beautiful concrete firebowlWhen visualizing concrete, consumers often picture dull, grey cinder blocks or commercial construction sites. But the truth is, concrete is not only durable it is also versatile. It can be used in a wide variety of home projects that can add value to your home and outdoor living space.

While concrete is still a key ingredient in building highways and industrial parks, concrete comes in as many colors as one can imagine. Whether you are accenting your backyard with vivid hues or are looking to add soothing earth tones to a natural setting, long-lasting concrete products may be the ideal addition.

When it comes to your pool, concrete can be the perfect material choice for a variety of uses. While we often talk about the flexibility and beauty of gunite pools, concrete can be a worthy option for many pool additions and accents Here are some considerations:

Concrete walkways, driveways, and pool patios

beautiful concrete paversYou can “pave” the way to a new driveway, walkway, or patio by utilizing concrete in several ways. Poured concrete is an easy application and offers a smooth surface that is simple to maintain. Poured concrete can be sensational when dyed or stamped. When used around your pool, an aggregate can be added to provide traction to the surface.

Concrete pavers, or paving stones, are a popular choice for outdoor areas. Pavers can withstand far more pressure than poured concrete. Pavers can be laid in a variety of patterns, creating stunning backyard pathways and steps. They are a great option for pool decks because they are long-lasting, chlorine and salt resistant, and can provide the look of natural stone.

Concrete pool slides and grottos

Slides are a popular choice for pool owners. Nothing beats the excitement of flying down a slide into inviting pool water.  Concrete pool slides can accommodate any custom design. They can be built to look like natural stone and can be shaped into tunnels and curves.

Grottos add a level of mystery to your inground pool. These cozy hidden areas found behind waterfalls can be built with real rock, but depending on your location, concrete may be a more affordable option. Concrete can be shaped and textured to look just like giant boulders.

Concrete pool accents

beautiful concrete Planters near poolIf you want your pool to be a true masterpiece, consider adding concrete fire features such as flashy fire bowls, a concrete fireplace, or a relaxing fire pit table. Giant concrete planters can also be incorporated, offering unique glamour to your pool deck. Long-lasting concrete can also be the perfect choice for in-water seat walls, which add to your entertaining area.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to concrete utilization than the actual gunite pool itself. Whether you are ready to build the pool of your dreams, or you want to discuss the perfect accents and options for your inground pool, we invite you to peruse our photo galleries for ideas. Or contact a local Premier pool builder today. We offer fresh ideas, expert advice, and free quotes.