Hot Pool Trends: Vanishing Edge Pool Info

Nowadays, the vanishing edge pool is among the most popular pools around the world. In this type of swimming pool, water flows over the swimming pool edge and it looks like there are no boundaries and the water disappears into thin air.

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Often, these pools are designed in a way that the edge seems to merge with the bigger section of the pool or the sky.

Vanishing edge pool offers a stunning look. Although this is a modern trend and infinity edge pool was first built in France. In France, the very first Infinity edge pool was made at the Palace of Versailles in the 1600s.

Often, the swimming pools are found in exotic resorts. However, if you have enough space in your backyard, you can have a zero-edge pool built right in your backyard.

How does a vanishing edge pool work?

Basically, an Infinity edge pool creates an illusion. What happens is that one edge of the pool has the same level as the water. Therefore the water flows over that swimming pool edge. On the other side of the edge, there is another smaller pool made to collect the water. From there, the water is pumped back up into the primary pool.

How can you create the vanishing edge pool effect?

If you want to you enjoy the best effect, make sure you position the vanishing edge so that no one can see the smaller pool from the main positions can your backyard.

Ideally, it is better that you build an infinity-edge pool on a gentle slope instead of a flat surface. However, it is possible to build one on a steep slope or flat land provided you have the services of an experienced engineer.

While many swimming pools can be transformed into infinity edge pools, this type a pole causes the water to vanish into thin air and offers an amazing panoramic view.

Infinity edge pools feature innovative technology, great designs, and a lot of other features. For example, some Infinity edge pools have storage compartments so that the filtration equipment can be stored conveniently.

These compartments are quite useful as they can protect your expensive pole filtration equipment. Aside from this, the compartment allows the equipment to work better. They also serve as sun lounges and allow you to relax while your kids have fun in your Infinity edge pool.

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You can choose to buy a traditional pool or an infinity edge pool. Regardless of the choice you make, you can easily transform your backyard into an exotic space.

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Infinity pool: The 10 Best Infinity Pools in the World

Today, a well-designed infinity pool looks quite natural. If you are interested in the infinity-edge pool, we suggest that you take a look at the following vanishing edge pools around the world.

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Singita Sweni Lodge of South Africa

This Infinity edge pool overlooks the Sweni River close to the South Africa border. From this pool, you can see a lot of prolific birdlife, hippos and big cats.

Il Sereno Lago di Como of Italy

This pool is situated in Italy. We can get the most of the beautiful waterfront balcony as well. Besides, every room allows a stunning view of the lake.

The Resort at Pedregal of Los Cabos, Mexico

From this amazing pool, you can view the beach in Mexico. Make sure you keep an eye out for or Wales and dolphins. You can enjoy your favorite drinks sitting in the signature lounges off the pole.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

The beaches of Seychelles are popular for their dramatic granite boulders and white sand. Therefore, these beaches are known as the finest beaches in the world.

Therefore it is great to enjoy the natural beauty from this hillside Infinity Pool.

Marina Bay Sands of Singapore

If you like rooftop infinity edge pools, we suggest that you check out this infinity edge pool in Singapore. This pool is built on the 57th story of the building. If you want to use this pool, you will have to be a guest at the hotel.

Grace Santorini of Greece

In Santorini, you can enjoy a lot of Amazing views. You can have fun if you check out this infinity pool in grace Santorini.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti of Tanzania

This is what happens if you install a pool in the center of Serengeti National Park of in Tanzania. Many wild elephants can be seen around this swimming pool on a daily basis. Aside from this, you can also see zebras giraffes around this pool.

Zemi Beach House Hotel & Spa of Anguilla

pool house cabana

From this infinity pool, you can enjoy amazing views. This pool is separated from the sea with the glass wall.

Anantara Golden Triangle of Thailand

This Infinity edge pool is situated at the international crossroads of the popular Mekong Valley. It is interesting to note that this Infinity edge pool allows you to see three countries: Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Don’t forget to you use your binoculars especially if you want to see elephants walking about in the wilderness below.

Amankila of Indonesia

This beautiful three-tiered vanishing edge pool can be seen at this resort on the east coast of Bali. The good thing is that this swimming pool is the most photogenic infinity pool in the world. From this pool, you can view the volcanic black sand beaches.

So, there were some of the best infinity pools in the world.

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Swimming Pool on Pilings

The construction of a swimming pool on pilings starts with a solid foundation to support the weight of the swimming pool. The soil conditions are important regardless of the type of construction.

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If you are going to build a new pool, your swimming pool builder will consider the soil profile first. If your home is built on pilings, then and your swimming pool should also be built on pilings.

On the other hand, if you are going to build a new pool you may want to consult your swimming pool contractor.

Swimming Pool Piers

If you live in an area with a history of soil issues, then you may want to you have a soil boring test done to find out more about your soil conditions. It is not difficult to install a pool on pilings. In fact, pool pilings can save you a lot of money on repairs in the future.

If you want to find out the cause of structural cracking or failure of a concrete pole, we suggest that you consult a good pool builder for visual inspection.

Based on your findings, the pool builder will guide you further. In the majority of cases, when and a swimming pool fails, chances are that there is something happening in the soil. For example, the oil under the pool fails to support the weight of the pole.

You can also contact a professional to do a soil bearing test to find out the type and capability is of the soil under your swimming pool on pilings. Normally this test will cost you around $1200.

After the test, if the professional suspect’s sinkhole activity, then and you may have to to get a deep soil boring test. The cost of this test is around $3000.

Underpinning Pool Structures

During the installation of a swimming pool on pilings in your backyard, pilings are installed in the ground once the excavation is completed. Typically, swimming pool pilings are placed deep in the soil in order to support the structure of your pool.

After the installation of the piles, it is topped up with a pile cap which is attached to the structure of the pool.


Introduction to a Pool on wooden deck

A pool on wooden deck is not much different from other types of decks. However, if you are going to plan a deck around your spa or swimming pool, make sure you consider a few important design strategies. In this article, we are going to talk about the pool on wooden deck.

Important things to keep in mind


As for as materials are concerned, you can choose any type of material for your spa or pool, according to Barron Biedenweg of Archadeck of Fort Wayne in Ft. Wayne, IN. Although he recommends a composite that tropical hardwood deck should be used. The majority of composites are slip-resistant as they are ADA-certified. According to Dan Ivancic of Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. in Buffalo, NY, many people opt for a concrete patio around their spa and pool but he recommends tropical hardwood deck. We know that concrete is strong but it tends to crack and flake with the passage of time. On the other hand, tropical hardwood can last more than 50 years. Therefore, many people choose tropical hardwoods because this material can withstand heat and water.


If you want privacy, you may want to use a lattice or privacy fence instead of railing on the deck. This is even more important if you want to you enjoy more privacy in your spa.

Shade structures

If you live in a hot climate, it is great to get out of the water and get some rest in a shady spot. Therefore, pergolas can be a great choice to have a shade on the pool on wooden deck. These structures allow you to adjust the light with the help of stringers that run along the top.

Storage boxes

Both swimming pools and spas feature a lot of accessories like towels, chemicals, and cleaners, just to name a few. Although it is great to keep these things near your pole and spa, no one wants to you keep them out of the box. There is an easy way to solve this problem. All you need to do who is design a bench as well as a storage box. You can keep them near the pool. The bench seat will work as a lid for the storage box and well hold your belongings inside the box.


As for as the pricing goes, the cost of pool and spa deck is quite high. Therefore before you decide on building the entertainment deck around your spa or swimming pool, make sure you construct the structure with big rafters, beams, and footer for better support. In other words, you will have to spend a lot more money than you originally planned. So, this is how you can build a pool on wooden deck.

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Infinity pool Designs

Infinity pool designs have something special and unique to offer. Actually, these swimming pools create an illusion of infinity. The far side of the swimming pool looks like as if it does not have a clear endpoint. Moreover, water level creates an effect as if the water touches the terrain of the ocean.

Is there any trick photography involved?

There is no trick photography involved. Actually, this illusion is created by a pool builder in order to you make it look like this swimming pool has no end. However, the water level remains consistent across the surface of the pool. Therefore, this type of pool design is known as the vanishing edge or infinity-edge pool.

This swimming pool design concept is simple yet ingenious. For this effect, the swimming pool builder follows certain design steps.

How an Infinity Edge Pool Works

The height of the back wall of the swimming pool is reduced based on the water level. This helps create the effect when the swimming pool is filled with fresh water.

The upper edge of that wall has a gradual slope away from the swimming pool. This way the water flows out just like a waterfall.

Another small swimming pool is constructed on the exterior of the back wall. The purpose of this Poll is to catch the overflow. Another is pump is placed the in in the small pool.

The nonstop flow of water over the small wall and back into the swimming pool makes it look like this swimming pool has an infinity edge.

Nowadays, infinity edge pools are not only built for expensive resorts only. In fact, many homeowners are investing in this type of pools for their personal properties. Therefore, you can find these poles in homes, apartment buildings, community centers, hotels, mortals, and Cottage.

Although the construction process looks quite simple on paper, designing and installing an infinity-edge pool is a lot more complex. Many steps are followed to carry out the installation of the pool. Make sure you consider the following factors when hiring the services of a swimming pool builder.

  • Is it possible to orient the pole design to capture the view?
  • is there enough slope for the catch basin?
  • Does the catch basin have enough room in order to construct a big enough basin?
  • How powerful pump do you need for water circulation?

If you are planning to build a vanishing edge pool and are looking for infinity pool designs, we suggest that you have the services of an experienced swimming pool builder.

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Piling pool: Importance of swimming pool pilings

Do you know about piling pool? Are you planning a pool for your property? If so, you may have hired an experienced pool builder for designing and installing it. But have you taken care of the pool pilings? This means you will have to get more approvals and for your pool, which means you will have to pay more money.

Do you need pilings?

Actually, finding out about the soil composition is important before starting the construction project. After knowing the soil makeup of your backyard, the pool builder will add support to the concrete base of the pool with pilings.

For some pools, a few piling are needed while others need a lot of them based on the size of the pool, soil type and the load that will be put on the concrete structure.

Let us find out more about the importance of wool piling.

What Exactly Are Swimming Pool Pilings?

Swimming pool pilings comprise steel, wood or concrete. The material is cast in place or driven into the soil.

Soil Boring Test

This soil boring test is done to find out if pilings will be needed to support the shell. This process involves drilling up to 30 feet into the ground to obtain a sample and then and test it.

How Much Will Pool Pilings Cost?

When and you include a structural element in your whole construction project, know that the cost will go up. This soil boring test can be expensive and may cost more than $1500 based on the location.

Aside from this swimming pool pilings main cost up to $1000 for piling. Generally, swimming pool pilings can add up to $15000 to the total cost of your swimming pool project.

Basically, pool pilings can offer protection for your investment. Therefore it is a great idea to invest in swimming pool pilings and make your swimming pool much safer.

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How to build a perimeter vanishing edge

If done properly, a perimeter vanishing edge pool can easily create a dramatic illusion. However, if the designing is not done properly, the wall of the pool will be obvious. Actually, the lower pole should be strong enough to hold the water. Basically, in case of a vanishing edge pool, it looks like as if the water disappears into thin air. Let’s find out how you can build a perimeter vanishing edge pool.

Step #1: The Weir

The weir is like the backbone of this type of swimming pool. Therefore the wall should be up to 50 feet long and should be strong enough to withstand the water pressure of the pole.

Typically, the wall should be at least 1 foot thick. Keep in mind that if the weir is constructed improperly, cracks may happen with the passage of time. This type of pool is more prone to different construction problems.

Step #2: Height

If you want to construct higher walls, make sure to increase the wall thickness. This is important if you want your pool to withstand the pressure of the water. Thicker walls can bear more pressure.

Step #3: Material

As for as the selection of material goes, you may want to you consider your environment. Traditional materials include gunite, shotcrete, and mortar. At times, you can apply this material in layers.

If you want to use cement, make sure you pour it properly. Also, for better support, you can use steel rebar in your weir.

Step #4: Level

The weir top should be at least three inches less compared to the surrounding elevation. The idea is that the wall will provide coverage for it, which will create a natural perimeter vanishing edge.

Step #5: Pumps

It is much better to buy a small pump as it will save you a lot of energy. Based on the size of your pool, you may want to to buy the right type of pool pump.

Step #6: Options

You can change a lot of things to achieve the desired effect. It may not be easy for you to create your own vanishing edge pool. However, if you have the knowledge, it will be easier for you to have your own infinity-edge pool.

We suggest that you contact a good swimming pool builder to have your own infinity-edge pool built in your own backyard.

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Everything You Need to Know About an infinity edge pool

An infinity edge pool is also known as a vanishing edge pool. As the name suggests, this type of pool makes you feel like you are hovering over the landscape.

What is an infinity-edge pool?

An infinity-edge pool seems to disappear into the Horizon. Actually, the edge of the pool plays a track on your mind.

How do infinity pools work?

Infinity edge pool works somewhat like a waterfall. In a waterfall, the water falls over the edge and disappears into thin air. In case of a vanishing endge pool, the water flows down into the lower section of the pool. From there, the water goes back to the main pool.

In other words, a zero-edge pool is like a waterfall that features one upper section of the pool and one lower section.

What locations are ideal for infinity pools?

If you want to install an infinity-edge pool, make sure you have the right type of sight. Generally, this type of swimming pool is a great choice for a site that has a lot of drop off.

What is the best-known infinity pool?

If you want to see the best infinity pool in the world, you may want to you head to Singapore. There you can find the best vanishing edge pool on the rooftop of the hotel called Marina Bay Sands.

People from around the world come here to have a swim in this swimming pool and take some great shots. From this pool, you can enjoy amazing views of the city.

How much does a regular infinity pool cost?

Infinity edge pool involves the water circulation system and the Lower section, that’s why the construction of this pool is more complicated than the regular swimming pool.

Swimming pool builders have to make sure the water flows in the right direction. Therefore, they use a vacuum basin and a powerful filtration system for the removal of debris, bugs, and leaves.

Compared to a regular pool, and infinity edge pool may cost you 30% more money. The cost will be higher if you want to to add multiple disappearing edges.

Therefore the cost of these pools may vary based on the features you want to add and the size of the swimming pool.

Are infinity pools safe?

The short answer is yes. Keep in mind that the infinity-edge is just a visual trick on your mind. The edge of the pool does not disappear. Therefore, if you keep swimming in a vanishing edge pool, know that you will reach the wall.

There is another platform a couple of feet below the edge of the vanishing pool. Therefore if you keep swimming you may flip over the swimming pool edge. Therefore make sure you understand how this type of swimming pool works.

Do these pools require more maintenance?

Unlike the old fashioned pools, infinity edge pools are more complex. Therefore you need to spend more time and money for the maintenance of this type of pool.

You will have to clean the secondary section of the pool as well. Besides, you will have to keep an eye on the filtration system and water pump. The water circulation will be affected if the pump stops working or the filtration system gets clogged.

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pool finishes

What is the swimming pool plaster made out of?

You can choose from a variety of swimming pool plaster materials, such as aggregate, tile, and plaster finishes. Each type features a lot of textures, colors, and materials. The final look of your pool will depend significantly on your pool finish. Therefore, you might want to consider various pool finish options to settle on an option that best suits your design aspirations and needs.

swimming pool designs

Plaster Finishes

Plaster is the classic pool surface finish as far as swimming pool plaster materials are concerned. It’s a mixture of Portland cement, water, and silica/sand dust. Marcite or conventional white plaster provides a classic, smooth appearance. This type of finish costs a lot of money and lasts 5 to 7 years prior to the appearance of any signs of chipping or etching.

It’s possible to mix plaster with colored dyes or pigments for a dramatic look. Medium grey is the most popular pool finish.

 Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate finishes are the most recent addition to the type of pool finishes. They are made of colored/white plaster combined with tiny pieces of glass beads, river stones, granite, and quartz. They are available in two types: exposed and polished.

The aggregate finishes are quite popular these days as they offer a luxurious surface. This type of surface can fight against staining and chemicals. Aside from this, you have a lot of color and texture options.

 lap pools Tucson

Polished Aggregates

Polished aggregates consist of crushed colored stones like marble, granite, or quartz. After the finish is applied to the pool shell with a towel, polishing is done to create a smooth surface. The lifespan of this plaster is up to 20 years.

Exposed Aggregates

These finishes consist of small glass beads or pebbles. Like polished finishes, they are manually applied. After, the finish is washed with muriatic acid and water in order to remove the upper concrete layer so that the glass beads and pebbles can be seen. Usually, pebble finishes are recommended for lagoon-style or tropical pool designs.

Hardscaping options

Tile Finishes

Tile is the most durable material and offers a lot of design possibilities. Often, they are applied to the steps, floor, and waterline of the pool to offer a colorful accent. Besides, tile finishes can be applied to the pool interior as well.

Common options include stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. You can find these tiles in a lot of sizes, colors, styles, and shapes. So, you have endless design and combination options.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Both porcelain and ceramic tile are inexpensive but popular finishes. It’s possible to hand paint several mosaics or ornate patterns on the titles for a unique look.

Stone Tile

Stone tile options include limestone, slate, marble, or granite. Since they blend well the pool landscaping, they make great natural pool designs. Besides, they are also a great choice for homes or pools with modern architectural style.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is also getting popular these days due to their mesmerizing and resilience looks. The great thing about these tiles is that they are non-porous and don’t stain or erode over time.

In short, all types of swimming pool plaster materials described above can stand the test of time in a well-maintained pool.

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pool construction

Elevated pool in San Antonio

If you are planning an elevated pool in San Antonio for your backyard, you may be looking for the perfect design. The same goes even if you are going to work on a renovation project. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips that can help you come up with a great design based on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Keep reading to find out more.

The Woodlands Pool Builders

If you contact an experienced pool builder, they will guide you further. It is not an easy job to create a functional and great looking swimming pool design. Therefore we have given a few tips that will take your swimming pool project to a whole new level.

Think out of the box

First of all, you need to you think out of the box to build an elevated pool in San Antonio. Whether you like a free form or geometric shape, you don’t have to follow a regular shape. To make the job easier, you can get inspiration from your home and backyard design as well. This way your swimming pool design will match the design of your home.

Use glass tile

As far as glass tile is concerned, you can create as many designs as your imagination allows. Glass tile comes in a lot of colors and finishes. Therefore, if you are trying to create a design, glass tile offers a good deal of versatility.

Moreover, you can use the glass tile to achieve a luxurious effect. In other words, if you line the swimming pool edges and steps, it will produce stunning and different accent.

Add some water features

It is important to keep in mind that adding a water feature is a great idea whether you want to create a private oasis or an elevated pool in San Antonio.

For instance, if you to install a waterfall, it will add a lot of beauty to your backyard. Today’s waterfalls are different from the classic rock waterfalls. The reason is that these waterfalls line the pool perimeter. And this creates an elegant and sleek look.

So, if you are going to redesign your swimming pole, you can follow the tips given in this article.

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