Closing your pool may not be fun, but if you can avoid these mistakes, you are going to be much happier when you do have to start closing your pool. An improper pool closing is going to mean a not so happy pool opening when the open season comes. In this article, we are going to talk about how to avoid certain mistakes when closing your pool.

closing your pool

Closing Your Pools – Don’t Make These Mistakes

#1 – Rushing Closing Your Pool

Many homeowners are going to rush the process due to the thought of their pool getting dirty during the winter. There is no need to rush the winterization of your pool as long as your water is in good shape and you have a proper pool cover. Having a proper pool cover that fits tightly and keeps out debris and any small animals will help you open up to a beautiful pool next season.

#2 – Too Many Chemicals

Dumping a bump of winterizing chemicals into the water isn’t going to help anyone. Yes, you need these chemicals and when you use them properly, they are going to make a major difference when you open your pool in the spring. The thing you should think about is the balance of the pH being between 7.2 and 7.6, the alkalinity being between 80-120 ppm and making sure the calcium hardness is between 180-220ppm.

closing your pool

#3 – Not Properly Cleaning Your Pool

If you have even a handful of leaves or a little bit of dirt at the bottom of your pool, it doesn’t matter how many chemicals you put in your pool when you are closing your pool. You are likely to open it to see a not so clean pool.

#4 – Not Draining All of the Water from Your Pump & Filter System

Just because you’ve drained “most of the water”, it doesn’t mean things are going to end well for you. Make sure you get every bit of water out of the pump and filter system.

closing your pool

Closing Your Pool Conclusion

As long as you keep up with closing your pool properly and do not commit the above mistakes, you should open up a pool that looks good in the spring. Instead of worrying about whether you are doing everything right, you can contact your local pool professional and have them check the work you’ve done or you could have them do it for you.

There is no need to stress out over your pool when you have professionals that have years of experience dealing with winterization, installation and more. Making sure that you protect your investment throughout the winter is important. You never know what you may want to add to your pool next year and if you have to make repairs, you may eat up your budget and not be able to make additions.

Make sure everything is put together properly so that you can enjoy a stress-free winter and a fun time spring when your pool opens up for swimming again.

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