Imagine the thrill and excitement of owning a swimming pool. Choosing the right backyard pool designs is the first step in the process. There are many things to consider. Right from the design of the pool to space availability, landscaping, and water features, you have to contemplate every factor. Here are some exciting pool ideas that you can try moving forward.



Backyard Pool Designs that are Perfect for a Charlotte Home 1

Lagoon-Style Swimming Pool

With a few steps, you can transform a simple backyard into a stunning resort-like pool destination. Choose a freeform pool with tropical or Caribbean themes around it. You can decorate the area with a natural deck and lounge chairs around the pool. Further, add tropical plants and soothing lighting to the mix. It will recreate the perfect ambiance that feels like a luxury resort tucked away in the Caribbean islands.

Pool with an Elevated Deck

If you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard, build your pool on an elevated deck. It will not only offer privacy while you swim but also give you beautiful views from the deck. You can incorporate an innovative shape into your pool area for enhancing its elegance. Try a Mediterranean theme or a beach-entry pool. Whatever is your vision, you can bring it to life even in smaller spaces by opting for these backyard pool designs.

Rectangular Pools

By far, the rectangular pools can beat any other shape in terms of popularity. When it comes to outdoor pools, nothing works better than a rectangle pool. You can integrate unique ideas into this shape. Whether you want bold corners or geometric shapes, it allows all. Apart from its classy and timeless appeal, it optimizes the utilization of space in your backyard.

Infinity Pools

Backyard pools with vanishing edges can be the perfect addition to your home. Using this design, you can build a pool that looks over a hill or spills into the endless sea. It is the most beautiful pool design for a beachside or lake house.

Tiled Pools

Despite being a popular design for many years, pool tiling never fails to mesmerize. In fact, it is a growing trend among pool owners. You can add a splash of colors to the inside of your pool using ceramic tiles or natural rocks. Square tiling is the most desirable design that you can style with different color themes. Glass mosaic tiles are also a beautiful way to design your pool.

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Curvy Pool Designs

If you aren’t interested in geometric shapes, there are many ideas to explore in freeform or curvy pools. You can make a lot of your limited space by choosing twisting shapes. It can transform a contemporary backyard into a tropical retreat with dark waters and lush plantations surrounding it. You can also build a fire pit and a seating area near the pool to enhance its appeal.

These are some amazing backyard pool designs that you can bring to life. Whatever is your dream and expectation, choose the right design and an experienced contractor to complete the project.