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Tips for Pool Maintenance All Year Round

As the seasons change, pool owners should take special measures to make sure their pools are in the best shape. Pool maintenance isn’t as easy as placing the pool cover on for the winter season and not thinking of it again until summer time. Gunite Pools Pros and Cons To ensure your dream pool is in perfect condition year-round, whether you are using it or not, needs frequent maintenance, no matter the season. However, while there’s a bit of effort needed in maintaining a swimming pool, it should not be complicated. Dallas Pool Service professionals have some suggestions about what you should do to keep your backyard oasis clean, sparkling and ready for you to have fun in.

Here are some pool maintenance tips to make your swimming pool ready for use daily:

1. Chlorination

If you do not have a saltwater swimming pool and use chlorine, make sure you examine the chlorine dispenser every week to ensure it is functioning well and is filled with chlorine. It’s important that you also keep an eye on the levels of chlorine in your pool to make sure any issues are spotted early on.

2. Clean pool

It is best if you clean out your skimmer basket at least once every week. In the fall and spring months, you might want to do it even more often. You should also look out for debris inside the pump every few weeks; make sure that you shut down the pump first. In addition, clean the filters every 1 to 2 months, or sooner, based on the clarity of the pool water.

3. Circulate the pool

Our professionals recommend that to maintain your pool’s right chemical balance; you should circulate your swimming pool. If you run the pool pump for 8 to 10 hours daily, it will move the pool water around and maintain its crucial chemical balance.

4. Cover the pool

Whenever you’re not using your pool, a pool cover is an easy way to keep debris and dirt out of the pool water. It will minimize the loss of water because of evaporation.

5. Check your pool’s water level

Every week it is important to check your pool’s water level and add water as required. If you are unsure what your pool’s water level should be, feel free to contact us, and we will inform you. Also, reduce build-up from accumulating by cleaning along the water line.

Other tips for pool maintenance

  • Do not swim. If tests show that your water isn’t within accepted quality levels, or if perhaps it looks unhygienic and cloudy, avoid swimming.
  • Service your pool equipment. From your pool cleaner to the salt chlorinator and filter, keep in mind that anything with moving components can break down. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to minimize the risk of any mechanical problems.
  • Clean frequently. Remove debris and litter from your swimming pool and vacuum it frequently to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.
Pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

Keep in mind that pool maintenance needs to start from the time you become a pool owner. It can be time-consuming following a consistent pool maintenance schedule. If you think that you will not have time to do frequent (and adequate) maintenance, contact Dallas Pool Service today!

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Brushing Your Pool as Part of Your Pool Maintenance

One of the perfect ways to spend summertime is swimming in your own El Dorado Hills dream pool. However, enjoying your summer vacation in your own backyard oasis will also cost you some basic maintenance. Brushing your pool frequently is one of them. It is important to do things such as cleaning the pool tiles, emptying the baskets and cleaning debris. One thing that usually gets overlooked when you are not using El Dorado Hills Pool Service expert is brushing the pool. This may appear like a difficult and pointless task brushing your pool; however, it needs to be done regularly. It will avert stains on your swimming pool and further improve your pool’s cleanliness.

Why Brushing your pool is important

Think your pool does not need brushing? You better think again. Brushing will clean the pool surfaces and prevent staining. Most of the newer pools feature an automatic system for cleaning, which prevents pool owners from brushing the swimming pool. However, these systems do not do the best brushing. By brushing the floor, steps, walls, floor and benches of your swimming pool, you’re providing it with a great scrub that decreases the amount of slime and algae forming in the pool. Brushing can prevent the staining of your pool surface as well.

Areas of a pool that don’t need brushing

Most of the surfaces of your pool need brushing. The exception can be your pool’s floor if you have the best automatic swimming pool cleaning system that features a tail. It will do some of the pool floor brushing for you. But you still have to brush your pool’s bottom of every couple of months in the event the automatic cleaner did not clean it effectively. gunite pools cost

How often should you brush the pool

Brushing your pool needs to be done at least once a week, but if possible twice every week. It just takes roughly ten minutes from start to end, so it is not a big task. However, it’s an essential one to remember to do. If you are skimming the pool twice every week, also take a couple of extra minutes to brush it.

How you can brush your swimming pool

Brushing your pool is an easy task if you choose to undertake it on your own. Remember if you hire the best El Dorado Hills Pool Service experts, they will take care of frequent pool brushing for you. A good choice can be a combination of nylon and stainless steel pool brush. You should attach the pool brush to your telepole and run it across the surfaces of the pool. This will include the benches, steps and wall of your pool. You should not use force while scrubbing; just a simple brushing along the surface of the pool will work great. Brushing your pool If brushing your pool is a tiring chore, or you are too busy for that, then you can contact us and book a service. We are here to help you maintain a clean pool. Let El Dorado Hills Pool Service professionals look after your swimming pool, hassle-free. You will be floating around sooner!

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Keeping Up With Pool Tile Maintenance

Have you at one time checked out your tub while you are bathing and spotted the ring around the bathtub? The same thing can occur in your inground pool though it is probably a buildup of calcium! Roseville Pool Service professionals will explain why it’s important to have pool tile maintenance. This is to help solve the issue of unsightly rings in your backyard pool! What causes rings to appear around the pool tiles? There are countless reasons they can take place; however, you should deal with the possible issue before it takes place.

The importance of pool tile maintenance

Brown, gray or white patches or lines can build up on the tiles, at the pool water line. This happens if the water has unbalanced levels of pH. The reason behind is that calcium carbonate separates from the water creating patches or even lines of buildup on the pool tiles. The most effective way to ensure the lines don’t occur is to do frequent pool tile maintenance. Our pool experts will brush the pool floor and walls, balance the chemicals and clean the water to help assure your swimming pool will not have build up. Here’s what our professionals will check and do to assure your swimming pool does not have a build up.
  • Testing and adjusting the total alkalinity before you adjust the level of pH.
  • Testing the water to make sure that the levels of pH are in balance.
  • Chemical balancing and everyday water testing will help deal with any possible scale build up. It  might even prevent it from occurring.
  • Calcium hardness and levels of calcium should be level. If they are excessive, the swimming pool is prone to scale buildup. Adding a scale inhibitor or soft water will deal with this problem.
  • If scale occurs, you should use tile cleaner and a sponge to gently rub it. You can also use a soft brush, but make sure it is the type that’s made for use on the pool’s construction material.
Owning a pool is a huge responsibility and has the practically never-ending chore of pool maintenance and cleaning. You might choose to clean the swimming pool yourself, or you might choose to hire a Roseville Pool Service and maintenance expert to do it for you. There are lots of pool owners who undertake the work themselves. But they find it’s very time-consuming and in their occasionally limited spare time they would rather take a dip than clean the swimming pool.

Pool Tile Maintenance – Conclusion

Our experts have got many years of experience. Additionally, they can help you to figure out the most economical solutions to make your backyard oasis looking new once more and keep that look for years. If your pool tiles are in great condition, then you should get them cleaned frequently to ensure that they retain their look. We will also assist you to put in place a schedule for cleaning. This is to make sure that your pool tiles don’t get dirty beyond cleanup. Any question on pool tile maintenance? Contact Roseville Pool Service for a free estimate.

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The People of Austin Have Spoken

When you decide to construct a custom pool in your Austin home, it can be an overwhelming work to decide on the layout, the design, and most importantly: the pool builders that will install the swimming pool for you. That is where our Premier Pools & Spas of Austin comes in. Austin Our professionals make selecting a pool design an easy task. Whether you’re a commercial business or residential homeowner, you can feel confident that we will give you the resources and knowledge needed to help you choose the best dream pool to fit your lifestyle. Premier Pools & Spas of Austin specializes in the conceptualization, custom pool design and construction of great pools.

This is what some pool owners in Austin had to say:

‘I would recommend Premier Pools and Spas of Austin to anyone who is even considering a new swimming pool. It was very important for us to work with a company and individuals that we could trust with such a significant financial investment. We received quotes from 3 other pool companies including a well-known pool company in the Austin area. I felt like I was being “sold” to from the two nationwide pool companies and the Austin based company was completely out of budget. Austin Amy and Brady Baird were completely opposite from these experiences. From the minute they walked into our house they were passionate, honest and took the time to understand what we wanted from our pool. They took into account our kids ages and how we expected to use the pool for the next 5-10 years. They also explained the technology behind the pool. I can confidently say that I feel we received the highest level of quality and craftsmanship in our pool. I feel the price was fair and completely in line with the other quotes that I got. In fact, for the money, I believe we got a much better product than any of the other pool companies. I’m so glad we didn’t choose another company based on stories others have told us about their experiences with pool companies that were unresponsive or cut corners with their work. Having a pool has been one of my dreams, and I can’t think of a better company to fulfill that dream.” Chad L. Austin

Ready for Your Own Custom Pool?

You can be confident choosing Premier Pools and Spas of Austin to build or remodel your pool. We take pride in the fact that not only are we great custom pool designers, but we also great “pool builders”. This means that they intimately know what it takes to build all types of pools and spas, regardless if they are on the side of a mountain or in a small, space-challenged backyard. We are experts in pool construction and will take the time to explain how we are going to build your pool and what makes us different from other pool builders.

Pool Features to Consider in Your Lexington Home

Pools are amazing in themselves, but you can add some appealing pool features to make them more entertaining and beneficial. There are lots of special features to think about when choosing your Lexington dream pool. Make sure that your Premier Pools & Spas of Lexington professional incorporates all of your needs in the pool design. It is important that the design of your pool brings your idea to life and that you’re in accord with your builder.

Here’s a list of some pool features that you can consider:

Incorporated landscaping

If you desire to make your backyard oasis feel lush and tropical, put aside the preconceived idea that it should be surrounded by concrete or stone. Premier Pools & Spas of Lexington can help bring your landscaping right up to the edge of your pool. This is to blend the pool water with the growth in your backyard space. Merging your pool design and your landscaping will make your swimming pool feel like an incorporated oasis.

Attached Spa

Before finalizing your pool building plans, you should think about whether or not to use a spa to complement your pool. An in-ground spa offers a great way to unwind after playing or doing some pool laps, and you can use it all year long.


Pool features such as lighting helps make swimming during the night easier and safer. Pool owners used to have minimal option when choosing swimming pool lighting, but these days you will find lots of energy-saving pool lighting fixtures to select from. Some of them provide different color-changing features and degrees of brightness. Think about illumination not only for inside the swimming pool but also for the pool deck.

A nearby source of heat

There is nothing quite like unwinding in your backyard oasis on a warm sunny day. The only issue? When it comes time for you to get out of the pool, the cold evening air is not perfect. You may want to ease that change by installing a fire pit near the edge of your pool. It will essentially ensure that your swimming pool will get much more use after sundown. Consider setting up seating nearby; it is an amazing atmosphere for you, your family and friends to enjoy slow evenings.

A tanning shelf

This raised part of your swimming pool provides you with the chance to enjoy the pool water and not have to get your hair wet. A tanning shelf – also called a Baja shelf or sun shelf, is perfect when you want to cool off in the pool water but still enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Swim-up bar

Looking to make your Lexington pool fun central during the summer season? A swim-up bar is a good approach to attract friends who swim in your swimming pool to return regularly. A bar doesn’t have to occupy a lot of space. It can be custom-built to complement your home’s exterior and the design of your pool.

Ready for Your Own Dream Pool?

Our professionals can help you incorporate one or more of these pool features into your pool design. You’re sure to have one of the most amazing pools in the neighborhood! To work with a reputable and professional pool builder who will make sure that your investment is worth every penny, call Premier Pools & Spas of Lexington TODAY!
Building a Swimming Pool

Building a Swimming Pool in Your Lewiston Backyard

If you’re thinking of building a swimming pool in your Lewiston backyard, it’s time for you to start planning for the challenge seriously. Premier Pools & Spas of Lewiston focuses on helping homeowners ensure that they meet all the requirements, and questions are addressed. Let’s begin by looking at the basics to consider before building a swimming pool, Building a Swimming Pool


Before you make the first deposit, you should ensure that you have a sound budget for finishing the swimming pool. Most instantly resort to home equity loans; however, other alternatives that might be worth looking at include an unsecured loan or a second mortgage. Premier Pools & Spas has a workforce ready to help you with getting financing.

The design

A swimming pool design can involve depth, an additional feature, color, shape, material and size. The 3 best-known types of inground pools are fiberglass, vinyl-lined and concrete. Additional features include things such as diving boards, tanning ledges, waterfalls, etc. The shape of your swimming pool can be round, rectangle, square or kidney shaped. Remember, you can also get your dream pool custom designed.

Bylaws and permission needed before building a swimming pool

Any good pool builder can give you best advice on how to navigate your local jurisdiction’s requirements. But the final responsibility belongs to the homeowner so ensure you have done your homework and established the area’s legal requirements.

Special features

Water and lighting features are always designed to maximize the pool’s enjoyment. Depending on what you’re going to use the pool for, you can go for play areas for volleyball or basketball, underwater benches, shallow-beach style entries and a swim-up bar. Another easy way is going for an automatic pool safety cover to protect an unsupervised swimming pool. Building a Swimming Pool

The size of the swimming pool

A lot of people argue that smaller pools are inexpensive and simple to maintain. Usually, your budget determines the size of your swimming pool. Professionals at Premier Pools & Spas will help you with getting the best size. Your pool’s shape is also likely to determine the correct size for your swimming pool. Our qualified pool builder can help you determine the proper usage of your space to ensure that the end result permits ease of movement or a play area or a garden if that’s essential to your family.

Pool safety requirements

You should consider the pool’s safety before you construct it. Taking needed measures is the best way to protect this type of investment. Some of the safety requirements include life-saving apparatus, a fence, an insurance cover and pool covers.

Know your builder

Any building project can have unexpected challenges or costs, and building a swimming pool is no different. You want your pool to be the vacation spot for your friends and family, so hire a trustworthy pool building company. Building a Swimming Pool

Creating Your Own Backyard Paradise!

When you’re thinking about building a swimming pool of your dreams, we, at Premier Pools & Spas of Lewiston will do all we can to make sure your swimming pool is completed on time. Our professionals are here to help you through the entire process so that you can move ahead with your Lewiston pool and have the backyard of your dreams. Call us today to get started!
Pool building

The Swimming Pool Building Process

Perhaps you have looked out in your empty Redding outdoor space and dreamt of a beautiful swimming pool. Imagine a striking tropical scenery that imitates a vacation spot, a warm spa that soothes fatigued muscles, and a gorgeous pool that sparkles in the sun! The pool building process can be daunting. It is a little bit scary to see a huge crater in your outdoor space. But your Premier Pools & Spas of Redding will keep everything moving to ensure that you will be swimming and splashing before you know it. Pool building The actual pool building can often be completed within 14 days; however, that time frame can extend or reduce due to numerous conditions. Many areas need construction permits before building an inground pool. There are also more inspections during the process of installation. This can add a bit of time overall, depending on your backyard, how busy the inspectors are and the placement of the swimming pool. If you’re having your pool builder perform custom work on the swimming pool, like retaining walls or stone decking, you can expect the pool building process to take a bit longer. The main thing to keep in mind is don’t ever hurry this installation as yo will compromise the quality.

Steps we go through during pool building include,

1. Building site survey

Our professionals will schedule a building site survey before beginning the installation. The team will do the survey and assess the plans the pool designer has made for you.

2. Excavation

This is an important part of the pool building process, and it is carried out with extreme care to prevent various issues later in the installation process. Our team will remove tons of dirt from your outdoor space during this process of swimming pool excavation. Pool building

3. Plumbing

Hydraulic calculations are done to make sure that all the equipment and piping are of the proper size. The plumbing is made specifically for your custom pool project to ensure the water circulates properly.

4. Deck, coping and tile

Our pool designers will provide you with an array of coping, tile and deck options for your swimming pool. After the basic design of the swimming pool, these features will have a major effect on your new pool’s overall feel and look.

5. Interior finish

The final step is working on interior finishes before we start filling your swimming pool with water. This also is another area where Premier Pools & Spas truly stands out; with our own custom interior finishes. It’s obvious that pool building is an exciting process to look at, but actually having your own outdoor space transformed by Premier Pools & Spas to enjoy is far better than you can imagine! Imagine your loved ones enjoying time together swimming, laughing and making lasting reminiscences. One of life’s most treasured moments is the ability to invite family and friends over to a barbeque in your backyard kitchen and visit your backyard space. The best setting for living the outdoor lifestyle is having a built-in pool and spa installed. Nowadays, one of the highest priorities for families is outdoor living since they can focus their valuable time on their loved ones and create an enjoyable, safe, healthy, and fun environment to enjoy life. Pool building

Enjoy Your Backyard Oasis!

If you are looking to improve your quality of living, call Premier Pools & Spas of Redding and allow us to help you construct a beautiful backyard paradise complete with a pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, spa, outdoor living, barbecue, or whatever else your heart desires. Life’s too short; make it count with a Premier Pools & Spas backyard!
Water features

Benefits of Water Features in Your Swimming Pool

If you want to beautify your Atlanta backyard space with a pool or remodel your existing one, then you are most likely wondering if including water features are worthy investments. If you want the swimming pool to stand out among your next door neighbors, the best decisions that you can make is adding water features. Whether it is a slide, waterfall, fountain, or cascade, a water feature helps to bring your pool to life. From creating a calming audio backdrop to generating stimulating visuals, they help in adding harmony to your backyard. Water features

Here are some benefits of adding water features:


Add beauty to your pool with water features. Whether you add a striking waterfall off the top of a grotto, a rain decent, or a sheer descent, the options are limitless. They enhance the landscape’s overall aesthetic appeal.


People are more enticed to the sound coming from water features that are added to your swimming pool. It’s a beautiful thing seeing the waterfalls, and also the sound of the pool water cascading over the rocks. It turns into a calming sound to the ear while relaxing alongside it or just floating in the swimming pool.


Remember that it is fun to splash about in pool water as well. Another way you and your family can play around and have fun is adding a waterfall. We can also pair some water slides with a cascading waterfall to provide you with the experience of an amusement park just a couple of feet from your back door. Other types of water features children enjoy are water slides, deck jets arcing into a swimming pool, and bubblers.


Water slides, fountains, waterfalls, streams, all these things add more fun to your backyard space. Your home becomes more appealing and has more value if you should ever want to put it for sale. Investing in timeless water features will give your home lots of curb appeal.

Stress relief

Even if you are not using the fountain as an important part of your swimming pool, you can still get the relief from stress that comes with running water. What is as good as laying by the swimming pool, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying a cold drink?

Keep the pool water moving

Improving your pool’s circulation can help you for some different reasons. To start with, it will keep the chemicals in motion. If you don’t do not have time to swim regularly, your swimming pool might not get the needed circulation. A swimming pool fountain can get the water moving. It will also help get foreign matter to the filter, which helps to keep your pool clean. Your swimming pool is also unlikely to develop algae issues if the pool water is constantly moving. Are you ready to install your new water features? Then talk to your Premier Pools & Spas of Atlanta about it. We are a top-notch pool designer and builder who can incorporate any feature into your swimming pool. Regardless of what you have in mind, you can count on Premier Pools & Spas to make it a reality.
Pool Water Conservation

Pool Water Conservation tips for homeowners

Pool water conservation is one of the key things to do as a pool owner. Are you worried about the quantity of water getting wasted in your pool? While most people are able to conserve water during their everyday activities, such as taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while brushing their teeth, the notion of pool water conservation is still unclear for some. Pool Water Conservation Most tips for conserving pool water are often based on minimizing and preventing evaporation. Furthermore, some easy repairs, such as replacing or fixing a leaking pipe, can play a role in your efforts of water conservation.

Here are some pool water conservation tips while looking after your pool:

Cover your pool

It is important to invest in a good pool cover to ensure pool water conservation. There are lots of different kinds of pool covers that fit every budget. Pool cover alternatives you can use include shade structures and pool floats. Covers not only keep pool water from escaping but help to keep debris building up in your swimming pool. Pool covers also make a good swimming pool safety feature for a family swimming pool averting accidental falls.

Attend to cracks and leaks

If you have cracks in the swimming pool, it will leak water. Furthermore, if you have leaky valves and pipes, your swimming pool leaks as well. You want to check out your pool as well as your equipment pad frequently for cracks. Our professionals will help stop the issue before it gets uncontrollable. Please don’t hesitate to contact Premier Pool Service of Dallas if you need help with anything pool related. Pool Water Conservation

Minimize splashing

In the long run, you want the water in the swimming pool, not outside of the pool, but you do not want to do it and spoil your summer fun. You should take swimming time as a good opportunity to explain to children why it’s best to conserve water. The best Dallas Pool Service professionals recommend that you should keep pool features such as fountains and waterfalls turned off when not being used to reduce the volume of water, which evaporates due to wind.

Maintaining the pool filter

When your filtration system is dirty, you should backwash it to clean it. The method of backwashing wastes lots of pool chemicals and water. Keep your pool filter clean through the right filter maintenance to avoid the need to backwash. Not only will you conserve water, but you will have crystal clear pool water.

Maintaining your pool’s water level

Keep an eye on the water level and if you should top it up, monitor it. You do not want to overlook it and overfill the swimming pool and waste any additional pool water. If you regularly use your pool, keep the level of water a bit lower than usual to minimize the volume of water lost when too much splashing takes place. Pool Water Conservation

Ready For Your Own Pool?

A little bit of smart pool design will help you conserve water in another way. You can use privacy barriers, shrubs and fences as a strategy to prevent wind contact with the swimming pool. Furthermore, look at your power bills frequently, since any big spike can be an sign of an evaporation or leak problem. Do you want to know more about pool water conservation methods, or any of our other pool services? Talk to the professionals at Dallas Pool Service TODAY!

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Pool Designs

All You Should Consider About Swimming Pool Designs

When you’re thinking about pool designs for your future Palm Desert pool, there’s plenty to choose from. You will find different styles and designs available on the market, or you can create up your own. There are lots of combinations of additions, features, and shapes that you could have a unique swimming pool. In this article, we’ll talk more on pool designs and what might work well for you. Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert want to make your backyard dreams a reality and provide you with the pool that you have always desired. Pool Designs

What’s your goal for getting the Pool

When you’re checking out pool designs for your outdoor space, the first elements that you need to think about is defining your goals for getting a swimming pool. Most people invest in a pool for one of three reasons. To start with, they might want to use the swimming pool for a workout. The other reason why somebody might be planning to install a swimming pool is for entertainment. Finally, somebody might be doing pool installation for a for curb appeal. A swimming pool can take your outdoor space and transform it into a tropical oasis, with the correct landscaping design and pools shape options. Make sure you carefully consider what your goals are in getting the pool. It will help you know what style, size, and shape of the pool might be best for you.

The type of pool you want

When you’re designing a pool, the type of swimming pool you want also affects the design. The three types of inground pools include a vinyl liner pool, concrete pool, and fiberglass pool. Pool Designs How long it takes to construct a pool, the cost, and the amount of upkeep each swimming pool requires all differ based on the style. Most people prefer fiberglass. It stands above both vinyl liners and concrete in the beauty of the interior features, its energy efficiency, as well as the smoothness of the finish, its installation speed, less maintenance, the availability of features, its durability, and the amount of chemicals it uses.

What features do the pool designs offer you

Another essential factor to think about when choosing an inground pool design is what features you wish to include into the swimming pool. There are various elements or features that you might want to incorporate into the pool, which can affect the pool’s style, size, and shape you can choose. Here are some of the popular features people want in a swimming pool and how they can impact pool designs you’re considering.
  • Tanning ledge
  • Fireplace
  • Waterfall
  • Wading pool
  • Swim up bar
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Custom lighting
  • Bench seating
  • Slide or Diving Board
Pool Designs

Get Your Pool Now!

There are lots of questions and options that it might appear an overwhelming task. Don’t worry too much. By working with a professional Premier Pools & Spas designer, what looks like an impossible task will end up being a great experience of shifting from the dream to the reality. Our designers our will help guide you through each stage of the design and building process. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert with the pool designs you are planning to create or even remodel your existing swimming pool, and we will be there to give you a hand!