Looking for pools by design? A pool in your backyard can provide a thrilling experience. If you want to have a pool in your house, make sure you consider different pools by design. Given below are some backyard pool ideas that can help you make the right choice.

pool design concepts

Backyard Pool Ideas

As far as backyard pool designs are concerned, you have endless opportunities. Consider the theme and style of your house as well. Do you like a modern or classic feel? Based on your space and style, you can choose the right option.


For a resort-inspired pool design, you need to have a deck and a few law chairs around your pool. Besides, you can add lighting, a few beach towels and some tropical plants. The decorations will change the atmosphere based on your desire.

Elevated Deck Pool

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can try an elevated deck for privacy. Aside from the decorations, make sure you choose the right shape and design for your pool. This is important if you want realize your dream.

pool design ideasRectangular Pool Designs

Today, rectangular pools are classy, popular, professional and timeless. Therefore, you can find this type of pool in many sports stadiums. It’s a great way you use the space of your backyard in a more efficient manner.

Elevated Borders

An elevated brick border can make your pool pop up. Aside from this, this will make your swimming pool dynamic by giving it the nested look. The idea is to emphasize the geometric points.

Descending Stairs

Stairs will allow you to enter and exit your pool easily and safely. Also, it will create a depth illusion. Don’t forget to add grip poles or rails for additional safety. Make s great pools by design.

small swimming poolsInfinity Pool

If you want your transform your pool into an infinity pool, a rectangle is the best shape. For instance, you can design a pool that can connect the sea and your pool in a way that they will appear as one unit.

Pool Waterfall Ideas

Nowadays, pool waterfalls are the most popular decorations when it comes to pools by design. They can be built in many ways, and it can act as a functional piece to incorporate a few layer of water to your pool.

Infinity Waterfall

An infinity waterfall is an ideal choice if you want to combine two levels of pool. This waterfall allows you to split your swimming pool in half but still keep them together. It will look as if the supper layer of water spills into the bottom one.

Natural Rocky Waterfall

The rocks are in different shapes like geometric and natural. You and your guests will love the way the pool water looks like that of waterfalls and rivers. Also, planting shrubs and trees around the rooks can turn your pool into an island cove.

Pool Tiling Designs

Pool tiling have been quite popular for decades. You can choose from a lot of pool tiling designs based on your desire.

Square Tiling

For many years, small square tiles have been the classic pool components. And the trend is still on. The tiles can be the same or different colors based on your chosen color scheme.

Natural Stone Tiling

Natural bricks or stones can make a great tiling display. In fact, this is an ideal choice if you have a round pool with rich waters. Common options include natural, rectangles or square shapes.

So, check out these pools by design if you are going to build a pool in your backyard

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