A salt water pool in your Tucson backyard is much more than simply a relaxing spot to swim. Salt water pools also provide many health benefits, ranging from reducing your stress levels to soothing your skin. Though these pool types do require some chlorine for disinfecting and sanitizing the pool water, they are best for pool owners trying to find something different than the standard pool.

salt water pool

When it comes time for you to make the right choice to own a pool, a salt water system is a healthier choice for many. With higher installation costs involved at the start, this is a budget-friendly maintenance choice for many.

Benefits of Installing a Salt Water Pool in Your Backyard:

Low Maintenance

A saltwater pool needs less maintenance. With this pool type in your Tucson backyard, you can be away from home for a few weeks and not have to worry about the growth of algae in your pool. The modern salt water systems can monitor cleanliness and automatically clean up the water.

Gentler on the Skin and Eyes

Salt water pools is much gentler on the skin and eyes as compared to the normal chlorine-based swimming pools. This is because a salt water pool will have lower pH levels and lower chlorine levels.

salt water pool

The low levels of chlorine will ensure that your skin, nails, hair, and eyes will be softer and less irritated or red as a result of the positive pH levels. In addition, the smell that is normally accompanied by chlorine pools will not be present anymore.

Safer than Chlorine Based Pools

The systems used by salt water pools have been proven to be much safer than chlorine types. This is because chlorine pools prompt the owners to handle and store hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, research also indicates that long term exposure to a lot of chlorine can pose health problems to individuals. A salt water pool is safer than chlorine-based pools because of the precautions of handling and storage.

A Salt Water Pool has a ‘Softer Feeling’ to it

A salt water pool has been met with positive reviews, with people often saying it has a ‘softer’ feeling to it which they found appealing and desirable. In addition, it has few maintenance procedures which make cleaning a fairly easy experience. A salt water pool requires the maintenance to be done only once or twice a season! In addition, the testing and monitoring of the pH levels need to be less frequently as opposed to the chlorine-based pools.

salt water pool

Should You Own a Salt Water Pool?

You and your family can benefit a lot from having a salt water pool in the backyard. This system is good for any backyard. Regardless of where you want to place the salt water pool, you are sure to create a soothing environment with great health benefits. Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson can help you update your new pool or install a new salt water pool in your outdoor space. Contact us today to help create the pool of your dreams!

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