Turn your Backyard into a Beautiful Oasis!

Planning on adding a swimming pool to your backyard in Belleair, Florida? Building a swimming pool is a big deal, so make sure it is done correctly! Choosing the shape of your swimming pool is going to determine what the whole theme of your backyard is going to be. Whether you want your Belleair backyard to be a place of relaxation, or filled with fun family get togethers, it is all determined by the shape of your pool. Lets go over different pool shape options with you.

Compliment Your Home’s Modern Architecture with a Geometric Swimming Pool

What Pool Shape best fits your Backyard


Having an L-shaped swimming pool is great for backyards that are small or even weirdly shaped. This pool shape is categorized as a geometric swimming pool, which means it has clean cut geometric lines. This type of swimming pool is create if you want your backyard to look simple and relaxing. Normally a L-shaped pool doesn’t have a lot of pizzazz; instead, it’ll include a few waterfalls and maybe an attached spa.


A rectangular shaped pool is also classified as a geometric pool. These types of swimming pools can help tremendously with people who want to exercise in the pool, and they need a little help, which water resistance provides. Geometric shaped swimming pools aren’t normally the ones for big families. Rectangular shaped swimming pools normally are one size depth all the way through. There is always an option for water features, such as waterfalls, or fire bowls. Something that provides a relaxing and romantic feel to the backyard.

Pool building - Why You Need to Build a Pool in Houston


If you are considering building a freeform shaped swimming pool in your backyard, there are a lot of pros to this design. A freeform swimming pool allows you to be creative with the design and with the look of your backyard. This is the pool shape that is determined to turn your backyard into a full on oasis. You can add multiple different water features to this design, such as a grotto, slides, waterfalls, islands, etc. Not only will your swimming pool look creative, but the kids in the family will have a blast in the pool too. Premier Pools and Spas has seen a lot of different swimming pool design go above and beyond with this type of design.

The Best Pool Shape for your Belleair Backyard 1

Now for the Outdoor Kitchen

On top of picking your favorite pool shape and designing a swimming pool, you have to think about what else your going to add to your backyard. To reach the final backyard oasis feel, we suggest adding an outdoor kitchen into the mix. This will allow you to spend time with your whole family while they are outside playing in the swimming pool. Think about the times you throw pool parties, you want to be able to enjoy the party with everyone, and have the luxury of cooking outside. You can also add additional seating options for your guests like a cabana, or just an extra living space where everyone can sit and enjoy each others company.

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