When thinking about the best pool patio materials, there is a lot to consider. You can make a huge difference in money spent if you select the right material. Let’s get started.

best pool patio materials


First and foremost, it has to look good. To enhance the look of a specific poolscape theme, pick a material that perfectly complements it. A patio is a long-term investment, so avoid picking cheap materials as they may diminish in look and comfort. If you have a limited budget, select a sufficient, small patio upfront. Remember, there is always a scope of adding elements in the future.


Pools are usually directly under the sun, so it’s vital to consider the patio’s temperature. Patios with lighter colors stay cooler than those with darker shades.

best pool patio materials


One of the best ideas is to select a material that is slip-resistant. For this, the material must have a textured surface. Not every material that is textured holds resistance to slip, so be sure and check that it’s skid-resistant before you get it installed.


You don’t want to scrape your feet while enjoying the pool! A little texture is needed to prevent slippage, but too much of it can be painful to your feet. No matter which material you select, make sure they are even surfaced and flat with a texture imbibed into the surface.

best pool patio materials

Best pool patio materials

So once you’ve decided to make your decision based on those crucial pieces of information we listed above, it’s time to learn about which material fits your needs the best. Pavers, concrete, wood, stone, brick, and travertine are some of the commonly used pool patio materials. Let’s look at the differences.

Textured or stamped concrete

It is a durable and economical material that holds great resistant to slip. However, it can crack in extreme cold weather conditions. Also, stamped concrete is quite slippery.


Get a natural look and great slip-resistance for pool patio with stones.

best pool patio materials


These are highly durable and can complement any kind of pool coping. Even, it is easy to repair damaged pavers.


Cypress and cedar are naturally beautiful wood that requires consistent maintenance.

best pool patio materials


Available in various attractive designs, travertine is light-colored and stays cooler.


Bricks are highly durable and if damaged are easy to repair.

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