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swimming pool debris

How to Minimally Prevent Swimming Pool Debris from Flying into Your Pool

There’s nothing worse than going outdoors with the intent to have a swim in your Dallas backyard pool only to realize that it is filled with leaves and other swimming pool debris. It is something that will surely mess up your day. After all, what’s the use of a pool if it is not clean enough to use? But you should not experience this issue anymore. It is perfectly easy to have a debris-free pool if you are willing to take the appropriate steps. It definitely is possible!

swimming pool debris

Here are Important Tips for Dealing with Swimming Pool Debris:

1. Perimeter fence

Installing a fence around your pool will prevent any larger bits of debris entering the pool. It can be expensive to fit an entire fence around your backyard pool. But it is certainly worth thinking about in order to keep the pool clean and safe as it possibly can be.

2. Get Rid of Overhanging Tree Branches

This is an easy technique, but it is effective. If trees are surrounding your backyard pool, it will get full of leaves and twigs very fast. To avoid this, you need to deal with any overhanging tree branches that will be causing you issues. This is easy to do to. You simply need a secure ladder to scale up and proper tools. You most likely need a chainsaw to deal with any big branches.

swimming pool debris

3. Reconsider Landscaping

If you find yourself regularly cleaning up leaves out of the pool, it may be time for you to take measures that will reduce work in the future. In most cases, heavy foliage swimming pool debris is due to defective pool building. If the pool was constructed near a mood line’s edge or under a tree grove, possibilities are an accumulation of leaves greet you each morning.

If you only plant a few trees at your home a landscaping service will get rid of them at a fee, which is probably less than a lifetime of maintenance. You can also consider planting low-level shrubs and bushes to block wind from bringing foliage into your pool.

4. Pool Cover

Having a pool cover is a great idea. If you have a pool cover that fits well and is secure, you will not have any issues keeping out swimming pool debris.

You will also find many different kinds of covers. For this reason, you need to learn a little bit about all of them before choosing which one will protect your pool well. Whatever you decide to do, do not decide hastily without providing it with the right level of thought to avoid disappointment later on.

swimming pool debris

Need Help with Pool Dealing with Swimming Pool Debris?

We understand that you do not always have time to do a thorough cleanup. That is why we’re here to help. Our team of pool specialist here at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas will look after all the stressful maintenance job. This means all you need to do is focus on enjoying the pool. Get in touch with us today so that you can schedule a pool cleanup! This will help get the pool pristine and sparkling once more in no time.

Houston pool construction

What is Houston Pool Construction like?

Enhancing your Houston outdoor space is one of the most fascinating things you can do. Sometimes, the weather in Houston, TX, is unpredictable, and some summer seasons feel like never-ending scorching heat waves. Houston pool construction will totally change the way your loved ones gets to spend its time. By installing a pool to your outdoor space, your loved ones will have a great time and cool off while soaking up the sun rays.

Houston pool construction

In this article, we’ll provide you with a brief insight into the Houston pool construction cycle. And it all starts with, the desire to have your own backyard pool.

Here are steps to Houston pool construction process:

1. Design and Engineer

The first step is to look for an experienced pool builder. After the first interview process, you’ll have a great idea of what your pool will cost to have constructed. The builder will give you a design. With a contract in hand, the building permit is got and your Houston pool construction commences in high gear.

2. Layout and Excavation

Excavation is one of the most interesting stages of your Houston pool construction process. It involves digging and forming of the pool. The usual time required to dig a pool will depend on several factors. These include the pool’s overall depth and size, soil conditions, and access. Nowadays, digging takes one to two days.

3. Rough plumbing and electrical

Once the digging is complete, it is time to proceed to the rough plumbing and electrical. At this stage, all the trenches will be dug for all the conduits and pipes necessary for your pool operation. The builder will do all the trenching and setting up of conduits and pipes at the same time.

Houston pool construction

4. Steel

This stage is the addition of rebar created in the pool’s ultimate shape. Our experienced crew will often tie the steel in less than one day. But this will depend on any bond beams or raised walls and the pool’s shape and size.

5. Gunite or Shotcrete

Up until this point, your outdoor space looks like one huge catastrophe space, with trenches running everywhere. There’s also a huge hole in your backyard space with a criss-cross rebar design running through. Gunite is the application of the concrete to the surface of the pool; it will make your pool’s shell. The installation of benches and the pool floor and walls will have been finished.

6. Decking

For most Houston pool owners, concrete is the preferred choice of decking. The material is affordable and durable in comparison to the other choices such as synthetic or natural wood products, stone, landscaping or grass, pavers or tile. Deck installation will take at least a few days for forming and finishing. It can also need several days and weeks based on the surface.

7. Houston pool construction cleanup and start-up

Once the greater part of your Houston pool construction is done, then comes the removal of all leftover materials from the pool site. All the empty boxes are hauled to the dumps, and lastly, your outdoor space will be all set for enjoyment and not resembling a disaster area. The final item remaining to do is to start up your pool. The start-up process guarantees all equipment is up and running. In addition, the pool has all of the needed chemicals to help prevent algae and other issues.

Houston pool construction

Houston Pool Construction – Conclusion

At Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, we provide high-quality craftsmanship at good prices. Since we value your property and time, all our work gets done expertly and on time, following the highest industry safety standards. We will help you build an elegant pool that will suit your budget, as well as your unique style. Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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pool designs

What to Know About Pool Designs for Your Backyard Oasis

An amazing Dallas pool design is left up to personal preference and style. This is definitely an essential element since we want to make sure that your end product is a beautiful pool you love looking at! At Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas, our initial step is to have one of our professional team sit down with you to really understand what your pool designs are. Then we’ll discuss what’s achievable within any limits that might be.

pool designs

Here What You Should Consider When It Comes to Pool Designs:

1. Fire Bowls

Combination of fire and water is another amazing design aspect, right in your pool. One great way to make this realize this dream is by creating columns, which have fire bowls directly into your pool. It’s possible to create these stunning columns using rock, brick or any other material you want. Fire and water display a true contrast and provide a stunning view for guests outside or in inside your pool.

2. Placement of the Pool

A pool is much more than an area to swim! Think about how it is going to appear in the landscape. Preferably, the pool needs to sit in the sunniest area on your property. It should also be appealing even when you’re not using it, especially if it is visible from your house.

3. The Best Materials for Pool Decks

Select deck materials for functionality. The primary consideration for any decking material is that under a hot sun it should stay at a comfortable temperature.

pool designs

4. What are Other Guidelines for Pool Designs?

The planned use of your pool should determine its design. If lap swimming is not a top priority, think about making the pool look appealing and luxurious. You can use a set of wide steps, which descend into the water at the pool’s shallow end. Homeowners may choose a continuous pool bench, or underwater shelf, alongside one side to offer a place for gathering.

5. Consider a Pool with a Vanishing Edge

A vanishing edge requires a suitable ambiance. While it will be a stunning design element, this kind of pool is most effective on a site with a considerable drop-off. You’ll also want to ensure the pool’s placement will work with other elements of the area, probably helping dramatize a breath-taking view.

6. What are the Best Pool Designs?

Square or round is a great shape for a spa. A rectangle also is the perfect shape for accommodating a pool cover, and, of course, for doing laps in a pool. A freeform type can be challenging to add in the landscape; it often needs lots of attention to itself.

8. How About You Consider Running Water?

You will get dramatic effects with little effort by incorporating a water element to your Dallas pool, to give an alluring sound and a visual focal point. There are many pool designs guidelines to take into consideration: the distance the waterfalls, the force of the water, the size of the opening, and the amount of water.

pool designs

Interested In Your Own Unique Pool Designs?

The primary aspect behind amazing pool designs is the best team and that’s what you will certainly get at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how you can be a part of our continually growing family!

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Mineral pool systems

What Are the Benefits to Mineral Pool Systems?

Keeping your Houston backyard pool water clean and fresh is very important. It also needs a lot of work in most cases. Generally, you will have to regularly keep track of salt or chlorine levels to balance your pool system. Mineral pool systems use natural elements, metals, or minerals to generate the same water quality advantages, which would otherwise be produced by chlorine or salt.

If you are not sure of whether mineral pool systems might be best for your backyard pool in Houston, the pool maintenance professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston will help you choose. We will work with you to decide whether the benefits of a mineral pool system can be beneficial for your family and your home. Our professionals can also offer any pool services you might need for your mineral pool system.

What Minerals are in Mineral Pool Systems?

So, what precisely constitutes a mineral pool system? Mineral pool systems are usually a combination of borates, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride.

What are mineral pools exactly?

Mineral pools are a much healthier, gentler option to chlorine or traditional salt swimming pools. These pools detoxify and revitalize the body at the same time while swimming and relaxing in your backyard oasis.

These pools use the magnesium properties, a mineral that helps in attaining good health. The health advantages of these pools include help with a healthy sleep cycle, reduce anxiety and stress, detoxification and relieve of aches. Mineral swimming pools are perfect for sensitive skin.

Mineral pool systems

Mineral pool systems allow you to completely immerse yourself in great health. These pools are extremely effective for helping your body to build and absorb healthy levels of magnesium and promote a higher sense of wellness.

Mineral pool systems good for you, and are eco-friendly

Mineral pools provide a more eco-friendly and healthier option to traditional pools. These pools do not go through as much water as standard pools, needing much less backwash.

Important things about mineral pools

  • It’s possible to convert any backyard pool to a mineral one. Premier Pools & Spas of Houston professionals will work with you to determine if a mineral pool is best for you and offer you an entire conversion. We’ll also be happy to enable you to create a new inground pool, which uses mineral water.
  • Mineral pools feel different. These pools feature a smooth feeling, which makes swimming an enjoyable experience. Your eyes are going to experience virtually no irritation, In addition, your skin and hair will not be smelly or sticky since they are after chlorine or salt pool swims.
  • These pools can boost your health. Taking a dip in these pools will help relieve pains and aches while also soothing the skin. Potassium chloride and magnesium chloride both are good for your health. With the readily available minerals in your pool also having natural antiseptic qualities, you require only a little bit of pool sanitizer to help keep your pool water healthy and pure. You can choose a mineral pool to increase your sense of health and attain a healthier pool.

Mineral pool systems

Mineral Pool Systems – Conclusion

If you want mineral pool systems in Houston, TX or nearby, please contact us at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston today!

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Water Features: What are Laminar Jets?

When you’re planning your Dallas luxury outdoor resort and pool area, you might be seeking features that will incorporate the latest options and technology or differentiate your property from its neighbors. Laminar jets are usually used in resorts, big fountains, and water shows to display unique water effects. These water features create lighted and clear arcs of water. They are individually ideal and combine to form a breath-taking effect.

laminar jets

Our pool experts can install laminar jets in new and existing pools and spas. This pool features have an integrated LED light module that offers a wide selection of color combinations for a stunning backyard pool.

Laminar Jets for Pools:

While you might be knowledgeable about laminar jets from water shows and other types of entertainment, you can use them in pools too. The streams produced will reach 7 feet high and project 8 feet outward. These even arcs can often be built from the landscape that surrounds the pool or hardscape or decking surrounding it. They can project into your fountain, spa, pool, or any other pool water feature.

Offers the Pool and Spa Colorful Effects:

Common for nighttime usage, laminar jets will be able to add a beautiful effect when you’re entertaining in your backyard space in Dallas. The water can provide a colorful effect if you use these features with an LED light source.

laminar jets

With automated settings, you can set the lights to rotate through an array of colors or set to hold a single color. This offers you a range of programming choices and flexibility.

It is possible to adjust the streams from these water features vertically as well as in different directions. You’ll be able to come up with different looks depending on the arc shape you like. Laminar jets are specially made to straighten the water’s molecules. This will help create a looks much like glass.

The technology of these water features will cause the water to take on the typically clear arcs, which these features often create. Without this innovation, the arcs might not have a smooth, accurate look and might be rough looking or distorted.

Most of the allure of the arcs made by laminar jets is because of their perfect look and precision. Most pool owners are often amazed by the stunning effect the arc makes. This is because they look like a piece of solid glass.  With this level of accuracy, the jets can create a stream of water without ripples or other flaws.

laminar jets

Laminar Jets – Conclusion

Whether you’re gathering friends and family for outdoor dining or holding a special event in your outdoor living space like a graduation party, laminar jets can offer fun that lifts up your gathering. Illumination effects that emphasize the pool area will add a little bit of stylishness to your pool area.

You should have laminar jets properly installed by the best professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas. Let’s talk about all of your pool design ideas so as to attain the optimal effect in your backyard oasis. Contact us today!

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What to Know about Owning a Saltwater Pool

When most homeowners in Dallas envision a pool, they associate it with refreshment, enjoyment, and relaxation. While swimming pools do offer these amazing feelings, pool owners usually get so embroiled in decisions on pool information. This causes them not to have time to enjoy their plush investment. One of the best decisions you can make is choosing a saltwater pool.

saltwater pool

Whether you just want to dip your toes or want to jump headfirst into owning a saltwater pool, you need to first evaluate your lifestyle.

Here are Factors to Help You See if a Saltwater Pool is Perfect for Your Property.

1. Eco-friendly and Safe

Since these pools do not need the excess chlorine addition, you don’t have to store the chemicals in your home or shed. Not only will your family be safe, but will also benefit the environment by not emitting chemical contaminants. These pools also feature softer water, making everyone have a great time.

2. Cost of a Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pool water installation can cost a lot than a regular chlorine pool system. If you take into consideration the reduced maintenance, damage on the pool itself and the cost savings in chlorine pucks and comparable chemicals, this pool type will pay for itself very quickly.

Prospective saltwater pool owners need to know before installing, that salt, in the long run, is corrosive to a pool’s interior and the pool fixtures. Pool fixtures like ladders, decking, nearby furniture, tile, and coping might get affected ultimately.

saltwater pool

For this reason, you might have to replace, in spite of it being just a little bit of salt. The reason being pool fixtures oxidize in the long run when exposed to the process of electrolyzing, which takes place in a saltwater pool.

3. Keeping Your Pool Afloat

A saltwater pool is a safer and easier maintenance in comparison to a traditional chlorine pool. The reason being, salt water systems have gotten rid of the harsh effects of storing, dispensing, handling and swimming in lots of chemicals. These pools use less chlorine as a sanitizer.

Furthermore, as the levels of chlorine fall in traditional swimming pools, because of not enough stern testing and maintenance, the level of hazardous chloramines or by-products from the process of stays intact. However, the free chlorine in a saltwater pool breaks down these by-products that are the cause of that odor usually linked to chlorinated pools, lung irritation, and red itchy eyes. Saltwater pools prevent the buildup of chloramines. This is because the levels of chlorine refill themselves regularly. They don’t rely on pool workers or owners to add more chlorine to the pool water as required.

A traditional pool needs you to add chlorine as well as other chemicals on a regular basis to keep them clean. A saltwater pool features a separate chlorine generator that generates natural chlorine from salt.

saltwater pool

Saltwater Pool – Conclusion

With that said, it all depends on individual preferences whether or not to have saltwater or a traditional chlorine pool. Although saltwater pools have their own unique issues, it’s true they seem to provide some automation advantages. Whatever you go for, Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas is always here to help you to make the best decision!

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swimming pool size

What Swimming Pool Size will be Big Enough for My Family?

What swimming pool size should you have? At Premier Pools & Spas, we believe you’re the right person to answer the question. But we understand the difference that the proper guidance and advice will make in assisting you to arrive at a well-informed decision. We have been in the pool construction industry for years, and we have assisted so many clients throughout Houston, TX, to choose the right swimming pools for their homes. We make this happen by not only providing information on different pool shapes, designs and sizes but also by providing advice on the factors you should consider when selecting your swimming pool size.

swimming pool size

The right swimming pool size to suit your needs

Your swimming pool size depends on your own personal circumstances. This will include the number of people in your home, who will be using your pool, and whether you want a small pool for relaxation or you’re a serious lap swimmer. It should fit perfectly into your outdoor space, and be able to fit within your budget.

We’ll be glad to help you choose the right swimming pool size to suit your needs; please contact us to discuss your needs.

Factors to consider when choosing your swimming pool size include:

1. The yard’s size

Even if your backyard is small, you may want to use most of the outdoor space for the pool. To keep a little bit of landscaping around your backyard pool, then you will have to minimize the swimming pool size you select accordingly.

swimming pool size

2. Backyard features

Your property’s size will naturally limit the size of the renovations, but so will other outdoor features, such as the patio. Other common outdoor entertaining choices, such as water features as well as a grilling area to improve the beauty of your pool might also limit the available swimming area.

3. The pool’s purpose

You need to think about your family’s size, which includes the likelihood of future growth. Homeowners who like throwing neighborhood gatherings will probably gain from a bigger pool that will accommodate more friends. But if you do not want to host such get-together regularly, a small pool is appropriate.

Whether you just want a pool for therapy or working out, or if the pool is mostly for the children, or it will be part of the backyard features and overall landscape or some other factors, they will all impact your preferred swimming pool size.

4. Proportion and balance

If there’s nothing else providing you with direction for your swimming pool size, consider creating ‘balance’ in your outdoor space. Some homeowners simply want to get the smallest or the largest pool possible. But that usually leads to a pool that appears out of place; either too small or too big for the area. Check out your backyard’s existing elements, consider the other uses you have for the outdoor space and find a swimming pool size to accommodate all of them.

swimming pool size

Swimming Pool Size- Start Designing Your Dream Pool Today!

Before deciding on which swimming pool size you want, it is important to talk to one of our informed and skilled pool designers. They will be happy to find the best choice to suit your needs. To find out more about our services, contact us at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston today!

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tanning ledges

What are Tanning Ledges in Pool Design?

Pool owners in Dallas often add tanning ledges into their backyard pool for various reasons. One is that a tanning ledge is a perfect area for swimmers to lounge and tan near the pool. This is because they can be in inside and out of the water at the same time.  This feature lets you relax in the pool water and not have maneuver yourself on a pool float, or change into your swimsuit.

tanning ledges

This pool feature often extends several feet in the pool. It provides you with, plenty of space for a few pieces of furniture. A tanning ledge is usually only deep enough to ensure you stay cool, which means you are not actually going to float or swim in it. You may be asking yourself why anybody would like tanning ledges.

What are Tanning Ledges best for?

Perhaps the proper way to inform you of all the things to do with tanning ledges is to offer a list of ways in which pool owners use them.

  • Tanning while putting on sunscreen of course
  • Having a meal or enjoying a drink
  • Playing with your furry friend
  • Socializing spot
  • Resting after workout and swimming
  • Use it as a secure play area for toddlers and babies
  • Napping
  • Reading a book
  • Keeping cool during summer

tanning ledges

Will these features occupy lots of space?

Your sun shelf does not have to occupy lots of space if you are worried about that. Some tanning ledges are only big enough for just one lounge chair while some will fit several.

Are tanning ledges kid friendly?

Our pool experts can confirm that children of all age groups enjoy using tanning ledges. Many parents like them since they offer infants and small children with a safe area to join the family members in the pool. Older children usually love to use this feature to rest between playing games and racing.

Teenagers also use tanning ledges to unwind when they simply want to hang by the pool water or for socializing with friends. It is certainly not a feature that your children will outgrow.

Who would reap the benefits of tanning ledges?

If none of them aroused your interest, think about the others who will use your pool. Do you have small kids? Would anyone in your family enjoy using a chair to lounge in the pool? Will your pets be in your pool? If your answer is yes to any of these, you may want to consider incorporating separate tanning ledges on the side or picking a design with tanning ledges.

tanning ledges

Interested in Creating the Ultimate Relaxation Spot with Tanning Ledges?

Whatever the cost of incorporating this feature, there’s no denying the evident benefits of a tanning ledge. Incorporating tanning ledges into your pool design will let you have more use out of the pool. When you’re making the decision to buy this feature, reconsider how this feature is going to fit into your family. With young kids in the family, a tanning ledge is a safe spot to enable them to get their feet wet on a warm summer day in Dallas. In addition, if you like relaxing and tanning in the sun, then incorporating a tanning ledge to the pool is the perfect option!

If you live in Dallas, TX, and want a pool building specialist, look no further than Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas.

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ultimate pool party

5 Tips on How to Throw an Ultimate Pool Party

If you’ve got a pool in your Houston backyard, there’s a good chance you have many ideas for throwing an ultimate pool party, since people love spending time at your place. A pool party is without question an instant hit.

ultimate pool party

Before you throw an ultimate pool party, however, you should arrange for pool maintenance first. This will ensure that your backyard pool is safe and clean for all your friends and family. Once the pool is all set to go for the season, you should start making preparations for a pool party.

Here are tips for throwing an ultimate pool party.

1. You can plan some games

You may not need to play any games since your pool party is already such a hit; however, you need to have some available in the event things begin to slow down. Whether you have pool volleyball, board games, giant Jenga, or something else, ensure they are all set and ready to go. In addition, you can play fun games such as sharks and minnows and Marco Polo.

2. Safety

Safety should always be the first priority. At all times keep a first-aid kit close by in the event one of your guests or family member requires it. If there are kids at your ultimate pool party, have adults keeping an eye on them always.

ultimate pool party

3. Have additional towels

Some considerate guests might bring their own towels, but with children, there’s the possibility they will want to head back in after feeding on something or right before it is time for them to leave. You can place a bin or basket with some dry towels by your pool, so your guests should not go home all wet. Go for inexpensive towels you do not mind guests going home with, in the event they do not return them to you immediately.

4. Decorations

You can make the decorations for your ultimate pool party hugely colorful. Put streamers in the kitchen or on the patio, or you can tie colorful balloons to the pool fence or around the backyard. You can throw beach balls around as well. Make sure you have lots of noodles, rafts, floatable toys, etc. in it. Remember to put out all your loungers and lawn chairs and provide them with a festive appearance by placing multi-colored towels over them. You can also use fun things as frisbees to serve vegetables and fruits. If your ultimate pool party is during the night, you can use paper lanterns or tiki torches for light.

5. Music

Before sending send the invites to your ultimate pool party, take the time to create a playlist of songs you know your friends and family would enjoy. You’ll then have to rent or purchase some wireless speakers and stream or download the songs so that it plays constantly without disruptions. You can also get floating, waterproof speakers that let you bring the tunes closer to the action.

ultimate pool party

Ready to Throw an Ultimate Pool Party?

By using these tips, you will find yourself throwing an ultimate pool party of the summer season. At Premier Pools & Spas, we are pool builders serving Houston,TX, as well as the surrounding areas. To find out more about installing a new pool and ideas of throwing an ultimate pool party, contact us today!

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backyard staycation

Backyard Staycation – How to Convert Your Backyard into a Perfect Oasis

Whoever says you should go to a far away vacation spot has never been in a staycation-worthy outdoor space. By incorporating some elements to your backyard space, you can create a tranquil backyard staycation for you, your friends and family. Premier Pools & Spas, your Dallas pool builders, construct backyard staycations that can help you stay cool and relaxed this summer season.

backyard staycation

Pools aren’t only perfect for swimming with your loved ones, but they are also perfect for all your outdoor parties and barbecues as well! To get the most out your pool make sure you stock up on the accessories for your oasis. Consider slides, pool noodles, diving boards, floats, beach balls, and slides.

Creating a backyard staycation destination.

1. Creating the Perfect Ambiance

The right backyard retreat, one ideal for relaxing as well as entertaining, can be yours if the ambiance is perfect. Creating the best ambiance will need a bit of planning, but seating is the best area to start. Whether in a comfortable hammock or recliner, your most essential accessory is comfortable seating.

In addition, when you’re trying to create the perfect atmosphere lighting is important. As the sun sets, your backyard space can be turned into a luminous backyard paradise with some touches. A popular of most is affordable floating candles in the pool that help create a soft and calming effect. String lights inside lanterns or globes have the exact same shimmery shimmering effect.

backyard staycation

2. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

A barbecue grill, sink, a small preparation space, and refrigerator is all you require to create the ideal outdoor kitchen. You don’t have to spend a lot to install an outdoor kitchen. It just requires a comfortable, functional and gives off a little bit of warmth, the kind of space that will ensure everyone’s smiling even before the food is ready.

From simple, portable designs to more sophisticated ones, there are lots of ways you can spend more without and not compromise the style.

Keep in mind, even a smaller sized, comfortable area will make a huge impact. What is essential is how the outdoor kitchen feels.

3. Pergolas

Finally, no backyard staycation is complete without the best pergola. They will offer you comfort and shade on even the hottest summer days in Dallas.

It’s easy to forget about this element, especially when you are rushing to get all the ideal activities and accessories together in addition to arranging your backyard staycation area. These are essential to remember, though, since they can protect you, your guests and family from the hot summer sun.

In addition, this the pergola can double as a cabana to offer extra staycation ambiance! Incorporate that additional touch of luxury using some oversized loungers to get in the spirit of summertime.

backyard staycation

Backyard Staycation for Quality Relaxation Time!

Your outdoor living space is there to use and enjoy. Let’s turn your backyard space into a backyard staycation space of your dreams. Do not waste money or time going for your holiday retreat; all you want is available right in your backyard space outside. Contact the best Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas professionals to find out more about ways to transform your backyard into the best vacation spot.

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