Most Tucson homeowners considering building a new pool will usually choose late spring and early summer season for the task. This means that there’s a great demand from customers. For this reason, it gives rise to higher costs, and often poor quality work as builders hasten to meet the higher demand from customers. The best idea would be off season pool building. There are lots of great reasons why you need to think about pool building in the off season.

off season pool building

Off season pool building benefits include:

1. The best landscaping results

When doing landscaping in the summer season, you’ll have to spend a lot of time in the sun. If you aren’t comfortable with working outside, this is often punishing. However, if you’re working on your landscape in the fall, temperatures are great for working outside.

Spring and summer pool building will mean the landscaping has to wait until the next hot period of year for it to come out entirely. But off season landscaping means that the plants will bloom in the coming season, making your new Tucson backyard pool the exact look you anticipated.

During the off season, pool builders are going to be scrambling for the handful orders available. What this means is the sales team will go after your order much harder with great discounts. On the other hand, the builder may provide excellent incentives such as pool decks, pool lights, and auto pool cleaners at no cost.

2. Perfect supervision

Though you won’t be micromanaging the pool building, it’s still expected you’ll be around to monitor things. It’s difficult to do this in the summertime when there are other social activities, which call for your attention. This includes family vacations, weddings, family gatherings, and birthday parties. Constructing in the winter season will free up your time in the summertime.

off season pool building

3. Time

If you’re carrying out a pool renovation task such as pool resurfacing, you will want to do it when your Tucson pool isn’t in use, which is the off season. This will ensure the pool is totally ready for use during the warm months.

4. Good discounts

In the high season, pool builder sales team has a small incentive to provide huge discounts because they already have orders.

5. More time to use your spa

If you’re installing a spa with the new pool, you’ll have more time to enjoy it. You’ll be able to enjoy warmed up baths during the winter months.

Off Season Pool Building – Conclusion

When you plan your pool design and landscaping well ahead of time and get the needed constructing permits as soon as you can, you can make sure your pool building and landscaping is finished in a realistic timeline with little downturns.

There are lots of things to think about, which include scheduling and budgeting, that go into pool building. So the more time you use to plan for the pool, the happier you’ll be when the pool is ready for use.

off season pool building

If you’re ready to begin constructing now, then you can enjoy the pool this summer season. But if not, do not worry. The pool of your dreams will not be going anywhere if you choose to construct it later on in the year. Think about the costs and benefits of pool construction in different seasons, and begin planning for the pool of your dreams. Contact us at Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson and let’s help make it a reality, today!

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