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Fourth of July Pool Party Ideas in Austin

The Fourth of July is a great time for family and friends to gather and enjoy a special event, like a patriotic themed pool party in Austin! Have a barbecue and decorate in blue, white, and red. Due to the lovely weather, this is usually done outdoors. If you have a backyard pool you might want to throw a pool party for your loved ones to enjoy the wonderful weather. Whether you would like to have fun, play games or unwind by the pool, the Fourth of July pool party is a good way to gather and meet with family and friends.

Fourth of July pool party

Here are some ideas you can consider for your Fourth of July pool party.

Think about your guest list:

The initial step when you want to plan any party is to think about your guest list. Consider the number of people you want to invite to the Fourth of July pool party. Think about factors like your budget, your pool’s size, how much room you have on the pool deck, and available seating. Also, consider the dynamic you’re seeking, whether you want only family or friends; kids or only adults.

Shade and fans:

You shouldn’t disregard your guests that may not be unable to enter the pool, but will be relaxing close to it. They will require ways to beat the heat in Austin. You can get a few plain white paper fans and the color blue, white, and red, in the folded parts.

As the guests open them up, they will be happy with their American flag’s colors. Not only will the fans be festive and fun, but they will also offer some all-important relief from the flies and heat. Ensure you offer some shade for your guests to sit in. In case you have an awning, a pergola, or large trees in your outdoor space, you should decorate them as well.

Fourth of July pool party

Install a bar:

Hosting Fourth of July pool party? Set up an outdoor bar so guests will not need to jump out of the pool or leave their conversation for a long time. Provide a range of drink choices from unsweetened iced tea to melon mojitos. Purchase on lots of bottled water to prevent dehydrated guests.

Offer party favors out early:

You can fill a huge basket with colorful noodles, beach towels, and different pool toys for the guests. They will have a towel to bring home as a souvenir, and a float to use in the swimming pool. You can have extra goggles and water rings for the children. Make sure that you get an adult volunteer to always monitor the pool for the kid’s safety.

Dive In!

Your backyard oasis looks great, the food items are ready, and the guests have arrived; there’s just one task left to do, dive in the pool and have a memorable time!

Fourth of July pool party

Fourth of July Pool Party – Conclusion

These are simply a few fun ideas to start an amazing Fourth of July pool party! Hopefully, this has motivated you to consider installing a pool or to become creative and create some good ideas of your own this 4th of July! Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Austin professionals if you need any help!

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Finding the Right Backyard Color Scheme

Once you have become an expert in interior decor for your North Georgia home, why not try exterior decor? Whether you’ve transformed your outdoor space, or you’ve yet to hire a landscaping service for your outdoor space, you are ready to consider the next step: selecting the design aesthetics and a backyard color scheme for your yard. Consider your North Georgia backyard as your home’s extension. You want the place to be inviting! Somewhere to relax and soak up the sun or to entertain family and friends. The right backyard color scheme for your outdoor space can make your area so much more fun.

backyard color scheme

Before you select a backyard color scheme, consider your color tastes. Color will considerably affect your mood. We often have hues that we greatly like and don’t like. Furthermore, consider the colors in your outdoor space and how they can match with your backyard.

Here are some ideas on how to pick a backyard color scheme:

Consider simplicity:

When doubtful, think about a simplistic approach, like a neutral color scheme that will go with your patio and home’s color. This helps to make your pool and yard’s colors really “pop.” Do you feel as though that is a bit too plain? Think about a bright accent color, such as orange or red, or a neutral striped pattern for the patio furniture. Or, if you want a more relaxed ambiance of the sea, you could try combining some turquoise or pale blue as an accent shade.

A modern choice:

If you love bright colors and want your backyard to really feel vibrant and ready for night fun, color blocking may be a trend to consider. The trend deals with matching bright colors of opposite shades. For a bold look, you can try pairing blues and oranges or greens and purples.

backyard color scheme

A cohesive selection:

If your house is an assortment of fabrics from your family antiques, knickknacks, and travels, then an eclectic backyard color scheme might be the best extension of your property. Search for mismatched materials, fabrics, and patterns with a range of neutral and bright colors.

Carefully placing colors:

Some shades are available in standard in backyards, like grey and brown to account for metal furniture, walkways, and concrete. Not forgetting the pre-existing greenery outdoors. Modern homes will use color to either create dramatic contrast by selecting different colors or accent these naturally taking place colors to contrast by altogether.

Think about using color touches such as dark green or purple planters. They will attractively accentuate the shades that already exist in your North Georgia backyard space.

When you mix your preferred color scheme using some natural colors, it can help to create balance in a backyard area and not overwhelm your guests.

backyard color scheme

Backyard Color Scheme – Time to Get Started!

If you’ve not hired a landscaping service for your North Georgia backyard, contact Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia today. We’ll help you create and maintain your dream backyard so you can make the most out of your outdoor space.

Want to Add a Color Scheme to Your Pool?

pool floats

Pool Floats Enhance Your Pool Experience

Swimming, water sports, playing games, and doing different activities in water are some ideas to have a great time in your Austin pool. But if you use pool floats the level of enjoyment will go beyond the imagination. You’ll find that the range of choices will increase very much with the use of pool floats. These pool extras help everyone to have fun in the pool no matter if they know how to swim or not. The entire household will love using these accessories.

pool floats

These fun pool accessories are portable, which makes them handy to carry to the pool and store after use. You can inflate them using an electric pump. This will save you from getting tired even before you have an opportunity to have fun in the pool. Another good thing about pool floats is that they let even the smallest kids have fun in the pool with adult watchful eyes. It’s so much fun for kids to be dragged around on floats that resemble a raft.

Pool floats are mostly created from vinyl and are very long-lasting. Although well-built, they’re not completely resistant to small punctures and leaks. For this reason, many pool stores provide patch kits for sale at affordable prices. You can even find that some have a patch kit when you purchase them.

Selecting pool floats

These pool accessories support the user in a sitting posture. The float’s sitting design makes it suitable for floating lazily while keeping an eye on kids playing or reading a book in the pool.

pool floats

Some come with a long length, letting the legs to hang in the pool while others help keep the feet out of the pool water. Some even have a drink holder installed in the sides.

Types of swimming pool floats

Choosing a pool float will depend on preference and lifestyle floats for different people. The following are some choices:

  • Fun pool floats. They offer flexible movement and fun in a range of shapes and colors. You can pick from junk food shapes such as pizza to animal shapes such as swans and flamingos.
  • Family pool floats. These hold a lot of people seeking to float jointly in a single device. The circular style has built in seats, letting each swimmer face the middle. The middle usually features an opening so the feet can hang in the pool water. While these pool accessories will keep the whole family together, its big size needs additional pool space.
  • Side-by-side floats. These can seat two people who want to hang out together in the pool. They let the swimmers sit full-length and face one another or face the same direction.
  • Classic pool floats. These let you lie to flat and unwind on the pool water. Floats can be mesh, foam, or inflatable. The mesh material lets water to flow through the pool float.

pool floats

Pool Floats – Conclusion

Before you purchase your float this summer think about all your choices from your pool’s environment, size to the material. The best pool float will make your swim season unforgettable and fun right in your own Austin backyard. For the hottest trends and tips about pools, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Austin today!

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modern swimming pool designs

Considerations before Having a New Pool Installation

A new pool installation in your North Georgia home is a fun-filled addition for everyone to experience and enjoy the addition of water. Building a new custom inground pool requires budgeting and planning of time and finances before, during and after the actual installation.

new pool installation

Here are things to consider before you decide on a new pool installation.

1. Weather consideration:

Your location is without question sure to affect your lifestyle. It will definitely affect your decision-making with regards to your pool style and amenities. If you reside in an area where it rains a lot, you should think about adding some type of enclosure during your new pool installation process. In the meantime, if you live in a heavily-treed or windy place, a pool cover might make sense. It will help keep off unwanted debris and leaves.

2. Cost:

There are different types of pools and the price will differ for each. Because a swimming pool most often costs a lot of money, it is important to set a budget first after which you can work on the budget you have set. While it is entirely fine to have great dreams for the way you want your new North Georgia backyard oasis to look like, you should be realistic with regards to what you can pay for and which kind of swimming pool will best suit your loved ones and your needs.

3. Get the best pool contractor:

The pool contractors you select can really make or break your swimming pool. Not only do the professionals control the pricing and process, but their experience will also determine your pool’s visual aesthetic and functionality. You should work with the best Premier Pools, North Georgia pool builders for your budget and lifestyle.

new pool installation

4. Size:

Your pool’s size will not only depend on the space you have to work with but also on zoning laws and your budget. Our professionals will be able to help you to make the right decision and adhering to zoning.

5. What’s the reason for having the pool?

Do you want to emphasize your home with a new custom inground pool that has an amazing visual aesthetic? Do you want a simple pool to workout in after a tiring day? Or probably you have children and would like them to have fun during the summer season. When you want to start a new pool installation, knowing what you’re really searching for will help you figure out what you want and the amount of money you should invest.

6. Be sure to enjoy it:

While it’s essential to focus on all the details and costs of a new pool installation, do not allow these factors to deter you from building your dream pool. Plan your first pool party and get pool games, toys, and fun floats. Doing such things will help remind you why you really needed a pool in the first place; since they are amazing.

new pool installation


New Pool Installation: Hire Premier Pools & Spas!

Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia has offered countless North Georgia homeowners with the pools of their dreams. We’ve constructed pools of all sizes and shapes to not only add value to their properties but also provide them with a perfect area to entertain family and friends year-round. If you want a new pool installation, we’re glad to help. Our team will help you select the right pool for your space, your lifestyle, and budget. Contact our team of professionals today.

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lose weight in pool

How to Lose Weight in Pool with Pool Workouts

Looking to lose weight in pool? Good for you. It is time for you to put your Austin backyard pool to work in the name of exercise and your well-being. One of the numerous perks of having a pool is the fact that swimming is good for your well-being, leading to loss of weight. If you love swimming you can prove how much of an exercise it is. Whether your ultimate goal for the day is to fully get an exercise or to enjoy and relax, the entire body always thanks you for a swim.

lose weight in pool

Lose weight in pool with water exercises to help you get your dream body.

1. Knee Lifts

Doing these workouts will get your whole body occupied and help you lose weight in pool. The key areas you’ll be working are your core, buttocks, and legs. The point is the major body parts will be engaged, which in turn can help you begin to build muscle. When you build more muscle, the more fat you will burn even when you’re resting.

Knee lifts are as easy as they sound. But you can do a few adjustments or increase the difficulty if you wish to.

2. Sports can play a part

If you like losing weight together with several exercise partners, the best exercises are water-based sports. Obviously, you can race one another in a lap pool; however, competitive and casual sports alike will help you burn calories and not have to approach the activity as an exercise.

lose weight in pool

Water polo, for instance, helps burn calories at a faster rate. But it can be quite a challenge for people who are not very athletic. Effective options to think about include water basketball or volleyball. Get started in the pool’s shallow end and, move to the deeper end for additional challenge and a good calorie burn.

3. Things to know about your pool exercise

While it may look easy when you’re doing your pool exercise, you need to know that you’re doing something good for yourself. You should be persistent and staying consistent in your exercises. Dedicate at least three days weekly to make a big improvement in your body and your overall health.

Don’t feel discouraged and concerned about your well-being. You can start taking action to improve your well-being with simple things such as your pool exercise.

Owning a pool to help in your efforts toward your well-being will let you eliminate excuses of not wanting to visit the local public swimming pool or and you can invite a few friends over for a swim. Using this simple dedication, your life can truly transform.

lose weight in pool

Lose Weight in Pool – Conclusion

Pool exercises are the best way to trim your body, burn fat, and enjoy in the process. After all, would you rather exercise in a packed gym or in the comfort of your own private backyard retreat in your own pool? Here at Premier Pools & Spas of Austin, we would be glad to help transform your outdoor space into your own private swimming gym oasis. Give us a call today!

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Importance of Hiring a Pool Care Company in North Georgia

It always feels good to have a swimming pool in your North Georgia home! But now comes the time consuming task of pool cleaning and maintenance. There’s nothing as good as when you have the pleasure to enjoy the pool and feel the serenity inside you without disruption. But if you want to keep having such feelings of relaxation each time you enter the swimming pool, it becomes essential to keep the swimming pool totally clean. Even if many people choose to do the cleanup work on their own, hiring an expert pool care company can be beneficial.

pool care

Here are some reasons why you need a professional pool care company.

Inspecting regularly:

The pool care experts you’ll work with to maintain the pool. In addition, they will give you extra services such as doing a routine inspection of the swimming pool. They will check the machinery, walls and other pool features. The professionals can detect any damages and cracks that appear and will repair them in time before things worsen.

Save time:

It’s difficult maintaining a pool, and when you’re planning to do it, it can take hours before finishing. But working with our pool care professionals, you’ll be able to save the time you use to clean the pool. You will be able to use that time to perform other essential activities. Likewise, you’ll not have to worry about going to shops to look for chemicals to use in cleaning up the pool.

pool care

Hiring pool care professional will be convenient for you. This is because you will not need to go looking for maintenance machinery you even do not know.

Save money:

By having a pool that’s well-maintained, you’ll have fewer issues with cracked walls. The good machinery, clean walls, and treated water will make sure your pool is not exposed to any damages. This helps you save since you’ll not have to do repairs that are costly. Likewise, you’ll not be buying the chemical to clean your pool. The reason being, the pool care professionals have their products for cleaning the pool.

Using the best chemicals:

By choosing to work with our pool care experts to renovate and maintain your backyard pool you’ll be able to save the trouble of looking for cleaning chemicals and trying to guess the right cleaning products. The professionals will use the chemicals they prefer to restore the state of your pool. Likewise, the experts will use the proper amount of chemical in the pool. This is to make sure the pool stays clean year-round.

pool care

For Professional Pool Care – Hire the Premier Pools & Spas!

If you’re looking for affordable and quality pool care services in North Georgia, call Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia today and we’ll be happy to help. Our professionals will also be glad to answer any questions you might have and assist you in any way we can.

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Improve Your Health with Your Own North Georgia Backyard Pool

Swimming is considered one of the most effective workouts you can do to improve your health right in your North Georgia backyard pool. There are not lots of workouts where the whole parts of the body come into motion, and swimming is among those chosen few workouts. To get in great shape, you should do workouts that will ensure movements of all parts of the body. Reducing your weight and getting into the right physique will not take place right away, and most people know this fact.

Improve Your Health

Here’s how a pool can improve your health.

Better flexibility:

Swimming will often involve the entire body. When you swim you reach, twist, stretch and pull in the water which engages each body part. In some cases, people work in jobs that restrict their bodily movements that impact their flexibility. They can enhance their body’s flexibility by hanging out in their North Georgia pool on a daily basis. The everyday workout makes them rejuvenated and ready to take on the day the ahead. For that reason, swimming provides a healthy package within a short period and without involving a lot of expenses.

Easy on your joints:

The perfect way to keep fit if you are recuperating from an injury and improve your stamina is through swimming. If you experience hip or knee pain, you will have to avoid high impact workouts such as running and consider the pool. In addition, because swimming is particularly easier on the body it’s possible to swim at a greater intensity, for a long time, and more frequently. This helps as you’ll not experience the deterioration on your body that you will see if you constantly push your body on the trails or at the gym.

Improve Your Health

Muscle strengthening:

You require strong muscles to deal with different activities in your everyday life. Working out regularly helps you gain muscle strength. Swimming offers the best way to improve your health and also your body’s muscle quality. Swimming needs the usage of various muscles to help maintain movement in the pool water. Swimmers get the best aerobic exercise that benefits the whole body. If you take a workout session in your North Georgia backyard pool every morning, you’ll strengthen the muscles and enhance their ability to offer the needed energy to take on the chores ahead.

Reduces depression and stress:

If you have depression and anxiety, take a dip and enjoy unwinding and having a cheerful mood. Those who take part in jogging or running have a feeling of delight after the race. The same sensation is achievable with swimmers. So, consistent swimming will make someone feel joyful by eliminating negative thoughts. The probability of having a great feeling is boosted by swimming in a healthy and clean environment. You can make sure your backyard oasis is perfect for swimming by working with the best Premier Pools & Spas, North Georgia pool services. These professionals will make sure the facility is ready for you and your loved ones always.

Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health- Get a pool!

These are definitely a few of the most amazing ways a pool helps to improve your health. To make the most of your outdoor space experience in North Georgia, invest in a pool from Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia. Contact us today!

small inground pools

Small Pools to Fit in your Austin Backyard

Small pools let you transform any outdoor space in Austin into a paradise. You might have thought you did not have the ability to own a pool, since your yard was so limited, but that’s not the case at all. Now that spools are increasingly becoming popular, everybody is raring to have a pool in their space.

small pools

Here are the reasons you should consider small pools for your Austin backyard.

Small pools – designing your spool

We at Premier Pools, your Austin pool builders, understand that you have very little space and you need to make a huge impact with your new swimming pool. Small pools are good for enjoying a drink by the poolside and relaxation. Rather than the need to worry about life, you simply wash your worries away in your new pool. It can be lots of fun designing small pools. If you are unsure what you’re looking for, you can talk to design experts at Premier Pools & Spas of Austin. They will be more than glad to help you begin working toward your goals.

What are some of the benefits of having small pools?

Small pools have a lot of benefits attached to them. Some of these include:

  • Economical. In comparison to larger pools, you do not need to spend a lot to have a spool built. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s possible to have one right in your yard and have fun with it.
  • Easy maintenance. Because it uses up a small area, you won’t need to not go through the stress of cleaning up the surface. It will also save you time since you will not need to spend a lot of time cleaning it up.

small pools

  • Year-round use. Regardless of the weather or season, you can use a small pool and have fun.
  • Different uses. You can keep a small pool warm for hot water therapy, and keep it cool for swimming as well. It caters to all uses.
  • Save space. It’s easy to fit spools into your plans, whether your yard is small, and it cannot fit a large pool or you do not want to use up a large area. Having a small pool will make sure you have spaces for other stuff in your outdoor space.
  • Easy installation. You can build small pools in different areas without encountering any problems. Additional fencing may not be needed, and you may not encounter any issue during digging like larger pools.

Aesthetic design as well as function with small pools

While obviously, you want your spools to look great, you need to consider the way you will use the pool. You can place in seating in various spots, jets, or anything that you can think of.

small pools

We’re the Best Choice for Austin small Pools!

No matter your reasoning, a small pool might be ideal for you. Premier Pools & Spas of Austin are professionals in managing the fine line between function and form with regards to spools. We can assist you design and construct the best small pool to suit your specific needs. In case you have a small area to work with, and are wondering if it will fit a pool, reconsider, and talk to our professionals!

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Atlanta backyard resort

Create a Stunning North Georgia Backyard Resort

Picture stepping into a backyard space in North Georgia and seeing bold tropical foliage, glowing garden lights and a swinging hammock, and listening to the sound of water as it trickles from the fountain. Can you already picture yourself sinking into the holiday-relaxation mood? While taking a trip to a faraway resort will make you spend a lot, with a few design tactics, you can create your own North Georgia backyard resort. You can take ideas from expensive resorts for furniture arrangements and options. But choose the blend of design elements that will give you utmost relaxation.

Atlanta backyard resort

There are lots of options available that you can use to enhance your outdoor space. But if you’re struggling with being creative, we’ve prepared the best and the simplest choices for you to create your own North Georgia backyard resort. Many of these ideas are simple to do and affordable.

Here are amazing ideas to create a stunning North Georgia backyard resort.

1. Poolside lounge space:

Elegant furniture, colorful throw pillows, and decorative umbrellas will help create a breathtaking North Georgia backyard resort. If you have picked a color palette or theme for your outdoor space, a good spot for it to play out is the pool area. You can start selecting umbrellas, linens, and furnishings in a fresh color palette. You can also make a pool area feel more resort-like. Simply roll up fresh towels and use a poolside basket to stash them.

2. Bar:

Can you picture what better way to have a great time than by just spending your weekend evenings at your private outdoor bar with your close friends? A backyard bar will create a resort-level ambiance that people look forward to when heading to a high-end retreat. Furthermore, an outdoor bar makes a good match with other outdoor space projects like a deck, the poolside lounge, and a pool.

Atlanta backyard resort

3. Use lights to set the mood:

Having your North Georgia backyard resort is all about setting the mood. If you’re doing a backyard remodel, lighting is an essential part of coming up with the right ambiance. You can begin by incorporating different kinds of ambient illumination that give your surrounds a subtle glow. Avoid bright, harsh lights and get softer mood illumination. If you’re willing to try new things you can look into other unique lighting fixtures or pool globes. These will give your Atlanta backyard resort a unique appearance.

4. Pool:

If you love hanging out in water, a pool is certainly a smart investment to consider. While the cost will most likely be high at first, constructing a swimming pool can completely transform a dull or boring outdoor space into an amazing luxurious vacation spot. The benefits associated with owning a pool on your property include added options for a mental health boost, physical activity, social engagement, and aesthetics.

5. Add a gazebo:

This feature is ideal for hot summer days in Atlanta. It will offer protection from the hot sun while also providing you with the opportunity to take in some clean air. You can either choose small wooden chairs and tables or install a gazebo in your Atlanta backyard resort, equipped with a swing bed. You can also use a variety of handmade rugs and cushions or dim lights to decorate the surrounds. If you’re looking for the best outdoor theme, then it is best if you install your gazebo next to the pool.

Atlanta backyard resort

Let’s Help Create Your Atlanta Backyard Resort!

Do you want more inspiration to transform your property into a paradise? Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Atlanta today to help create your stunning Atlanta backyard resort!

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shade structures

Choosing the Best Shade Structures for Your Austin Backyard

Enjoying summer days can be a treat! But if your Austin outdoor space is not protected from the sun, the heat and glare can make hanging outside uncomfortable. Shade structures in your outdoor space create comfy areas for relaxing, reading or dining. Based on your needs, you can use temporary shade structures that offer more flexibility. You can also go for permanent solutions to incorporate into the design of your patio and deck.

shade structures

Keep cool this summer season with these shade structures in your backyard.


If you’re planning to on entertain adult guests outside, cabanas are a good option. These shade structures often integrate hammocks, bars, or other island-style facilities to turn your outdoor space into a mini-haven. You can also use cabanas close to pools or spas as a changing space for a bit of added privacy.


With an array of designs, colors, and materials on the market, umbrellas are simple, portable shade choices. These shade structures are simple to move about. You can also angle them to the position of the sun at any time of day.

Other smaller lightweight choices are market umbrellas. These look good and are ideal for small spaces over backyard surroundings or chairs. It’s simple to adjust their height and fold them up when you do not require them.

shade structures

On the other hand, cantilever umbrellas are more durable and designed to cover bigger spaces. They feature a strong metal stand and are perfect for offering shade to spas and courtyards or smaller decks and kiddie pools.


If you’re looking to add freestanding shade structures to your Austin outdoor space that as well adds a decorative touch, a gazebo might be the best option. They come in a range of styles. Their roof keeps you shaded from the sun rays while its open structure lets you enjoy the surrounding landscape. You can attach your gazebo to your deck or place it in your garden to make a shaded dining space. These structures are often created from wood; however, you can get vinyl designs as well.

Shade Sails:

These structures are great for larger spaces such as decks, pools, and patios. They are a flexible choice since you can construct them in the summer season and dismantle them over the winter season. Shade sails have a unique shape, which makes them a great design feature. In addition, these shade structures are simple to install and customize to fit your area’s size.

Created from PVC or fabric, shade sails can to stand up to lots of pressure. It’s easy to tighten them so they do not get blown away by the wind.


The simplest way to build a permanently shaded space in your Austin outdoor space is to construct a pavilion. This big freestanding structure is usually installed a few meters from the main house. You can use it as a more luxurious outdoor living space. You can incorporate an entertainment center, fireplace, or kitchen to your outdoor pavilion while enjoying protection from the scorching sun.

shade structures

Shade Structures – Conclusion

You can extend the period of time you can spend outside by adding shade structures to your Austin backyard. The best shade canopy for you depends on what you want to shade and the limitations of your pace. An expert at Premier Pools & Spas of Austin will help you determine which shade will suit your needs and give you the fun you want. Contact us today!

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