Surfing… In a Pool? No Way Dude!

Whether you’re a professional surfer or it’s your first time out on the water. There are places all over the world you can experience without waiting all day for the perfect wave. This is a new era for the artificial wave. There are surf pools and parks being built everywhere, from Asia to North America. Out in the ocean, wave duration is typically 18 seconds a wave, these new surf pools some of the waves are held up to 60 seconds.

One of the world's largest surf pools

Europe was the first to come out with this new robotic ride. The surfing community was restless to ride the Wavegarden. They claim that it’s the best robotic surf ride in history!

Where Are The Best Surf Pools In The World?

Malaysia’s theme park, Sunway Lagoon, says they’ve made the largest man-made surf beach. As well as Murphy’s Waves, a Scottish company, is also making good progress. With their ride being a tow-wind surfing ride as well as it being long and consistent.

Disney’s typhoon lagoon waves crash 90 seconds onto a pool that is twice the size of a football field!

Check out These Great Surf Pools


Flowrider and Surfstream has developed artificial waves that give the opportunity for endless joyrides. It doesn’t end there, they’ve created 360 degree business model, so it’s capable of turning the surf pool into leisure activity.

Lastly Webber Wave Pools, in Australia, created the cleverest technical model, “Makes multiple, real, and perfect waves that continually break, with 60 second wave time.”