Ideas for patio and landscape design

If you want to upgrade your outdoor space, you can give your yard a makeover with smart shade solutions, problem-solving paintings and many fun ways to keep your children entertained. Let’s take a look at some fantastic patio and landscape design.

Dine in Style

This patio and landscape design feature a pergola over the outdoor kitchen and dining area. Also, for privacy reasons, wooden lattice was used to add some height to the perimeter wall of the yard, which makes it perfect for vines.

Create a Comfortable Nook

The interior designers erected the wall to provide more privacy for this conversation corner. The in-built candlelit cutouts and seating make the environment warm and more comfortable.

Fun House

Designed by Windsor Heights, this deck is an extraordinary design. It features a wave slide and a beautiful built-in climbing wall, which makes it a great two-in-one solution for both kids and adults.

Wall of Trees

For more privacy, the designer Dayton planted a few trees that create an evergreen screen that blocks the view of the street throughout the year.

Water for White Noise

In this patio, Grunder Landscaping Company added a water feature near the road. It drowns out the noise of the traffic on the road. The waterfall comes with adjustable settings so that you can increase or decrease the pleasant gurgle based on your needs.

Get Fired Up

This patio has a fire pit on it. In the colder season, you can sit around the fire pit with your family in the evening. Imagine roasting delicious hot dogs while you spend quality time with your family. This patio and landscape design blend well with the Tennessee flagstone of the house.

Try a Modern Edge

If you think only a classic pergola can make a great shade, you need to think again. For a good match, make sure you build a metal-roof pavilion in order to cover the grilling area.

Design with Style

Built by Atlanta’s King Landscaping, this fireplace serves more than just a center of attention. The tall, rocky chimney blocks the view of the next door. Those low walls may be used as additional seats, especially when you have a lot of guests to serve.

Deck with a hanging chair

Underneath this deck, there is a rocky patio. Designed by McLean, this patio and landscape design offer the best of both worlds. Also, the hanging chair serves as a swing for adults.

The lighting and fixtures

This landscape looks stunning when it’s dark outside. For this design, make sure you add enough lighting to move from point to another. The vertical lights also highlight other features like small trees. Aside from this, you can install fixtures to hide the bulbs without blocking the light.

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pool designs

Pool landscaping in Dallas: 10 awesome design ideas

If you need help with pool landscaping in Dallas, you can check out the following 10 ideas. These fixes can help you transform your boring backyard into an entertaining place where you can have fun with your kids or guests.

Subtle Terracing

The terraces in this backyard feature different types of textures that increase the curb appeal of this property.

Water Features

The waterfalls and naturalistic stream adds noise, wildlife and movement to this pool landscape. All of this makes this backyard a fun place for your whole family.

Contemporary Tiers

Modern tiers arouse a sense of interest, excitement, and peace in this cool, urban backyard.

Backyard Playhouse

This canvas teepee is a perfect choice if you need a summer playhouse for your kids so they can have fun throughout the year.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

This small vegetable garden can produce organic veggies for 6 months (from spring till fall). In fact, different types of crops like herbs, squash, and tomatoes can grow in this sunny spot.

Personal Space

This design allows you to create a special space where you can sit and enjoy your favorite novel among your favorite plants.


In winter, this backyard greenhouse allows you to grow flowers and veggies. When summer approaches, you can keep the doors and windows open for better airflow.

Garden Family Room

This landscaping design is suitable for large backyards. All you need to do is build an outbuilding for your guests. This room can serve as a private retreat or playhouse for instance. You can put comfy furniture inside the room to create a relaxing environment.

Courtyard Garden

This level backyard boasts a courtyard effect and a lot of outdoor “rooms.”

Steep and Shady

This shady, sloped backyard is an asset for this type of home. If you want to escape the busy city life and need some rest, this landscape is the perfect place. This place features a path full of azaleas, butterfly bushes, and roses.

Combo of traditional and modern architectural styles

If you like a combo of traditional and modern architectural styles, check out this backyard. The striking fireplace is the center of attention in this backyard. Besides, a sea grass rug adds beauty to the environment. In addition, water-resistant furniture suits this place as it’s exposed to the elements.

Swim by Firelight

Do you love swimming under the stars? There is more to it. How about diving in a pool in the light of an adjacent firewall? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Family-Friendly Backyards

This type of pool landscaping in Dallas can work well for both kids and grown-ups. This backyard offers enough space for kids to play and adults to relax provided space is properly designed.

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Backyard Pool Ideas for your New In-ground Swimming Pool

According to many people, swimming is a great way to maintain their health and body shape. Swimming is a type of activity that allows you to do cardio exercises. And the best part is that these exercises are a lot easier than running or biking. Therefore, it’s better to exercise at least once a week in your swimming pool while having fun with your family. However, you need to understand the pros and cons of building a swimming pool in your house.

Without any doubt, swimming pools add to the curb appeal of a house and allow a family a chance to get together. Therefore, it’s great if you have a swimming pool in your backyard. The pool will provide you with a place to relax and unwind when you get back from work.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few backyard pool ideas by expert pool designers. We hope that these ideas will help you opt for the right theme for your backyard pool. We have also shared photos of the pools so you can get a better understand of what you need.

Tropical Pool

If you like a natural, tropical theme for your pool, you may try the following theme.


This area can be made more natural and appealing with a creative landscape like the one shown in the picture below. The umbrella looks beautiful.

Ark Night Pools

If you have limited space in your backyard, try this lap pool with wooden fence and green plants. The pool offers enough space so you can relax in your backyard.

Eclectic Backyard Pools

Proper lighting and pool spas make this swimming look more beautiful, especially at night.

Long Island Pool

If your kids love playing in a swimming pool, it’s great to have a basketball ring. It will allow you to have lots of fun with your kids.


Although this pool looks small, it’s big enough to balance this zone that has rich flowers and plants.

The Maisonnette

This area boasts luxury and elegance, especially when the sun is setting in or during the night.


A rectangular pool in a backyard should match the landscape and furniture in the backyard. So, make sure you keep this point in mind. The following picture shows what it means.

Aquatech 2

This backyard pool is designed in a way that it will make you think as if you are in an expensive hotel or big resort when in fact you are in your own house backyard.

Molly Wood

This small swimming pool is an ideal choice if you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard. The pool is surrounded by green grass and a white fence.

So, if you are looking for some great backyard pool ideas, make sure you give a go to these designs.

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Dallas Backyard

Are you looking for some great backyard landscaping ideas? If so, we can help. A thoughtful landscape design is needed if you want to create a great outdoor oasis. Design matters whether you have a sprawling garden or a small courtyard. If you want to transform your yards or patios, you can try the following backyard landscaping ideas.

Dining Area

Lisa Bynon, the landscape designer, transformed her vegetable garden into a beautiful outdoor dining area that features a cedar deer fence and a 10-foot-long table.

Rooftop Dining

This Venice Beach Loft guides you how you can build a wooden cover to create a beautiful dappled light effect. Besides, the woven pendants make you feel as if you are on a vacation somewhere.

Rose Garden

If you opt for just one flower type, you can save a lot of time and effort on yard work over the long haul. Edmund Hollander has around 250 English grandi floras for his clients. Looks quite romantic.

Backyard landscaping ideas: Garden Shed


This passage under the arch makes the pathway to the vegetable garden owned by Rebecca Vizard. The designing of this petite shed is inspired by an office in Florida.

Lavender Border


According to Edmund Hollander, the landscape architect, a garden designed with a plan is both beautiful and elegant. In this design, a straight line of bluestone pavers strengthens the property lines. Besides, the lavender borders make the whole environment much more appealing.

Heated Furniture

The landscaping of this Californian home is quite simple. All the designer did is set up space for dinner and entertainment. Near the door, you can see a heated love seat that looks really enticing for party guests.

Hydrangea Wall


According to Hollander, privacy creates a sense of place. The white-flowered salvias and hydrangeas absorb noise and make the enchanting fountain more prominent.

Fire Pit


This lake house was designed by Thom Filicia. Both the floating dock and the fire pit look so beautiful and enticing that it’s hard to decide whether to relax around the fire pit or the floating dock.

Outdoor Shower

If you have this type of outdoor shower, you can make it look even better by laying a tile pathway. You can hang your towels on the hooks fixed on the exterior wall. These beautiful towels add a lot of different colors and you won’t need to plant a garden full of different types of plants.

Flower-Covered Pergola


This picture was taken at a French-inspired cottage. Under the shade of wisteria, you can see a few bistro chairs. Looks awesome!

So, if you are looking for some awesome backyard landscaping ideas, you can check out these 10 designs.

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pool depth

Cool In-ground Pool Ideas for your Dallas Backyard

If you are looking for cool in-ground pool ideas, this article offers just what you may need. There are different types of terrific in-ground pools, such as infinity, indoor, covered, and custom-shaped. Let’s talk about some cool in-ground pool ideas.

  1. Regular

A regular pool refers to a standard, average-sized in-ground swimming pool. Although regular pools are quite common, infinity pools are also quite popular.

  1. Infinity

An infinity pool is called an infinity pool because it looks like as if the edge of the pool disappears over a cliff. This design is quite popular these days.

Dream pool

  1. Lap pool

Lap pools are thin, long and have a rectangular shape. Although these pools are not common, they are ideal for people who want to swim in the pool for exercise. A regular pool can also be used as a common pool.

  1. Zero-entry (beach entry)

Although zero-entry pools are not common, they are a good choice for young kids. /This pool type features a beach or lake style entry.

  1. Swim Spa (Spool)

These small pools can be heated up higher than other common pools, and can be used as a hot tub.

pool landscaping ideas

  1. Plunge pool

A plunge pool is a small pool designed for small courtyards and backyards.

  1. Exercise pool

As the name suggests, an exercise pool is an endless pool that pushes the water against you so you can swim without moving forward. There is no need to flip around over and over again.

  1. In-door

An indoor pole works well in a colder climate. However, the downside is that the pool may not be as entertaining in summer.

  1. Screened-in

If you live in an area with tons of bugs and other insects, you may consider a screened-in pool. This type of pools are quite common in Florida.

  1. Salt-water

Pool water is cleaned with special chemicals, such as chlorine. If you don’t to use chemicals to clean your pool water, you may consider a salt-water pool.

the Hamptons pool buildersCool in-ground pool ideas: Common Pool Materials


  1. Concrete

Nowadays, concrete is one of the most popular in-ground pool material. After a large hole is dug in the ground, a lot of concrete is poured in to lay the foundation for a pool. For custom shapes, concrete is the most suitable option.

  1. Fiberglass

Typically, a fiberglass pool is a pre-made pool ready to install at your property. This type of pool is like a bathtub. A major of advantage of this pool type is that it’s easy to install, requires little maintenance and stands the test of time. The downside is that there is not lots of shapes to choose from.

  1. Vinyl-Liner

A vinyl-liner pool features a lot of panel walls that the installers assemble on site. Typically, this type of pool is placed on a solid, concrete foundation. If you are looking for a least expensive, custom-shaped in-ground pool, opt for a vinyl-liner pool.

  1. Shipping Container Pool

As the name suggests, a container pool is made with big containers. They can be designed as an above-ground or in-ground pool. They cost less than fiber-glass or concrete pools and use heat in an efficient manner.

So, these are some cool in-ground pool ideas for your swimming pool.

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Some of the most gorgeous swimming pools in the World

Are you looking for some gorgeous swimming pools designs? If so, you are on the right page. The following are a few pictures of some of the most amazing swimming pools across the globe.

  1. Gold Energy Pool

If you want to go on a trip, head to the St. Regis resort in Tibet. It will be $300 per night. You will enjoy the spectacular views of Himalayas in addition to swimming in the glittering gold-tiled swimming pool. The temperature of the pool water is 28 to 32 degrees. There is a comfortable rest area nearby where you get foot massage.

  1. Jade Mountain Resort

This beautiful pool is built on Saint Lucia Island. This fancy resort  has a private in front of it and offers amazing views that can be enjoyed from any room. The pool design is different in a good way.

  1. Havasu Falls Natural Pool

If you want to enjoy a real swimming experience, you might want to go to Havasu Falls in Arizona. This place has a natural swimming pool with a natural waterfall. You need a entry permit to visit the place.

  1. Chongwe River House

If you love enjoying a safari experience while having fun in cool water, you might want to go to Chongwe River House in Zambia. This boutique resort features a beautiful pool with a great-looking deck that overlook the Chongwe Riever.

  1. Pool at The Cambrian Hotel

Ranked as one of the best 10 Swiss spas and hotels, this Cambrian Hotel offers a gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the Alps. This hotel is open throughout the year. So, you can go there whenever you want to.

  1.  Hotel Caruso Infinity Pool

This is an Italian refurbished palace. From this “balcony” pool, you can enjoy 180-degree views of the gorgeous mountains. This ellipse-shaped infinity pool is what you can get to see when you go there.

  1. Pool at The San Alfonso del Mar

This luxury resort is located in Algarrobo, Chile and claims to have the biggest pool in the world. The pool is spread across an area of one kilometer and contains over 250 million liters of sea water. The maximum depth of the pool is 11.5 feet.

  1. Pool at Crocosaurus Cove

You will love this pool if you are an adrenaline junkie. This pool is located in Darwin, Australia and contains a lot of crocodiles. In the pool, there are more than 200 species of crocs. the largest one is up to 5 meters long. In the protect cage, you can dive from 9 am to 5pm.

  1. Infinity Pool at One&Only Reethi Rah

This is a pool within a big swimming pool in the ocean. Located at one of the best spa hotels in Maldives, this pool will cost you $2,250 per night.

  1. Nemo 33 Pool

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this pool is the deepest pool on the planet. Located in Belgium, this pool is designed for divers and is accessible throughout the year. It’s 33 meters deep and is one of the most gorgeous swimming pools in the world.

So, this was an introduction to one of the most gorgeous swimming pools in the world.

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10 Beautiful Pools Designs

Beautiful pools add to the curb appeal of a property. In fact, nothing can be more luxurious than a property with a beautiful swimming pool. If you are waiting for the summer to arrive, make sure you redesign your approach. And the following 10 beautiful pool designs can make the job easier for you. Check out these amazing pool designs.

splash decksMinimalist pool


This old-fashioned properly is located in Uruguay. The eucalyptus-wood deck guides you to the swimming pool. From the swimming pool, you can enjoy the view of beautiful pastures nearby. You can also view a Phoenix palm tree that provides shade and adds charm to the area. One of the simplest but beautiful pools.

View of the alps


This contemporary chalet has a lap pool is beautifully designed and offers an amazing view of the Alps. Also, the sliding partitions are made with metal, glass and wood. They open up to the adjacent workout room.

Bohemian chic


This pool is located at live-work compound of Kathryn M. Ireland in Santa Monica. This luxurious pool features vintage fiber-cement chairs and beautiful planters. A popular firm Koning Eizenberg designed the studio building in the 70s.

Moorish-inspired mountain residence


Frederic Mechiche, a French interior designer, performed Moorish-inspired touches to this villa. This villa is located in the mountains of southeastern France. The arched windows and doorways face the pool. The pool looks beautiful through the windows. This pool design can be considered one of the most beautiful pools in the world.

Peaceful getaway


This pool is part of an Ibiza beach house. The shimmering tiles of the pool are from Bisazza. On the other hand, the umbrella and the teak chaises are by Sutherland. Both of them are covered in Perennials fabrics.

Mexican retreat


In San MIguel de Allende, Mexico, this beautiful swimming pool is framed in a local stone called adoquin. This type of stone is used for paving streets. Alongside the pool, you can see a schefflera tree.

Decorative and functional


In this LA home, you can see multiple pools. They both serve as decoration items and provide enjoyment. There are different plants near the pool, such as boxwood and olive trees.

A comfortable Connecticut home

This traditional Connecticut home is inspired by Philip Gorrivan’s transatlantic life. The pool area features vintage Richard Schultz furniture.

Beautiful pools: A 1970’s gems


In 1975, Macros Acayaba, a Brazilian architect designed this modern house. The staris, pool and are made of concrete. On the other hand, the designing of the surrounding gardens was done by Marlene Acayaba.

Hamptons hangout


Designer Damon Lissbrought redesigned this elemental barn and made it quite sophisticated. In the pool area, you can see  chaise loungues and umbrellas. Also, the landscaping features a copper bench and bluestem grasses.

Do you like these beautiful pools? If so, contact a pool builder to build one for you.

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10 Patio and Swimming Pool Designs for your swimming pool in Texas

If you are looking for some awesome swimming pool designs for your swimming pool in Texas, you can check out designs below.

Less Is More

This is a simple swimming pool in Texas. Boxwoods faster the base of the porch columns. On the other hand, thermal bluestone pavers create a grid-like pattern. This spa and pool look expensive because of its surrounding lawn.  Design by Barry Block

Mix and Match

This pool owner used different types of materials for his patio and deck. This combo of stone, redwood and brick makes this pool a lot more beautiful. Photo courtesy of California Redwood Association

Patio Flair

This well-designed patio is an ideal choice if you want to decorate your pool. A fire pit with integrated curved seating and a peaceful dining area is what make this pool family friendly and entertaining for everyone. Photo courtesy of Belgard Hardscape

Decked Out

This pool and deck design is a good choice if you want to have a lot of activity around your swimming pool in Texas. The multi-level decks provide plenty of space to eat and relax while others have fun in the pool. Photo courtesy of TREX

Poolside Pavers

When opting for materials, don’t underestimate the importance of texture. Pavers, random shapes and chiseled surface turn this hardscape into a vintage cut stone. This dream design is perfect for your swimming pool in Texas.

Hard Rock Appeal

Artificial rock, natural stone coping and random pavers make this pool a work of art on this mountain. What ads to the beauty is the large rock waterfall. Wonderful! Design by Alderete Pools; photography by Andy Abrecht

Shade and Sun

If possible, you pool area should offer multiple options for your guests. The covered patio near this pool allows visitors escape the sun and enjoy their drinks in the shade.

Natural Stone

This design features a small, warm and comfortable backyard. The raised spa and free form pool is surrounded by beautiful, natural stone and artificial rock formations. On the right side, you can see 3 urns and an amazing stone water feature with fountains. Photography by Andy Abrecht

Jet Set

This rectangular courtyard pool has a lot of mesmerizing features. It has travertine stone coping and decking. The side corners of this pool has 6 deck jet water features. Design by Memphis Pool; photography by James Roberts

Elevated Pool Deck

This pool is an extension of the room and bedroom of HGTV Dream Home. This pool deck is around 10 feet above the ground level. On the right side of the pool, you can see lush green scenery. Beneath the deck, the space allows for a garage and patio.

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5 Pool Deck Designs to Match your Swimming Pool Perfectly

Have you been looking for some awesome pool deck designs? If so, you are on the right page. Make sure you build a deck around your swimming pool for a number of reasons. For instance, it will provide more safety and allow you to have a place to rest. Plus, it increases the curb appeal of your property.

If you are finding it hard to find good pool deck designs, we can help you through this article.  We are going to share some great pool deck design ideas with you. Let’s get into the details.

1. Pool Deck with a Bridge


Typically, people build their swimming pools closer to their homes. However, not all of us have this option. By following this great design, you won’t need to walk to your pool. This design allows you to erect a deck around your pool. However, there is a bridge between your house and the pool. So, you don’t need to step on the grass to reach your pool.

2. Above Ground Pool Deck

Also, if you have enough space, you can build a large deck for tables and chairs. This way your guests can hang out on the deck.

3. The Circular Deck


If you like an above-ground pool, make sure you place a deck around it. There are a number of benefits of this approach, the main reason being safety.

When you have a deck around your swimming pool, it will be much easier to block it off to your kids, for instance. This is one of the best pool deck designs when it comes to protecting the pool and swimmers and increasing the curb appeal of your property.

inground swimming pool cost4. Various Decks


Given below are many types of decks that may work well with many above-ground swimming pools. In the first picture, you can see steps leading to the swimming pool.

Other pool deck designs allow you to have a ground-level deck around your pool and guide you how you can add both a hot tub and pool in your deck.

5. Pool Party Deck


If you love partying with your friends? If so, this is one of the best pool deck designs to consider. With this deck, you can have more than enough space around your swimming pool. You can swim, splash around, and eat with your friends and guests on the deck.

So, if you are looking for a few good pool deck designs for your pool deck, make sure you consider these 5 designs.

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Best Tips for Pool Area Landscaping

For pool area landscaping, opting for the right type of plants is a great idea but it requires a good deal of time and research. You might not want to choose any plants for your pool landscaping. Some pools shed a lot of leaves in pools, creating a lot of mess. Moreover, some trees with spines or thorns may heart your kids. Given below are some tips that can help you work on your pool landscape.

types of inground pools

Things to consider when opting for plants

If you live in a tropical region, you can choose from different varieties of plants. However, there are some common factors that all pool owners should consider regardless of their region.

Before you head to the plant nursery, make sure you do your homework first. You need to consider a lot of things. For instance, some plants shed a lot of leaves, unlike other plants. Flower-bearing shrubs and fruit-bearing trees look beautiful but make a lot of mess when they drop catkins, nuts, flowers, fruits, needles and leaves into the pool. So, these things should be considered when buying plants.

Consider the safety factor

Do you want to play the game of thorns with your kids in the pool? This won’t be a good idea if you have roses near your pool. Those lovely flowers have stickers or thorns. The same is true about colorful barberry, bougainvillea, blackberry, and pyracantha. Cactus and many other succulents have the same problem. After all, you don’t want your child to slide into the bush and hurt himself, do you? Your pool safety matters.

pool lights

Opting for Low-Maintenance Plants

Your pool area landscaping should be designed in a way that it should make your pool more beautiful. Ideally, it should look like an oasis or island. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of time fertilizing and trimming our pool landscape. So, it’s better to keep it simple. By choosing the right plants, you can rest in your pool enjoying the beautiful views.

Deciduous vs. Evergreen

Here you have two choices: you can either opt for the Italian Cypress or the liquid amber tree for your pool area landscaping. What would you go for? The later creates a lot of mess requiring frequent cleaning but the former don’t drop that many leaves.

To make the decision easier, you might want to consult your nearby gardener, arboretum or nursery.

Invasive Roots

With the passage of time, plants and trees with invasive roots may cause a lot of damage to the structure of your pool, the plumbing system, and the surrounding areas. Common examples of this type of trees are oak, elm and ficus trees. If you want to choose these trees, think about the consequences first.


Plants That Attract Bees

If you love bees, you can choose from a lot of plants that act as bee magnets. Some good names are listed below:

  • Wisteria
  • Sweet Clovers
  • Salvia
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Oregano
  • Larkspur
  • Delphinium
  • Cosmos
  • Columbine

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