Have you lately installed a pool in Portland, or purchased a house with a pool, and you end up feeling overwhelmed with where you should start? Looking after and maintaining a new pool can be quite daunting to people not familiar with this process. The best part is that while there are challenges that come with being a Portland pool owner, once you get some of the basics in check you’ll discover that it’s an easy process after all.

Portland Pool Owner

The best thing you can do to prevent expensive issues and disappointments along the way is to learn about your pool. If you’re not under informed or uninformed when it comes to pool care, this is when you can encounter issues. As a new Portland pool owner, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed easily. This is because there are a lot of aspects to pool ownership.

Here are some basics that a Portland pool owner should consider.

The kind of pool do you have

There are some different types of pool and you should know which you have. Inground pools can be fiberglass, concrete or vinyl liner. The design you have determines what type of repair costs, maintenance and care you’ll probably experience. A knowledgeable Portland pool owner should obviously know what pool design they have.

Water chemistry and balancing

If you’re new to owning a pool you most likely know about balancing pool water. You may not be able to get it done, but you are aware of it. As a Portland pool owner, you should learn to balance the water. You should also know the right way to chemically treat the pool water. This will ensure it’s safe, clear and clean to swim in.

Portland Pool Owner

Pool maintenance

As a new Portland pool owner all things are new and at times the basics on how to interact with the pool are lost. Usually, there are some basic rules you should adhere to which may be too obvious, such as not allowing the pool overflow. Or you should clean out the strainer baskets and backwash a filter. Also, keeping the level of your pool water above the skimmer’s mouth always. With a lot to be familiar with, it will be simple to see how you may have overlooked one or two of these needed maintenance tasks for your backyard oasis.

Knowing the different pool equipment

As a pool owner, you should have frequent interaction with your pool’s filtration and circulation system. To be able to research or seek help on any individual component in more detail will enable you to correctly distinguish each of your system’s components.

Every swimming pool will have a filter and a pump of the same type. This is the basic swimming pool construction minimum for pool water’s circulation and filtration. Furthermore, popular equipment includes UV lights, salt water chlorinators, gas heaters, ozone generators, and solar heaters.

Portland Pool Owner

Ready for Your Own Pool?

If you are a Portland pool owner and you would like more tips or to schedule an appointment, call Premier Pools & Spas of Portland today! We have the expertise and equipment to keep your swimming pool looking good year-round.

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