A freeform swimming pool is one of the pools you can really have some fun designing. You may already have an idea of what you want to do with your New Orleans pool design or you may want to work with a professional at Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans, to help you get it all figured out. Whatever the case may be, you will be able to create something amazing and nontraditional.

Imagine being able to create a pool that is going to fit in with your surroundings. Maybe you have a little area that you want to make beach like. You can set it up so that you do not have to make it stick out like a sore thumb. You can make your own backyard private retreat by incorporating rock features, stone decking and any other features that you want.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Freeform Swimming Pool

Your property’s overall landscape and your backyard’s shape can determine the shape of your pool. If there are lots of trees in your backyard, you do not need to cut them down to install the swimming pool. The trees can create a more nature-centered design and offer some give much-needed shade. If there’s a rock garden around or near your New Orleans swimming pool, you can also include it into the pool’s design.

Why your backyard needs a freeform swimming pool?

These pools add appeal to a backyard. You can incorporate mini waterfalls, boulders and rocks to turn your freeform swimming pool into a truly appealing area. You can own the backyard that everybody wishes to spend time in.

Plus, these pools make the illusion that your backyard area is larger than it actually is. Rather than looking at an open grass patch, you come up with an area with a pool, a tanning area and probably a bit more grass area on the side.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Freeform Swimming Pool

It might be best if you add a waterfall to your freeform swimming pool as well. It can make your pool especially stylish. You can make the pool water in the warm during cooler months, making your oasis calming and helping boost the serenity of the area. Amazing decorative options such as white and gray stones can complement the blue of the pool water perfectly. You can also construct a pool attached to the main swimming pool with the help of your pool builder. You can convert this into a hot tub or a kiddie pool.

The advantages of a freeform swimming pool


A freeform pool’s fluid design creates natural grooves, which give you the flexibility to blend in landscaping, a spa, poolside seating, waterfalls or a shallow beach area.


A pool that has a more curvaceous style might better suit property with a wilderness-like landscape or a rural property than a modern geometric design. This might let the swimming pool blend in better into the site.


Freeform pools offer flexibility since they don’t have to conform to any specific proportions. This is quite helpful for people who have a small space or a tricky shaped backyard.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Freeform Swimming Pool

At Premier Pools and Spas, we design and install your freeform swimming pool to blend into the surrounding landscape. Customization of all measurements is done to the specific site. Our team will transform your outdoor area into a private haven, where you can relax, splash, swim and enjoy moments with family and friends.

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