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What Are Gunite Pools, and Get to Know their Amazing Benefits

Nowadays, there are lots of options available when it comes to choosing materials for your Gulf Coast inground pool. What are gunite pools? Well, gunite has long been a preferred option since it is very durable and it can create a pool in almost any shape. These pools use a rebar framework sprayed over with a mixture of concrete and sand. This technique is most suitable over conventional poured concrete, which uses a wooden framework to hold the basin’s shape. What Are Gunite Pools?

What makes gunite pools so popular?


Since gunite inground pools are easy to customize, you can design your swimming pool to fit your budget. If you have a limited budget, you can design a spool with fewer special features. Having a little more to spend? You can explore custom sizes and shapes a little more. Talk to us about how much you are willing to spend, and we can work with you to create the perfect design that will fit into that budget.


What are gunite pools? As gunite gets hard, it becomes very durable and can stand up to a lot of pressure. This makes gunite ideal for even the deepest of swimming pools. Because the swimming pool does not have a liner, you don’t need to worry about displacement or tearing of the liner, which occurs frequently in vinyl pools. When constructed by our experienced by pool builders and well maintained, a gunite inground pool can last many years. What Are Gunite Pools?


Since these pools are built on-site, and the walls are sprayed with gunite, there are simply no limitations to the sizes and shapes you can create. It’s possible to create indents, curved sides, and even customized shapes such as hearts. You can also add custom features such as built-in seating or stairs. Your size and shape choices are quite limited with vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools. Gunite pool building also lets homeowners the choice of incorporating a range of additional features to the design of the poolscape. These include custom spas, steps and Baja ledges, waterfalls, and much more. Gunite offers flexibility in design. This means you can customize a pool to suit your needs. Their durability, versatility, and elegance make these inground pools the best option by today’s homeowners. Also, should a gunite swimming pool owner decide it’s time for an upgrade, again, the list of choices available is unending. What Are Gunite Pools?

What are Gunite Pools? Conclusion

Gunite pools have a limitless variety of choices and the appeal associated with an elegant look, which can only be got with a gunite inground pool. There’s no limit to choices, shape, and size. Our knowledgeable crew will help guide you to your best backyard space. A gunite inground pool can be a lifetime investment of fun and relaxation. To find out more on what are gunites pools and their design and installation, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast at any convenient time to start designing your gunite swimming pool for your home in Gulf Coast.

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Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite: Why You Should Upgrade Your Pool

If you already own a fiberglass pool and it’s having issues or aging, you may need to replace fiberglass pool with gunite. Gunite pools have become a preferred option. These inground pools are constructed with cement and sand mixture. They’re easy to customize which makes them great for any landscape. Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite So as enticing as it may be to try and economize by choosing fiberglass; a gunite inground pool will provide you with the most satisfaction.

Replace fiberglass pool with gunite- common fiberglass pool issues:

Protruding pool walls

This can happen due to the backfill material used during the construction process. A popular backfill material is sand. It can press against the fiberglass walls if it gets saturated with water. Though fiberglass is made to keep its form when full of water, areas with high water tables can cause it to flex. A gunite pool is another option to avoid this.

Spider cracks in the gel coat

You might find this to be the reason to replace the fiberglass pool with gunite since the spider cracks are not very appealing. These cracks happen when there’s pressure on an area of the swimming pool where the gel coat is not able to flex. The cracks can also take place during the shipping and at the time of installation since the coat is so thin. Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

Difficult to match colors

If a fiberglass pool requires a repair, repair colors might not match the existing color. Though most manufacturers offer an array of colors, this can be quite challenging.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a gunite pool:


Together with customizing your pool’s size and shape, you’ll have the option of a variety of finishes to go with your design. The different techniques and colors are virtually limitless. Use glass or pebbles to give your swimming pool a unique feel or choose a color that complements your surroundings. Use textures and colors to create shapes making your gunite pool stand out.

Special features

Gunite pools are perfect for incorporating special features, which is hard to find with a fiberglass pool. With their deluxe feel and look, gunite inground pools pair great with custom steps or stylish waterfalls.


Any kind of pool is a huge investment. For this reason, you should ensure that your pick will with last. Replace fiberglass pool with gunite, the latter has a repute for being highly durable. The pools have the ability to withstand numerous weather conditions and for many years without repair. Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite – Conclusion

If you’re ever doubtful about whether or not to replace fiberglass pool with gunite, you should consult an experienced Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool builder. You will get the answers to your nagging questions and weigh replacement against repair. We specialize in constructing and installing gunite pools and spas. We strongly recommend gunite pools to our clients since these pools are great for any size backyard. They match several different landscape designs as well. To learn more about constructing or gunite pool installation in Gulf Coast, call us anytime.

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Houston pool builders

Get the Right Houston Pool builders for Your Dream Pool

Houston pool builders have outstanding customer support; they are the people to talk to if you are seeking help on making your pool dreams a reality. As expert pool builders, our main goal is to meet the needs of our customers when it comes to designing and building pools. Houston pool builders Homeowners need not worry about the size of their backyards in Houston, Texas. Premier Pools, Houston pool builders can create something fabulous even if it’s in a small area. Regardless of what your yard’s size, we can construct for you the perfect backyard pool.

Homeowners want the best Houston Pool Builders

A beautifully designed pool might simply be the feature your Houston backyard space is lacking. Most homeowners fail to appreciate their outdoors and rather choose to put emphasis entirely on designing nice-looking interior spaces in their houses. You should know that your outdoor area is as important as the home’s interior.

Consider Budget

Another phase in the pool building process is to ensure you are getting within your budget’s range. We, at Premier Pools & Spas of Houston, are ready to work within limitations you have with regards to your budget. You may want to invest a certain amount of money and no other. Premier Pools, Houston pool builders will help make your pool dream a reality. Of course, limitations will always exist. Take into account the look and features you want your dream space to have. Then, talk to us to help you come up with the space you are visualizing and looking forward to enjoying for many years to come. Houston pool builders

Pool design

It is important that you work with Premier Pools, Houston pool builders to design the perfect type of space that will meet your needs. So often, the emphasis is on the pool’s size and structure; but, there are a few other questions that need answers, as well. For example, what is the pool’s shape and design you want? What size of pool do you want? Do you want a costly or a simple pool design? Do you have any special features in mind, such as adding a water feature that flows into the pool? Will you add lights or attach a spa to your backyard oasis. You’ll also find different choices of patio and deck for your Houston backyard. You need to make some key decisions during the pool design process. This will let our team design a space that will work for you years to come. You’ll also find different choices of patio and deck for your Houston backyard. You need to make some key decisions during the pool design process. This will let our team design a space that will work for you years to come.

Get around limitation

There’s no work neither small nor large; Premier’s licensed Houston pool builders have the expertise and the training to manage such jobs. All you need to do is arrange for the date of installation, then the best Premier Pools & Spas of Houston professionals will take your backyard’s measurements to help them start the pool building process. When you are handling a challenging task like this, you should work with our team of pool experts who have plenty of expertise. We will have no problem working around any limitations you may have to meet your needs. Houston pool builders

Houston Pools Builders will Make Your Pool Dream a Reality!

Do you want a swimming pool renovation? Or simply planning to construct a pool in your outdoor space? Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Houston today and find out the next steps you should take so that you get your dream pool started today.

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Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Cement Pool Maintenance: Tips for a Clean Looking Pool

The key to cement pool maintenance is ensuring to look after it on a regular basis. If you maintain a routine of testing, cleaning, and adjusting the pool water balance, and inspecting your Gulf Coast backyard pool, you can prevent some of the bigger issues. Of course, this takes quite a lot of energy and time. If you want to enjoy your concrete swimming pool, but you do not have the time to look after it properly, you have come to the right place. The best Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool technician can offer regular service that your concrete pool needs. Cement Pool Maintenance

Here are some tips to help you practice cement pool maintenance effectively:

Watch for cracks

Since concrete is rigid, it’s prone to cracking. Cracking often takes place when the soil around a swimming pool shifts. This might be because of the soil settling or a change in the water table. It can be due to seismic activity. You will need to address cracks once you see them. Small cracks can fast turn into big issues if ignored. When a crack is tiny, it can often need sealing. If it gets bigger, it can need larger repairs or even a full resurfacing.


It is one of the most essential cement pool maintenance requirements. This approach will help to get rid of the buildup of stain and mildew from the swimming pool. Contrary to acid washing that uses muriatic acid to remove stains, this method is a more tedious and complicated one. Cement Pool Maintenance Different factors can cause stains to develop in pools. These include total alkalinity, calcium hardness, low pH, and dissolved solids. Higher levels of specific metals such as copper, magnesium, and iron can also lead to pool staining. Letting stains to stay in the swimming pool can reduce the appeal and look of the pool. It might also leave swimmers with infections. Because of this, having ample cement pool maintenance is important.

Acid washing

This is a technique that entails removing and cleaning stains from an inground concrete pool’s sides and bottom. In particular, this involves using a neutralizing soda ash, water, muriatic acid, and a scrubbing brush. If you own an old inground concrete pool, you might want to think about having our expert pool technicians do acid washing.

Vacuuming and brushing the sides

Using a soft bristle broom to brush the side walls decreases the build-up of calcium and algae growth, which can result in a bigger issue. Vacuuming is often automatic and is fixed to the hose and the device does the cleanup. We recommend cleaning your swimming pool once per week. Cement Pool Maintenance

Cement Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

Whether you need help with installation, pool repairs, or quality pool service in Gulf Coast, Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals has your needs covered. We’ll help maintain the right levels of chemicals and pH and clean the swimming pool as necessary. Just call us to schedule a consultation and we’ll find the level of care that’s right for your budget and your pool.
Pool Safety Tips

Gunite Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Clean a Gunite Pool

Gunite swimming pool maintenance is likely the task that you will have to do regularly. Cleaning any swimming pool is essential, but it is especially essential with gunite pools. The guide below will help you keep your pool clean as part of gunite swimming pool maintenance schedule. Adhere to the tips closely, and your backyard oasis will always be ready to enjoy. Gunite swimming pool maintenance Since gunite is a porous material, algae can breed very fast. This will quickly mess up your Gulf Coast pool’s water and be unmanageable. Vacuuming and cleaning the pool’s sides daily will keep this task manageable and your gunite pool’s water fresh and clean.

Here are some gunite swimming pool maintenance tips to consider:

Cleaning debris

You should skim the debris and any other particles floating in your gunite pool before you get into the major pool cleaning steps. Some debris will float while others will settle at the bottom of the swimming pool. The first step is to have them all out. Begin with scrubbing the pool’s walls and the floor as well. Make sure that you use swimming pool manufacturer recommended vacuums and cleaners.

Get the best filter

As part of your gunite swimming pool maintenance, a good quality filtration system will play a major role in keeping your water clear. The filter’s role is to remove debris and harmful chemicals in the pool water. If your pool is old or you have a frequent issue with algae, it might be time your filtration needs upgrading. Gunite swimming pool maintenance   You might also want to get your gunite inground pool inspected by Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast gunite swimming pool maintenance technicians. They will replace your filters or sand used in your equipment. A simple repair might be all your pool needs to greatly improve the quality of your pool’s water.

Chemical balance

If your pool’s pH is incorrect, anyone who will take a dip in the swimming pool might get skin rashes. Aside from this, a pH that’s incorrect might also corrode the swimming pool equipment. What determines a well-balanced pool is the level of calcium hardness and alkalinity. You can get most pool balancers in the market; you just have to follow the information presented on the pack to complete the work.


If algae are not checked, one small colony will turn out to be an infestation very quickly. Use algaecides properly to prevent algae growth. Add them to the swimming pool every week, and that will keep things in control. If your pool has algae, then our pool technicians can recommend products meant to quickly get rid of algae. However, please remember that adding such a chemical might leave your gunite pool unusable for a couple of days. Gunite swimming pool maintenance

Gunite Swimming Pool Maintenance- Conclusion

Gunite pool maintenance is a task that you can perfect with practice. You must follow a set of steps accurately. It’s important that you protect yourself while you’re cleaning your Gulf Coast pool. Make sure that you wear protective clothing and gloves while using tools and chemicals. You should also adhere to all the instructions provided with the pool chemicals. Any mistake might harm your health as well as the health of people who use the swimming pool. If you need help cleaning your pool or need a new gunite pool, feel free to call Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today.

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Pool Increases Home Value

Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass: Which Type of Pool Is Better?

Imagine having a Premier Pool in your backyard that your whole family can enjoy. Our Gulf Coast location builds outstanding gunite pools, give us a call today! When building a new Gulf Coast pool, homeowners usually find themselves choosing between gunite pools vs fiberglass. Homeowners who want a uniquely custom, designer pool usually prefer gunite pools. Those who want less maintenance often prefer fiberglass pools. Lets go over all the pros and cons there are to building gunite pools vs fiberglass. Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass

Gunite pools vs fiberglass Pros and Cons

Gunite Pool Pros:

  • A gunite inground pool might add more value to your property than other types of pools.
  • A range of finishes are available with gunite, which includes tile, aggregate, concrete paint, fiberglass or pebble.
  • When considering size and shape, gunite is the most versatile pool building material. Actually, it’s easy to accommodate any size, shape, and depth since the pool is built on site.
  • It is resistant to impact and if damage does happen fixes take place onsite. It’s also durable.


  • It’s the most costly type of pool to construct, mainly due to the many hours of labor needed.
  • A gunite swimming pool costs more to run because of the continuous use of the pool filter.
  • The cost of maintenance is higher than other pool materials. Algae and bacteria hold fast to the pools the rough surface of the pool and need more regular cleaning and more chemicals.
  • A gunite pool’s rough surface is uncomfortable for some swimmers, particularly kids.
  • A gunite inground pool takes long to install.
Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass

Fiberglass pool pros:

  • Resistant to shock – Fiberglass can absorb fluctuations in the surface of the earth. If you reside in an area that is prone to earthquakes, fiberglass is usually a good option.
  • Easy installation – Since these pools are shipped in one piece, there’s less work onsite. Your pool will be ready for use in a few weeks.
  • Low maintenance – These pools are nonporous, so they are not prone to algae growth and need fewer chemicals. They don’t need resurfacing.


  • Slippery – They come with a slippery surface, which creates a possible risk to safety, especially on the steps. You can get a non-slip coating but it will cost more.
  • Not perfect for diving – Since these pools are often no deeper than 8 feet, they are not good for diving.
  • Limited options when it comes to design – You can get these pools in standard sizes and shapes. You can choose rectangular, oval or round. However, custom designs and shapes are unavailable.

Gunite pools vs fiberglass- Which is better?

Usually, industry professionals can tell you that gunite is the better option with regards to your pool. Not only are you going to get a naturalistic gunite swimming pool that resembles a fiberglass one, but it’s long-lasting as well. Though fiberglass pools are durable, they might not last as long as gunite. Furthermore, gunite pools installation is on-site, meaning they can take on any shape you want. On the other hand, fiberglass pools are shape restricted since they can’t be built on site. Gunite Pools vs Fiberglass Feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast to know more about our process and get a free quote on a top quality, customized gunite inground pool today.

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Build a Portland Pool

Gunite Pools Maintenance Tips to Consider for Your Gulf Coast Pool

The excitement of a new gunite Gulf Coast pool might become overshadowed by the realization that someone has to maintain it. Gunite pools maintenance should be taken care of as the need arises. It is important to keep up with swimming pool maintenance and here is why. Gunite Pools Maintenance

Here are some gunite pools maintenance considerations:

Looking after the pool filter

It’s important to have clean, clear pool water. The pool filter deals with impurities present in the pool water, which include small objects, leaves, and dirt. You can manually remove large pieces of debris from the swimming pool without the need to put the pool filter to work. However, the filtration system collects the smaller particles. If the filter is on permanently, it can strain the pool pump. Rather, you can have a timer installed and programmed to run automatically for 5 to 6 hours on a daily basis. A frequently ignored, but vital part of gunite pools maintenance is to ensure regular cleaning of your filter. The right filter maintenance entails weekly cleanup of the filter basket and cleanup of the pipes used by the system every monthly. We can help make sure that your filter gets frequent care.

Frequent scrubbing and skimming

One of the simplest chores involved in gunite pools maintenance is skimming. But it can fast turn out to be repetitive and boring. The pool’s interior requires regular cleaning as well, which is often a tiring job. Luckily, you can automate these tasks using certain gadgets. On the other hand, we can help you do a pool maintenance service to ensure that these chores are up to date. Whether or not you choose a skimmer and an automatic pool cleaner, it is wise to plan for a regular inspection of  your gunite pool by our professionals. Gunite Pools Maintenance Scrubbing the pool’s sides prevents the build-up of algae, while skimming helps to ensure that debris and large leaves don’t enter the filtration system of the pool. Depending on the number of leaf-dropping trees on your property, you can do the tasks around once every fourteen days.

Right chemical levels

This is probably the most important part of the right gunite pools maintenance. If pool water is not balanced, it can lead to eyes and skin irritation. Furthermore, a swimming pool that’s abandoned can become the ideal breeding ground for all types of harmful microorganisms. Test the pool water at least once every week and follow the recommended levels.

Maintaining the right water level

When the level of water begins to fall, your swimming pool needs to be refilled. During the summer season, pool water evaporates quickly, and unless there’s an automatic water supply available, you should top it up with a hose to ensure that skimmers work properly. You should remember that the chemicals will need balancing again later on. Gunite Pools Maintenance

The Importance of gunite pools maintenance

Ensure you take note of any early indications of trouble you might see when you’re managing your gunite pool. Inspecting to see if there are any cracks or leaks in the equipment regularly will help avert a disaster. If you want help with gunite pools maintenance, swimming pool improvements or anything associated with pools, make sure you contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today.

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Designs Ideas for Your Inground Gunite Pools

Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast is know for their beautifully designed inground gunite pools. Now is the time for you to get creative and design a swimming pool that will match the landscape and structure of your Gulf Coast backyard. Inground Gunite Pools There are several things to think about when you start designing the pool of your dreams. What features to add so as to enhance your vision of what the best swimming pool looks like? Which style of pool will fit your particular landscape? Will the pool be for workout, entertaining, relaxation, or will include everything?

Here are some design ideas for inground gunite pools that may be ideal for your Gulf Coast backyard:

Spa pools for confined space

From time to time, you simply want to take a soothing dip in your own private swimming pool. Perfect for use year-round and simple to maintain, spa pools are great for backyards with confined space. They are also great for pool owners who wish to take a quick soak or to relax.

Lagoon style pool designs

These are characterized by a natural retreat look. While taking the shape of a freeform, it is the surrounding features like beach entries, waterfalls, and stone decking. These play a role in the overall feel and look of lagoon pools. Our team of expert pool builders will help customize your pool to suit your needs. We’ll consider your design ideas, landscape, and budget to install the inground gunite pools you have always desired. Inground Gunite Pools

Freeform pool designs

These pools are good for complicated landscapes. But our pool experts can build them to fit your personal preference. The natural appearance of freeform pools is great for adding trees as well as other greenery into the surrounding of the pool. Installation is often finished with gunite, which can be applied to the preferred shape of your backyard pool. Do you dislike having to choose between laying out in the scorching sun or taking a dip? You can get the best of both worlds with a gunite freeform pool that has a tanning ledge.

Inground lap pools

Do you want the advantages of a high quality pool but concerned about confined space? Lap pools are a good choice for the pool owner who would like to use their swimming pool for relaxation or workout, despite the limited space. The narrow, simple design of these pools adds a modern beauty to backyard areas while offering quick access for workout schedules or a rejuvenating swim.

Geometric pool shapes gulf coast

These pools offer customers the classic look of straight, clean edges. It’s easy to design the simple shapes of geometric pools to suit your availability of space and landscape. You can add pool lights for a stunning look that you can use the pool at daytime and during the night. Well-known for their classic look and practicality, geometric pools are a perfect fit for most pool owners. Inground Gunite Pools

Ready for Your Dream Pool?

At Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast, we strive to make your pool dream a reality. With regards to inground gunite pools, we take pride in our matchless designs and outstanding customer support. We make sure that your inground gunite pool will be designed and installed efficiently and fast. Our experienced pool designers are going to work closely with you to turn your outdoor space into your private oasis. From lagoons to waterfalls to infinity-style pools, we do it all. Whether you want a modern look or a natural feel, we can customize your gunite pool design that’s perfect for you. Contact us today!
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Gunite Pools Prices – What to Consider When You Want to Own One

A gunite inground pool is the best spot to cool off during the summer season. It’s also a spot to unwind next to the soothing sound of pool water and have fun with friends and family. But constructing a gunite inground pool is a huge investment. It’s a building project that needs heavy machinery, so most homeowners entrust this work to the experts. Before you are ready to begin your Gulf Coast pool project, familiarize more on what determines gunite pools prices. gunite pools prices As an estimate, you should expect to spend from $25,000 to $50,000 for a gunite pool. Obviously, that is assuming an average sized gunite pool, with average materials, in an average city with an average living cost, and average extras.

Here are some things that will determine gunite pools prices:

Custom swimming pool shapes

If you’re looking for a non-standard freeform pool shape, you will definitely spend more than for a standard shape swimming pool.

Pool materials

Materials you will use in the construction will determine the price. Gunite and fiberglass are highest quality materials and will cost you more than liner.

The depth of the pool

Clients looking for a deeper swimming pool can expect to spend more. The project will need additional digging and labor. Then again, if you are constructing a shallow swimming pool, the price is far less. Gunite Pools Alabama

The location

Usually, the cost differs state by state, if you live in an affluent neighborhood, you’ll have to pay more. You will also need to get permits, which can be a huge cost based on where you live.

Size of the pool

This is an important point in determining the price of a gunite pool.

Additional features to consider include:

These can easily cost more than the actual swimming pool. Below are some of the features that can increase gunite pools prices.

Diving boards

The price of these features can run $400 or more. Remember that if you need a higher diving board, you’ll require a deeper swimming pool, which is on the higher side.


Without a doubt, adding a spa to your gunite pool greatly increases the cost. But for most people, a spa is an important addition whose price should be considered from the start.

Gunite pools prices- Outlook for 2019

One more variable when it comes to gunite pools prices that’s extremely hard to overlook, is time. Just like everything else, prices are subject to change. With the improvement of the housing market and the economy, it is not likely that the gunite pools prices will reduce, since they are rather correlative. In short, if you have been considering buying a swimming pool, acting sooner will most likely help you save money. gunite pools prices

Get Started With Your Pool Project!

As you start to get a proper picture of gunite pools prices, you must also start planning how to finance it, which include any pool financing you might need. The earlier you begin to plan, the sooner you can be unwinding in your new gunite pool. If you are ready, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast for a free pool estimate. We will schedule a time to stop by your home and help design your new gunite pool.
Gunite Material

Choosing a Gunite Material for Your Backyard Pool

When choosing a gunite material for your Gulf Coast pool you need to consider appearance, durability, safety, and comfort. You’ll want to select materials for the water line, the coping, the pool deck and the pool’s interior. Remember that the materials will be in contact with pool water that has acid, chlorine and most likely salt. They will be in contact with swimsuits and bare feet as well. Gunite Material

The most popular gunite material within the swimming pool market includes:

  • Vinyl Liner
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete


These are built with a vinyl liner. Vinyl pools are often rectangular but can be custom-built. Pros:
  • They are easy to customize.
  • When it comes to the costs of installation, these are easily the cheapest option.
  • It’s easy for them to puncture, and are costly to repair.
  • It will last for 5 to 10 years before it needs replacement. So while you save money on initial costs of installation, you’ll have to pay for a liner replacement once every 5 to 10 years.


This is a large, one-piece fiberglass shell, which is built and finished in a manufacturing facility. Then, the shell is delivered to your property and put into a dug hole in the ground. When it comes to installation cost, fiberglass pools are mid-range. They are less costly than concrete, but are more costly than a liner. Gunite Material Pros:
  • Fiberglass pools are cheaper to maintain and needless work to maintain.
  • Installation of a fiberglass pool is a lot quicker than concrete.
  • These pools are very durable. Unlike concrete, fiberglass isn’t porous material, which is great in many ways. First of all, it means your pool cleaning chemicals will not be as harsh on fiberglass as they’re on concrete. Secondly, bacteria prefer porous areas since it is easy for them to flourish there. No pores mean bacteria will be fewer, meaning fewer chemicals in the swimming pool. It means the pool water is easier on the skin and decreases maintenance needs and costs.
  • While these pools are available in plenty of different designs, they are not easy to customize. You can simply select what the maker has available.


Pools built with concrete use a concrete base finished with plaster or another finish agent such as a pebble aggregate. Here are some of the pros of concrete as a gunite material. Pros:
  • The material is durable. High-quality concrete finishes can stay longer.
  • This is the most customizable gunite material in the market. It’s easy to design concrete pools depending on your preference. If a unique, custom swimming pool is what you are after, go for concrete.
Cons: So what are some of the cons of concrete?
  • These pools need a lot of maintenance
  • They take more time to construct.
  • It is costly. Pools built with concrete are the most costly to construct and to maintain.
Gunite Material

Ready for Your Own Dream Pool?

A premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool designer can help you choose the best gunite material for your inground pool. They will educate you on samples of materials that blend with each other and come up with the mood and look you want. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today!

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