Creating the backyard of your dreams is going to be a big deal not only to you, but your family too. The big picture question is whether or not you want a freeform or geometric swimming pool. There are numerous choices to choose from when you’re thinking about constructing a swimming pool in your backyard. Lets go over all the benefits of having freeform pools.

The Benefits of Freeform Pools 1

Benefits of Pools Overall

We will talk about the specific benefits of having a freeform pool, but first, let’s look at the benefits of pools in general. Homeowners have always loved having a swimming pool accessible in their own backyard. Additionally, there has been a tremendous amount of motivation for adding a swimming pool to your backyard, but the most common reasons people want pools are for enjoyment, exercise, and recreation.

Having a pool will encourage you to spend more time outside with your family. It has been shown that spending time outdoors is healthy both physically and mentally. Being out in the sun allows you to get your natural absorption of vitamin D so you are able to function properly. Having a pool will encourage you to spend more time with friends and family as well. It’s always more fun at the pool when you have friends over.


Exercising in the pool can be helpful to those that are fit and those that have a difficult time working out without water supporting them. Being able to workout in the pool is not only enjoyable but it helps those that might have had injuries or are getting older in years. Working out in the pool is also helpful for the days you need to take a break from intense workouts.

The Benefits of Freeform Pools 2Freeform Pools – Benefits


As you are looking at the benefits of freeform pools consider the benefit of being able to create a custom design. Instead of having a predetermined pool shape made for you, you can create your own with the benefit of a freeform design. Essentially when you build a freeform pool you are going to have a more natural looking swimming pool. Supposed to the ones that are manufactured shells that fit into a gap in your backyard.

Creating your freeform pool can be simple and easy, as long as you are working with a professional pool builder. If you work with one of our pool professionals, we will be able to help you create the backyard and swimming pool of your dreams. Sometimes it is more difficult to create your pool design and turn it into a reality. This is why we’re here, Premier Pools & Spas has been in the swimming pool industry for 30 years and we have built over 60,000 swimming pools. In our professional opinion, building a freeform swimming pool is the right choice. It will allow your pool dreams to come true and it will appear more natural in your backyard. We turn homeowners dreams into a reality.

The Benefits of Freeform Pools 3We have helped many customers create their own custom pools over the years. Our services have been used by thousands of people since 1988 and we continue to grow and develop to work with you on the latest trends and technologies. There are plenty of options when you are looking at freeform pools and we can show you how each of them functions and how you could benefit from that design. Ready to get started with your dream pool? Give us a call today to get started with your new backyard design.

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