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Five luxury pool decking options for a modern poolscape 2

Five luxury pool decking options for a modern poolscape

If you want to splurge a little when building your pool, consider a few of these luxury pool decking options. Pool decks made from natural stone perfectly complement modern, sophisticated pool settings. Here are five stone options to enhance your poolscape.

luxury pool decking options


Among the more popular materials used to build luxury pool decks, travertine has the reputation of being hard-wearing, porous by nature, and cool to the touch. Since this material absorbs water instantly, the decks made from it are as good as slip-free. Another advantage is that travertine can withstand extreme weather conditions. This material has a luxurious look and comes in shades of ivory, tan, cream, and rust.

luxury pool decking options


This flat-slab in natural earth-toned textures and colors is hardy, slip-resistant, and resistant to heat and moisture. Flagstone is low maintenance and preferred by those who prefer unique patterns, colors and sizes. Durable by nature, this material does not sustain any damage when exposed to outdoor elements, including water. You can create a different rustic looking pool deck using flagstone.

luxury pool decking options


Known for its light brown earthy tones, any wear and tear that occurs over time enhances its rugged personality. Scratches and stains all contribute towards bringing the underlying features of this stone, to the fore. It also has a non-slippery surface and once appropriately sealed, successfully resists water, heat, and wind.


Another durable variety is limestone. It has a nice earthy feel and can tolerate extreme fluctuations in weather. Choose from striking limestone shades available which include tan, grey, blue, pink and brown. These vibrant hues retain their beauty even under constant exposure to the scorching sun. You can cut it into sizes and shapes of your choosing. Limestone is highly delicate and silky in texture.

luxury pool decking options


The natural veining present in marble gives it’s surface a three-dimensional look. This stone is stylishly modern, classy, sleek, and symbolizes luxury. Owing to marble being translucent, your marble pool deck reflects an inner glow and sheen under the sun’s rays. This effect adds to its overall visual appeal on sunny days.

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pool decking options

Knowing how much pool decking costs

Your pool deck provides a safe, anti-skid perimeter for walking. It also facilitates proper drainage. The best type of pool decking costs a lot, but it might be worth it. Before you make the final decision, think about the budget involved. Here are some factors you should consider.

pool decking costs

Material used

Pool deck materials that demand high maintenance, are not anti-skid and require frequent repairs add to your costs in the long run. Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun and chlorinated water daily affect the pool deck. The materials used to make them must be durable and resistant to moisture as well as frequent fluctuations in weather patterns.

All pool decks need clearing of debris. Those materials that tend to grow moss, chip, warp, and peel off, also require regular cleaning and inspection. Your climate, how often you use your pool, and the extent of exposure to sun or shade are all indicators of the maintenance necessary.

pool decking costs

Type of pool

The type of pool you have largely influences your budget for pool decking. A pool deck is necessary for an inground pool, and there are more material options to choose from. For above-ground pools, you can either encase your pool in its entirety, restrict the pool deck to only one end, or not have one at all. Use the paved portions for sunbathing and storing your pool furniture.

Construction and labor

While building the pool deck for an inground pool, prepare the affected area by grading it to facilitate proper drainage. The actual installation happens on completion of the grading procedure. The entire process may take up to two weeks. Time depends on the size and style of the deck in addition to the material used. The type of deck you choose to build and corresponding deck size impact the cost of labor. Each job of grading, leveling and the final installation is priced proportionate to the actual work involved.

pool decking costs

Craving for enhancements

Should you be keen on additional improvements, be prepared to shell out even more. Covering your deck with artificial turf, investing in stairs to access your deck and illuminating the deck all result in an increase in your budget. Installing a tile ledge around the pool’s perimeter is also an option to add to its visual appeal. Referred to as pool coping, this process is designed to pool deck.

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pool builders

Simple and elegant ideas for a beautiful poolside landscape

A swimming pool in your yard is a great way to unleash outdoor excitement. But a pool without proper landscaping may fail to deliver joy and artistic content to your yard. There are many ways to design a beautiful poolside landscape. Let’s get started.

beautiful poolside landscape

Add outdoor lighting

Wouldn’t you love to use your pool 24/7? Pool lighting can create an incredible new perspective of the landscape around the pool. It can highlight the surrounding foliage and the pool waters, and it will help you to navigate to the pool area safely during the night.

Set up a string of LED lights around the pool or along the pool walls. They are lighter, easy to set up, and energy-efficient. Avoid harsh overhead lighting. Instead, use light beams beneath the water. You can even hide it among the potted plants, or add subtly along the walkways. This will provide enough illumination to see in the dark while maintaining the nighttime mood.

Include a water feature

Do you think water features are only for the pool? Think again! Water features are a unique way of incorporating style into your yard. Install a fountain or waterfall at the shallow end of the pool. Use any dead backyard space surrounding your pool to install a decorative spout or a fountain. You can even consider a wall fountain with distinctive laser-cut steel sculptures.

beautiful poolside landscape

Add a stylish fence

Fences provide much-needed privacy and protection. This is especially true if you have small children in the family or when dealing with nosy neighbors. It can feel weird to swim in a fishbowl that is visible to everyone. You would also not want anyone falling into the pool accidentally. A fence can be both stylish and practical. This will help it to deliver its duties without compromising on the beauty of your backyard pool landscape.

Plant trees and vegetation

Greenery in your landscape can perform dual functions. It can act as a beautiful backdrop and improve your privacy. Consider using plants that are native to your region. Also, avoid plants that are favored by bees to prevent accidental stings. You may also want to consider the plant’s size at maturity. This is needed to check whether it overtakes the pool space and intervene in your pool’s piping system.

beautiful poolside landscape

Surround yourself with seating

Being able to relax around the pool is as important as the pool itself. Consider investing in durable, high-quality, and stylish benches, lounge chairs, and sectionals. The seating area must be comfortable, relaxing, and let you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

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pool patio ideas on a budget

Pool patio furniture ideas for your backyard

A backyard with a pool is an ideal place for gatherings, parties, and just generally having a blast in the summer. By adding pool patio furniture, you can transform your pool into a comfortable lounge area. To reinvent your poolscape and convert it into an oasis, take a look at some innovative and popular pool furniture ideas.

pool patio furniture

Bistro sets

A glass of lemonade or your favorite cocktail is a perfect way to take a break and relax under the sun. A poolside bistro set is ideal for a light lunch or a poolside date. Typically, it sits two to four individuals and comes in a range of options, like wood or iron.

Chaise lounges

Rattan or wicker furniture pieces featuring colorful cushions will add vibrancy to your poolscape and pep up the entire look. For a sturdier solution and use lounges made with metal frames or all-weather mesh fabric. These chairs can withstand all climate conditions. With adjustable backs, you can gain comfortable reclining for adults as well as kids.

pool patio furniture


Hammocks are a great way to hang out next to the pool on a summer day. If you don’t have enough trees in your backyard, use a metal or wood hammock stand. Make sure you pick a hammock made from weather-resistant, robust fabric to incorporate a colorful accent to your entire poolscape.

Adirondack chairs

You must have seen these lovely chairs on a sandy beach. But they are equally splendid and functional on a poolside. With a high back and wide seat, these chairs are comfortable and available in varieties of materials like plastic or wood. Pick an Adirondack chair in your preferred color to complement the tone of your backyard. A perfectly matching footstool or ottoman adds a tint of beauty.

pool patio furniture

Outdoor sectionals and sofas

If you have a big family, a sectional sofa is a perfect addition to your poolside. It accommodates many people and is highly comfortable. Designed with weather-resistant and comfortable upholstery, these sectional sofas are comfy lounging companion. Look for sectional sofas with complementing pillows, storage ottoman, pool accessories, and pool toys. Adding perfect pool party essentials will transform your poolside into a big party space under the bright, shining sun.

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Five pool landscape ideas for a gorgeous backyard

There is nothing more pleasing than an entire day at the pool. To give your pool a complete makeover and convert it into a relaxing oasis, all you need the best landscape ideas. A balance of creativity and functionality can convert your pool into a refreshing zone. Here are some really awesome pool landscape ideas that will surely give your backyard a gorgeous appeal.

pool landscape ideas

Beauty and low maintenance

Planting different varieties of plants alongside low-water landscaping is a great way to add charming appeal to your backyard. It is a perfect solution for a potentially dry, rocky, and rustic setting. It creates a Mediterranean-style courtyard that involves low-maintenance and requires less water.

pool landscape ideas

Lavish oasis

Add a zing of romance and give your backyard a much softer look by decorating your landscape with plants. Enhance the natural charm of this splendid poolscape by installing your favorite tropical plants, creepers, and flowers. Fill in the corners and crevices around the border to get the desired elegant style.


A beautiful container adds a rich color splash to your contemporary pool design. Complement the modern patio design and lush lawn with lovely flowers. Make sure you incorporate a high-impact plant with a long height, a spiller in the form of creeping plant, and a filler with a plant of medium height.

pool landscape ideas

Tropical beauty

A blend of low-leveled rectangular planters, different sizes,and shapes of containers, earthen hardscape, and attractive lawn pavers together create a relaxing, cool ambiance. If you live in an area where the climatic condition favors this look, consider planting palm and banana trees too.

Green and clean

Clean and simple lines lend a way to achieve a flawless is one of the best landscape ideas around pool. Try to keep it as simple as you can without compromising on its quality. You don’t have to elaborate your landscape design as maintaining high-quality will make it look sophisticated and feel luxurious.

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swimming pool landscaping ideas

How to select the best pool patio materials

When thinking about the best pool patio materials, there is a lot to consider. You can make a huge difference in money spent if you select the right material. Let’s get started.

best pool patio materials


First and foremost, it has to look good. To enhance the look of a specific poolscape theme, pick a material that perfectly complements it. A patio is a long-term investment, so avoid picking cheap materials as they may diminish in look and comfort. If you have a limited budget, select a sufficient, small patio upfront. Remember, there is always a scope of adding elements in the future.


Pools are usually directly under the sun, so it’s vital to consider the patio’s temperature. Patios with lighter colors stay cooler than those with darker shades.

best pool patio materials


One of the best ideas is to select a material that is slip-resistant. For this, the material must have a textured surface. Not every material that is textured holds resistance to slip, so be sure and check that it’s skid-resistant before you get it installed.


You don’t want to scrape your feet while enjoying the pool! A little texture is needed to prevent slippage, but too much of it can be painful to your feet. No matter which material you select, make sure they are even surfaced and flat with a texture imbibed into the surface.

best pool patio materials

Best pool patio materials

So once you’ve decided to make your decision based on those crucial pieces of information we listed above, it’s time to learn about which material fits your needs the best. Pavers, concrete, wood, stone, brick, and travertine are some of the commonly used pool patio materials. Let’s look at the differences.

Textured or stamped concrete

It is a durable and economical material that holds great resistant to slip. However, it can crack in extreme cold weather conditions. Also, stamped concrete is quite slippery.


Get a natural look and great slip-resistance for pool patio with stones.

best pool patio materials


These are highly durable and can complement any kind of pool coping. Even, it is easy to repair damaged pavers.


Cypress and cedar are naturally beautiful wood that requires consistent maintenance.

best pool patio materials


Available in various attractive designs, travertine is light-colored and stays cooler.


Bricks are highly durable and if damaged are easy to repair.

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concrete options for pool decking

What to expect from the cost of concrete pool decking

If you are looking for inexpensive pool deck options, concrete is the best choice for you. It is a sturdy building material consisting of smaller granules of cement with other aggregate materials that lend strength to the structures. It is mixed with water before installation so the deck can withstand damages from chlorine and pool chemicals. A variety of design and styles are available in concrete pool decking to enhance the appearance of your poolscape.

concrete pool decking

What goes into concrete pool deck costs?

Typically, the cost of laying a concrete pool deck can vary from $5-$15 per square foot. The cost depends on the type of material, quality of material, labor cost, and installation time. Concrete pool decks can be made from poured, paver concrete, or stamped concrete material.

Poured concrete is a popular choice used by many pool owners as an affordable option. On the other hand, stamped concrete is almost similar to the poured concrete, but it differs in terms of stylized designs. When the concrete is wet, the builder places a stamp over the top to change the way your deck will look after drying. Concrete pavers are the least expensive option, and they can resemble other materials like brick or slate.

Labor costs

Installation of concrete pool decking requires basic labor skills depending on favorable site conditions. However, if you are opting for a complex design, you may need to spend a little extra for labor. Also, the expertise and experience of pool builders affect this cost. If you choose an experienced contractor, their labor costs are likely to be higher than inexperienced builders. Installation requires set forms and reinforcing along with pouring, leveling, and finishing the deck. You shouldn’t compromise with the expertise of contractors working on your deck to get the desired results.

concrete pool decking

Decking design

Installation of square or rectangle concrete decks is much more cost-effective than complex designs. If you want a custom design that includes colored borders or stamped patio, the cost may go up to $10 to $15 per square foot. The prices will be even higher for decks with intricate designs or hand coloring. The best part about inexpensive pool deck options like concrete is they allow customization of designs without breaking the bank.

Cost of installation

Each type of material has a slightly different method of installation so the cost of a pool deck may vary according to this factor. The contractor will prepare the worksite for installation and finishing before starting the actual process. This cost of preparation is also included in the overall costing. Here, you may also need some additional components to complete the process successfully. Apart from these, the contractor will account for mobilization time, equipment delivery, and transportation charges for the materials.

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pool pavers

How much should pool pavers cost?

As a beautiful and functional pool decking option, pool pavers are an excellent addition to your backyard. Apart from the variety of design and color options, pavers are also inexpensive. But before undertaking a project, you should analyze associated costs. Here is a guide to help you determine how much pool pavers cost.

pool pavers

How much should pool pavers cost?

It depends on the type of material you choose.

  • Stone pavers can cost in the range of $5-$40 per square foot
  • Concrete pavers costs in the range of $5-$10 per square foot
  • Brick pavers can cost anywhere from $5-$25 per square foot

Concrete vs stone

Concrete pavers are an excellent choice for covering vast areas. It’s durable and provides a slip-resistant surface. But, concrete is more porous and needs sealants to avoid water seepage. Stone pavers offer a variety of options with unique variations and accents, and they are resistant to fading and cracking.

pool pavers

Other factors

Every project is different in terms of its size and scale. The material and labor costs are ultimately broken down to square footage for better budgeting, so you may need a larger budget for a larger pool deck. The charges for installation of pavers around the pool also depend on the design of your pool deck. A simple rectangle or square deck incurs less cost when compared to complex designs due to high labor charges. And remember that late fall and winter are the off-season for pool paving contractors. If you can get the quotes during these months, you may get the lowest possible bid for your project.

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swimming pool landscaping ideas

Pool and patio deck designs for your little slice of heaven

Pool and patio deck designs are integral to defining the hardscaping in your backyard. If you are looking to spend more quality time outdoors, you should choose the best designs. From socializing to sunbathing, you can use this area for a variety of purposes. It’s important to design your pool and patio deck with elements that match your lifestyle and complement the architecture of your home. Here are some enchanting ideas to convert your backyard into a little slice of heaven.

pool and patio deck designs

Opt for a bistro patio

If you have a smaller yard and you want a quaint space to relax, go for a bistro patio. This cozy space encompasses a bistro table with simple chairs laid around the pool. This style can suit larger spaces as well. You can create separate bistro areas in different nooks of your yard. Every bistro patio setting should offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. For alfresco dining and lounging, you can also add a fire pit near the bistro patio.

Pool and patio deck designs

Install a sundeck

For a relaxing poolside lounging, you can install a sundeck. The sundeck is usually placed along the perimeter of the pool. You should choose the right material for the installation of deck depending on your lifestyle and budget. Choose a wooden deck with stylish chaise lounges for a luxurious resort-like feel. Also, you can add a tanning ledge which is a shallow area situated at the pool entry.

Choose a covered patio

If your pool is situated far from the house, consider a covered patio. From a wooden pergola to a curtained cabana or a stylish pavilion, you can use this space to entertain, enjoy, or unwind. Also, you can choose a stone structure or wooden material to build the covered patio that offers escape from the summer heat.

pool and patio deck designs

Landscaped patio

You can choose a landscaped pool and patio design as an alternative to conventional styles. Build a garden oasis that enhances natural settings. Plant more trees and use natural stone materials for the layout. For stunning greenery around the pool, choose colorful blossoms and add water features like a fountain or a waterfall to the pool. Use beautiful planters and decorative containers that add a visual appeal to the overall landscape.

Create an outdoor living space

A patio and deck needn’t be the spaces for relaxation and sunbathing only. Instead, you can transform this space into an outdoor living zone abuzz with multiple attractions. Create multiple seating areas with an outdoor kitchen and bar to entertain your guests. Also, you can add a fire element like a fire pit or fireplace for a cozy atmosphere.

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pool patio ideas

The best material for your pool deck

When installing a pool deck, the choice of material is an important factor to keep in mind. A deck is an area surrounding your pool. You can choose materials like concrete, brick, or natural pavers. Choose a material that’s safe and slip-resistant but never bumpy or coarse. Try for a heat-reflective material, and make sure you integrate pool fences and barriers for safety around the pool. Let’s learn more.

Pool Deck

Concrete decking

For a smooth and slip-resistant surface, you can opt for concrete decking. In contemporary and mid-century architecture, concrete blends easily with the existing structures to create clean and sharp lines. However, you should rely on experts for installing a concrete pool deck as the process can be complex to do yourself. The best advantages of concrete are its smooth surface and ability to stay cool under the blazing heat. However, concrete needs a sealant to fill up the cracks caused by time.

Pool pavers

Pavers are an excellent choice for creating a natural surrounding around your pool. The most commonly used materials for pool pavers are concrete, slate, brick, and stone. You can choose interlocking concrete pavers and combine them with plain concrete to create stunning designs. Pavers are an excellent and cost-effective option for your pool deck, but they need a permanent frame or border to prevent loosening and shifting.

pool deck

Brick decking

Brick is undoubtedly the most common material for a pool deck. It is time-tested and proven strong enough for adding a classic appeal to your poolscape. Brick decks are not only durable but also available in a variety of colors. But, cool and wet bricks are susceptible to moss and algae growth. Mossy bricks become slippery and cause fall hazards. So, you need to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Wood decking

Classic or contemporary, almost every pool area can look amazing with a wood deck. There’s a wide variety of wood materials available for a pool with deck so you can choose the material that fits your budget. In terms of designs and patterns, there are myriad options in wood decking. Most importantly, wood looks natural in every setting. However, maintenance can be an issue for wood as they need a seasonal cleaning, sealing, sanding, and maintenance.

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