Heated Pools: What are the benefits to having a heated swimming pool?

Owning a swimming pool is a great experience. But, what if your pool becomes a freezing cold puddle? No one likes to take a swim in a freezing pool. So, you can rather invest in a heated pool. Which gives you year-round swimming along with many other benefits. They include:

Year-Round Usage

The main benefit of investing in a heated pool is that you can use it for a longer time even including the winters. It also means that you can swim comfortably at any time of your choosing in a day. Whether you like an early morning swim or a late night dip, it is always refreshing in a heated swimming pool. In fact, it gives a lot of flexibility to you and your family.

Heated Pool

Prevention of Damage by Freezing

The unheated pools are prone to damages caused by freezing in the harsh winter. Freezing water can cause expensive and severe damage to the plumbing system and equipment of your pool. Even if you don’t drain the pool, this damage is inevitable. The pool lining can buckle or chip due to fluctuating temperature.

On the other hand, the constant water flow in a heated pool will prevent freezing of the pipes and other related damages. It can also prevent structural damage to your pool. Apart from using it all year, you will protect your investment by installing a heated pool.

Increase in the Home Value

When buying a heated pool, you will also get an increase in the value of your home. Although any pool increases the home value, results are better with a heated one. There are many other determinants like landscaping or water features. But, a heated pool in itself can increase the home value by 8-15%. It is partly due to the prevention of damage caused by chilling winters.

Health Benefits

Swimming is a great exercise that relaxes your body and strengthens the core muscles. It offers an excellent workout for everyone in your family. Even for elderly people with joint problems, swimming and water aerobics are good exercises. But, cold and freezing water will hinder these benefits after the swim season is over. Here, a heated swimming pool is the perfect solution. Unlike cold water, it does not increase joint pain or stiffness and respiratory problems. Rather, a heated pool helps to relax your muscles and soothe the respiratory system.

Inviting and Comfortable

It is an undeniable fact that a heated pool is more inviting and comfortable for everyone. Most of the people can’t even bear the idea of swimming in chilling pool water. Hence, a heated pool ends your dilemma when it comes to make the most of your investment. Even the kids love to splash around in its comfortable warm water.

Safe to Use

When swimming in non-heated pools, the elderly and children are at risk of catching a cold. Also, there is a higher chance of contracting hypothermia in a chilling pool if you keep on using the pool after the swim season. But, with a heated pool, you will keep your family safe from any such health risk.

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