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Marin backyard oasis

How to build the perfect backyard oasis

Now is the best time to consider creating your own perfect backyard oasis. The most crucial element of any design is to satisfy your expectations and needs. You can plan your outdoor space to be whatever you want. Whether you are looking for a tropical entertaining spot, a relaxing retreat, or a grilling area, your outdoor space is the best spot for reflecting your style.

perfect backyard oasis

Water features

Water features can be major aspects of an oasis. Whether you’re planning for a fountain or simply have a big pond, incorporating a water feature to your outdoor space is the best way of transforming it into a perfect backyard oasis.

Outdoor living area

On a lovely day, give your indoor furniture a break and go soak up some rays while you are relaxing. Additionally, you can place a hammock, swing, or another type of cozy backyard seating for chatting with a few of your close friends.

Keep it practical

Ultimately, if your outdoor space is not functional, it will not work for you. Don’t go for a design that will need a lot of maintenance. You want your new perfect backyard oasis to be the ultimate entertainment spot.

perfect backyard oasis

Private getaway

Homeowners are becoming creative with backyard spaces to bring contemporary indoor comforts outdoors onto a patio, porch or deck. Outdoor features such as hammocks, build-in lounges with upholstered cushions, and day beds will create the perfect backyard oasis whether you are entertaining family and friends or unwinding with a book.

You can use decorative accessories and furnishings created with weather-resistant materials. This will make your backyard areas feel like another room of your home. Additionally, you can use beautiful accessories, artwork, plants, and rugs to add style and color. It’s easy to attain privacy in backyard areas by carefully placing trees, screening with a living wall, pergola or trellis.

Made in the shade

You still want to enjoy your perfect backyard oasis when it is hot outdoors, but that does not mean you should be unhappy while doing this. Think about adding a cabana or umbrellas to offer a shaded getaway during summer.

perfect backyard oasis

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in-floor cleaning system

How an in-floor cleaning system will change your life

Every homeowner dreams of owning a self-cleaning pool. But a pool will always some attention. If you have an inground pool, you might know that there are different systems for pool cleaning available. One such system is an in-floor cleaning system, which can significantly help in reducing the effort and time you’ll require to invest in your own pool. This makes it a lot easier to dive in to enjoy a leisurely weekend soak or for a quick dip at night.

in-floor cleaning system

How an in-floor cleaning system works

Premier Pools & Spas experts can incorporate an in-floor cleaning system into the pool’s floor. This helps to clean up the whole pool, including the benches, steps and floor. It works with the help of pop up nozzles that work in sequence. These nozzles move the debris to the drain by spraying jets of water throughout your pool.

When not in use, the nozzles retract into your pool’s floor. This will help reduce the possibility of injuries. Not only are you guaranteed to have a pool that  is 99 percent clean, but they will also reduce pool heating costs. Additionally, an in-floor cleaning system will reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to maintain a clean pool because of the enhanced water circulation.

in-floor cleaning system

Benefits of an in-floor cleaning system

You don’t need to worry about removing debris or scrubbing the pool thanks to the automated cleaning cycle. Additionally, you can relax knowing that you pool is being well-cleaned and even when away from home. The frequent clean up will help to minimize the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your water sparkling clean and ready to take a dip in.

If your pool water has dirt and debris continuously, it can allow for the growth of algae. This can result in the pool water being cloudy and dirty, meaning you’ll require additional chemicals for cleaning the water to ensure it’s safe for swimmers. But the normal clean up of an in-floor cleaning system helps to get rid of this problem.

Along with saving on chemicals, you’ll be saving on your energy bill as well. An in-floor cleaning system is carefully designed for efficient pool cleaning work, and it offers maximum clean-up in an efficient and timely manner.

The importance of circulation

Efficient water circulation is important to ensure the right distribution of chemicals and the buildup of dirt and debris. While the in-floor cleaning system is on, the cleaning heads produce a 360-degree rotation. This will guarantee outstanding circulation and cleaning. It will help in distributing clean, heated pool water evenly through your backyard pool for a fun swimming experience. The good thing about it is that it does not need to put any effort.

in-floor cleaning system

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benefits of pergolas

The benefits of pergolas in your backyard

Whether you’re constructing a new deck or renovating your existing one, you might be considering if it’s best to install a pergola in your backyard. As you work to make the most of your patio or deck, a pergola can be the perfect option. Just the way fire pits can work wonders for your backyard, a pergola provides you with more reasons to hang out outdoors. While it’s an investment to incorporate into your outdoor space, the benefits of pergolas can easily repay you very quickly.

benefits of pergolas

Entertain friends and family

After adding a pergola to your outdoor space, you’ll have a one of a kind spot that’s ideal for entertaining guests. When you make a pergola the focal point in your outdoor space, it will open up never-ending entertainment options. Relax with your favorite drink while the children are having fun in your pool or throw an outdoor dinner party under your pergola. Escape the summer heat while doing tasks, or snuggle with your preferred book while relaxing.

Gatherings and parties

A pergola transforms into an appealing, shaded area for entertaining during hot days. Additionally, you can decorate these using lights for night parties. With cozy outdoor furniture for a dining area or lounging, friends and family will be attracted to this stylish relaxation spot. During the cold weather when you are not using your backyard, a pergola will remain a stunning landscape feature year-round.

Define your outdoor spaces

A pergola will help define a backyard space. Benefits of pergolas are many, such as adding visual appeal and defining an area for lounging, entertaining or eating area. Additionally, depending on the design to select, pergolas cover your outdoor kitchen appliances and outdoor furniture, which makes this area much more practical.

benefits of pergolas

Enhance appeal

A property with a pergola is always visually appealing. Whether you’re improving your backyard space, or simply want to put the property up for sale, a pergola will always attract attention to your property. There are many styles and designs you can choose from to enhance your property’s appearance. You can use greenery to enhance the pergola. In addition, you can decorate it with popular accents such as straight lighting, streamers, and lace curtains.

Provide shelter

The pergola provides the necessary shelter from the extremes year-round. If there’s a downpour, this backyard feature will shelter everyone as they enjoy the outdoors. They offer shade when it is hot outdoors as well. Homeowners can retreat under a sheltered area, which allows them to unwind while still be outside.

benefits of pergolas

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Fireplaces – how to properly clean your fire pit

Whether your fire pit runs on wood or gas, and whether it’s made from sculptural metal or durable stone, it requires thorough, frequent cleanup to work safely and stay in good shape. Luckily, cleaning these fireplaces doesn’t have to be hard. With our useful tips and a bit of effort, you will have your fire pit sparkling and safe. You can make the process of cleaning easier by having a couple of tools on hand.


Wood fire pit

These fireplaces need more frequent maintenance to stay functional and safe. After each use, you need to remove the ash from inside this fire pit. Once the ash is totally cool, use a small metal scoop or shovel to scoop it out. You should clean the interior with a soft scrub brush and then use clean water to rinse. Additionally, allow 2 to 3 days for the pit to dry before using.


Gas fire pits

Most homeowners prefer gas fireplaces as they have quite low maintenance and are user-friendly. You don’t have to clean out the fire pit or shovel out ash regularly. If your pit is created from brick, stone or stucco on the outer part, you can use a garden hose to gently spray the inside part to remove dust and dirt.

If you see dirty spots or persistent stains, gently scrub the surface with a very soft brush while using a garden hose to spray. Remember to allow 2 to 3 days for your fire pit to dry before you use it.

How to keep your fire pit clean

You should use dry, seasoned hardwood in the fire pit. It burns complete, which means there is less ash to clean. Seasoned wood does not smoke as much too. Keep away from woods such as cedar and pine, if you can. You should cover these fire fireplaces when not in use to help keep debris such as insects, leaves, and sticks from falling into them. Doing a deep clean of the whole pit is common yearly each spring. This will ensure it’s ready to enjoy during summer. If you use the fire pit every season, you should do a deep clean up every six months.


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prepare your landscaping

Prepare your landscaping for cold weather

It is time to prepare your landscaping for the winter season. Though you might have plans of enjoying a little longer, contacting the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas will make sure your outdoor space will look its best. By doing this, means it you will have less work and more days will be spent enjoying with your loved ones.

prepare your landscaping

Remove dead plants

You should remove any annuals that die out before winter starts. Getting rid of dead and dying plants is the best way to prepare your landscaping for the cold weather. This is because it makes your landscaping look neat as well. When spring rolls around, you will have a nice, tidy landscape rather than one that’s filled with dead plants that need removal.


You should prune specific species during their dormant period to prevent diseases starting. It is also the best time for pruning dormant deciduous trees. In addition, it is the best time for pruning spruce and evergreen trees.

prepare your landscaping


Plants need to have mulch, particularly during the fall. Mulch covers the roots of plants to protect and keep them warm during the cold weather. Not only will this layer protect roots from the extreme cold, but it will also help in retaining moisture during the winter season.


While it might seem obvious, you should prepare your landscaping by ensuring you rake the leaves before the cold weather. This provides your backyard the access to the sun it requires during the cold months. Additionally, it can prevent mold growth that takes place when leaves are usually left for a long time over grass.


Another good option for fall is to plant trees and shrubs before the first frost. Not only can you enjoy the changing leaves for a short period, but you’ll also put less strain the young trees due to the rain conditions and cooler weather falls provides. Make the most of your last opportunity to prepare your landscaping before frost covers it. Just a couple of preparations for the cold weather will guarantee that your backyard comes back looking fresh.

prepare your landscaping

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landscape designing

Landscape Design – the best hardscape for your backyard

When you are considering landscape design, usually the first thought is of shrubs, trees, and flowers. While these additions definitely add to the appeal of your backyard space, adding hardscape will create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Hardscaping is simply any design element that is not living. Strategically places rocks, walkways, and benches are all considered hardscaping.

landscape design


A properly designed backyard space will let you entertain regularly. If you like to have family and friends around, hardscaping  can help create an amazing gathering area. Depending on the existing landscape, you can have a fountain, barbecue, an outdoor bar or kitchen, pool, and fire pit or fireplace.


A stone wall or fence will make your outdoor space a private area. Or, if you prefer the open flow of your outdoor space into the backyard of your neighbor, you can create a secluded spot by incorporating a pergola or gazebo.

Add beauty to your property

Hardscaping beautifies your backyard area and can make your property more appealing. Not only can you enjoy the view from indoors, but you will also have an inviting environment and backyard space to enjoy.

Direct traffic

Sidewalks and paths often send a clear signal where everyone should walk. This will help prevent guests trampling the grass you have spent lots of time looking after.

landscape design

Prevent erosion

Landscape design with hardscaping helps balance out any problems with your backyard’s sloping. You can use stone stairs, tiered patios, and even retaining walls to alleviate erosion problems and create a more useful area.

Expand the living area

Outdoor seating, patios, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits will create areas for hanging out or entertaining guests, when the condition is great, rather than having to be confined indoors.

Reduce maintenance

Landscape designing with more hardscaping means less grass. Concrete and stones do not require watering or cutting. This means that you get to spend less time maintaining the landscape and more time having fun.

Extending your yard’s usability

Outdoor lights, patios, and fire pits will ensure your pool area is still easy to access into the early morning hours. In addition, fire pits mean you do not have to run inside once it becomes cold.

landscape design

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custom landscaping

Custom landscaping makes your backyard a relaxing place

Do you have a unique taste and like showcasing your style? Custom landscaping is the best way of doing that. For a customized appearance and a landscape that you’ll enjoy using throughout the day, consider transforming your home using a custom design that perfectly suits your lifestyle, reflects your preferences, and speaks for you.

The outdoors is a perfect area for relaxing. You can turn your outdoor space into an amazing relaxation oasis. Whether soaking up the sun, reading, gardening or simply bird watching, allow your outdoor space to be your retreat for well-being. Custom landscaping is important if you want a unique looking property. Landscape features such as patios, stone walls, pools, and outdoor kitchens should be installed properly to be long-lasting and safe.

custom landscaping

Elegant planters

Think about incorporating scented plants around your yard. Lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender offer sweet and fresh fragrances. This helps to calm the body and reduce anxiety. You can use various plants to complement your custom landscaping.

Water features

Waterfalls and small ponds will help serve many purposes. To start with, you’ll get a calming effect thanks to the sound of running water. In addition, when looking at the running water, it helps in blocking out noise from outside. You can also add water plants in and around the pond or add Koi fish to the pond to create a focal point.


Lights will help in setting a mood and create a tranquil atmosphere. The best part about lights is that there are several different choices. Adding a combination of natural electrical lights to your custom landscaping can help in creating the best atmosphere for your space. Electrical lighting can include using hanging lights to create an outdoor chandelier, incorporating a lamp on a side table, or drape outdoor string lighting above the seating. Natural light sources you can implement can be different kinds of lanterns, outdoor fire pit, or candles.

custom landscaping

Fire pits

When cold weather sets in, the best way of making sure you do not move the party inside is adding outdoor heating. Fire pits come in stylish designs, which not only keep everyone warm but also help enhance your custom landscaping. The comfortable ambiance will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s cold.


Your custom landscaping can benefit a lot from incorporating a gazebo. This backyard feature will offer shade for you and your guests to relax in. Give yourself more privacy by adding trellises and climbing plants.

Fire bowls

Perhaps you do not want to stop unwinding after sunset. If you have already added lighting features, consider adding a fire bowl to your custom landscaping. It does not have to be big, and it will fill your backyard space with light and warmth. This will allow you to sit outdoors on those warm Louisville summer evenings and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.

custom landscaping

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salt water pool clean

How to keep a saltwater pool clean

If you have a saltwater pool, then you know how essential it is to learn how to keep it clean. The better you understand the importance of maintaining it, the easier it’ll be to keep your saltwater pool clean. Keep in mind, after all, a badly maintained saltwater pool can be hazardous for swimmers. A saltwater pool is an amazing addition. It’s great for your hair and skin, and also requires less maintenance than a chlorine pool.

saltwater pool clean

Filter and pump should function properly

Keeping your saltwater pool clean is easy when all the pool components work properly. Keep your skimmer, filter, and pump in great working state. The parts work together so you should ensure that you check and clean these parts regularly since they can get clogged with debris ultimately.

Low pool water levels might be an indication that something is blocking these parts. You should clean up these parts weekly to prevent buildup. An easy trick is using a hose for spraying water. In addition, remember to clean your pool’s generator cell every couple of months since it can get scaly from the build-up of salt. You can use a plastic tool to scrape it off or a high-pressure water hose to clean it. This will help with proper salt circulation.

saltwater pool clean

Everyday tasks for saltwater pools

There are everyday chores you will have to complete to ensure your pool is in great condition possible. These include inspecting the pump basket and skimmer and cleaning them out as needed and testing pH and chlorine levels.

Using a shock solution when necessary

This is a way of deep cleaning your pool. It will help to keep your saltwater pool clean and looking fresh. A pool is often shocked using a solution created from water and chlorine. Remember to use a chlorine product, which is safe for saltwater pools. You want to make sure you’re using the proper amount of chlorine for the size of your pool.

Make sure you wait eight hours to allow the chlorine to dissolve into the pool water. This will mean that your pool is out of bounds for some time. You will want to re-examine the pool levels later on. If you have a huge algae issue, you might want to shock the pool multiple times. This will help in killing the algae and improve your pool water’s look.

saltwater pool clean

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Solar blanket - keep your pool heated 2

Solar blanket – keep your pool heated

A pool cover is important to help maintain your pool. It will help keep debris and rain out of your pool when you are not using it and reduce evaporation, helping you save money on water bills. Additionally, it will help protect against accidents happening. You’ll find many kinds of pool covers, but the solar blanket will not only cover your pool but will also capture solar energy to help raise the temperature. It will heat your pool during the day and maintain its temperature during the night.

A solar blanket will effectively warm up your pool by letting more sun rays enter your pool, while the pool’s heat gets trapped at night thanks to its air bubbles. You should keep your cover on as much as you can between swims. You do not have to attach this cover to your pool’s sides; it can float freely on your pool’s surface.

solar blanket

Saving water

A solar blanket will help to reduce evaporation, thus minimize the amount of pool water lost. So, you don’t have to replace so much pool water, meaning you’ll save more water. During the swim season, a pool cover will help minimize the quantity of make-up water needed by as much as 50 percent!

Save on energy costs

It’s an eco-friendly choice as well. The alternative is using heaters that can cost you when it comes to gas or electricity. When heating your pool using solar power, it will help you save on these non-renewable energy sources. If there’s enough sunshine, you might not need to use any other option but the solar blanket.

solar blanket

Saving more chemicals

Water loss because of evaporation will reduce pool chemicals as well. Replacing the chemicals together with the water regularly is important to ensure the right balance. But using a solar blanket will not only help in reducing water evaporation but will also help in reducing the loss of pool chemicals. For this reason, you will save more chemicals and cut back on costs.

Increasing water temperature

The main advantage of using a solar blanket is that it helps in warming your pool water. These work by trapping the sun’s heat within the air bubbles. After that, the heat gets transferred to the pool water. Usually, these covers will help raise the temperature of your pool water by anything from 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit depending on factors such as the solar cover’s bubble shape, the pool cover’s color, and intensity and number of hours of sunlight.

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pool safety

Pool safety – Have fun while staying safe

Enjoying a day in your pool with family and friends is a popular summer activity. Everyone can have a great time and stay safe if you take into consideration some pool safety steps. If you have a backyard pool, you should take measures to guarantee the safety of swimmers, especially kids, in and around your pool.


Clean your pool regularly

You should check the cleanliness of your pool regularly. Make sure the chemical levels are well-maintained, and the water clear and clean. In addition, pool safety means having your water tested on a regular basis to help prevent allergies, rashes, or more serious skin conditions.

pool safety

Get a pool cover

Most pool owners invest in a cover either to protect it from unwanted debris, or to keep it heated. However, some pool covers will protect kids from the risks a pool can pose? We recommend you get a pool cover that won’t retain water on the top side, even when you stand on it.

Accompany kids when swimming

When kids are using the pool, make sure you have an adult or two to keep an eye on them. They need to be near to help prevent unfortunate incidents. Also, ensure that everyone in the family can swim. Enrolling them in swim lessons is a great idea. Life vests are also very helpful when it comes to pool safety.

pool safety

Pool safety fence

You can create a physical boundary by installing a fence. The only way this works, though, is if your kids don’t know how to open it. Make sure the gate is always locked when you cannot be near your pool. Also, consider installing an alarm on your fence so you are notified if anyone opens the gate.

It is important that you create the rules of the pool. You can go as far as posting rules around your backyard! Be strict, it’s OK. Safety is crucial to an enjoyable swimming experience.

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