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Differences among vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete swimming pools

There are different types of swimming pools. Vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete are the most common. If you’re planning on building a pool, you need to know which type of material will work best for your backyard. Do you want a deep end? Is it just for swimming? What about sun tanning ledges? Let’s get started.

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Who will be using the swimming pool?

Shallow ledge areas are great for toddlers. For volleyball and basketball, sports bottoms are ideal. For sunbathing, lounge chairs may work well.

Surface texture is a great choice for swimming and easy maintenance. For this purpose, vinyl liner pools and concrete poles can be a great choice as they allow you to create a lot of beautiful patterns. In the same way, fiberglass swimming pools don’t attract algae, and these pools are easy to maintain.

When should you start working on this project? Based on your location, you can start working on this project in any season.

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What will be the cost?

A few decades back, concrete or gunite swimming pools were the only option as far as custom-built swimming pools are concerned. Nowadays, when vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete swimming pools are much better choices. Plus, they cost less.

The history

In the past concrete poles were all the rage. Even after decades, nothing has changed about these pools. On the other hand, both vinyl and fiberglass pools have gone through a lot of innovation.


Pool innovation

With vinyl and fiberglass pools, you can benefit from a lot of customization options. For example, you can add a lot of tile work, water features, custom steps, and turning ledges. And the good news is that you can easily implement these features.

On the other hand, gunite pools don’t have a long life span. Ultimately, you will have to spend a lot of money on their resurfacing. But fiberglass swimming pools come with lifetime warranties as far as finish and structure are concerned.

Moreover, vinyl swimming pool liners are easy to replace. So you can make changes to the the the color or pattern of the liner.

Engineers use advanced materials for building vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools. These materials fight against microorganisms. Therefore, you will find it easier to clean the swimming pools. This can save you a lot of time and money as you won’t have to use expensive chemicals.

Vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete swimming pools have better aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these pools allow you to add a lot of custom features without any problem. So it is better to choose a vinyl or fiberglass swimming pool for your backyard.

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Sarojin Resort

Check out some of the world’s most expensive swimming pools

Ever wanted to see a pool big enough to sail a yacht in? How about one with an artificial volcano? These pools we’re about to show you offer the pinnacle in luxury and status. Let’s take a look.

world's largest crystalline lagoon

Citystars Sharm El Sheikh – $5.5 billion

This swimming pool under construction in Egypt will open in 2020. It covers an area of 21 acres! Built by Crystal Lagoons, it will be filled with seawater. This pool is so big that you can sail a yacht in it.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle, San Simeon California – $10 million

The owner of this swimming pool was William Randolph Hearst. In the castle, there are two swimming pools: the Roman indoor pool and this outdoor Neptune Pool. Synesthesia Swimming Pools constructed the pool in the early 1900s. The price would be enormous in today’s figures.

Nemo 33

Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium – $3 million

If you want to see the best scuba diving swimming pool, this is the one you should check out. Constructed in Brussels, the depth of Nemo 33 is 133 feet. The quantity of water in the pool is 2,787,878 million liters. The water is non-chlorinated and the temperature is always 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kitchukov family pool

Kitchukov Family Pool Arizona – $1 million

This is one of the most luxurious swimming pool in the U.S. The construction took around six months. Around this pool, you can see beautiful gardens and a water slide that measures 15 feet. The swimming pool features screen logic control that can be used to manage the temperature, lighting, and jets of the swimming pool.

Sarojin Resort

Sarojin Resort, Phuket, Thailand – $1 million

This swimming pool is one of the most expensive swimming pools you can find in a hotel in the world. In 2004, this pool was open for the public. However, after the tsunami of 2005, the pool underwent major renovation. This swimming pool area is 269 square meters and offers stunning views.


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Eye-catching pool designs in Charlotte

If you are going to install a new fiberglass swimming pool in your backyard, you may find it hard to choose the right eye-catching pool designs. An easy way to solve this dilemma is to take a look at some pictures of some amazing backyards and swimming pools. This can help you get creative and come up with the right design. Let’s get started.

San Antonio Pool Cost

Visualize your perfect pool

Eye-catching edges: Some people like a rectangular pool while others like non-traditional designs. Regardless of what you like, you have a lot of options to choose from based on your backyard size and personal preferences.

Amazing colors: You can choose from a lot of colors for your fiberglass swimming pool.

Beautiful decks: Although your pool is the center of attention in your backyard, don’t forget the deck. You can consider a lot of colors and styles as far as the selection of textured concrete, stone, and tile is concerned.

Interesting add-ons: You can choose from a lot of add-ons, such as bubblers, cascades, jets and many other features that can make your pool much more interesting.

Lighting: If you install the right type of lighting in and around your swimming pool, you can make your evening much more dramatic. Lighting plays an important role in creating an amazing ambiance.

Gunite Material

Contact Premier Pools & Spas

It is a great idea to install a fiberglass swimming pool in your backyard especially if you want to turn your backyard into a private oasis. Make sure you hire the services of a good swimming pool builder.

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sun shelf

Automatic safety covers that fit your swimming pool design

A lot of homeowners use automatic safety covers to secure their swimming pools. If you are looking for a new way to ensure the safety of your swimming pool that can make your pool look beautiful at the same time, we have a solution for you. Read on to know more.

auto pool covers

Automatic pool covers

Nowadays, you can buy advanced automatic safety covers. The good thing about these covers is that they look beautiful and provide strong protection for your backyard swimming pool. They also blend in well with any type of backyard oasis.

When it comes to swimming pool covers, you may think of a traditional pool cover that does nothing to improve the visual appeal of your saving pool area. But today they’re much more beautiful and come with a lot of optional features to satisfy your needs.

Track systems

An under track system is installed below the edge of your swimming pool deck. The good thing is that your friends may not be able to notice the track once the cover is retracted.

If you can’t install an under track system, your second option is to try out stop track system. The good thing about this system is that it is easy to install and features a lot of variations such as recessed tracks. Moreover, track systems are made of high-quality durable materials that make your pool more beautiful.

swimming pool cover

Color and lid options

You can choose from a lot of colors for your swimming pool covers based on the color of your backyard decor. When it comes to lid options, you can choose from walk-on concrete, and aluminum lids.

Concealing/seating combos

An easy way to cover your retracted pool cover is to use a bench. This bench allows you and your guests a place to sit near your swimming pool.

These are some of your options as far as swimming pool covers are concerned. Based on your needs and budget, you can choose the right type of covers. You can hire a swimming pool builder for the installation or you can perform the installation yourself if you have the required skills.

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5 creative pool features to add to your swimming pool design

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can add some creative pool features to improve its design. For example, you can install a slide, grotto, or swim bar. With these features, you can make your backyard much more appealing for your kids and friends in summer. In this article, we are going to talk about a few features that you can incorporate into your swimming pool design.

Image source:

Private water park

We all want to spend our summer evenings in a swimming pool to beat the heat. You can add a few fun features to your swimming pool to create your own private water park. For example, you can add a jet or a waterfall.

swim-up bar

Water slides and swim-up bar

If you have a large backyard, you can add some bigger features as well such as a slide and a swim-up bar. With these features added to your swimming pool, you and your family can spend the whole day in your swimming pool.

Kids in particular love having fun in a pool that has a waterfall or water slide in it. Grown-ups, on the other hand, can relax at the swim-up bar enjoying their favorite snacks and beverage.

laminar jets

Splash park

A splash park is an ideal feature for your backyard if you want to provide your kids with a safe water play area. The great thing about these areas is that they allow your kids to have fun for hours. You can add water toys, water jets, and fountains to make this place tons of fun for your kids in the heat of summer.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

No backyard party can be organized without an outdoor kitchen. If you have a big backyard, setting up an outdoor kitchen is a great idea. Nowadays, an outdoor kitchen has all the features of an indoor kitchen such as refrigerators, grills, ovens, side-burners, and smokers just to name a few.

pool patio designs

Patio or other shaded areas

Aside from the outdoor kitchen, your backyard must also have an area where you and your friends can relax. For example, you can have a covered patio or a shaded structure for this purpose. This place will help everyone relax and enjoy their favorite drink.

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Why small pools are perfect for entertaining 2

Why small pools are perfect for entertaining

With the passage of time, communities are becoming denser. Therefore, the importance of swimming pools especially small pools is on the rise. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of small swimming pools for entertainment.

Plunge pools

Plunge Pools

Originally, plunge pools referred to naturally formed deep pools under a waterfall. In the swimming pool industry, this type of pool refers to a comparatively small pool for homeowners. At times, these small pools are linked with saunas.

The depth of these swimming pools varies. The depth of these pools depends on the number of people who are going to use it.

Wading Pools

Basically, these types of poles are considered shallow pools. They are designed for young children. (Grown-ups can also use them to cool off, though.)

pool chemistry

Large Spas

Just like a wading pool, a spa is a type of small swimming pool. It is designed for sitting. Often, spas contain water or air jets to give you a massage while you sit in the warm water.

Actually these spas are independent and located on one side of a pool. Larger spas are like small plunge pools. We know that it easy to fit small pools into a small backyard. Moreover, these swimming pools are not that expensive and can be installed quickly for heating and cleaning. Besides, unlike bigger pools, they are easy to maintain.

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Why a chlorine-free pool could be perfect for your Boise backyard 4

Why a chlorine-free pool could be perfect for your Boise backyard

If you want to have a chlorine-free pool built in your Boise backyard, it may be a difficult decision for you to make. Some people don’t like the smell of chlorine in swimming pool water. Therefore they prefer the beach over a swimming pool. Moreover, chlorine may cause skin irritation in some people. It can be a great idea to go for a chlorine-free pool.

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What is a natural pool?

A natural swimming pool is a great alternative to a chlorine-based pool. These pools use different cleaning systems instead of chlorine. That is why these pools are known as natural pools.

Salt water pools

Saltwater swimming pools can be a great choice as they don’t use chlorine. However, chlorine is produced through electrolysis and this process may trigger a chemical reaction. These swimming pools are comparatively expensive but easy to maintain.

The good thing is that these pools can stay clean without the use of a lot of chlorine. These types of pools also use mineral systems just like a saltwater system. In this type of swimming pools, magnesium is added instead of chlorine.

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Ozone systems

An ozone system uses UV light or electricity to produce ozone. Although this system consumes a lot of energy, it is one of the safest systems for cleaning swimming pools. Therefore, many of today’s water treatment plants use ozone systems.

Pool ionizers

This system uses pool ionizers that add silver and copper ions to the swimming pool water via an electrical charge or filtration. This type of filtration reduces the number of bacteria in the pool. Aside from this, it does not require you to use chemical treatments either.

Plants in your pool

Although the above-mentioned pools are considered natural pools, they are not actually true natural pools. A chlorine-free pool or natural swimming pool won’t use any type of artificial systems for cleaning. Instead, they use plants for the purpose of filtration and maintenance.

In most natural swimming pools, you have two areas. One area is like a normal pool and the second area is called regeneration area with different types of plants in it for cleaning the water. Most homeowners use decorative plants to make their swimming pools look more pleasing.

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The perfect water features for your pool 6

The perfect water features for your pool

A backyard swimming pool is a big investment, no doubt about it. Adding the perfect water features will increase the value of your property in addition to making it look more pleasing. Here are some water feature ideas and the estimated amount you need to spend in order to add them.

water features

A water curtain

$1,500 to $3,000

Water curtains provide tons of fun and look aesthetically pleasing. It can also reduce backyard temperature through evaporation. Some of the water evaporates when it falls. When water turns into gas, it tends to absorb heat. Water curtains look beautiful and perform an important function.

laminar jets

Deck jets

$1,800 to $2,500 per set of four

Deck jets are a type of fountain feature. They shoot water from the paving or deck into your swimming pool. Just like water curtains, these jets reduce the air temperature around your swimming pool. They also offer an element of fun. It is important to keep in mind that the jets should be maintained in order to prevent clogging.

retaining wall

A feature wall

$1,000 and up

As far as pool landscaping is concerned, feature walls look great with a textured or decorative surface that incorporates flowers and plants. They offer security and privacy, and may include a waterfall or water curtain. You can design a rock wall in many ways. Plus, it will look great if you plant a few plants near it.

pool landscaping plants


$200 and up

You can use statues to decorate the garden or swimming pool. For example, you can choose modern sculpture, animals, human figures, and ornate planters. By doing so, you can bring a creative, classical for artist look right into your backyard.

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Modern landscaping designs for your Boise backyard

You can improve the value of your property without adding an expensive swimming pool. At Premier Pools & Spas, we can give you great modern landscaping designs to help you cool off of in summer. These ideas can increase the asking price of your home whenever you put it on the market. Here are some modern landscaping design ideas for your Boise backyard.

Modern landscaping designs for your Boise backyard 7

Experiment with the shape

If you are going to install a swimming pool, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the pool should look great with other features of your property. Opting for a large pool is not a good idea if your backyard is not big enough. When opting for a certain model or design, make sure you take into account the available space in your backyard.

If your backyard is not big enough for a conventional rectangular or round swimming pool, you may consider an “L” shape for your pool. This type of shape will give you a modern but unique feel. Another get benefit of this pool design is that it is quite flexible. Nowadays, you can buy prefabricated swimming pools to meet your desired shape.

Pool construction

Increase the functionality

Many homeowners enjoy great success by combining their swimming pool design with the design of their properties or other elements of their backyard. If you don’t have enough space for a lounging area and swimming pool, you may consider adding some shallow bench areas that allow you to relax on summer days.

At Premier Pools & Spas, you can contact us for your backyard designing. You can let us know even if you want to add the pool of your dreams to your backyard in an efficient manner. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for some great landscaping designs, you may want to to get in touch with experts at Premier Pools & Spas for a free quote.

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How to pick the right pool entry designs for your Boise pool

When deciding on pool entry designs, you need to address the shape of your pool and the location of your pool. Here are a few things that factor into the decision.

pool games


If you have kids in your house, you’ll want to consider how the swimming pool entry will satisfy their changing needs. You may want to design a sizable entry that will keep your kids in the shallow area. It may even have a few steps for the teenagers to sit on.

Physical limitations

If you have a family member with a physical disability, make sure your swimming pool is accessible. A lot of people can’t get out of the pool without assistance, so it’s better to have a few steps that lead to your pool. Ideally, there should be something to hold onto on the side of your swimming pool as well.

pool entry designs

Pool use

Swimming in a pool is a great exercise. Even if you or someone in your family has joint issues, you can still benefit from swimming. But this is important. If you are going to use your pool like a lap pool, there should be flat walls with no steps or benches on either side. This will allow you to flip smoothly when changing direction.


Cleanliness is important for the shallow area as this area of the pool has poor water circulation. Therefore, it may be more prone to debris and algae. Aside from this, nooks and crannies such as the spa jets should be regularly cleaned.

summer pool trends


Keep in mind that shallow areas have high temperatures, especially in the hot season. This should be kept in mind when designing this area for your kids. If you want to keep the temperature of this area lower, you may consider using a light-colored swimming pool liner.

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