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Backyard Pool

How to Turn Your Backyard Pool into the Happiest Backyard in Florida

There’s nothing quite like getting home after a stressful day at work and swim in your own a South Florida backyard pool. A pool is a great addition to any property and this will be particularly true if there are kids in the family. Kids can spend many hours having fun in your backyard oasis. A backyard pool area can also be a good spot to entertain your family and friends.

Backyard Pool

Many people have a dream of owning a pool in their South Florida outdoor space. They realize that a pool area is a good spot to sit and unwind, enjoy wonderful colors and sounds, have some delicious treats and get your everyday dose of workout by swimming. Unluckily, not every backyard pool space is appealing. One good reason for this is that most pool owners feel that one should invest a lot of money to build the ideal pool area.

Here are some backyard ideas to transform your backyard pool into a stunning staycation:

1. Outdoor furniture:

Adding outdoor furniture is one of the fastest ways to update the feel and look of your outdoor space. Ideal for hosting guests, soaking up the sun, or relaxing with a book, outdoor furniture is often a good investment. There are limitless choices to let you create the look you desire regardless of your backyard’s size.

2. Water features:

Fountains and waterfalls are the simplest way to instantly create a resort-style South Florida backyard pool. The sound and sight of falling pool water are often associated with classy hotel swimming pools. You can easily add fountains around your pool and patio space. In addition, if you like much more luxury, incorporating a waterfall will add natural beauty to your backyard pool space.

Backyard Pool

3. Swim spa:

If your outdoor space is small and not able to fit a full-sized swimming pool, then a backyard swim spa is good for you. With a swim spa, you will get all the advantages of having a South Florida backyard pool with the added bonus of powerful hydrotherapy-inducing jets, ergonomic seats, and an easy to use control system to help you regulate the temperature to your preference.

4. Outdoor lighting:

Outdoor lighting is a simple and fast way to enhance your backyard’s functionality and look, and also emphasize your home’s décor. You can also add lights to highlight the pathways, light up seating areas and highlight your most essential yard features, such as your flower gardens or backyard swim spa. A well-illuminated outdoor space also offers added security and safety by making it unappealing to potential trespassers.

5. Fire pits:

The blend of fire and water often looks stunning as design elements. It can also make your South Florida backyard pool space look beautiful. Apart from that, fire pits can add light and warmth to the area. This will be a great thing for night pool parties and swimming.

Backyard Pool

Ready for Your Own Unique Backyard Pool?

The good thing about all these features is that it is possible to incorporate them to just about any outdoor space. If any of these features interest you, call Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida today. We can help you create your dream backyard pool.

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new pool building

New Pool Building – Fall in Love With Your New Pool

Considering a new pool building in your Hamptons backyard space will be a perfect addition to add lots of enjoyment to your loved one’s events. Depending on where you live, there might be limitations on how wide and deep you can construct the pool. It’s best to consult your local homeowner’s association to get the right rules and recommendations. Once you’re certain on the exact requirements to which you’re permitted to construct your new pool, you can start creating ideas for the design and any accessories you might want.

new pool building

To begin the new pool building process it’s best to get in touch with our expert pool builders. They’ll be able to go visit your home and assess all the practical construction issues and benefits that are existing. Once they give you the information of just what can and can’t be done on the property, you can start teaming up with them to create some great design ideas.

Here are some cool benefits of a new pool building in your backyard:

A relaxation spot:

Apart from having time to work out, pools are also an amazing spot to unwind. Can you picture relaxing on the tanning ledge? This is simply a great experience. Furthermore, you can use pool floats at your pleasure.

Low cost of maintenance:

This is another benefit of owning an inground pool. Furthermore, there’s no much traffic in this kind of pool in comparison to outdoor swimming facilities. Because of this, there’s less buildup of debris, dirt, and other foreign materials that require frequent cleaning. So, ultimately, you spend less money on maintenance services.

new pool building


If you’re among those who shy off visiting public swimming facilities, then you should think about having a pool. Ideally, owning a pool around your property is affordable and convenient.


With a pool, you can set limits on those coming over for swimming sessions. Provided that it’s your investment, you can invite close friends for a fun experience. This is unlike outdoor swimming amenities.

A Spot for socializing and healthy family fun:

A pool is an enjoyable area to hang out, where people both the old and young can have fun together playing or playing. You can invite your friends and family over to enjoy a get-together oriented around activity instead of simply eating, like at most BBQs. Because of this, swimming will help you attain your fitness ambitions without having to sacrifice your social life.

new pool building

New Pool Building – Contact Premier Pools & Spas Today!

If you’re considering installing a new backyard pool, you will gain from a one-on-one discussion with our expert pool design team. We’ll listen carefully as you explain your vision for your pool, discuss all the available choices, and go over all the facts of the design and new pool building process. This will help you to be totally comfortable continuing with the project. We also offer 3D pool design services, letting you see just what your pool will look in your outdoor space. We are the Hamptons pool builders you can trust!

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pool features

Find the Best Backyard Pool Builders to Build a Pool in Your St. Louis Backyard

Choosing to install a custom inground pool in your St. Louis backyard is a huge decision. After you’ve chosen to construct your dream pool comes the exciting part of choosing the best backyard pool builders. This can be a fun time as long as you make the proper decision. Before achieving the “American Dream” of having your own custom inground pool, you need to read this article on finding the best backyard pool builders.

backyard pool builders

Knowing how to find the best backyard pool builders is important.

Research and references:

A good way to find the best builder is to ask people that are already in your network. Getting a referral from somebody you know and had a great experience increases your chances of getting a similar one.


Over time, backyard pool builders not only have they gained experience, but have also learned to be better in their workmanship. Expertise prepares the pool experts to be ready for whatever issues that might occur. So it is essential to find contractors that have vast experiences. Having a great track record also lets the pool contractors learn just how to remain in the project’s time-frame. They have gained knowledge, first hand, just how long every project can take.

Ask for their portfolios:

After putting together a list of shortlisted backyard pool builders, request their samples of past work. This helps you get the best picture of what to anticipate during the pool building process. Checking out the portfolio, you may also see specific features that interest you. Request before and after photos to picture what your own project will look like.

Insurance and licensing:

Before choosing your contractor, ensure they are properly insured and licensed. This will make sure you are in expert hands. It will also provide you with peace of mind that the pool building process is backed by insurance in the event that anything goes wrong.

backyard pool builders


Check to see if the professionals have already been accorded or recognized for having outstanding performance. Such things can tell you about the great things your prospective backyard pool builders have done. Often, their expertise and accolades will do the talking.


You should have a budget in mind to consult with your builder. The best pool builder will be knowledgeable about a range of prices. They will also strive to fit in with your needs without exceeding your budget.

Answer your questions:

The best backyard pool builders are those that are able and ready to deal with concerns or questions you might have. If a builder does not return phone calls and emails in good time you might want to look elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions, a good pool contractor understands that as a pool owner you have concerns.

Work with the best pool Builder:

You would like your finished pool to be your dream backyard pool. To make that come to pass, you require the best Premier Pools, Austin pool builders for you and your home. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to days of relaxation and fun in your own pool.

backyard pool builders

Backyard Pool Builders – Hire Premier Pools & Spas!

If you’re considering pool installation a please contact Premier Pools & Spas of St. Louis. We’re always more than glad to help you!

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New Backyard Oasis

Lap Pools Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

There are lots of benefits of getting a lap pool, which New Orleans homeowners are now beginning to realize. Lap pools prices depend on the designs as well as the accessories, which pool owners want to install. You should also take into account that it’s easier to maintain a lap pool that is narrow. This is because half the pool’s size is simpler to clean, needing only half the quantity of swimming pool chemicals, at half the price. Since a lot of people seek out healthy lifestyle choices, the worth of a lap pool lets you workout at home to enhance both fitness and health.

Lap Pools Prices

A lap pool usually uses up much less space than a standard pool. Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans professionals can design it to fit into a small backyard. As the sizes of properties reduce, to keep the lap pools prices low, installing a narrow, long lap pool lets the homeowner construct a swimming pool that meets their needs.

What determines lap pools prices?

Although it’s not easy to put the lap pool under one specific price category, you will find different prices for this type of inground pools depending on the need. Even the kind of material that the pool builder will use to build the swimming pool can change the pool’s cost.

Water jet

The swim spa is a favorite of most people. To feel the same experience one can consider the choice of the water jet. This helps in offering the same effect, which means an increase in lap pools prices.

Type of the lap pools

Other key factors that can help to bring out the lap pools prices is the type of pool. The simplicity, as well as the durability of the lap pool, will determine the cost.

Lap Pools Prices

If the swimming pool is built in a modern way with many accessories as well as modern equipment, then the price will be on the higher side. In addition, if it is built in the traditional form then the price will be quite less.

The pool’s size

You will find different sizes of the swimming pool that will help in developing the pool’s cost. If the pool is big then it means more usage of materials. The workforce will also be large when it comes to building a bigger pool. The shape, as well as the area, plays a part in the increase of the lap pools prices.

Lap Pools Prices – Construction of the Pool

Building the swimming pool is carried out with different types of things. Even the pool’s colors determine the pool’s cost as well. Lap pools prices as mentioned earlier will depend on a variety of variables. This range from the design to the installation. The cost will vary to each pool owner.

Lap Pools Prices

A lap pool is one of the perfect ways to enjoy swimming in your own private environment. With the assistance of the best Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans professionals, you easily install the lap pool in your New Orleans yard. Get in touch with us today!

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backyard remodel

Pool Companies in Las Vegas Will Turn Pool Ideas into Reality

If you are ready to add a pool to your Las Vegas home, talking with the right pool company is your best choice. With many pool companies in Las Vegas to choose from, it can be hard to find the best pool contractor to suit your needs. Pool contractors are builders who are experts in the building inground pools. They aren’t just professionals in construction, though. Usually, they are highly skilled in both the design and installation of aesthetically appealing pools. Along with building your dream pool, the best Premier Pool, Las Vegas pool builders will offer you advice on how to arrange your outdoor furniture on to emphasize the look of your new pool.

Pool Companies in Las Vegas

Here are some beautiful custom pool designs from the best Pool Companies in Las Vegas to complement your Yard:

A custom inground pool is arguably the important component. Envision never-ending hours of relaxation and fun for you and your loved ones, right in the outdoor space!

Water features

After choosing your perfect shape and size, Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas professionals will help to enhance your pool experience using custom water features. Bubblers, scuppers, waterfalls, and fountains add soothing sounds and sights for soothing evenings after a tiring day. Finally, for kids, nothing is better than never-ending hours of enjoyment sliding down your custom water slide. Our pool experts will help spice up your Las Vegas pool with these fascinating water features.

Outdoor living

You will also want to consider the surroundings of your pool. What other features would enhance your outdoor space, or, make your swimming pool a point of interest? Outdoor structures like patio covers, pergolas, and arbors make wonderful get together spots.

Pool Companies in Las Vegas

The best pool companies in Vegas can help add a touch of nature and style with backyard streams, ponds, and landscaping. Premier pools, Las Vegas pool builders can take it to the next level with a backyard living room or kitchen.

Size and shape

The best pool companies in Las Vegas can offer you plenty of choices for custom pools, beginning with pool shape and size. One professional tip to remember is you will want your pool style, shape, and size, to complement your home and backyard. You might find a freeform pool, custom-built to your requirements will look perfect. Or you might want to choose a geometric design, that is, a swimming pool with a unique shape like a rectangle, square, or oval.

Adding a spa

If relaxation and comfort is part of your desire for purchasing a swimming pool, think about adding a spa too. Envision getting home after a tiring day and escaping to your spa. The best pool companies in Vegas can help you realize this dream with your own backyard inground spa.

Pool Companies in Las Vegas

Transforming your backyard with Premier Pool, Las Vegas Pool Builders!

Are you considering getting a swimming pool for your Las Vegas home? Contact the top pool contractor in the area: Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas. With over 30 years of experience, we’re one of the best pool companies in Las Vegas. You can feel confident relying on us with the pool design, construction, and maintenance of your pool. To find out more, please call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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pools sounds system

Incorporate Pools Sounds System to Your Backyard Pool

Incorporating pools sounds system into your Vacaville backyard pool entertainment experience is a fun trend that every person can enjoy. Whether you have multiple backyard space zones or a small patio, you can enjoy backyard sound choices to suit your needs.

pools sounds system

To enjoy your preferred music, just connecting some speakers or bringing out a wireless speaker outside hooking up some your Vacaville, California home isn’t enough. You should get pools sounds system that will give your entire backyard space high-fidelity audio.

Here are some ideas to help you in your backyard pools sounds system project.

1. Party Planning:

When you’re using your poolside to entertain guests, think about the positioning of outdoor speakers for the best sound. Scenarios like these need wireless speakers that are angled and positioned correctly.

2. Camouflaging:

You should not allow unappealing speakers to distract from your backyard. Hide your outdoor speakers using ceramic rocks or big planters. Place the pools sounds system carefully so they’re concealed from view and not mute the sound.

3. Receivers:

Select a top quality receiver which can support a few speakers. With this kind of flexibility, you have the choice to change and adjust based on your preference.

pools sounds system

4. Waterproofing:

Most backyard pools sounds system is specifically made to stand up to the elements. When shopping for pool area speakers, make sure you get equipment that’s well-protected. It should also resist water damage at the power receptacles, the wiring, and the connectors.

5. Walkways and paths:

Think about using wired speakers for the paths for high-quality sound and prevent distance or interference problems. An enjoyable experience is using a subtle speaker that brings soft tunes to your backyard walkway.

6. Sports Activities:

From relaxing on the patio watching the game with friends to backyard basketball, incorporating pools sounds system into your backyard tailgate party or sports activity can spice up your ambiance and get the fun moving. You can hook up the sound system to your backyard television for a full, surround sound experience regardless of where your guests are in your outdoor space.

7. Special events and birthdays:

Kids love to have good music included in the playtime. Your backyard pools sounds system can definitely get children happy at their pool parties. For special occasions that need a little bit of flare or style, think about owning outdoor sound. This will help you set the best ambiance for a pool party.

8. Relaxation:

It’s difficult to defeat some soft music as you relax by the pool or soak in the hot tub. You can enjoy your own unique mix of backyard music with a receiver. Also, you can create your mix and connect it in to enjoy some tranquil time.

pools sounds system

Pools Sounds System – Conclusion

You can create a memorable Vacaville backyard experience for your family and friends this summer with a new pools sounds system. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville today and we’ll be able to guide you through the process to ensure you have the best system set up! Get ready to WOW your guests and family!

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need a pool

Pool Benefits – Why Having a Swimming Pool Has Fun Benefits

Are you considering building your own SW Louisiana backyard pool? Pools offer amazing opportunity and area for fun moments. You can relax by the pool, engage with friends, play with your children or even simply have fun working out or hosting pool parties. With a backyard oasis, you can be sure of endless fun and happy moments. Having a good time is more than just fun though; there is actually a lot of work, psychological, health and social related benefits that come from having a great time. Read on to find out more about amazing pool benefits you can get at your SW Louisiana home.

Pool Benefits

Here are some pool benefits that can inspire you to have one in your backyard:

1. Encourage exercises:

Swimming pools make the ideal place for you and your family members to exercise. Swimming is a cardio exercise that will help boost your heart rate without putting pressure on the body limbs. In fact, many experienced athletes use swimming pools to exercise because of the low impact water has on their limbs and joints. Some of the low-impact exercises include swimming laps and doing water aerobics.

You might also do muscle-building exercises. You can even realize that you like working out in the swimming pool more, than going to the gym. Your kids may also get more exercises too.

2. An entertainment spot:

You’ll find that friends and family often gather in homes of people who have pools. If you enjoy entertaining and having guests over, then consider a pool installation. From unplanned meet-ups to family barbecues and cocktail parties, it’s always great being surrounded a by a gulf of inviting water.

Pool Benefits

3. Boosts creativity:

Activities taking place outdoors such as hanging out at the swimming pool boost creativity, and having a great time as well.

4. Enjoy great outdoor moments:

Perhaps the advantage of pool ownership is that it will allow you to build on those summertime childhood memories, which were well spent in the pool water. You might also help your children, nieces, grandkids, and nephews to create their memories and in turn, spark their hobbies and interests. A pool is a smart investment that many generations will use.

5. Good communication:

Having a great time with your family members or friends or playing with your children will help form a stronger social bond.

6. Eases stress:

Between work life and family life, there is an increase in stress in the average home. An effective and unique way to combat stress is by having a pool. Imagine taking a quick dip after a tiring day at the office and having all those concerns drift away. To increase the relaxation, consider mixing a mouth-watering drink, playing some music, and unwinding in an inflatable raft.

Pool Benefits

Pool Benefits – Conclusion

It’s good to consider pool installation as it offers lots of pool benefits. Not only will there be an increase in the value of your home but it will also provide an entertaining, fun area. The more important is, swimming is a great exercise too. When you have a swimming pool, it is simple to keep fit. Feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana today to see the kinds of pools available and the installation cost.

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wild animals in pools

Finding Wild Animals in Pools in Tucson

You may love your Tucson backyard pool and the option it offers you to cool down after a hot, tiring day. But you might not be the only one – wildlife in your area may also find the pool helpful. While wild animals in pools might not exactly swim laps, they might use your pool for their own purposes when you’re not around.

wild animals in pools

Here are tips that can help greatly minimize the dangers of wild animals in pools:

1. Flashing infrared system

If you see that your area has large predators or animals, you may want to think about having a flashing infrared system in your outdoor space near the pool. This gadget is perfect after the sunset and animals begin to lurk around your property. The light keeps away animals from coming near your pool and yard by vibrating and creating a scare. This device is an eco-friendly, safe way of getting rid of animals that might be attracted to your backyard pool.

2. Give animals their own “pool”

Give animals an option by building a pond. Make sure you angle the pond’s sides into a slanting shape, and place rocks properly so everybody can climb out. The animals will not only breed and feed there, but the pond will also provide you with an area to relocate aquatic creatures you find in your backyard pool.

3. Install a fence

Hiring a Premier Pools & Spas pool service expert to put up a fence can not only give you additional safety, but also offer protection against wildlife. This is one of the most effective and simplest ways to keep animals out of the pool area; literally. Forget about evening swims for the animals in your local area.

wild animals in pools

4. Set up an automatic sprinkler

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is another way to keep animals away from your Tucson backyard pool. The sudden squirt of water will be enough to frighten away even the boldest animals.

Specific sprinkler systems feature infrared beams, which are specially created to detect animal movement. When the sprinkler detects an animal close by, it will discharge a stream of water to ensure that it stays away. After a few weeks, you may find you no longer require the system once wild animals get the hint they should stay clear.

5. Turn off the filter

One of the most essential things you can do is to turn off the filter at nighttime. Most animals are nocturnal or crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk), and if your filter is running, they might become swept up into the skimmers. Filters are usually most required during the day when residue from lotions and body oil and algae can build up.

wild animals in pools

Wild Animals in Pools – Conclusion

Whether your pool is big to protect from wild animals or a small one, the above tips will help you keep local animals from being a bother year-round. The money and time put into these strategies will be worth it for peace of mind. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson today if you need any help!

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outdoor kitchen

Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Backyard

Choosing to build an outdoor kitchen in Tucson can be a huge decision. Due to the initial investment, it might sometimes be hard to make a final decision to construct an outdoor kitchen. Asking yourself if you should go about it? Keep reading to know about several benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen in your Tucson backyard space!

outdoor kitchen

Here are some great benefits of investing in an outdoor kitchen:

1. Great for enjoying nights with family:

A great benefit of owning an outdoor kitchen is that they are the best entertainment spots. When you grill food on the patio, your guests can gather around the barbecue grill and socialize as you prepare dinner. Often, indoor kitchens get crowded, but there’s is a lot of space outdoors. You can add outdoor furnishings, some good music, patio heaters, and lights to enhance the comfort of your guests.

2. Increasing your home’s resale value:

Outdoor kitchens are usually considered a luxury item, which can make your home more marketable. If you do not have a big outdoor space, make sure you consider your kitchen’s dimensions. Potential buyers enjoy getting an open space that is not consumed by structures, such as kitchens and pools.

3. Easy to clean:

If you have children, you understand the struggle of having juice, barbecue sauce, and other stains out of upholstery and carpet. An outdoor kitchen eliminates this concern. Cook your food outside and enjoy them on your patio without worrying about mess. If a spill occurs, your children can wash up outdoors while you use your garden hose to clean the spill away.

outdoor kitchen

4. It gets you outdoors:

In some cases, it’s difficult to separate your loved ones from the air conditioning, television, and computer. Dining outside will let you turn the daily happening of preparing dinner into something enjoyable. You can light some candles, play some music and enjoy the fresh air and sun. An outdoor kitchen makes dinner a special event.

5. Improving your social life:

Owning an outdoor kitchen will help improve your social life in many ways. To start with, it will provide you with a great excuse to invite friends and family over for an evening meal. You will want to flaunt that new kitchen, and everyone likes looking at new home upgrades. Secondly, you will see more of your next door friends. If they are outdoors grilling as well, it is the best chance for some over-the-fence conversation.

6. Make savings on restaurant food:

With your own patio cooking and dining space in your Tucson outdoor space, going to restaurants to eat will be a thing of the past. Dining out can deplete your pocket quite fast, particularly if you eat at restaurants regularly. Each time you choose to dine at home instead of going out, you save money.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen – Conclusion

Are you still having questions on whether or not an outdoor kitchen is good for your Tucson backyard space? If so, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson today! When it comes to installing custom inground pools, we are the experts for the job!

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pool pump work

Pool Pump Work – How a Pump Operates

One of the most essential steps in maintaining a Temecula backyard oasis is to ensure a well functioning pump and filter system. The pool pump’s work is to circulate water in the pool. It also evenly distributes chlorine or other cleanup chemicals throughout your pool. The filter helps keep debris from getting into the pump to ensure that the pool pump system never stops to run smoothly. If you don’t have an efficiently working pump and filter system it will be difficult to keep the pool clean. How does a pool pump work? A pool pump works through a small-sized motor that drives the whole unit. The pump’s motor generates suction and propels the pool water down along your pool’s main drain.

pool pump work

The pool’s main drain leads to a number of pipes that ultimately leads to the filter. As the pool water goes through the filter, leaving particles and debris behind, a jet situated underwater guides it back into the pool.

The flow of pool water

Pool water should flow via a filtering system to get rid of debris and dirt. In the pool, the water is drawn via the main drain, the vacuum port, and the skimmer. Skimmers pick up and skim pool water on the pool’s surface by propelling the water and blocking out the biggest particles in the strainer basket. This permits a uniform chemical treatment and an evenly heated pool.

Later on, it’s sent through the pool pump, the filter, heater, and then taken back into the swimming pool via the return fittings. You should add an extra pump for jets and waterfalls.

Single-speed pumps

These do basically one thing; they pump the water in your pool through the system at a slow speed. Single-speed pumps are usually very affordable to buy and install, but very costly to run. They are most effective in basic pool uses without water features. They also do great work turning the water over, offering flow for pool equipment to operate well.

pool pump work

Two-speed pumps

These are more energy-efficient in comparison to single-speed types and are effective on swimming pools with water features. Two-speed Pumps operate at 2 fixed speeds, low and high. They also need a separate gadget like an automation system to regulate between the two speeds. The energy you use will reduce when you slow the pump down to a speed that’s low. You can save you up to 80 percent on your pool’s energy bill by switching your single-speed, to a two-speed pump.

Variable-speed pump

This pump offers the pool owner savings. With this pump, the pool owner can select the speed that they want to use. A variable-speed pool pump can minimize electrical bills in comparison to single-speed model. If you want a pump, which can help you save but is efficient, this type is the best option.

pool pump work

Pool Pump Work – Conclusion

If you want a pool expert, you need to visit us here at Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula. We’re the best when it comes to everything related to pools. We are experts in building, repairing and maintaining pools and spas. Our service is world-class, call us today.

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