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6 Things Every Pool Owner Should Know When Building a Pool

An in-ground pool is a huge investment. When installing a pool, there are some common pool mistakes to avoid, and it can save your investment knowing what they are. A pool not only affects the aesthetics of your house, but also enhances the value of your home. You shouldn’t overlook this feature. Rather, do a lot of research before building a pool. Here are some things that you can do to avoid costly mistakes.

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Consider the Shape and Size of Pool

When buying a pool, it is important to pick the right size and shape that fits your backyard. Size is the most important factor as it affects the use and appearance of your pool. If you want a pool for recreation purpose, you can choose a smaller size. But, for swimming laps, you need a longer pool.

The shape of your pool should depend on the size of your yard. You can go for a rectangular, oval, square, or freeform pool. If you want to add some pizzazz to your swimming pool, consider vanishing edges or custom water features.

Consider the Cost of Building

When looking to buy an in-ground pool, it is obvious to worry about its cost. At the same time, you should look into every aspect of cost to reach a rational decision. Consider both the initial purchase price and cost of ownership of the pool.

Whether you choose a fiberglass pool, concrete, or vinyl liner pool, there are specific costs associated with each option. While vinyl liner is the most affordable option to buy, it has higher costs of maintenance in comparison to costly fiberglass pools. Most pool builders nowadays build swimming pools out of gunite or shotcrete because of the easy shapes they can design for homeowners.

Consider the Time for Construction

The timeframe for building the pool is a serious consideration. You must learn how much time it will take to complete the project. This estimation helps to set the right expectations. Also, it depends on factors such as pool size, weather conditions, and experience of the contractor working on your project. Typically, a concrete pool may take 4-6 months for construction while a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool need 3-8 weeks.

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Construction Requirements

Once you decide the type of pool and your budget, it’s time to consider the construction needs of your project. The process involves permits, land preparation, and installation of the pool. When you hire a professional pool building company, like Premier Pools & Spas you needn’t worry about pool mistakes to avoid. The professionals know their job. Right from obtaining the permits to plumbing and final installation, they carry out each process with precision.

Consider the Landscaping

You can turn your backyard into a serene oasis with slight changes in the landscaping around the pool. Many people make the pool mistakes to avoid the landscaping when building the pool. There are stunning features like a patio, pergolas, gazebos, spa, or outdoor lighting that you can attach to your pool area.

Finding the Right Contractor

Everything falls in place once you have the right contractor to build your pool. The experienced pool contractors know about costly pool mistakes to avoid. They will offer realistic time estimation and budget to ensure the proper outcome of your project. When selecting the right pool contractor, ask about their experience, expertise, reviews, and past references from the customers.

So, if you follow these tips, you’ll build a pool of your dreams without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Work with Our Tucson Pool Builders and Plan Out Your Dream Pool

Pool installation is a big project. With Tucson pool builders on your side, you can accomplish the desired results within expected timelines. However, like any other home improvement project, planning is the basic element that needs your attention. You need to start early to get your pool ready before the swim season. Here are the best ways to plan out your dream pool with our experts.

Work with the Best

Since pool planning is a complex process, you need to depend on the professionals for better outcomes. It involves several stages of designs, excavation, installation, permits, and much more. Also, there are timelines to follow. Hence, relying on the experienced Tucson pool builders takes the stress out of the process. They possess the right set of skills, references, capabilities, and experience to deliver the expected results. By choosing the best company, you can protect your valuable investment for a much longer time.

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Understand the Basics

Before starting pool construction, you should determine what you exactly need from the project. You should identify the elements that are necessary for making your dream pool. Depending on your selection, you can plan out a budget for the project. In this process, decide upon the style, size, shape, and material of the pool for making a better selection.

Set Up a Budget

Throughout your pool design and construction process, you need to make a reasonable budget. You can take help from our pool building experts for setting up a budget for your pool. Here, you need to determine the location and scope of the project for making the right estimation. Most importantly, you should stick to the budget that you make. It helps in alleviating unwanted and hidden costs during the process.

Make the Most of Available Space

Consider the pool as an extension of your home and backyard. It can add some value to your home by enhancing its curb appeal. So, you must select the right space and optimize it as well. You can use the available space only within the framework of local regulations. Hence, it is better to take help of the expert Tucson pool builders. The best way is to plan the pool in an area where it won’t cut off a major area in the yard. For smaller spaces, you can avoid the full-perimeter access and use single/double access to the pool.

Select the Pool Style

In the process to design a pool, you need to select the right type and style as well. Whether you want an inground pool or an above-ground installation, there are numerous styles to explore. Make a selection based on the architecture of your home and intended use of the pool. The design should allow a coherent flow in the spaces.

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Select Custom Pool Features

For a relaxing retreat, you can consider adding some custom pool features to your project. Features like a waterfall, water fountain, or fire pit can create an amazing ambiance in your pool area. The choices are varied ranging from natural rock waterfalls to pool jets, scrubbers, slides, and lots more.

Apart from these, there are many other aspects of pool project where you need our expert Tucson pool builders. Get in touch with us for more details.

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Brighten Your Backyard Oasis with Pool Lights

As a proud owner of a brand new pool in your Vacaville home, you might be inclined to spend as much time as possible here. That includes night swimming too, especially after a long day at work. As much as it is a pleasurable experience in itself, it is particularly enjoyable in the hot summers. You can enhance this experience tenfold by lighting your pool with visually appealing solutions. Lights around the pool and under the water can bring joy and add fun to your new workout routine.

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Need for Lights

You might be thinking that your pool provides much joy in the hot summer days, but is there a need to use lighting? Yes, during the day, you might be needing lights at all since the hot sun takes care of brightening the space, but you need lights in the night.

Not only do lights brighten the dark areas around the pool, but they also provide a sense of safety as you don’t know what is lurking in the shadows. Needless to say, the pool surroundings might get slippery and lights allow you to walk freely in the dark.

Show Off Your Style

Lighting not only keeps you safe from snakes, critters, and wet spots, but it can also amplify the beauty of your backyard pool. Lighting your pool allows you to show off your style and create a very enjoyable recreational space. So, if you are thinking of hosting outdoor pool parties, or romantic evenings, install colorful lights by your pool.

Especially, if you have a free form pool that merges with your backyard, you might need to brighten up every corner so that not even a single element remains unseen.

Elevate Your Mood

In addition, kids enjoy the water and lights magical show in the evenings. Add a little music and you are good to go. If you are using your pool to cure anxiety, mood lighting can help when you relax by the hot spa or enjoy a cool dip in the summer nights.

You can also create a cozy romantic setting with beautiful wall sconces or fire bowls by the hidden water features. Just as fire and water make for a beautiful contrast, you can get creative with your lighting options from dark to brighten and enhance the whole backyard or just one part of it.

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Pool Lighting Options

There are infinite possible options for lighting your pool. From outdoor lamps to string of lights, or tiki torches to pool globes, you can use anything to brighten up your pool. Even if your pool is not a new build, it is no reason to not try out new options. LED lights are your best bet for any kind of pool. They can be used underwater or above the pool.

But that is not to say that basic lamps would not work. You can install solar lamps too, among the plants in your backyard. Pool deck lighting and color changing lights are the most popular of these.

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Which Pool to Buy: Salt Water or Chlorine Pools

Choosing the right sanitation system is imperative for your swimming pool. Mostly, Louisville pools are either saltwater or chlorine-based. These are sanitation systems that keep your pool clean and healthy for summers. Make sure you choose the right sanitation system depending on your individual preferences. Here are the main differences between both of these systems to make selection easier:

Benefits of Saltwater Pools

The saltwater pools have a much lower level of chlorine in comparison to the chlorine pools. As a result, it doesn’t affect your skin in a harsh manner. When you take a swim in a saltwater pool, the smell of chemicals goes away rather fast. Above all, saltwater is an affordable option. It uses chemical electrolysis method to reduce the level of chlorine in the water.

The upfront cost of buying saltwater generators can be high. But, you can break even these costs over years. You needn’t invest in costly chemicals to keep your pool clean. In fact, saltwater pools remain clean and healthy for a long time as they are regularly sanitized by the generators.

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Problems with Saltwater Pools

Due to a high upfront cost of buying saltwater generators, many pool owners refrain from this option. Also, there are high utility costs of running the generators every day. You need to run them at least 12 hours in the pool season. The salt used in the pools can be abrasive and cause damage to pool liners. To prevent this damage, you can invest in specifically-designed pool lights and liners.

Benefits of Chlorine Pools

In comparison to saltwater pools, chlorine-based sanitation systems are much cost-effective. You need to invest a small amount for installation of a chlorine pool. They do not rely on costly generators that need regular consumption of energy. In a nutshell, experts believe that cost effectiveness is the strongest reason for homeowners to invest in chlorine pools.

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Problems with Chlorine Pools

Cleaning and maintenance are two major problems related to chlorine-based Louisville pools. The pH balance of chlorine pools can go jittery without any warning. You need to make more efforts to prevent contamination of pool water. The pool filters may get clogged with algae while water may turn green without proper maintenance.

Also, chlorine can cause damage to your skin and hair due to excessive exposure. Sometimes, chlorine also causes eye irritation due to presence of more chemicals in the water. You need to carry heavy buckets of chlorine tablets in every 1-3 weeks to refill the dispensers in your pool.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both saltwater and chlorine pools have their own advantages and disadvantages. To make the right selection, you must do your homework and research. Since both these pools use chlorine to kill harmful contaminants, cost can be a major factor to make the selection. Consider your convenience and needs to reach a reasonable decision.

If you can’t decide on your own, lay your trust in an experienced pool building company. They can guide and help you in making the right selection for Louisville pools.


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6 Luxury Pool Features to Transform Your Backyard

The most important thing to remember for your new pool installation or upgrade is to get custom luxury pool features. Your pool area will become magical by adding amazing features that are both attractive and functional. So why don’t you jump right into this article to check out the 6 best pool features to add to your backyard?

Waterfall Features

1. Custom Water Features

Waterfalls and fountains are the most common pool additions in many St. Louis homes. There are many custom features like deck jets, bubblers, and grotto features which can look natural and graceful. Consider getting water features that children can enjoy, not just those that look appealing.

  • Adding a water slide that they have seen at their favorite water park, allows them to enjoy the pool more.
  • A diving board is also a convenient and playful way to start your swim time. It has many adult takers too, who just love their dives.
  • Instead of fountains in normal designs, add them in forms that they like. Ornate shapes such as mermaids and frogs are a huge hit with kids.
  • Smaller kids who cannot even enjoy the wading pool can enjoy the splash pads and cool off in the summer.

2. Fire Lines and Gas Fire Pits

Add luxury pool features like fire lines and fire walls. These not only add oomph to the place, but they catch the sight of the visitors as soon as they arrive. These add visual drama in the dark and keep you warm.

For a more cozy gathering after the sun sets, instead of traditional options, have a gas fire pit. A gas fire pit is one of the most functional pool features. In addition to having an outdoor kitchen, your custom-built fire pit allows you to grill without leaving the company of your gang.

3. Pool Houses and Garden Rooms

Having an outdoor pool might not allow you to stay outdoors all the time. Hence, you need to have some place where you get some shade and privacy. Therefore, look into garden rooms or pool houses, which are making a comeback.

These not only help you get away from the freezing cold weather, but you can also use it as a storage space. When you have unexpected visitors, you can use this space to let them stay overnight, if needed.

4. Benches and Tanning Ledges

Whether you have a small backyard or a big pool, deck features can transform the whole space. Pay attention to the pool entrance, deck, and the steps. If possible, consider expanding the deck area and put up some great furniture.

You can copy the look of a beach-style setting with umbrellas, awnings or canopies. Buy cool benches that are simple and minimalist in design. You can also invest in a tanning ledge area, which is shallow, similar to wading pools. It helps you relax as you soak your tired feet after a long day at work.

Santa Clarita Pool Lighting

5. Lighting Features

Many people install pool lights under the water and near the pool, but completely forget lighting up the surroundings. It is important for the safety of your family when you walk during the nights. Aesthetically too, pool lights are crucial to beautify the area.

You can experiment with fun color-changing LED lights or mood lighting. Find out about the light installations that work with the touch of a button. Using your smart devices, change the settings and brightness of the lights according to the company you have.

6. Landscaping Features

When you say landscaping, you might think of plants and trees. But that is not all, you also can use ornamental pieces to enhance the beauty of your pool. For example, adding a bridge over the pool is not only attractive, but it also allows you to reach the other side.

One of the things you can add for easy maintenance and cleaning is artificial grass. Or, get some native plants that can withstand the local climate. Design your landscape so that it is in sync with your pool area and the style of your home. You can choose a theme for your backyard landscaping and add luxury pool features that complement it.

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Prepping Your Swimming Pool for the Swimming Season

You are excited that the pool season is just around the corner and started looking up tips on opening a pool. May is the time of the year when most Vacaville pools open up after a long duration of winterizing. If you have closed the pool for winter, then you know that the steps you to follow for opening your pool will be in the reverse order. So, let us have a look at what needs to be done before making your pool healthy and safe to swim in.

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Remove the Pool Cover


This seems like a very easy task, just pulling off the cover from your pool. But first, make sure that there is no debris that might fall into the pool. There might be some water puddles that gathered on the winter cover. So, ensure that the cover surface is dry before you remove it. Vacuum the surface to remove the leaves and other tiny particles.

Now coming to removing your pool cover- make sure you properly handle it so as not to damage it, because you will be needing it the next season. Hose off the winter cover to remove dirt or grime, dry it properly and store it away. Otherwise, you will risk the growth of mold or mildew even if there is a bit of dampness.

Add Water to the Pool

When you had closed the pool for winter, you might have removed the water completely or partially. Hence, there is no doubt that the current water level in the pool will be lower than the ideal. Take a garden hose and start filling the pool up to midway of the skimmer.

Now you need to check whether the pool filtration system is working. First, clean out the filter and ensure that you prime your pump. Remove all the winterization methods, check the remaining pool equipment for leaks, and replace all the drain plugs.

Install Deck Equipment

You might have removed pool accessories like handrails, pool ladders, or diving boards in the winter. Now is the time to re-install them. Power up the pool filtration and circulation system and run the pump for 24 hours. Brush the side walls and vacuum the pool for leaves.

Look for any cracks in the pipes and hoses. If you see any damaged equipment, immediately turn off the power. Without delay, call a pool professional to fix these damages, which is the most important step in opening a pool.

Atlanta Pool Chemistry

Add the Chemicals

Before opening a pool, it is important to make sure that the water is safe to swim in. You need to take a sample of your pool water and test it for chemical levels. You cannot just toss in any amount of chemicals into the pool and expect it to be safe.

Balancing the chemistry and pH levels is indeed a complex task, and it would be better if you let pool professionals of Vacaville handle it. Get a pool company that offers maintenance along with repairs so that you can keep your pool in shape all year long.

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Tips to Use Your Gulf Coast Pool to Burn Calories

There is more to a swimming pool than using it just to swim in. You can, in fact, use it for burning extra calories. There are a lot of pool health benefits that comes with exercising in your pool. Losing weight is one of them. With a few minutes of swimming and proper workout regimes, you can burn fat and heal many health issues as well. If you love to hit the pool, here are some tips and exercises that can help to burn more calories and make the most of your swimming pool:

Pool Planks

Planks can help to strengthen the core muscles.  However, it can be hard to hold the plank position for long time to give a good push to your abdominal muscles. If you try this exercise in the pool, it becomes easier. Pushing and pulling water on you increase the core endurance. All you need to do is stand on the pool floor holding a pool noodle vertically in your hands. Pull it straight down into the water and lean ahead until your body comes to an incline. Stay in a stable position for 1-2 minutes.

Double Leg Raises

Although this exercise seems easy, it actually isn’t. Your legs may feel a little pull after this exercise. Lean on the edge of the pool and lower your legs downwards in a straight position. Now, raise them slowly as high as you can manage to. You can rest your elbows on the pool edge. If you are a beginner, you can sit on the edge with your legs in the water and do this exercise.

Water Aerobics

Increase the Pace of Your Swimming

If you swim at the same pace every day, you should increase this intensity to burn more calories. Your swimming rate is directly correlated to the number of calories that you burn in the same unit of time. So, if you can swim fast enough, it helps to burn more fat.

In fact, research from American College of Sports Medicine says that if a person swims freestyle at a faster pace for one hour, he/she burns 704 calories. It is much higher than 493 calories that you can burn by swimming slowly. Take help from a faster swimming professional to help you in setting the pace for your swim sessions.

Try One-Legged Balance

To strengthen the leg and core muscles, you can try one-legged balance exercise in your pool. It is responsible to maintain the balance without the risk of falling. You can rely on your core muscles to increase your static balance and to keep you straight. Stand in the waist-high water level with your one knee up. Now place the middle of a pool noodle under the same foot and keep your hands on the sides. Balance your body on one leg for a minute and then, switch the legs and repeat the same process.

Water Aerobics

Use Pool Equipment

There is some pool health equipment that you can buy for your daily workouts. You need paddles, fins, and snorkels to this effect. The pieces of equipment like fins and paddles will directly increase muscle activation and elevate the heart rate.

So, swimming is a purposeful exercise that you can push to burn calories. To ensure this pool health benefit, find the best pool services and get your pool ready for your workouts.

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These Pool Trends Are Making a Comeback

Since it’s time to open your pool for the summer, you should check out the latest pool trends now. From trendy fire pits to dark pools and everything in between, there are many interesting upgrades that you can make to your swimming pool. Find out what trends are also going to be making a comeback for this season. Here are the top trends in pools that are trending this summer.

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A Swim Up Bar

Mostly, homeowners build a pool for a relaxing retreat in their backyard. If you add a swim-up bar to this feature, it becomes the ultimate spot to spend your evenings. You can customize the built-in bars in any design that suits your pool area and landscaping. Add some in-pool bar stools for more functionality and comfort.

Fascinating Fire Features

Use your imagination and incorporate a fire feature in your backyard for a serene ambiance. It is one of the coolest pool trends making their comeback again. Integrate a fire pit or a fireplace near your pool. A small fire feature can add a lot of beauty to your space. It is the perfect place to relax and hang out for your family and friends.

Glass Pool Tiles

Glass tiles look beautiful in a swimming pool. They reflect the lights of the water and create an iridescent look in your backyard. You can install glass tiles around the waterline or across the pool depending on your budget. In comparison to ceramic or porcelain tiles, glass tiles are more durable and have a variety of options. You can choose any shape, design, or size in these tiles.

Ledge Loungers

If you want to create a staycation destination in your backyard, incorporate your swimming pool with ledge and ledge loungers. Many pool designers are forsaking pool stairs and instead including ledges in their design. It mimics the gradual slopes in the natural beaches. Hence, you can also call them beach entry design. They are set at a depth of one foot and you can add ledge loungers for perfect comfort.

LED Lighting

Bright and colorful LED lights not only increase the appeal of your pool but also make it safer for swimming at night. LED lights are available in a variety of colors to choose from. You can install them under the pool or the water features that adorn your pool. They create an amazing effect on the water and invite you to enjoy your night swims.

Natural Decks

The latest pool trends extend to surrounding areas as well. You can use natural decking materials like limestone, travertine, or flagstone to design the pool deck and outdoor patio. Also, build tumbled pavers that offer better drainage and natural looks to the backyard. Recently, wood decking is also making a comeback with options like teak, cedar, and redwood. If you are willing to add a wooden deck, don’t forget to treat it with water-resistant sealers to prevent rotting.

spools in your backyard


For smaller backyards, a spool is a thoughtful idea. It is an excellent alternative for limited space. Also, it leaves ample space for other additions like an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, or backyard swing.

These are some interesting pool trends that are making their comeback this season.

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Plan the Best Pool Parties for When You Build Your Own Pool!

You have a home with a pool and you cannot wait for the right temperature to set in, to start having fun with family and friends. You can start planning your first and the best pool party if the state you live in has the perfect weather!

There are a whole bunch of ideas that you can put into throwing your first pool party of the year!

ultimate pool party

Inviting Guests

E-vite is a great way of sending invitations. Since it is a pool party for everyone, you can click a photo of your children and/or you having some fun pool time and email that to everyone with a colorful invitation note with cartoon pictures.


For the best pool party, where there will be children, candies and chocolates are a few key items. You can have cut fruits arranged in the shape of a big bunny head. Sandwiches and chips are an all time hit with kids and grownups alike. You can also serve nacho chips and salsa. For children, you can make peanut butter and jelly tacos with bread base and fruit toppings. You can also have a cold cut tray with cheese and crackers.

For beverages, you can serve juices and sodas. You can also make a fruit punch and serve it in a dispensing jar. An alcoholic fruit punch and beer can be served for the adults.


Balloons are a decoration hit for any party. You can line your pool with streamers and balloons. Balloons can have ears stuck to them and a face drawn on them. They can be tied with strings and then placed at each corner of the pool. LED lights can light up the pool sides for the evening. You can also make balloon garlands and hang them on the trees for decoration.

Temecula pool party

Pool Games

Nowadays, there is a wide range of games that people can play. Here is a game that both children and adults can play. There are more ideas that can be looked up online. One of them is Pool Bonnet.

Write down different activities in several papers, fold and keep them in a basket. Have everyone sit in a circle. Have them pass around the bonnet while the music is playing. When a player gets the bonnet, he or she has to wear it, take it off and then pass it to the next player. Whoever is holding or wearing the bonnet when the music stops, has to pick a folded paper from the basket and perform the activity that is written on it.

Return Gifts

Who does not like to return home with small gifts and souvenirs from a party? You can make candy bags where you put in small snacks in a cellophane wrap and roll the ends and tie them with ribbons for them to look like big candies.

These are some amazing ways to plan the best pool party. But before you go ahead with these plans, you ought to get your pool ready for the fun. Call the experts for effective cleaning of the pool before your party. Check if the equipment works fine and you have all the necessary pool accessories handy for enjoying throughout the day.

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Spa Clean This Winter

A spa is a wonderful addition to your backyard. With proper spa maintenance, you can enjoy its perks for many years to come. In the winter, it becomes all the more important to keep your spa clean and usable if you don’t intend to shut it down. Here are the best ways to maintain your spa this winter.

Use a Cover

safety features

Mostly, the loss of temperature during winters happens at the water surface. So, before the cool breeze starts, invest in a good spa cover. If you already own a cover, check its conditions before using. There shouldn’t be any holes or rips in the cover. You can also buy a winter blanket which is fiberglass insulated and vinyl covered to keep your spa safe from freezing temperature. This thermal blanket stays at the top of the water and keeps the temperature in check.

Inspect the Water Levels

You should periodically check the level of water in your spa. It becomes necessary if you don’t use the spa for a few weeks. If the water level is below the normal limits, it may prevent the pool pump from functioning. As a result, the water freezes and causes damages to pipes or equipment.

Change the Spa Water

Changing or replacing water is an integral part of spa maintenance. But, it becomes a tedious process if you don’t follow a proper procedure. When draining a refilling the spa, you should follow the user’s manual to each letter. Instead of waiting until it gets too cold outside making things difficult, you should change spa water and clean the tub beforehand. It ensures that you can use your spa without spending too much time in the outdoors for its cleaning and maintenance.

Maintain the Spa Filters

For the proper running of your pool or spa, you should follow a strict maintenance schedule. Clean the filters and cartridges at regular intervals. It is important because calcification from hard water and mineral particles can clog the filtration system. With timely spa maintenance, you can keep it in good shape. To clean the filters, use a hose to remove dirt and debris. Also, use a filter cleaner to ensure a smooth cleaning process.

Use Sanitizer and Test Strips

pool maintenance

Even when the weather gets cold, the water in your spa remains warm. It still invites microorganisms to breed and thrive in their surface. Hence, you should use a sanitizer and test strips to keep them under control. You can prevent contaminants from harming the spa water by using the best sanitizer.

Maintain Warm Water

Freezing temperature causes damage to both the pipe and the spa. If you don’t have a freeze protection feature in your spa, you should run the heater every 20-30 minutes. It makes the water warm enough to prevent damage of the pipes and equipment. Check the temperature of water at frequent intervals to make sure that the heater is properly functioning.

With these tips, you can easily ensure spa maintenance and protect your investment.