The concept of Mediterranean pools is fascinating for modern homes. You’ll love the idea when everything pulls together and creates the right ambiance. It will remind you of a vacation in Mediterranean waters with its soothing elegance. The beautiful pool pictures taking inspiration from this concept can be alluring. So, before you build a pool, go through these pictures for your design inspiration. Remember, a Mediterranean poolscape boasts of colorful tiles, rustic textures, citrus greens, shaded areas covered in vines, and ornamental grasses. Merge them all to create any of the following pool designs.

fire features

A Mediterranean Design with a Fire Pit

In the huge backyards, you can blend various elements to create unique designs. You will find an Italianate-styled garden with a large pool and stunning landscaping in many beautiful pool pictures. They have many playful design elements like pool fountains and Mediterranean features such as arches, terracotta walls, tiled roofs, outdoor kitchen, Italian cypress, and vine-covered pergolas.

Mediterranean Pool in Earthy Tones

The Mediterranean influences extend beyond conventional in many Charlotte homes. If you prefer privacy in your pool area, you can either build a fence or build your pool in the central courtyard of your home. Finish it with earthy tones, iron accents, and natural stones. Add a spa to the pool to ward off the heat and enjoy a soak in soothing water.

Mediterranean Design with Natural Edges

Even if your pool has a simple and clean design, you can accentuate its Mediterranean style with natural edges. Use flagstones for covering the area from patio to the pool coping and deck. Also, you can add features like vine-covered pergolas, rustic seating area, and terracotta benches surrounding the pool.

Mediterranean Sophistication

In a Mediterranean garden, the pool is the centerpiece around which you can place other elements. Since it is the focal point in beautiful pool pictures, you’ll find many stunning and sophisticated styles that blend with this form of architecture. You can go for a simple rectangular pool and design a relaxing patio beside it. Add details like fountains, citrus trees, and native landscaping to increase the sophistication of your Mediterranean poolscape.

Provencal Mediterranean Garden

Imagine a beautiful rectangle pool in the midst of a Mediterranean garden. It is a charming sight that you can recreate in your backyard. Look for some original sources and beautiful pictures from Mediterranean regions to match the native style. Elements like lavender, linear garden beds, and decomposed granite are some essentials for a Provencal garden.

A Freeform Pool in a Mediterranean Setting

The outdoor living spaces inspired by Mediterranean influences can be unique in many ways. Instead of sticking to classic rectangular shapes, opt for a freeform pool in your Mediterranean garden. Use of flagstones covered seating, and earthy tones with bright accents will complete the look.

backyard fire pit

Mediterranean Pool Design with Stone Wall

You can merge the Mediterranean architecture with the existing landscape by building a low stone wall around the pool. It will create privacy and give your pool a fascinating charm. Other Mediterranean influences can include terracotta stone, grass-covered pavers, and water fountains.

These are some beautiful pool designs inspired by Mediterranean design concepts.

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