A backyard with pool looks awesome, especially if the swimming is well designed. Just like anything, you can find all types, shapes, sizes, and designs of swimming pools. If you want to build one in your backyard, make sure you consider some important factors like material availability, local laws, lot size, and budget, to name a few. Before you take the plunge, you might want to assess the type of pool that may work well for you. Let’s know more.

Above-Ground Pool

Backyard with pool: Types of swimming pool Designs 1

An above-ground pool is a great choice for you if you belong to a working or lower middle class. One of the reasons why these pools are popular is that they have a lower price tag. Given below are some benefits of an above-ground pool.

  • Cost-effective and portable
  • Easy to transport
  • Can work on different types of lands
  • The ability to add a deck later on.

Architectural Pool

Backyard with pool: Types of swimming pool Designs 2

As the name suggests, an architectural pool features definite lines and structure that matches the design and structure of your house. Usually, this type of pool is geometric and sophisticated. Therefore, most homeowners hire the services of an architect to build an architectural pool. It’s a great choice for a backyard with pool.

Family Pool also known as a recreational pool

Backyard with pool: Types of swimming pool Designs 3

Although not all of us have space or money that Celine Dion had for her Florida recreational pool, her pool can give you a better idea of what a family pool looks like. It’s all about fun. Based on its purpose, this type of pool is built on a small scale.

Make sure your family pool has great water features, boulders, tunnels, caves, and elaborate slides. Without these features, a recreational pool may not appeal to a family, especially kids.

Since these pools are small, you can’t work in laps while your kids are playing in these small water parks. In other words, if you like a lot of noise, excitement, and activity, this type of pool can make your dreams come true. Your kids will just a backyard with pool.

Indoor Pool

Backyard with pool: Types of swimming pool Designs 4

An indoor swimming pool is built under a roof surrounded by at least three walls. Typically, indoor pools feature non-complex, geometric shapes. Their purpose is to allow swimmers to practice throughout the year. Unlike outdoor pools, the cost of building an indoor pool is relatively lower as the room is insulated and heat can’t escape.

Infinity Pool

Backyard with pool: Types of swimming pool Designs 5

Different terms are used for an infinity pool, such as disappearing edge, zero edges, negative edge, vanishing edge or infinity edge pools. These swimming pools are custom-built and designed to provide a better view. If done well, this pool creates an illusion of a water sheet that looks like a waterfall. You can’t hear the waterfall, though. Unlike other residential swimming pools, an infinity can cost a lot more. So, if you have a backyard with pool of this type, be ready to spend more.

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