You can enjoy many swimming pools in the country only in the summer heat then they will remain closed in the winter. However, when you install a new pool in your backyard, plan it so that you can use it all year long. With recent models of pool enclosures, you can bring the outdoors inside and have a dip in the pool even in winter. Here is how you can have a year-round pool in your Gulf Coast home:

Benefits of a Pool Enclosure

When you add a pool enclosure, you can extend your swim season and you have climate control over the area. A partial or full indoor pool allows you to enjoy your swim for a longer duration as chilly winter sets in.

Apart from that, it offers sun protection and prevents debris from getting into the pool. It offers added security and makes for a safe environment as it protects your family from bugs. It increases privacy from peeping neighbors and uninvited guests.

Keeping Your Dallas Backyard Oasis Safe

Choosing a Pool Enclosure

When you are building a pool, your choice should go with the style of your home. The design and style of your pool reflect your personality. Consider the size of the pool you want to build.

Take into consideration the number of people using it, ease of access and the purpose of the build. The pool should not only give you the freedom to move around, but it should also not obstruct your view of the outdoors. Below are some of the types of pool enclosures available.

Screened in Pool Enclosures

You can enjoy Gulf Coast pools all year long, but with a screen enclosure, you can escape the worry about bugs. Leaves and debris will not enter the pool area, where you can enjoy a warm swim without any inconvenience.

You can have a screen enclosure for your pool with an attached spa. You can unwind in your private spa after a refreshing swim on a hectic day.

Glass Pool Enclosures

Glass pool enclosure offers protection from harmful UV rays of the sun with its tinted or UV-protected models. This, in addition to preventing dirt and debris getting into your pool. Like screen pool enclosures, they come in sleek designs and ooze elegance.

With a high ceiling, you can enjoy your swim or relax in the pool gazing at the stars. This is a perfect year-round pool as it also offers you a climate control feature. Add cool air circulation in the hotter months or turn up the heat in winter.

pool enclosures

Retractable or Partial Pool Enclosures

If you do not wish to have your pool cut off from the outdoors, you can opt for a partial or retractable enclosure. It offers the best of both worlds and you can open the enclosure to enjoy the warm summer air.

You can use this while adding a spa to your pool. Design your landscape beautifully by adding a fence that complements your backyard. Discuss your ideas with the best Gulf Coast pool builder and get the most of your year-round pool.

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