If you want to beautify your North Georgia backyard space with a pool or remodel your existing one, then you are most likely wondering if including water features are worthy investments. If you want the swimming pool to stand out among your next door neighbors, the best decisions that you can make is adding water features. Whether it is a slide, waterfall, fountain, or cascade, a water feature helps to bring your pool to life. From creating a calming audio backdrop to generating stimulating visuals, they help in adding harmony to your backyard.

Water features

Here are some benefits of adding water features:


Add beauty to your pool with water features. Whether you add a striking waterfall off the top of a grotto, a rain decent, or a sheer descent, the options are limitless. They enhance the landscape’s overall aesthetic appeal.


People are more enticed to the sound coming from water features that are added to your swimming pool. It’s a beautiful thing seeing the waterfalls, and also the sound of the pool water cascading over the rocks. It turns into a calming sound to the ear while relaxing alongside it or just floating in the swimming pool.


Remember that it is fun to splash about in pool water as well. Another way you and your family can play around and have fun is adding a waterfall. We can also pair some water slides with a cascading waterfall to provide you with the experience of an amusement park just a couple of feet from your back door. Other types of water features children enjoy are water slides, deck jets arcing into a swimming pool, and bubblers.

Benefits of Water Features in Your Swimming Pool 1


Water slides, fountains, waterfalls, streams, all these things add more fun to your backyard space. Your home becomes more appealing and has more value if you should ever want to put it for sale. Investing in timeless water features will give your home lots of curb appeal.

Stress relief

Even if you are not using the fountain as an important part of your swimming pool, you can still get the relief from stress that comes with running water. What is as good as laying by the swimming pool, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying a cold drink?

Keep the pool water moving

Improving your pool’s circulation can help you for some different reasons. To start with, it will keep the chemicals in motion. If you don’t do not have time to swim regularly, your swimming pool might not get the needed circulation. A swimming pool fountain can get the water moving. It will also help get foreign matter to the filter, which helps to keep your pool clean. Your swimming pool is also unlikely to develop algae issues if the pool water is constantly moving.

Benefits of Water Features in Your Swimming Pool 2

Are you ready to install your new water features? Then talk to your Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia about it. We are a top-notch pool designer and builder who can incorporate any feature into your swimming pool. Regardless of what you have in mind, you can count on Premier Pools & Spas to make it a reality.

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