Summer is the time when you enjoy swimming and lounging beside your Gulf Coast pool. However, if you don’t have one, or if you are planning to add a spa, the fall is the best time to do it. Pool building should finish before spring enters so that it is ready for you to dive in. Ideally, you have to sort everything out before summer starts.

Best Time to Start Building Your Pool

It is quite common to think about adding a pool in your backyard in summer. However, if you want to enjoy the swim season, then you need to start building it early on. Planning the pool design, getting approval from authorities, and fitting into your pool builder’s schedule takes time.

The type of pool you need also impacts the time of construction. You might already know that summer is the pool building high season. It is better that you take advantage of this fact and start the construction in the fall.


Why You Should Start Building Your Pool in the Fall

Apart from the above reasons, there are other benefits of starting your Gulf Coast pool construction in the fall. The first reason is convenience. It is comfortable to work on the pool in cooler temperatures. Rather than sweating it in the sun. But, that’s not all- you can also avoid unexpected spring showers which may hurt your timeline.

Your Backyard is Available in the Fall

Once the build begins, your backyard will be full of equipment and construction material. With your kids being in school, you won’t be using the backyard in the fall anyway. By contrast, if you start pool building in the summer, you can’t even step outdoors.

Moreover, your backyard needs time to recover. When you finish the construction before the spring enters, your lawn looks full and the plants will be in full blossom.

Building New Pools

You Save a Significant Amount of Money

Pool building business is slow in the fall and builders are looking at their year-end numbers. This is when you can negotiate for great prices. The costs of materials come down and you can use their overstocked inventory. Also, labor costs tend to be lower than during the other times.

Building a pool is not only a great investment, but it also comes under home improvement. That means you can claim a tax refund on your pool construction.

You Have More Time to Plan Other Additions

Generally, the addition of the deck starts only after completion of the pool construction. Hence, if you start building the pool in the fall, there will be more time on your hands for similar additions.

You can build a spa or hot tub along with the pool, allowing you to enjoy those in the colder months. More than anything, your pool will be ready to use during the summer. This means you don’t need to look elsewhere to improve your fitness by swimming.

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