Fiber optic pool lighting is quickly becoming one of the preferred lighting solutions for in ground pools.  Like led pool lights, they can illuminate your pool and alternate lights of different colors to provide a soothing atmosphere around your swimming pool. Fiber optics mostly come in the form of long glass threads that resemble strands of hair but can sometimes come in the form of plastic as well. These glass strands are generally grouped or clumped together to form the optical cable. An optical cable can consist of as little as ten fiber optics or thousands if necessary. fiber optic There are a number of benefits to using fiber optic pool lights. For starters, they provide excellent illumination but do not heat up. While most light sources like traditional bulbs generate a lot of heat and can be hot to the touch, fiber optic pool lights do not produce heat. Similarly, LED lights release a small amount of heat; however, as said before, fiber optic wires do not emit any form of heat, so you can spend less time worrying about them burning out prematurely. fiber optic Another advantage of using fiber optic pool lighting is the fact that it is waterproof, and in fact it is extremely impervious to virtually any form of moisture. This allows for the lights to be placed beneath the water without worrying about them becoming damaged. Even when placed underwater, fiber optic pool lighting is known to be long lasting and there are rarely any issues with the fiber optic wires. Bear in mind that certain chemicals can affect the durability of the fiber optic strands and in some cases you may need to switch the light source or bulb. fiber optic By decorating your swimming pool with fiber optic lights, you will not only have a place to cool off while enjoying the outdoors but you will also able to enjoy your pool’s radiant beauty. Additionally, the color of the lighting will add ambiance to your outdoor space. Premier Pools & Spas specializes in installing Fiber optic pool lighting for in ground pools, contact us today if you would like to make your swimming pool more visually appealing.

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