You can use a lot of backyard pool designs when it comes to decorating your backyard pool, especially in the summer when your swimming pool is the center of attention. You can try out a lot of designs to change how your pool appears. Given below are our 10 tips that can help you decorate your backyard pool with ease.

10 Tips for your backyard pool designs 1

Install a shade sail

You don’t have to use the classic umbrella. Instead, you can give a go to a shade sail as it offers a lot of advantages. For instance, it takes up less space and doesn’t obstruct the view. You can install it in the corner to change the atmosphere of your swimming pool.

Try an exotic decor

Be creative and try out an exotic decor around your residential swimming pool. For instance, you can use wooden diving boards and fake rocks to create an island paradise.

Use decorative stones

They produce the feeling of the summer, sunbathing and beach. So, all you need to do is sprinkle the decorative stones around your pool. Actually, decorative pebbles are a great way of creating a Zen space and highlighting the delicate lines.

pool patio ideas

Buy some garden furniture

Since you and your family will spend a lot of time on the edge of your swimming pool, you might want to get some garden furniture for it. Aside from being comfy, the furniture will blend well into the surroundings of your pool.

Install a big pergola

Pergola has its own charm. By installing the pergola close to your pool, you can create a relaxing space where you can install your sofas and sunbathing.

Create a border of stones around your swimming pool

A stone wall around your pool is a great choice. It will blend with the environment. So, it’s great to tuck the edge of your swimming pool with a low wall of stones.

pool landscaping plants

Plant green plants near the pool

Nothing can work better than a bit of greenery around your pool. Green plants near your pool create an intimate cocoon. For instance, you can try big bonsai in pots, bamboos, and hedge on one of the sides.

Put deco lanterns around the pool

This tip can work for you if you have an infinity pool. You can decorate one side of your pool with a couple of metal lanterns. This arrangement will add a charm to your pool and make it relaxing for you and your family.

Install LEDs along the pool

This decoration will work only at night. Bright LEDs around your pool will highlight your lap pool length.

Place flowerpots

Instead of placing all the flower pots in the terrace corner, we suggest that you put them around your pool for creating a warm space.

so, these are some simple but amazing tips for your backyard pool designs.

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