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What Are The Advantages Of Concrete Swimming Pools In Santa Clarita?

Swimming pool installation process is very tedious and requires great consideration on the material used. Concrete pools, in particular, are versatile and allows flexibility and creativity in your pool’s construction. Concrete has had a long history and is very popular for pools in Santa Clarita. Here are some advantages of concrete pools you would not want to miss.

Stronger And Durable

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Investing in concrete as your pool’s building material is indeed a wise choice. As a durable material, concrete is useful for creating a solid foundation for your pool. A pool made from concrete lasts many years and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Minor cosmetic wear and tear may appear with use.

Nevertheless, the material is easy to repair in case of cracks and other damages. You must ensure that all standards of construction are met for your pool. This precaution will help your pool to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Your pool will also withhold its structural integrity and design appeal.

Attractive Shapes

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You can use concrete to create sturdy styles, designs, and shapes. This way, you can create more functional and creative features in your pool. Make your pool’s style more appealing depending on the purpose, and cost.

Value Addition

Owning a high-quality pool will increase the monetary value of your property. Since concrete pools in Santa Clarita are permanent structures, you may need to exercise extra caution. Determine your pool’s size and understand its maintenance requirements.


A well-kept pool will be free from bacteria, algae, and other harmful pathogens.  You no longer have to worry about liner separating, or bubbling and can avoid stains and algae. Slat or chemicals can be used for concrete pool maintenance. Neither of the substances has any adverse effect on your pool. You may also seek professional help for pool maintenance.

Add-Ons Applicable

Using concrete does not limit you to design only swimming pools. You can consider many attractive features like spas, waterfalls, and fountains. These features bring in elegance and improve the beauty of your pool.

Made At The Location

Unlike other pool construction materials, concrete pools are built on the location. This will give you a privilege for adding any feature you want instantly. From seating, ledges, steps, and pool depth, you will have a first-hand experience of building your pool. This fact comes handy if you have children in your family. You can vary the pool design keeping your family’s preferences in mind.

Can Cover Small Spaces

Do you have an inaccessible corner in your backyard that seems to be wasted? It is possible to install a concrete pool in many discrete places in your yard. Using other pool materials like fiberglass will not give you this flexibility of finding the right size and shape for your yard.

Limitless Designs

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Designs for pools in Santa Clarita are nearly endless. Since these are not factory-made, you can customize the designs based on your requirement. You can create unique designs by altering the depth of your swimming pool. This feature has leverage over materials like fiberglass, which has predefined sizes and set to specific shapes.

Concrete pools are in great demand due to their versatility and uniqueness. Installing a concrete pool in your yard extends your pool’s life and lets you enjoy many memorable moments with your family.

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How Much Does An Inground Swimming Pool Cost?

Do you dream of having a pool in your backyard? This heavenly experience helps relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of water. But have you considered the swimming pool cost? Constructing an inground pool requires professional help and specialized equipment. Here is a brief insight into the approximate cost for building your inground pool

Inground Pool Cost

On average, inground pools will cost you $42,000, including labor and materials. The price depends on many factors like design, pool features you wish to install, and the size of your backyard. You will be surprised to know that pools can be built in as low as $20,000 or as high as $78,000. It really depends on your preferences and conditions.

Factors That Influence Cost

Pool size

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A small pool of 200sf and a large pool of 650sf can have a price difference of $25,000 at minimum. You can attribute the difference to the additional materials needed for pool construction.

Pool Location

Your pool’s location will determine the amount of work the construction crew has to invest. Professionals will need to prepare the soil and then install your pool. Flat land with sandy soil will demand little action. But having layers of rock or a sloped yard can increase the labor effort significantly. The position of your house also has an impact. You may need additional equipment if your backyard is not easily accessible.


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Would you like to customize your pool with rocks, lighting, plants, slides, spas, or waterfalls? Then be warned that prices of these items can vary greatly. Add-ons like slides and diving boards will cost you between $300 to $3000. Specialty light may cost you $75, while a basic waterfall installation may cost $1000. The spa can be a little more expensive. The cost ranges between $5,000 to $8,000 for a basic model.

Inground Pool Types

Inground pools are made from concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Installing a concrete pool will cost you between $50,000 to $100,000. The high cost is due to the superior quality of shells that are built from rebar. Concrete pools may also incur an annual maintenance cost.

Fiberglass pools will cost you $45,000 to $85,000. The shells in this type of pool are made using fiberglass and are topped with a gel coat. This configuration makes pool maintenance manageable. Pool maintenance may cost you $3,750 for 10years.

Vinyl pools are offered in the range of $35,000 to $55,000. These pools have vinyl liners that are stretched over metal frames, concrete, or wood. It is easy to construct a vinyl pool, and you can have some design flexibility as well. Although affordable, liners do not last long in comparison to concrete surfaces.

Other Cost Considerations

Pool Covers

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Swimming pool cost may also include pool covers that help to prevent water evaporation during summers. Pool covers also reduce debris collection and protect your pool during winters.


Check with your local government whether any building permits are needed for pool installation.


Although most pools are durable, you may need repairs like a leaky skimmer, broken pump, or damaged pool lights.

Investigating the cost of building a pool will help you plan your finances and determine the right pool within your budget. It will also have you introspect the potential problems and schedule your pool maintenance accordingly.

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Pool Ladders Or Stairs? : Which Should You Use For Your Santa Clarita Pool

A pool is no fun unless you can get in and get out of it quickly. The type of pool entry will depend on several factors like the presence of a deck and whether your pool is inground or above the ground. Pool stairs are becoming a popular choice as entryways to pools. But what about pool ladders? How do you choose between the two? Here is a brief insight into this idea.

Above Ground Pool Ladders

Above Ground Pool Features

These ladders are attached to the top railing of your wooden deck or above ground pool. Do you own an above ground pool without the deck? Consider using an A-frame ladder for gaining access to your pool.

This ladder has two sides and can be placed over the pool wall. You can even tune them to match the height of your pool’s wall. Do you have children in the family? Then consider sliding up the ladder’s outer section. Lock it securely when you are not using the pool.

Have a deck around your pool? Use a one-sided ladder and attach it to the deck with mounting flanges. You can even choose an economical version that resembles the A-frame ladder. Premier models will resemble a small set of pool stairs. Use ladder pad to provide a cushion between your ladder and pool liner.

Above Ground Pool Steps

Premier Above Ground Pools

Pool steps make your entry into the pool a grand affair. Steps are easy to access and comes handy if you have an elderly and kids in your family. Most pool stairs will be attached to your deck. Some models may have ladders attached, and both can work in conjunction.

The wedding cake style of steps is hugely popular. This design is both functional and attractive. The rounded steps will give you a wide area for getting in and out of the pool. You also have an option to attach a ladder to this kind of steps. This feature is especially useful if you have no deck.

The Royal entrance Step is the next popular design you can consider. Use this design if your pool has a cove and a bottom edge. Pool steps are available in myriad designs and can be customized to suit your requirements.

Inground Pool Ladders

Consider installing inground pool ladders at the deeper end of your pool. They come with stainless steel handrails and corrosion-resistant steel/plastic treads. Some ladders can fit close to your pool’s wall. You may have to check with local codes before purchasing such ladders.

Inground Pool Steps

Mineral pool systems

Most inground pool steps are integrated into your pool during its construction. You may have to purchase a few other steps depending on your styling preferences. The pool’s location can determine the kind of step you will need. Is it in the corner? Or along a flat wall, or the wall height? Inground pool steps are made from acrylic or sturdy plastic.

They also have stainless steel handrails that you can attach to the pool deck. Inground steps have pea gravel or sand to weigh them firmly down. Installing wide pool steps is undoubtedly more convenient than using ladders. Pool steps are easy to maintain and offer better pool access to your family members.

The decision of using ladders or steps is entirely dependent on your preferences and requirement. Remember to weigh both the options and choose the one that fits your needs.

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A Guide to Clean Your Pool Filters

Having a pool is so much fun! However, it needs maintenance. Pool filters, if not cleaned, can cause the water to get discolored, dirty and mucky. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you clean filters in the pools Arizona and be worry free!

If you have a pool, you will have a filter. Filter type will depend on the type of pool, how often your pool is used, and how often the filter is cleaned. Below are three types of pool filters and a guide to clean them:

Cleaning the Cartridge Filters

Pool Filters

A Cartridge filter works great with an above ground pool. It has a large filtration area and it removes dirt particles below 20 microns. It saves more water. The filter media is easy to clean.

Maintenance costs, though, can get high and cartridges need replacement once in every few years. The filter media might need cleaning twice a year depending on how often the pools Arizona are used.

To clean these filters, turn the system off and turn on the air relief valve for air to escape. Now, remove the clamps securing the filter and the filter lid. Also, remove any clamp that holds the cartridge inside and take the cartridge out. Use a hose to wash the dirt between the cartridge pleats and secure the cartridge back in the tank, latching all the open clamps.

Cleaning the Sand Filters

This filter uses sand to filter particles above 20 microns. It works well with both in-ground and above ground pools. It is also low on maintenance costs. The sand needs to be replaced every 5 to 8 years.

The filter is cleaned by the backwashing process however, wasting more water. Its filtering ability is not as good as a Cartridge filter.

You need to follow a similar process for cleaning these filters, except that they have a backwash hose as well for cleaning. After turning off the system, secure the backwash hose to the filter water outlet and turn the backwash valve to the backwash indicator. Now, turn on the system, keep it on for 3 to 5 minutes, and then turn it off. After cleaning, turn off the pump and keep it off for a minimum of 8 hours. Also, repeat the backwash process to clean out the dirt removed by the sand filter cleaner.

Cleaning the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters

DE Filters use a powder of fossilized aquatic organisms called diatoms. They are the most expensive filters of all three and also higher on maintenance. However, they most effectively remove dirt particles as low as 5 microns. DE filters work well with in-ground pools and a few above ground pools. But they are not suitable for pop-up pools.

To clean them, turn off the system and the backwash valve to the backwash position. Next, you should turn on the system and let it run for 5 minutes. Turning the system off again, open the air relief valve and take out the drain plug and let water drain.

Afterward, put back the grids and secure the manifold in the filter, detach the strainer basket lid and allow the basket to fill with water. Secure the filter lid tightly with the bolts and clamps. Setting the air relief valve on, turn on the pump and close the air relief valve once water starts coming out. In a separate container, mix the required amount of DE with water to make a creamy paste. With the pump running, pour this paste in the filter’s skimmer basket. Lastly, run the pump for at least 30 minutes for the mixture to evenly coat the filter grids.

This entire cleaning process may be overwhelming and daunting for you. The key is to hire the experts of pools Arizona to look after these issues with expertise.

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Steps for Choosing the Best Pool Pumps

When it’s time to open your pool for the upcoming season, there’s a lot to contemplate. If you are looking for a new installation, considering Arizona pool designs and choosing the right type of pool are a few essential steps that you can’t ignore. Selection of the best pool pump is necessary to keep your pool in the operative conditions. Here are the steps to make the right choice:

Consider the Pump Types

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Pool pumps are evolved in their technology and designs in several ways. You can buy a single speed pump or invest in a variable speed pump depending on your needs. A single speed pump has a motor that spins the impeller only at a single speed. But, it lacks the efficiency and speed that comes with dual speed pumps.

As it’s obvious, a dual speed pump has two speed options. The high speed works at the pace of a single speed pump while the lower speed user lesser energy but with lesser efficiency at pool water turnover. Variable speed pumps are the costly choice. But, they come with long-term benefits. They use a permanent magnet motor that produces lesser friction and results in high efficiency.

Consider the Horsepower

The power exuded by the pump is important to determine its efficiency. If you buy a pump having more horsepower, it will turn the water at a faster pace. This results in shorter periods of running the pump and lesser cost of utility. The selection of horsepower depends on the size of the pool filter as well. If you have a small filter, the pump with high horsepower may not be effective. So, choose a pump that produces sufficient horsepower to work at an adequate rate for turning over the pool’s water volume.

Consider the Motor Voltage

The pool pump comes with two options for connecting it. You can either hard wire the pump into the electrical system or use an outlet to plug them. Before buying the pump, consider the motor voltage to choose the right option. Check if the pool pump runs on 110 or 220 volts. Determining the right voltage becomes more important if you need a pump fan or inground pool.

Determine the Size of Pool Pump

pool pump motor

A wrong size of your pool pump can affect the efficiency in the long run. Hence, before shopping around for the pump, know about the size of your pool and water volume as well. To determine the pool volume, you can take help from the pool builders. It is simple for a rectangular or square pool. But, Arizona pool designs with round or oval shape involve complex calculations to find the water volume. Here, taking help of the experts makes more sense. Also, consider the flow rate or volume of water passing through the pump for this selection.

Consider the Durability

Although pool pumps are designed for longevity, there may be some exceptions. Therefore, you should take caution and make sure to buy a genuine product. Look for the longer warranty periods and check the reputation of the manufacturer before buying.

These are some important steps that can help in finding the best pool pumps. Consider Arizona pool designs, size, and all other factors for this selection.

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Understanding The UV Pool Treatment And Its Benefits

Every pool owner wants a sparkling pool that is free from bacteria and dust. There are several ways to achieve this – from pool chemicals to treating water with UV light. Using Ultra Violet light for pool water treatment is a revolutionary way to improvise on your pool maintenance.

What Is An UV Pool Sanitation?

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Pool maintenance with UV sanitation is an innovative approach that uses state-of-the-art technology and a non-chemical process for pool cleaning. This feature uses germicidal UV rays to sanitize the air, water, and the pool surfaces that are contaminated. A profoundly intense germicidal light ray alters the RNA or DNA of the bacteria, algae, protozoa, cysts, or viruses that affect your pool. This electromagnetic energy also destroys other organic matter and reduces the risk of chlorine by-products.

How Does Ultraviolet Pool Sanitizes Work?

The UV light is installed in-line after your pool’s filtration system. The UV sanitation system reproduces UV radiation using powerful lamps that are placed inside the light chambers. These emit germicidal UV light and disinfects your pool and spa water. Pool water treatment using this system requires fewer chemicals and allow the sanitizers to perform effectively. The degree of efficiency depends on aspects like pH, water’s hardness, and other influencing factors.

The UV lamps are placed inside an industrial graphite housing and are optimized for high rates of flow. The lamp is protected from the passing water by a specialized quartz glass sleeve. This arrangement transmits 99.9% of UV light and destroys organic matters. The ultraviolet rays enter the cell walls of the pathogens. This means, no disease-causing organism can escape from the strong dose of UV light.

What Are The Benefits Of Using UV Light?


Using UV light for pool water treatment is one of the safest methods to employ. The UV lamps are securely bound in a high-impact polymer housing. This arrangement will ensure that UV rays do not escape from the sterilization chamber and enter your pool.

It is also an environment-friendly process. Ultraviolet rays use physical process rather than a chemical. This feature makes UV rays a popular choice for improving the pool’s sanitation. The UV light has no residual effect that can harm your family, pets, aquatic life, and plant life. You will also be spared from handling, or storing dangerous chemicals.

Highly Effective

Ultraviolet technology is the best available form for pool disinfection. Did you know that chemical disinfection uses 90% of the chemicals for oxidation and only 10% for sanitation? UV, on the other hand, does both.

Have you noticed the crystal-clear waters of the Olympic pool? Underwater cameras can clearly shoot the entire pool surface. How is this possible? The secret lies in ultraviolet disinfection. Using UV systems is cost-effective and will give your pool a lasting shine.

Other Benefits

inground swimming pool cost

UV technology works on all kinds of microorganisms and is non-corrosive. You can also be free from the worry of allergic residues. UV rays do not affect your pool’s aesthetic in any manner. So, you will get the dual advantage of enjoying clean pool water and a visually stunning pool simultaneously.

Ultraviolet light turns pool maintenance into a lively task. This chemical-free process guarantees you a sparkling pool without the hazards of toxic by-products. Implementing this feature will make your pool safer and healthier for your family to use.

10 Best Pool Lights That You Can Have Installed in Your Swimming Pool

Isn’t it wonderful to relax in the pool after a long and busy day? But what if you wish to take a swim during the night? Absence of proper lighting may not permit you to unwind or may cause physical damages. Lighting forms like the floating pool lights come to your rescue by illuminating your pool and backyard. Here are some of the best lightings for your pool.

1. LOFTEK LED Light Ball With Remote

LED pool light

Are you looking to add some color along with pool lighting? Then the LOFTEK LED pool ball is the most viable option. It has four lighting modes and 16 different RGB colors. Use this to add color to your pool. You can also use several of them for a pool party. You can remotely control this ball and can light it for up to 12 hours on a single charge

2. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

This light is one of the best floating pool lights you can purchase. It is especially useful if you own a metal pool. One side of your pool provides 50-watt halogen light. An external power source connects the other side of the light. This innovative light will begin floating once you disconnect it from the power source. The entire unit has a distinct advantage over battery-powered models.

3. Main Access, 13 Inch, Floating LED Light

Floating pool lights like this one have a waterproof design and an extensive color collection. The waterproofing lets you place the ball in any part of your pool. It has a special ellipsis design that gives a unique appearance to your pool. A wireless remote lets you control it from any place of your home. It takes about five hours to charge fully. Once loaded, you can use it for up to ten hours.

4. iTobest Swimming Pool LED Light Bulb

It is a 35 watt LED light bulb with excellent illumination. It has low power consumption and easy to install. It brightens up your pool area without heating itself. The bright light is sufficient to light even the biggest of the pools. It has a superior light output that outmatches the halogen and fluorescent counterparts.

5. Topist Submersible LED Lights

These submersible lights are available in packs and are ideal for use in and around your pool. You can program them to display unique RGB colors and change the level of light. You can even set it to flash, strobe, smooth, or fade settings. The submersible lights are quite inexpensive and can be used to light up your backyard as well.

6. Intex Floating LED Light

pool lighting
Image source:

Intex floating pool lights are suited for use in small in-ground pools or above ground pools up to 18 feet diameter. Although the light is of little intensity, floating lights from Intex do have vibrant colors. If you have a larger pool, consider using several of these lights for a great effect. This simple lighting unit requires 4 AAA batteries and will be shut off automatically after two hours.

7. Dragonfly Floating Lotus Light

Do you want to add a romantic flair to your pool? Floating dragonfly light might be just right for you. Its romantic and warm lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The lights are waterproof and can change colors. It makes a great addition when you are hosting a party or any special occasion.

8. GAME Solar Underwater Light Show

This light displays spectacular underwater shows once the sun goes down. You can charge it fully in just 8 hours of sunlight – even on a partly cloudy day. The ultra bright LED lights give out 10-foot-display and disco-effect lighting.

9. TOVEENEN High Brightness Pool Light

Choose high brightness lights for enjoying a safe swim during the night. This 60-watt LED light replaces your old 500-watts R40 incandescent bulbs. You will notice substantial savings in energy and costs.

10. Bonbo LED Pool Light Bulb

This light is a superpower LED bulb that can light a 30,000-gallon pool. Inbuilt overheat protection technology ensures its longevity and efficient operation. Specially designed optical lens converges the light beam and makes way for even lighting. It comes with an 18-month warranty and premium support as well.

There are several brands of pool lighting in the market. Every brand is unique and offers creative lights to jazz up your pool. Make your purchase based on your budget and how you wish to decorate your pool.

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The Most Effective Way to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean is with the Right Cleaning System

If you have been using a swimming pool, then you might know about various pool cleaning systems. In most newly built pools, there is one system that is gaining more traction. That is none other than the automated and integrated cleaning system. Also known as in-floor pool cleaning system, it is seeing increasing demand in the current market. The reasons for this are the guaranteed optimal cleaning and lower cost of maintenance. And more importantly, it does not require human intervention.

Most in-floor cleaners are installed during a new pool build out. However, you can also add them while renovating your pool.

In-Floor Pool Cleaners: Working

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An in-floor pool cleaning system has one or a set of automatic electro-valves to distribute water to the pool. Water can be distributed to the entire pool or some areas, depending on the pool needs and its size.

Besides these valves, there are a set number of strategically placed nozzles at the bottom of the pool, near the stairs, or on the walls. These nozzles send pressured water which pushes dirt and debris in the pool to be collected in the in-floor cleaner drain.

In-floor cleaning systems can be used for pools of any size and any needs, by adjusting the power of water circulation. So, you might want to take the advice of a pool professional in finding the right fit for your pool and help you with the installation.

Benefits of In-Floor Cleaning Systempool installation

Apart from providing optimal cleaning for your swimming pool, in-floor cleaners can:

  • Sanitize your pool
  • Reduce heat and water loss
  • Evenly distribute the pool chemicals
  • Eliminate cold pockets

Minimum human effort needed:

The unique cleaning head sprays pressurized water into the pool. This helps the drain to collect and remove dirt and debris without human effort. It also closes and becomes invisible when the cleaning system is switched off.

Venturi effect:

Similar to standard jets, in-floor cleaners use water from the pump. However, the difference lies in the use of a venturi effect. Here, the cleaners pull water from the top to create a more powerful cleansing spray. By using two water sources, they can make a much stronger jet.

Importance of Circulation in Efficient Cleaning

Your pool water cannot be standing or still. For an effective pool cleaning method, you need proper circulation. Efficient pool circulation means even distribution of chemicals. In addition, you can also avoid debris and dirt getting collected.

While the in-floor systems are working, the cleaning heads provide a 360-degree rotation. This way, they guarantee excellent cleaning and overall circulation. Hence, you have evenly distributed, clean, heated water throughout your backyard oasis. The best part is that you do not need to put in any effort in the cleaning process.

Furthermore, the cleaning heads are placed in areas like the bottom of the pool, the steps, or benches. This means they won’t be interrupting your pool time and you can enjoy a great swimming experience.


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Add More Lights to your New Palm Desert Swimming Pool

Are you planning to upgrade your backyard using pool lights? Have your pool sparkling in the night with these beautiful lights. Cool and trendy lights are in high demand today. Here are some things you should know about pool lighting.

Types of Pool Lighting

nicheless led pool light

LED Lights

These eco-friendly pool lights are durable and bright. They typically provide 30,000 hours of lighting in comparison to the 5,000 hours of traditional incandescent bulbs. You can choose LED lights to light up underwater areas or above your pool. They are fashionable and offer a broad mix of colors. You can program these color bulbs to light up in a rhythmic manner.

Fiber Optic Lights

Bring down the starry effect from the sky on to your pool. Dazzle your pool base with fiber optic lights. Light up your pool’s rim with these amazing lights. Fiber optic cables do not carry electricity in them. So, they are safe to use underwater. They are slightly dull in contrast to LED lights. You may need more fiber optic strands to produce the desired effect.

Floating Lights

These pool lights make use of rechargeable batteries and are an economical lighting option. They vary in styles and colors. They can freely swim in your pool, or you can tether it to a particular spot of your choice. A solar version of floating lights is also available.

How Many Lights Do You Need?

There are no exact formulas that determine the number of lights you may need. Consider factors like pool size, pool surface, color, and output of the lights, and the extent of light’s usage. This will help you gauge the exact number required.

On a rough scale, one bright LED light is enough to light up a rectangular shaped pool. You may need more lights if you own a larger pool or have a pool of asymmetric shape. Darker pool surface will also invite more pool lights.

These lights can be placed either at the end or in the middle of an average pool. Remember to face the lights away if you are choosing to put them on your pool’s edges. Hiding the light source will have a better effect on your pool.

Colors and Control

LED pool light

LED lights are available in many vibrant colors. Some are available in 16 different varieties. You can even change these colors as per your need. Controlling the color pattern is done through a light controller or remote control. Premium pools also provide you the option to change colors from your smartphone!

Quality of Light

High-quality LED lights help to widen your pool’s illumination than the traditional halogen lights. LEDs scatter the light beam while the halogen lights provide focused lighting. The light quality also depends on the beam angles. Some lights can be spread 180 degrees, providing broader coverage. Others provide narrow beams that let you highlight a specific feature of your pool. Choose these lights based on the lighting effect you are trying to achieve.

Lights for your pool create a magical effect that adds life to your backyard aesthetic. The styles and colors of these lights are nearly endless. Your choice of light will determine the brightness and styling that you can achieve with these lights.

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What Are the Ways to Build a Dog Pool?

The days of summer are here and with that, it’s time for your furry friend to play under the sun. Like you, your pet also needs to avoid heat strokes and cool off. What can be better than a small dog pool? With the help of Phoenix pool companies, you can easily build a pool and make your backyard dog-friendly. Depending on the size of your backyard and your design preferences, there are many options to choose from. Here’s how you can build the best type of pool for your canine friend:

Consider the Kind of Dog You Own

Souderton pool safety

It is a misconception that all breeds of dogs are natural swimmers. Contrary to this belief, some dogs are not at all good at swimming. In fact, they have difficulty staying afloat in the water. Typically, dogs with flat faces or short legs find it difficult to swim. Hence, you should take into account the breed of your dog as an important factor when choosing a dog pool.

Consider the Size of Your Dog

Whether you own a puppy or a full-grown adult canine, consider their size before installation of a pool. For example, if you own a Mastiff or a Great Dane, you may need a larger pool. However, a small kiddie pool will suffice for the breeds like Pomeranian or Poodle.

Consider the Presence of Your Kids Around

Although it is safe to let your kids swim with the dogs in your pool, it needs a lot of caution as well. Dogs not only bring dirt and germs to the water but also dog hair can be a major issue. If you can’t keep the pool water clean enough, it is better not to allow your kids and dog swim together. Cleaning a big pool can be daunting without the help of Phoenix pool companies. So, if you want to cut down the chase, consider a doggy pool that can be easily cleaned after every use. Also, never leave children without supervision in the pool with dogs.

Consider the Right Size of Dog Pool

dog safety

Here again, consider your needs to determine the right size of dog pool. If you want a pool in which your dog and kids can play together, you should invest in a larger pool. The right size depends on the space that you can spare for the pool. If you are planning an inground dog pool, think about the right depth as well. Also, consider installing a dog ramp that lets your pet get in and out of pool easily.

Consider the Budget

The budget depends on the type of pool you’re willing to build. Use durable and sturdy materials for building a pool for your furry friend. The best Phoenix pool companies can help you in this selection. The top factors for setting aside a budget are the type of pool, space requirements, and how often you intend to use the pool. If you want the pool for long-term usage, consider an inground pool.

So, if you are a pet owner, consider these points before you hire Phoenix pool companies for installation of a dog pool.