BBQ Pool Accessories

Kicking off a summer party/ barbeque for all your family and friends to enjoy. You already have the perfect swimming pool and grill to get the party started, now all you need is a few BBQ pool accessories to keep everyone entertained. From small gadgets that could be handy to floating pool toys, your family will be equipped with the best BBQ pool accessories and make your parties that much more fun.

BBQ pool accessories:

The Underwater Treadmill-

It transforms your swimming pool into a safe workout environment. Medical professionals recommend the underwater treadmill; for it’s outstanding job of cardio training, fat-burning, and strengthening your legs without putting pressure onto your joints. The underwater treadmill is non-motorized and let’s you move forward and backwards at your own pace. There is a support bar that can be removed if necessary.


Beanbag Pool Float-

If you’ve ever owned a bean bag chair, then you’ll love the bean bag pool floaty. You’ll even have the best seat in the house! This floaty isn’t like the ones you have to blow up and when you get on they slip out from under you. This pool floaty conforms to your body, like the bean bag chair does and provides amazing comfort.

Pro Chip Floating Golf Game-

BBQ Pool Accessories 1Bringing the golf course closer to your home with the 18th hole right in your backyard! By inflating the green target pad and putting it into the pool. Your floating golf course awaits you. Place the chipping pad on the ground and set your floating golf ball on it and take your best shot at a hole in one!

Solar Shower-

A solar shower that doesn’t need batteries and completely runs on solar energy. It can be simply attached to a garden hose and can be mounted on a wall or you can use the free-standing base the solar shower comes with. This portable shower helps rinse you off after a day in the sun or swimming pool. The solar shower heats up the water too, so you can take a cold, warm and even hot shower.  

BBQ Grill light and Fan-

With this amazing gadget, you can even grill those tasty steaks and burgers at night! With a bright LED light attached to two fans, grilling has a new meaning to it now. With the grill all lit up and fans to pull the smoke away from it, the BBQ light and fan is easily placed on the top of the grill.  

BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot-

Put an end to scrubbing, brushing and scraping a dirty grill! The Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot tackles your BBQ Pool Accessories 2charred, dirty grill, whether it’s hot or cool. Simply press a button and a sophisticated computer directs the robot back and forth over your grill with three powerful motors. Three spinning brass wire brushes safely clean your grates without compromising the flavor of future meals. An auto timer shuts off the robot when the job is done (about 10-20 minutes) and the brushes pop off for cleaning in the dishwasher.

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