The sound of rushing water adds peace and serenity, while its look can give that finishing touch to your backyard oasis that it desires. A waterfall is one of the more common swimming pool features people tend to add when redoing their Phoenix backyard. It is best if you get to know the essentials of waterfall design and installation prior to hiring a contractor or buy supplies, in order to end up with the perfect swimming pool feature for your backyard.

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Location of Waterfalls

The first decision you need to make when you are planning a backyard waterfall is where to place it. A sunny area is often common in Phoenix, and perfect since you will have more options when it comes to selecting plants to place around the waterfall. But you must also select a spot where the waterfall is noticeable from your deck, patio or anyplace you usually sit in your backyard. You might also want this swimming pool feature to be observable from a window in your house. The waterfall’s pump must be near a source of electricity, as well.

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Choosing Your Style

When you are designing your backyard waterfall, there are usually two styles to select from. Informal waterfalls are the most popular swimming pool feature in Phoenix, since they are made to resemble a naturally occurring waterfall. They often feature driftwood, river rocks, and boulders as the base for the fall and have a meandering path. You might also choose a formal waterfall that is designed to resemble a staircase. It is usually built from stone blocks, concrete or brick, and has sharp angles or lines. While both are great looking choices, you must take the architecture of your home and the rest of your landscape into consideration when selecting a waterfall style.

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Make Sure It Fits

Selecting the right size for your waterfall is most likely the primary decision during the design process. You must keep in mind that this is the biggest of the swimming pool features and it needs to scale with your house and yard. The height of the waterfall will determine how much sound is generated, so you might be enticed to build a tall, stunning structure. However, unless you have a huge home and a sprawling backyard, a very tall waterfall will likely look out of place. A more modest waterfall usually appears more natural in most common Phoenix backyards.

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