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10 Outstanding Gazebo And Patio Ideas For Your Boise Backyard

Having a gazebo is one of the most excellent ways to add some style to your outdoor living. Gazebos can be installed by your pool, patio, or in the garden. Swimming pool landscaping ideas will give you an enticing gazebo plan that helps to elevate your outdoor beauty.

Elevated Patio Gazebo

swimming pool landscaping ideas

Create a shady and relaxing gazebo for a perfect afternoon nap. You can add some lovely curtains to keep out excess sunlight. They also make a stylish addition and give a luxurious feel to your gazebo. These square shaped gazebos need not always adorn the classic look. But they do make a good substitute for hexagonal and octagonal gazebos when you are short on space. Convert your patio into a splendid escape spot with this gazebo.

Poolside Patio Gazebo

Build a gazebo around a pool. Swimming pool landscaping ideas will give you a greater insight into how you can add appropriate patio furniture. You can even convert this gazebo into a fabulous outdoor living room. They also add some extra seating space in your outdoor. These gazebos make a great venue to host pool parties or relax after a swim.

Simple Patio Gazebo

Have a simple gazebo built in your patio made from wood and cover its entrance with beautiful flowering plants. Its simplistic design adds a nice compliment to your patio. Have a bar and a grill nearby and convert it into a beautiful dining area.

Tall Patio Gazebo

This tall gazebo comes with an exciting lighting feature. Have some brightly lit lamps hanging from the roof. Enjoy socializing in this well-lit gazebo for long hours into the night. Add some Moroccan vibes to your gazebo by using a macramé canopy. Having some overhead plants add creativity and life to your gazebo.

swimming pool landscaping ideas

Poolside Gazebo

Create your favorite hangout spot by the pool using some fantastic swimming pool landscaping ideasAdd a curtain and some chic patio furniture to elevate its beauty. Consider having a conical roof and stone pillars for a striking design. Have a relaxing day with your friends and watch the day slip by in a relaxed manner.

Cloth Top Gazebo

This is one of the ideal gazebo designs for your patio. Sitting tall above a picnic table, it is an excellent gathering place during meals. This simple yet elegant design will leave your guests impressed. These gazebos have a polyester cover and a steel frame. Few also come with adjustable mosquito netting and are very affordable.

Pool Party Ready

With a patio, pool, and gazebo your home is ready for hosting a perfect pool party. There are many swimming pool landscaping ideas that will help you here. You can opt for large gazebos that can accommodate the adults while the kids enjoy a swim. Create a dining and lounge area for your guest to relax.

Screened Gazebo

Build a simple gazebo and screen it to protect yourself from bugs and other insects. This gazebo is very helpful for enjoying a peaceful outdoor time after dark. You can even add some furniture that compliments your gazebo appearance.

Outdoor Tea Room

Create a chic gazebo that is ready for cocktail hour and teatime alike. Create a metal seating structure and some cushions with vibrant colors. Decorate your gazebo with vines and enjoy your time outdoors.

Farmhouse Chic

Create a metal frame gazebo and paint it with green to give you a farmhouse feel. Consider having ultra-versatile sliding glass doors. This unique feature adds some style and elegance to your structure. Decorate your gazebo with hanging lamps and rustic furniture.

Gazebos truly enhance the beauty of your patio and backyard. Create one in your backyard with the help of the best pool designers in Boise.

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5 Best Designs for Pools with Raised Spas

A custom spa can be a great addition to your luxury pool. Swimming pools with raised spas are perfect to create a backyard refuge where you’ll enjoy a great time. You can splash and swim in the pool and then take a relaxing soak in the spa. There are many ways to integrate a spa with a swimming pool. Here check the five best design options for pools combined with spas.

Attached Spa Design

Pool and Spa Building

A spa can be raised adjacent to or outside the pool. The spa appears as a separate entity. The raised spa can be designed in any size or shape. If it is an attached spa, its design can blend with the design of the rest of the pool. If you want to give your pool spa a distinctive appearance, you can go for an entirely opposite shape.

The elevated spa and pool can be finished in the same materials, to have a complimentary look. Leave the joint wall between the spa and pool uncapped to define a more cohesive appearance.

Cohesive Spa Design

choosing a pool builder

In this design, the spa is designed inside the swimming pool. This way, it appears as a part of the overall shape and design of the pool. It is best to build a raised, integrated spa into a side, end, or corner of the pool. A dam wall can be used to separate the two water bodies to ensure the cold pool water does not seep into a heated spa.

The shape and design of an integrated spa can vary. Also, it can be finished with plaster and material of different color to provide some contrast between the pool and spa.

Raised Spillover Spa Design

A raised spa lends a chance to incorporate the audible and visual appeal of a spillover. A spillway can be created by designing one or more of the spa wall at a lower level, or by designing an open space. This will give water the space to flow into the pool.

Mostly, the spillover appears like a thin sheet of water pouring down into the swimming pool. If you don’t want to avail narrow spillways or wide cascades, a funnel-like spillover spa design is a great alternative.

Detached Spa Design

Spa care

It is one of the most popular designs for raised spas. It enhances the design and enjoyment of a pool. For a small swimming pool, designing a spa in a separate location could allow for a bigger spa.

Also, this will provide you more privacy and a relaxing escape.

Raised Perimeter – Overflow Spa Design

This is another popular pool and spa combination design that creates a unique effect. The spa walls are placed at a lower level than the level of water. This way, the water spills over its perimeter as well as into the pool.

The perimeter-overflow spa design can be attached or inbuilt in the pool. If it is inbuilt in the pool, it looks as the spa is floating on water. Get the spa finish done with tiles to enhance reflectiveness of water while it flows over and down.

Raised spa designs can recreate an entirely new look for your pool. Just select the right materials, shapes, and patterns, to get the desired look.

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5 Inspiring Texas Pool Designs

Texas pools are famous for their trendy designs that suit the climate of the region. Especially with indoor pools, you have the luxury of year-round enjoyment. However, your indoor pool design doesn’t have to be boring. Take this chance to create new interior space for your entertainment.

For your Houston indoor pool build out, you can take inspiration from the following designs.

Sleek and Heavenly

swimming pool in house

Most modern pool designs are known for clean lines and practicality. For this reason, most indoor pools are L-shaped or in geometrical designs. They are designed to provide you with maximum space to get your exercise.

However, you can play around with the colors and lighting scheme of Texas pools to make them more open and exquisite looking. For instance, using black glass tiles for the area around the pool gives it a sleek and urbane look. Besides, you could use large pocket doors that allow in sunlight and fresh air when open.

Dramatic Look

Greek and Roman-style designs have always remained popular for indoor pools. An attached spa also creates a harmonious setting to the classic design of the pool.

Create a dramatic look by incorporating LED color-changing lights, rich gold inlays, or mosaic tiles here and there. One key point to remember is the use of glass tiles or doors to make the pool area look more spacious. Furthermore, you can achieve a contrasting look to the marble deck with Greek key mosaic tile or a dark tile mural. You could also let soothing music play to add to the dramatic effect.

Classic and Artistic

An all-white pool oozes the classic charm and royalty. The main focus is on the elements and accessories for the indoor pool. If you feel that drenching the pool area in white is not your cup of tea, then you might consider using glass instead.

Or, you can surround the pool with thick dolomite limestone and make the design awe-inspiring. Adding a separate lounge area gives your guests a space to relax and enjoy in privacy. A wall with a series of windows and skylights lets in the sun and makes the area airier.

Old World Charm

Similar to the classic styles of Texas pools, you can design your indoor pool to replicate the yesteryears’ charm. These pools take you back to the romantic era and have hand-painted elements in the forefront.

Likewise, travertine coping and pool decking also feature heavily. This style draws inspiration from elegant mosaic designs and patterns. To top it off, install romantic outdoor mood lighting to enhance the indoor space.

Exotic Nature

As much as your indoor pool is excellent for all seasons, you might miss being in the outdoors. If that is the case, then the solution is a dreamy design for Texas pools that allows the outdoors in.

Paint a dreamy skyscape on your ceiling or adding natural looking pool features. In other words, bringing in natural elements like stones for your diving platform mimics the outdoors. Things like these allow you and your guests to have the best of both worlds.

Designing the Perfect Gulfport MS Pool

If you are a swimming and fitness enthusiast, build your Gulfport MS pool in the form of a lap pool. It is narrow and long, ideally at 45-feet depending on space in your backyard. Typically, the lap pools have a rectangular shape and they work well for narrow houses. In recent times, the popularity of lap pools has grown tremendously for residential lots that are smaller and narrower. Here is what you can do to design a perfect lap pool in your home.

Consider Pool Dimensions

There is no definite size for designing lap pools. They can be as long as possible in the available space. A good length facilitates good swim without taking too many turns every time. The most popular size options for residential lap pools are 12.5m, 15m, 20m, and 25m. You can choose concrete to build a custom-sized lap pool.

In terms of width, you can go for 2.5 meters. It is the ideal width used in most commercial swim centers as well. It allows two swimmers at a time doing their laps. The depth of a lap pool needn’t be more than 1.2-2 meters that allow tumble turns to the swimmers.

Consider Pool Access

When building a Gulfport MS pool for swimming laps, you need to think of easy access. You wouldn’t need internal steps in your pool to get in your way. Hence, opt for niche wall steps or offset steps with a metal grab rail for convenient access to the pool.

Consider Pool Utility

A lap pool needn’t be restricted for swimming laps only. You can convert it into a family fun destination by adding cool features. Enhance the utility of your pool by features such as spas, swim-up bars, and other water features that suit everyone. Add an integrated spa that will economize the space and extend the fun of your pool.

Consider Pool Maintenance

Building a Gulfport MS pool isn’t enough. For year-round fun, you need to maintain it as well. You should protect your pool with regular maintenance and a pool cover that conserves the energy. Choose a simple thermal blanket or an automated cover that retracts under the pool. To save your pool from elements, you can also build it inside the home. An indoor lap pool offers year-round facility but you may miss the outdoor vibes when the weather is pleasant outside.

Tucson backyardConsider Pool Decking


The deck around your pool is an integral part of its design. It works as an extension of your pool. Hence, choose the right materials for your pool decking. The standard choices include tiles, wood, natural stones, and concrete paving. Apart from the material, you need to choose the right size as well. A pool deck should ideally be 4-8 feet wide to allow easy access and maintenance of the pool. It will also keep the debris out of the water and prevent your garden from hazards of water clogging.

These are some essential factors that you can consider when designing a Gulfport MS pool for swimming laps. Keep the design minimal and functional to enjoy the swimming sessions.

Small Gulfport Swimming Pool Ideas

The homes are shrinking due to the changing needs of communities. Homeowners are looking to accommodate more luxuries into smaller spaces. Gulfport swimming pools are no exception. They can fit any space whether it’s your backyard or a wing of your house. Small pools are also perfect for indoors. You can deck them up with interesting features such as patios, spas, and outdoor kitchens. Here are some fascinating small pool ideas for your home.

Lap Pools for Narrow Spaces

lap pool cost

If you have a narrow space in your backyard, a lap pool will work better for your home. These pools are designed for swimming laps. Hence, they do not require too much space. You can build the pool alongside the wall to save more space, and place lounge chairs on the deck to create your private retreat.

A Small Plunge Pool

When you need a pool that separates from the rest of the yard, build a small plunge pool. You can choose the size of 12X14-foot to design your small pool. Choose concrete for pool material and blue pebble stones for interior finish. You can also add a spa to the pool for extra comfort. The pool decking and coping can be designed from travertine or composite materials.

Pool with an Integrated Deck

Gulfport swimming pools with wood decks are perfect for smaller homes as well. If you have a deck already, you can simply add a small pool to the existing settings. It is easy to extend the deck instead of building the pool from scratch in a small space.

A Small Indoor Pool

If you have some unused space inside your home, you can convert it into a small pool or spool. An indoor pool isn’t a budget-friendly option. But, it allows year-long pool usage. No matter if it’s raining or snowing, you can enjoy every season from an indoor pool.

A Small Pool in a Sheltered Patio

Modern home styles are evolving with functional designs. You can smartly use the existing spaces to reduce your footprint and enjoy the perks of a swimming pool. Build a pool in a sheltered patio near a corner in the garden from where it seamlessly merges with other elements. You can also add some garden features to emphasis this space.

 Tudor Style Pools

For the perfect symmetry and order in your Tudor-style backyard, choose a small pool design that matches it beautifully. Choose a rectangular pool with a traditional fountain. Flank it on all sides by elegant lounge chairs and create a small dining area in the patio.

new swimming poolRound Swimming Pool


You can add more space by choosing round swimming pools that fit smaller landscapes with ease. You can further enhance it with an attached spa which is even smaller than the pool. Add landscape features like sandstone paving and water features like scuppers to your round spool.

You can also choose freeform pools or custom pools to fit smaller spaces in your backyard. With jewel tones and colorful glass tiles, you can add the illusion of expanse and luxury in your pool.

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Check Out These Beautiful Pools in Boise

A swimming pool with luxurious elements can allure you to revel in its beauty. Like any other feature of your property, it can create the best ambiance if chosen correctly. Well, there are many options available for building a beautiful pool in Boise. From a natural pool to a lagoon-style retreat, you can design your backyard to your heart’s desire. Here are some style notes and striking pool designs to inspire you.

Pool with Stone Decking

beautiful pool in Boise

If you’re looking for a resort-like setting in your backyard, you should opt for stone decking around the pool. Choose natural stones for a rustic and charming appeal. You can go for a stone tile border and walkway through which the pool merges into its surroundings. Also, a stacked stone low wall around the pool area will provide privacy and a place to lounge after the swim.

Experiment with Pool Shape

The most beautiful pool in Boise needn’t have a traditional shape. You can instead play with the shape of your swimming pool. There are options like freeform pools and pools with vanishing edges that can fit the bill. Go for the round pool instead of settling for the conventional rectangular shape. You can further enhance the looks with additional elements such as a patio or gazebo surrounding the pool. With the development of pool building technology, you can also choose off-beat shapes for your pool.

Design an Infinity Pool

If you reside in a picturesque neighborhood, an infinity pool with a minimalist deck can offer the best views that you’d envision. You can focus on the expanse of nature beyond the pool area if you opt for a pool design that creates the illusion of vanishing edge.

beautiful pool in Boise

Create a Tropical Retreat

Choose an island theme for your pool environment, and you can turn your simple backyard into a tropical oasis. It includes a tropical landscape with natural rock formations and pool waterfalls. Also, add an exotic fire pit or fire bowl to accentuate the beauty of a beautiful pool in Boise. A small shack gazebo with tiki torches and thatched roof will complete the look.

Design a Desert Spool

If you are enchanted by the desert theme complete with palm trees and oversized planters, you can choose for a spool. It gives you a pool-like experience in the middle of a desert environment. Add scuppers that will cool off your body and mind on a hot day.

Create a Modern Lagoon

A swimming pool that looks good and entertains your guests can be the best addition for your home in Boise. Choose natural rocks and boulders to build the pool environment including waterfall, rock slide, and a grotto. Integrated spa features and a tanning stone ledge are other necessary features for your lagoon. To give it a modern touch, choose LED colored bubblers, jump-off perches, and a sound system. Don’t forget the spa waterfall with its heated water to soothe you.

You can get as artful or traditional as you like when building a beautiful pool in Boise. All you need is an efficient and experienced pool builder to guide through the process.

Cost and Installation for a Houston Indoor Pool

While starting Houston indoor pool construction, owners are often confused about the total costs. Chances are, they have already conducted their own research about indoor pool installation. At Premier Pools & Spas, we have taken up several indoor swimming pool projects over the years. Hence we can answer some of the common questions you might have about indoor pool construction. Here they are:

Indoor Pool Construction Costs

In the US, the average cost for an indoor pool construction is around $70,000-$200,000. For a pool build of a structural area of 1125 sq ft (25’x45’) in Houston, this falls in the range of $100,000-$200,000, at $100 per square foot.

indoor swimming pool

Why Does It Cost So Much?

The total cost involves the installation of the indoor pool, dehumidification system, and pool accessories. And none of those are dispensable for an indoor pool.

Pool Essentials and Installation Steps


The dehumidification system mentioned earlier helps protect the indoor pool structure from moisture damage. These systems control the humidity in the room and help maintain a stable environment. Besides, they also heat or cool the air and decrease the use of outside air.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic covers might be optional for an outdoor pool, but they are an essential investment for all indoor pools. This is because the long-term health of an indoor pool depends on its ability to control moisture in the pool environment. With automatic pool covers, you can virtually eliminate evaporation, thereby keep the water in the pool instead of losing it to heat.

Pool Heater

Like outdoor pools, your Houston indoor pool receives little to no direct sunlight. Hence you need to install another means of heating the pool water. Most favored option for heating an indoor pool is a gas heater. Gas heaters burn natural gas or propane to heat the water in the pool.

spectacular pools

Apart from the above, the total costs involve the following steps in the installation process.

Dirt Hauling

Majority of indoor pools are built in the ground, which means you need to dig out the land. The dirt extracted from the ground has to be removed, and hence, the dirt hauling cause adds to the cost of the project.

Lighting and Ventilation

Plumbing and electrical works are usually included in the standard package of your pool construction. However, you might want to use exciting lighting options for the pool surroundings. Besides these, Houston pool builders need to make provisions for fresh air and natural light to enter the room. Therefore, windows and skylights add up in your installation.

Safety and Extra Features

At the home owner’s request, pool contractors take up additions like spas or water features. A lounge area has to be built so the guests can relax by the pool. These could add to the total planned costs if you suggest them midway through the project. Your Houston indoor pool safety must be your top priority, so a fence can keep the kids away from the pool.

Popular Swimming Pool Designs in Gulfport

Pool designs in Gulfport come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every need. You can choose lap pools for fitness and infinity pools are an architectural statement. Select the designs that reflect your personality and interests. The factors that affect the selection of pool shapes are available space, yard size, budget, sun exposure, architectural style, and additional features you need. Here are some popular pool designs for you.

Geometric Pool Design

pool design options

There are many geometric shapes that you can convert into a stunning pool. Rectangular pools are not only practical but also conventional in their appeal. The classic rectangular form can serve as a source of exercise with its strong and straight lines. The elegant design of custom geometric pools has no limitations. you can choose a zero or vanishing edge pool that highlights the views beyond your property. Also, you can add many extra pool features to this shape.

Round or Oval Pool Designs

The trend of curvilinear pool shapes dates back to 1930s in the backyards of Hollywood’s rising stars. The round-shaped pool frames made from concrete and finished with glossy tiles are the all-time popular pool shapes. They not only deviate from the conventional rectilinear pools but also fit smaller spaces as well.

Kidney-Shaped Pool Designs

If you want a unique look in your backyard, choose kidney-shaped pool designs in Gulfport. it is a popular choice for residential swimming pools. They have a soft retro look that suits a variety of architectural home styles. You can build elaborate structures around this pool shape. Additional accents like colorful plasters, natural coping, glass mosaic tile, and textured finish can add more pizzazz to this design.

Grecian and Roman Pool Designs

If you’re looking for classic pool design, think Roman or Grecian. Both these styles reflect the former elements of ancient architecture in their shape. Grecian pools have an octagonal shape on the corners and Roman-styled pools have rounded edges. These pool designs blend well with homes having Aegean or Tuscan architectural style. When finished with colored glass tiles and travertine coping, they are a fascinating sight to behold.

Freeform Pool Designs

The freeform pools have no definite contours. You can design them in any shape or form that you visualize. Hence, these pool designs in Gulfport are suitable for every type of property. Homes in tropical and natural settings are best suited for freeform pools because it blends seamlessly with their environment. The pool morphs into its ambiance and looks organic with natural landscaping around it. You can further add ambient lighting and custom water features like a waterfall or rock grotto to imitate a secret oasis in your backyard.

Custom-Shaped Pool Designs

Water features

The uniqueness and charm of custom pool designs merge with the unique look of modern homes. You can create a different poolscape that highlights every element of your backyard. Since this design needs the versatility of material, concrete is the favored choice for custom pools. You can accommodate any shape or size in concrete to design your pool, your way.

These are some popular pool designs in Gulfport. You can choose any of them and take help from experienced pool builders to complete the project.

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Why Should I Consider Houses with Swimming Pools?

Thinking of purchasing a home with a swimming pool? Then, consider the factors, good or bad, that may influence your lifestyle. Houses with swimming pools are desirable to all. But here is what you need to think about

Should You Buy a Home with Pool?

houses with swimming pools

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals predicts a constant rise in inground pools in the US. It is estimated that over 10.4 million homeowners have opted for inground pools. But the question arises about its actual usage. Some pools are there for mere decoration. Few pools are never used often. So, it is advisable that you opt for houses with swimming pools only if you are planning to use it on a regular basis. Else, your pool may simply turn into a duck pond or a spot for leaves to accumulate.

Types of Swimming Pools

Houses with swimming pools are a visual treat. If you do opt for a pool then ensure that you contact specialist services. Most pools fall under three categories.

Gunite Pools: These pools are constructed using a mixture of sand and concrete. This mixture is sprayed on to a pool-sized hole and form permanent structures. These pools will be customized to any shape and size you desire. They are long lasting but pricey.

Vinyl Pools: They are more economical than gunite pools since they have a vinyl lining. Vinyl pools are mostly rectangular and inground. However, other configurations can be accommodated to suit your needs. You may need to replace the liners every 10 years. Other materials like steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass may be used during the construction.

Above-Ground Pools: These are the most inexpensive option for a pool. Above-ground pools are portable and add little value to your home. Their installation is very easy and will be completed within a few days time.

What Should You Know?

Pools Require Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

houses with swimming pools

Before purchasing houses with swimming pools, remember that your pool will need regular maintenance. From cleaning the surface to proper chemicals, the pool must be kept in good condition. If not, it may negatively affect the health of your family. Fortunately, there are expert services available that spare you from the cleaning trouble. Consult them periodically for a sparkling pool in your backyard.

You’ll Notice A Lifestyle Improvement

Owning a house with swimming pool does have some perks. You will have your own private pool that can be accessed anytime you wish. Swimming is excellent for developing flexibility, improving cardiovascular health, and overall physical well-being. You can also enjoy a great social life by inviting your friends to a private pool party.

Pool Precautions with Children

having children in your family? Then you need to exercise more caution around the pool. Installing a safety fence, locking the doors that lead to the pool, teaching kids to swim at a young age and setting a few swim rules can be helpful.

Your Utility Bills Will Increase

A pool in your backyard will certainly raise your utility bills. Electric bills may shoot up owing to the pool pumps. Water bills are also affected since you will need to regularly filter your pool. But pool pump and filters are essential elements for pool maintained and cannot be done without. So, you need to be ready to pay some extra money towards utility bills.

These are the reasons to look for homes with swimming pools for ultimate luxury and comfort.

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Why You Should Include a Diving Board to Your Swimming Pool Design?  

Want to double your Houston pool experience? Or, maybe you want your kids to enjoy the fun swim times you got to taste in your childhood. Then think about investing in diving boards for your pool.

The reasons to do this are plenty, but all of them have to do with having maximum enjoyment. Launching yourself into the sky and doing a cannonball into the refreshing water might be the best summer memory for most kids. It didn’t matter if you are swimming in a public pool, your own home pool, or a water hole in a secret hideaway, what you remember most is your plunge into the cool water. You can now replicate the same in your own pool with a diving board. But first, see which type of diving board you should get for your pool.

Types of Diving Boards

Rather than just jumping into the water from your pool deck, adding an extra bounce while you jump from a height is an exhilarating feeling. You might not get an Olympic diving tower at your home, but you can add a few steps and achieve the effect. Basically, there are two types of diving boards.


Springboards have springs at their base, which gives you that extra bounce into the air. Some springs are visible, while others with a cantilever design have hidden springs. However, these are best for pools with a certain depth as you will be diving in from a height. Using them for shallow depths is very risky as you could injure yourself. Hence, these are less common in Houston homes.


The main difference is that they do not have springs like in springboards. These are the most common options for backyard pools. No matter what the design is, any diving board without springs might be considered as a platform. Here, the base is stationary. For this reason, you can see them in many designs like typical flat diving boards to stone slabs to diving rocks.

Selecting a Diving Board

The following considerations are essential while choosing a diving board:

Pool Type

Some diving boards work well with specific pool designs and styles. If you already know your pool type, it is well and good. Otherwise, take the advice of a professional pool builder in Houston to help you out. Your pool might be shallow on one end and more in-depth on the other. So, where to install your diving board also depends on this. Measure the pool depth and width in various spots.

Pool Features

pool features

If you haven’t gotten any water features for your pool, do not worry. You can get a diving board with a waterfall at the end. Similarly, there are many options to add beautiful LED light strips to your diving board. Make the most of these and get mood enhancing colorful LED lights and enjoy your late-night swims.

Material Used

Buying a non-slip diving board is crucial as you do not want to risk yourself from walking on a slippery surface. For these, natural stone or even wood can suit your needs. But, these do not have to be boring. You can get them in bright, contrasting colors, or designs which blend in with your pool style.

Resistance to Salt Corrosion

If you have a saltwater pool, then you need to get a diving board made of a material that is corrosion resistant. Otherwise, your installation gathers rust and makes the pool stained and unclean. Hence opt for manufactured products that are saltwater-pool-friendly.