to the surface over the pool steps or even create a plunge pool with a pad for small children. Jet streams illuminated with fiber optics come dusk can lend a special touch to your poolside party! The pool will soon become an area for quality time spent with your family, creating ever so many memories.

Slides, Spring Boards and Other Pool Installations

Pander to the whims of your children by installing some fun features like a water slide. Rushing down a water slide can give you immense pleasure and children love it. Customize slides to fit your pool size and have them in different shapes. Furthermore, nothing can replace the sheer joy of diving. Teens simply love diving boards as they jump into the inviting water and splash around for hours together. You may want to join them forgetting yourself and becoming a child once again.

Intriguing Sound and Lighting Options

Underwater lights make your pool look stunning and make it safer to swim at night. Besides this, you may decide to opt for area lights around the deck. You could have speakers installed near the pool area. Alternatively, you may go in for aqua speakers that can be installed underwater to complete the effect of your very own idyllic space!

The varieties of swimming pool features you can choose to add are truly endless. Popular options today include a sunken bar with stools, a stunning waterfall, or even a heated spa. These shall indeed, make it the ultimate space for outdoor fun and entertainment. Moreover, such additions make it an asset that adds value to your home.

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Enjoy Summer Season with Cool Pool Dips

A swimming pool adds a lot of value to your home. When you build a pool, you’re creating a space where your family and friends can spend time together in the summer season. You can enjoy cool dips in your pool and host an amazing party on the poolside. There are, in fact, endless possibilities to utilize this space to your benefit. Here are some refreshing reasons to opt for a pool in your backyard.

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Create Fun and Entertaining Outdoor Spaces

Summer season is the time when your kids want to step out of the home and enjoy under the sun. You can create a unique entertainment zone in your backyard with a pool in the center of it.

Transform your backyard into a fun outdoor space by integrating creative and functional ideas. Add string lights to your patio and LED lighting to the swimming pool. It illuminates your garden when it gets dark outside.

If you are a party person, transform your pool area into a party hub. Add a grill adjacent to the pool or build an outdoor kitchen to serve your guests. You can also enhance the beauty of this area with some custom water features like a waterfall or fountain.

A water feature not only adds the aesthetic value to the property but also cuts the noise of traffic or neighborhood. There are many more things that you can do with your backyard once you have a pool.

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Burn Extra Calories and Stay Fit

Believe it or not, swimming is an easy way to shed extra pounds from your body. In your pool, you get a perfect place for a low-impact workout. It doesn’t wear out your joints while burning the extra calories. If you want a full-body workout, add some hand paddles and fins when swimming.

A pool dip in the summer season can impressively reduce your blood pressure and melt away tension from your mind. In fact, a pool is the best place to stimulate mental relaxation. It also soothes away the anxiety and insomnia from your life.

So, when you build a pool, you have a private oasis in your home where you can unwind, relax, and stay fit without stepping out of your backyard.

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Enhances the Value of Your Home

A swimming pool adds a visual appeal to your home. If enhanced with custom water features like waterfalls and natural rock grottos, it is an ideal way to augment the value of your property. A pool can improve the value of your home by up to 15% and pays for itself.

Once you have a beautiful swimming pool with landscaping elements, your property stands apart from others in the neighborhood. As and when you decide to sell your property, this addition can make a lot of difference in the offers that you’ll receive for your home. Your property becomes more appealing to the prospective buyers and it has better prospects to sell fast.

It is needless to say that a swimming pool is a smart investment. If you do it wisely, you can reap its benefits for many years.

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5 Advantages of a Gunite Pool in Your Boise Backyard

Adding a pool to your backyard is an amazing way to enjoy your outdoor space. You can choose gunite pools in Boise for versatility, flexibility, and durability. Gunite is a blend of cement, sand, and water applied using a high-pressure hose.

After drying, it becomes rock solid and thick enough to last for many years. Gunite pools also come with the best warranties and they have a simple construction. There are many more benefits of installing this pool in your backyard.

Here, they are:

Pool Decking

Custom Size and Shape

When you plan to install gunite pools in Boise, you’re spoiled for choice. Instead of designing the backyard around the pool, you can create a pool that blends with the existing landscape. Gunite pools can be made in any shape or size to complement your outdoor spaces. In fact, they are more flexible than any other type of pool.

Choice of Personalized Finish

Finishes for gunite pools in Boise come in a wide array of colors and patterns. You can choose an option that coordinates your pool to accommodate the rest of landscaping in your backyard. There is a wide range of finish options such as plaster, glass, pebbles, and quartz to choose from. Out of these options, pebble offers the best value for your money with low maintenance costs. You must make a selection based on your personal preferences.

Gunite pools in boise

Durability to Last

Gunite pools are specifically known for their durability. Unlike vinyl liner or glass pools, they do not suffer from frequent wear and damages. Typically, gunite utilizes a rebar framework that is sprayed over a blend of cement and sand. When applied under high-pressure, it creates more concrete material for every cubic yard. This makes gunite a long-lasting and strong option for swimming pool.

The soil around and under your pool is never stable for longer times. It may contract or expand with time. Ideally, the pool must be designed to settle with the soil without damages. Gunite is resistant to settling of soil under and around the pool.

Ease of Construction

When compared to concrete, gunite swimming pools are easier to build. Since it uses a rebar framework, the construction time is cut down to half with lesser variability. The project is not considerably affected by the factors beyond your control when you choose gunite as material.

Gunite pools in boise

Flexibility to Add Amenities

Gunite pools offer endless possibilities to customize. You can add a variety of additional features and amenities when you choose gunite as your type of pool. Whether you want a tranquil environment or a perfect family hangout spot, gunite lets you design your backyard space in any way you want.

You can add waterfalls, rock grottos, custom steps, benches, and in-pool bar stools to your swimming pool. Depending on the existing landscaping and architecture, you can redesign your entire pool if you choose gunite.

Due to its versatility and resilience, gunite pools in Boise offer the best value for your money. You must select a reliable pool contractor to create your own backyard retreat.

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Choosing the Best Pool Shape for your Boise Backyard

Building a pool in your backyard is an exciting investment to make. But, you must consider factors such as the, design, and interior finish. If you plan a concrete or gunite pool, options are galore. It offers versatility to pick any standard or custom shape. After all, you need a perfect swimming pool that complements your backyard.

Here are the options that you can choose:

Freeform Pools

If you have nature-oriented backyard landscape, freeform pools are a perfect choice. They can practically fit any space because freeform pools aren’t restricted by hard angles or straight lines. You can choose natural shapes and lagoon styles decked with natural rock features to create a perfect ambiance in your backyard.

best pool shape

Rectangular Pools

Undoubtedly, rectangular pools are the most obvious and popular choice of swimming pools. This type of pool complements a geometric landscape. Depending on your design preferences, you can either keep hard angles on the pool’s edge or round off the corners to soften its appearance. They need wide perimeter footage to construct the pool and make it accessible for maintenance as well.

Kidney-Shaped Swimming Pools

With a complete lack of sharp angles and corners, Kidney shape is the best pool shape for a contemporary home. It works best for a backyard that doesn’t have sharp geometric lines. A kidney-shaped pool is a versatile option for the homeowners who want additional features such as a sun shelf or pool bench hugged outside the pool perimeter. The deep and shallow ends of the pool are clearly marked to make this pool a safer option for families with kids.

L-Shaped Poolsbest pool shape

Whether you need a pool to swim your laps or dive, L-shaped pools suffice all needs. In this shape, a small section of the pool extends from the main section to allow space for young ones and lap swimmers alike. L-shaped pools also provide a natural and gradual slope from shallow to deep ends. This makes it safe for swimmers of all ages.

Classic Grecian and Roman Shaped Pools

Many pool owners find classic Grecian and Roman pools an upscale addition to their home. The Grecian-shaped pools are rectangular with modified and angled corners. On the other hand, Roman-shaped pools have curved edges. You can choose either of them and add your own personal style to create a custom pool shape. Both Roman and Grecian pools complement classical landscaping and architecture.

best pool shape oval

Oval-Shaped Pools

Due to its simplicity, many homeowners prefer an oval-shaped pool as well. It creates a slightly lesser formal look for your backyard. There are no sharp edges to worry about. If you want a simple pool that merges with the existing space in your backyard, you can opt for oval shape.

There is no definitive guide to choosing the best pool shape. Each shape comes with its own unique benefits. The selection must depend on your personal preferences, needs, and available space in your backyard. If you are confused, take help from professional pool contractors in Boise for their suggestions.

Pool Decking

Create a Beautiful Backyard Space for Your Family in Boise

No matter how small or big is your backyard; you can turn it into a perfect sanctuary for your family. Your backyard space can become a favorite hang out with some fabulous ideas. Given here are the fun backyard designs to create amazing outdoor living spaces:

Zing Up With Colors

Adding colors can bring dramatic changes to your outdoor living space. Instead of choosing earthy tones, go for bold and whimsical shades to bring life to your backyard. If you have patio furniture, deck it up with colorful and bright upholstery. Hang colorful paper lanterns or use potted plants in a myriad of colors, the options are limitless. Your backyard can become a flat expanse of garden with a beautiful combination of natural beauty and colored textures.

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Fire up the Outdoor Space

Imagine a family gathering around a fire pit that adds ample coziness to your backyard space. If this idea brings you a smile, add fire to your outdoor living space. It is a wonderful addition and an inviting feature for your backyard. But, choose the right type of spark that you want. You can either choose an outdoor fireplace or create a fire pit in the middle of your garden. And, don’t forget to check with local building and fire codes to avoid unnecessary compliance issues.

Backyard space

Cook It Up Outside

If you are considering family-friendly backyard space in your home, building an outdoor kitchen makes a lot of sense. It is perfect for the families that stay out together and eat together. An outdoor kitchen will cut down your chase to grab something to eat in the middle of your conversations or games. Deck it up with a grill, sink, refrigerator, and food preparation area.

Decorate with Water Features

If you have a pool, you can simply enhance it with custom pool features like a waterfall, hot tub spa, or bubblers. Outdoor water features add tranquility to space with their soothing sound. You can also consider adding a small Koi pond or a water stream if you have space in your backyard. Fountains are a wonderful addition as well. You can either add a fountain to your swimming pool or install a tabletop fountain in your backyard.

Backyard space

Light Up the Area

To create a perfect ambiance in your outdoor space, you need proper lighting. It not only sets the right mood but also ensures the safety of your family when they are outside. There are landscape lighting options that can make the space beautiful and secure. Choose any of the options such as sconces, lanterns, string lights, or Tiki torches to build serene space in your backyard. You can also light up your swimming pool with LED lights installed on the water features and pool walls.

Create Outdoor Seating Space

When renovating the backyard, don’t forget to add some stylish and functional seating areas as well. Whether you want to spend time alone or have guests in your home, placement of seating should be comfortable and inviting to serve every purpose. Choose weather-resistant furniture for the outdoors.

Make your backyard space unique and creative with your imagination and the help of an experienced pool service company in Boise.

How to Build Yourself a Beautiful Backyard and Swimming Pool

When it comes to enjoying your backyard, a swimming pool is the first thing to strike your mind. Boise backyard pools are a fun way to enjoy endless hours of relaxation with your friends and family. You can design a beautiful backyard and pool to accommodate your personal preferences and style. Here are some tips that may help.

pool lighting ideas

Choose the Right Type of Pool

It is always wise to choose the right staple for your space. Hence, if you want value for your money, consider all the options that you have. Swimming pools are available in many types, shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you need an infinity pool or a geometric pool, choose a style that complements your backyard and merges with its landscaping. The experienced pool builders in Boise can build custom pools as per your specifications. So, consider your options to choose the right one.

Build Functional Outdoor Spaces

Boise backyard pools not only turn your outdoor space into a heavenly retreat but also increase the value of your home. Add some functional outdoor spaces and you’ll never regret the decision. With some elements such as pergola, arbors, patio covers, and a well-stocked outdoor kitchen, you’ll have some space where you can hang out with your friends or enjoy serene time with yourself. It becomes a perfect area for hosting the best pool parties on the block.

Boise backyard pools

Add Exciting Water Features

After deciding the ideal layout and design of your backyard and swimming pool, it’s time to think about additions that will spruce up your space. You can enhance the pool experiences with some exciting water features. Imagine a waterfall or a fountain with its soothing sound filling the space and cutting the noise from the outside. If you have kids, consider adding bubblers or waterslides where children can enjoy their time right in front of you.

Think About an In-Pool Spa

If relaxation and unwinding are on the top of your mind, add a blissful spa to your backyard pool. It creates a perfect backyard oasis where you can escape to and relax after long and tiring days. Depending on the available space and your requirements, you can choose the right type of spa that you need.

Deck Up With Additional Pool Features

When it comes to creating beautiful backyard spaces, sky is the limit. From simple and functional to fun and whimsical, there are countless options to try. You can integrate a swim-up bar with underwater stools, create a bridge or walkway, add privacy screens, get an in-pool chaise to lounge, or install a rock grotto for a natural appeal. Whatever is your choice of additions, you must take help from expert pool builders to make the right decisions.

Boise backyard pools

Enhance the Lighting Features

If you really want to make your pool shine, choose interesting light fixtures. You paper lanterns, Mason jar lights, and bird cages for funky lighting. To illuminate your pool, choose LED swimming pool lights that add the desired sparkle to the water. You can also create an ambiance using floating lights for Boise backyard pools.

These are some exciting ways to build a beautiful backyard and swimming pool in Boise.

How to Achieve the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party!

Memorial Day is right around the corner and that means it is the perfect time for a pool party. If you own a swimming pool, you might as well start off the summer season with a bang! Planning a pool party takes time, which means your weekend is also going to be busy. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks on how to make your memorial day pool party unforgettable.

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How To Achieve The Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party

There are only a few things you need to achieve the perfect Memorial Day pool party. Those things are, perfect weather, a swimming pool, food, drinks, & friends. While most of those things can be scheduled accordingly, lets talk about what else you can do to create a perfect pool party.

Positive Atmosphere

To create the ultimate swimming pool party means you have to create an enjoyable atmosphere for guests. People have certain expectations when they agree to going to a party, especially a pool party. The best thing to create an enjoyable night for your party guests is having games ready to play, food ready to eat and drinks lined up for everyone. One of the most requested games to have near by a swimming pool is cornhole, as well as a volleyball and net.

dogs in pools

Safety Precautions

While a swimming pool party is all fun and games, you want to keep in mind the safety of all of your guests. Make sure that your backyard is well lit so your guests can see where they are going. Also make sure to have a first aid kit handy just to be safe. Adult beverages should be taken in moderation, especially if kids are near by. Since the kids will most likely be in the swimming pool make sure they are still being supervised at all times.

Games & Decor

Swimming pool games are going to be the hit of the party. Make sure you have games pre-planned for your guests and you to enjoy! You can host contests and have your guests compete for prizes! A popular contest to host at a swimming pool party is to see who can make the biggest splash while doing a cannonball.

swimming pool sports

Build a Swimming Pool with Premier Pools & Spas!

Don’t have a swimming pool? Build the swimming pool of your dreams with Premier Pools & Spas. We have offices across the nation that can help you build the backyard oasis that you and your family has always wanted! Once you have a swimming built in your backyard then you’ll be able to host swimming pool parties all summer long, including a memorial day pool party! Contact us today for a FREE 3D design consultation.